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Full text of "Truth and health; science of the perfect mind and the law of its expression; new light upon old truths"

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Truth and Health 


- New Light Upon Old Truths 

Fannie B. James 

'The Kingdom of God is Within You. 
'The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand. 


The Colorado College of Divine Science 

Denver, Colorado 






MAY 29 1917 








Contents to Part I 


Introduction 5 

The Bible Teaching About Healing 11 

A Beginner's Course 28 

Lesson I. Answers to Some Objections 30 

Lesson II. Revelation 41 

Lesson III. God 49 

Lesson IV. God and Man 57 

Lesson V. The Work of Thought 70 

Lesson VI. Our Judgment Day 81 

Lesson VII. Prayer 95 

Lesson VIII. Unfoldment 108 

Lesson IX. Health 124 

Lesson X. A Month's Daily Lessons 131 

Divine Science Statement of Being 69 

Conclusion 163 

Summary of Science Teachings 171 


The Spirit of Christ, which is the Spirit of 
Truth, forever proclaims its presence by the utter- 
ance of "Peace on earth, good will to men." 

This proclamation of Perfect Love presages the 
healing of every ill, here and now. The peace it 
declares is for earth, not heaven; the "good will" 
is for men, not angels. 

The fact that we have felt unrestful, and that a 
will contrary to good seems to possess us, proves 
blindness to that Presence and deafness to the 
"Voice" that is ever speaking "Lo, I am with you 

In response to the ever-increasing interest in 
the things of Spirit, this volume is sent forth, that 
the strength of its message may add to the mighty 
chorus of Truth now sounding throughout our lands 
in acknowledgment of the Infinite Love that fills and 
rules the world. 

To do justice to the subject presented in this 
book, old or new students must study it systemati- 
cally, and consider its teachings earnestly, without 
prejudice. If we take to a book thoughts filled with 
preconceived and obdurate opinions, we shall bear 
away but little. 


When giving our consideration to a new subject 
or to a new presentation of an old subject, an un- 
biased judgment is but fair. Truth may be tested; 
and demonstration of Truth is its best endorsement. 
' ' He that doeth the will shall know of the doctrine. ' ' 

Intelligent faith is supplanting blind belief. 
"When that which is perfect is come, that which 
was in part shall be done away." The faith that 
has been merely belief and hope is being "done 
away" in a better understanding that is bringing 
conscious fulfillment of every hope. 

This is the faith that ' * removes mountains ' ' and 
"heals the sick." 

Truth is changeless; only opinions of Truth 
change. Perfect Science is exact ^knowledge of 
Truth and, to deserve the name, must be as exact 
as is the Changeless Truth. Its conclusions are not 
drawn from appearances that are not yet under- 
stood, nor from beliefs that may change tomorrow. 
Its basis is the Changeless and Eternal. 

We are learning now to say "I know," instead 
of "I believe." This is a step in spiritual unfold- 
ment bespoken by Jesus : "Ye shall know the truth 
and the truth shall make you free. This is life eter- 
nal, to know G-od and Jesus Christ whom he hath 

The same consummation was foreseen by the 
prophets, who declared, ' ' The knowledge of the Lord 
shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea." 
The deplorable condition of God's people pending 


this state of understanding is pictured in other 
words of the prophet, ' * My people are destroyed for 
lack of knowledge/ ' * 

Our faith must be logical to be scientific, and 
must be scientific to be intelligent and reasonable. 

Written as well as oral lessons upon such a 
theme as this must be presented in a way that shall 
meet the needs of all. One desires to hear only 
Bible proofs ; another, who reads or hears the same 
lesson, does not care for what the Bible says. Both 
of these have a right to be regarded, and Truth can 
satisfy both. 

The metaphysical teachings of the Science ap- 
peal to those willing to hear Law and Order re- 
vealed, as based upon the One Perfect Mind. The 
spiritual teachings appeal to those who love the 
Fatherhood of God. But so closely linked are the 
Spiritual and the Metaphysical, so united are Beli- 
gion and Science, that those who are drawn by the 
appeal of Science find themselves "religious" in the 
truest sense, and those who think they want only the 
religious, develop into scientific thinkers. 

At the close of classes, students have come with 
new Bibles, eager to show them and to say, "I have 
never before cared to own a Bible, but now I wish 
to study it from cover to cover." 

* (Read in Selected Bible Readings, "The Value of Knowledge," 
p. 22, and "Understanding," p. 24. Students of these lessons should 
have that little book, as many references to it will be given.) 


The first half of this hook gives a very simple 
study and a Summary of Divine Science teachings. 

The Summary gives, in concise form, the im- 
portant teachings of the Science. 

The second part of the hook is explained in its 

Do not read these lessons too rapidly. Be cer- 
tain of understanding and practicing each one be- 
fore reading the next. One lesson carefully studied 
each day, or even alternate days, is sufficient for 
beginners. Learn the practical statements given at 
the close of the chapters. 

In the arrangement of this book, the suggestion 
of a young friend is followed. Hearing a speaker 
tell of the difficulties of satisfying an audience 
varied in its consciousness, the young man replied : 
"I should think you would begin with the simplest 
and rise gradually to the highest, so giving some- 
thing to help each." This is valuable advice, and 
represents the true plan for any book that is to be 
of universal service. 

May each be able to receive that which nour- 
ishes him, and thus "grow" or unfold from and in 
Eternal Consciousness until he comprehends the 

' ' That speaking the truth in love, we may grow 
up into him in all things." 


This first chapter in Truth and Health 
is dedicated to all who are called Christians, 
We ask for it the earnest consideration of 
those who accept the Bible as their guide 
to daily living, and yet have not seen and 
practised its teaching about healing. 


It is said that proof can be given from the 
Bible in defense of almost anything we desire to 
believe. From the Bible the manufacturer of 
strong drinks can bring forward as much to sup- 
port his cause as can the total abstainer his cause. 
From the Bible the slave holder can prove the right 
of his position. Even the desecrater of the Sab- 
bath may quote Paul, for what could grant more 
liberty than his words : i l One man esteemeth one day 
above another; another esteemeth every day alike. 
Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind. ' ' 

Certainly we learn from this fact that we are 
not to choose a few isolated verses by which to for- 
tify our theories. It is evident that at times man's 
own opinions found their way among the true ideas 
expressed in this book. Jesus, on several occasions, 
corrected Moses' teachings when the Jews quoted 
him in support of their theories; as Matt. 19:7, 8; 
Matt. 5 : 31-44. 

How, then, may we be guided and best helped 
in our study of the Bible? By remembering that 
it is the most natural book in the world. That it 
is the human interpretation of the Divine Truth, 
and that while it is " profitable for teaching, for re- 
proof, for correction and for instruction in right- 



eousness," the heaven-born idea that it contains is 
presented through the imperfect medium of human 

An honest search after the better way as taught 
in the Bible is sure to be rewarded. To do any sub- 
ject justice, we should find all that is said on both 
sides; then only we can judge toward which the 
preponderance of evidence inclines. 

Another consideration in such a search for 
Truth that certainly ought to have weight with 
Christians is that should contrary theories be 
equally balanced with evidence, we should choose al- 
ways that course of action that will most teach us 
perfect dependence upon God, that will most inspire 
our love and confidence in the Divine Power, and, 
still more, that will tend to develop us in the Christ 
Character. Divine Healing does all this. 

This search for the Bible teaching about Heal- 
ing, we shall pursue, without effort to establish a 
theory of our own, but to study with unbiased 
thought the suggestions we find there. 

First, let us consider what we can find through- 
out the Bible that supports belief in the use of medi- 
cines for healing. 


In Isaiah, thirty-eighth chapter, we read that 
Hezekiah was sick. Although Isaiah told him he 
must die, Hezekiah "prayed unto the Lord." 


"Then came the word of the Lord to Isaiah, say- 
ing, Go and say to Hezekiah, Thus saith the Lord, I 
have heard thy prayer, behold, I will add unto thy 
days fifteen years." To a candid thinker, it must be 
apparent that Hezekiah's "prayer of faith" was re- 
warded by the assurance of renewed health. In this 
message of the Lord to Hezekiah there is no hint of 
the use of other means than the prayer. Isaiah 
seemed to deem some other help necessary. We 
read, "For Isaiah had said, Let them take a cake of 
figs and lay it for a plaister upon the boil and he 
shall recover." Hezekiah also had said, "What is 
the sign that I shall go up to the house of the Lord ? ' ' 
(verses 21, 22). 

Is there not a significance in the placing to- 
gether of these two facts ? Were not both evidences 
of the lack of faith in the Divine promise? Truly 
"Elias was a man subject to like passions as we 
are"! (Jas. 5:17.) 

It has been said of this, and the use of remedies 
argued from it, that God commanded the applica- 
tion of figs on the boil! An honest reader will see 
that such a fact cannot be gathered from the narra- 

The use of clay and spittle by Jesus in healing 
one blind man is often cited as evidence of the need 
of material means. Considered in connection with 
numberless other healing works of Jesus, in which 
there was no appliance of outward means, it would 


hardly be reasonable to suppose that this one in- 
stance taught such a lesson. Clay and spittle, re- 
maining on the eyes for a few minutes only, would 
not be accepted as a remedy for blindness. A min- 
ister has asserted that no one could for a moment 
suppose this application to have had anything to do 
with the healing. 

In their use, there must have been a lesson and, 
as the blind one was told to go at once and wash off 
the clay, after which "he came seeing," it may sug- 
gest to us that we too are in blindness while we re- 
sort to material means, and that we must remove all 
such beliefs of help before we "come seeing." 

Some refer to the fact that LukeJs called "the 
beloved physician, ' ' but we hear nothing of his work 
as a physician. After his conversion to Christian- 
ity he became a fellow worker with Paul, and we 
know that Paul exercised the Christian's privilege 
of Divine Healing. Likewise now, many a beloved 
physician has seen and accepted, and is practicing 
healing through the Perfect Mind. 

A few other statements are presented as pleas 
for medicine, but these are just as indefinite as the 
ones mentioned. Jesus' words, "They that are 
whole need not a physician, but they that are sick, ' ' 
may justly be claimed as having reference to his 
own work in healing the sick. He followed that 
statement with the further one, "I came not to call 


the righteous but sinners to repentance." He knew 
the world's need of the Great Physician. 

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine," 
sometimes quoted, is thus given in the revised ver- 
sion, the more exact translation: "A merry heart 
is a good medicine," or (margin) "doeth good heal- 
ing/' So it does. 

In none of these can we claim to see directions 
for using medicine. We fail to find any such direc- 
tions in the Bible except in one place. It is written to 
Timothy : u Beno longer a drinker of water, but use 
a little wine for thy stomach's sake and thine often 
infirmities. ' ' Shall we say that this is good advice ? 
It is one of the verses often brought against the tem- 
perance cause. I think most of us feel like saying to 
the writer of this, "That is poor advice to give a 
young man!" Yet this is the only statement that 
advocates the taking of remedies for sickness. Such 
is the array of evidence on one side. 

Let us hear what there is to be said for Divine 


Is it not reasonable to expect to find in the Bible, 
where every rule of life is so carefully written, some 
positive directions about health? Says one: "The 
very first act of God after the redemption of his 
people from Egypt was to declare himself their 
healer. Every detail of human life was carefully 


regulated, yet we find no mention of remedies or 

"I am the Lord that healeth thee," was the di- 
rection to Israel in its early history. Divine Heal- 
ing is by no means an offspring of today's New 
Thought. For Miriam's leprosy, Moses prayed: 
"Heal her now, God, I beseech thee." It is re- 
corded of King Asa that "in his disease he sought 
not to the Lord, but to the physicians, and Asa slept 
with his fathers." This is conclusive that at that 
time Divine Healing was known, and that it was con- 
sidered a mistake for Asa — the good king — to turn 
to physicians. 

David sings of God as the Healer of all our dis- 
eases as well as the Forgiver of all our sins (Ps. 
103:3). It is told that Elijah and his successor, Eli- 
sha, healed the sick and raised the dead, showing 
that this healing power was known and practiced 
throughout the ages. 

Solomon exhorts, "My son, attend to my 
words; for they are life unto those that find them, 
and health to all their flesh. ' ' Prov. 4 :22. 

In Jesus, above all others, we have the teaching 
and example of Divine Healing. One says, that if 
drugs or health laws are of God's planning, why is 
it that Jesus did not make use of these or teach of 
such laws and remedies 1 He never paid any atten- 
tion to these means, but plainly taught the Power of 
the Divine Presence to keep men well and happy. 


"A woman — who had spent all her living on 
physicians, neither could be healed of any, came be- 
hind Jesus and touched the border of his garment 
and immediately her issue of blood stanched." 
Jesus said to her, "Thy faith hath healed thee." He 
says to all, "According to your faith be it unto 
you!" This is evidence that Jesus recognized the 
power of faith in healing. He says to all as he said 
to the centurion's messenger, "As thou hast be- 
lieved, so be it unto you." To deaf ears and blind 
eyes Jesus said "Be open," as though to say # "It is 
your privilege;" and they were opened. To the 
withered hand he spoke, ■ ' Stretch forth, ' ' and imme- 
diately it was done. Simon 's wife 's mother, ' ' sick of 
a great fever," he took by the hand and lifted her 
up, well. He commanded the palsied man to rise 
and walk. He spoke to the dead as though they were 
alive: "Young man, I say unto thee, arise." 
"Damsel, I say unto thee, arise." "Lazarus, come 

Were these miracles? In doing these works did 
Jesus set aside any natural law — did he change 
God's laws? If so, how could he be teaching us 
God's will and way? Remember, Jesus said, I am 
not doing these things; God is doing them. We 
may be sure that we see in Jesus ' works the eternal 
will of God, and that in them is displayed the true 
law of Life. Because men did not then understand 
the law by which such wonderful things could be 


accomplished, they placed their own interpretation 
npon them and called these works of God, miracles. 

Jesus claimed no special power to heal; he de- 
clared, "Of myself I can do nothing." He in- 
structed his disciples, and also the seventy he sent 
out, to heal as they preached — and these are the first 
Christian ministers in the first Christian churches! 

He commanded the twelve to go to all nations 
preaching and healing, and to tell all nations to ob- 
serve whatsoever he had taught them to do. This 
certainly includes healing. Matt. 28 :19, 20. 

One says, "In Jesus' philosophy, religion and 
health went hand in hand. Holiness was internal 
health, and health was external holiness.' ' 

A minister declared from his pulpit that Jesus 
was never sick, and that he is an example of what 
every Christian should be. Surely it is written, "As 
he is, so are we in this world. Of his fullness have 
we received. ' ' 

Jesus declared, "He that believeth on me, the 
works that I do shall he do and greater works shall 
he do. All things are possible to him that be- 
lieveth. ' ' 

Hear his promises to all believers: "These 
signs shall follow them that believe. In my name 
shall they cast out devils ; they shall speak with new 
tongues; they shall take up serpents, and if they 
drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them ; they 
shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.' ' 


This is connected with, his command, "Go ye into 
all the world, and preach the gospel to every creat- 
ure" (Mark 16:15-18). If the command to preach is 
given to all ages, as we are taught, so must the prom- 
ise of healing belong to all ages. 

"Is any sick among you? Let him call for the 
elders of the church and let them pray over him 
anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And 
the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord 
shall raise him up, and if he have committed sins 
they shall be forgiven him. ' ' Jas. 5 :14, 15. 

It is evident from this that the disciples did not 
believe that Divine Healing was limited to the stu- 
dents of Jesus, or to any age of the world. We 
know that for three centuries healing was part of 
Christian practice, " Until,' ' as one says, "the 
Church joined hands with the world under Con- 
stantine." A voice calls to the Church today, "0 
Church of the living God, holding in thy hands thy 
Master's commission, with no clause annulled, and 
no sentence revoked by Divine authority, why is it 
that the lame must lie at thy door, and thou hast no 
healing shadow to cast upon him? Why must the 
sick lie on his couch and thou speakest no word of 
authority to lift him up ? Have ye forgotten to * Try 
his works to do?' Have ye no desire to show forth 
the signs that he promised you as believers ? Have 
ye lost faith in the changeless power of his name?" 

One says that if the sick cannot depend wholly 


upon God and the sinful can, then are the sick more 
to be pitied than the sinful. It is written, "Who 
forgiveth all thine iniquities; Who healeth all thy 
diseases. ' ' How have we applied this ? By trusting 
God wholly for forgiveness of sin, and trusting God 
partially for healing of sickness? The promise is 
as direct and explicit for the one as for the other. 
Do we need any intervention of man between the 
soul and its Maker for forgiveness of sin? Do we 
need any intervention of man between the body and 
its Maker for healing of sickess? 

" There is a way that seemeth right unto a man 
but the end thereof is the way of death." Is not 
our present way ending in death? 

"I am the Lord that healeth thee. Besides me 
there is none else. I am a jealous God, my glory 
will I not give to another. ' ' 

"In the way of righteousness is life, in the path- 
way thereof is no death." 

"Must we not use the means that God has given 
us?" asks one earnest Christian. Yes, that is what 
we are now pleading. Find out what means God 
has given us for our healing and use no other! "If 
any man shall add unto these things God shall add 
unto him the plagues that are written in this book. ' ' 
We find "in this book" that prayer and faith are the 
only means God has given us. 

Another asks, "Did not God make all the herbs 
out of which our medicines are made?" Yes, but as 


one has said of this, God also made all the stone and 
wood out of which his children have made "other 
gods." "God hath made man upright, but they 
have sought out many inventions. Their land also 
is full of idols. They worship the ivork of their own 
hands, that which their own fingers have made." 
There is little difference whether our idol be of stone 
and wood or of herb. 

Another excuse given is, "I do not look to the 
medicine to heal me, but I ask God's blessing upon 
it." Why not ask God's blessing upon our prayer 
of faith which his own word has promised for our 
healing? Why not claim his blessing direct upon 
ourselves, rather than upon the medicine? 

"Whatever is not of faith is sin," and by faith 
are mountains removed in any time and in all places, 
whether these mountains be named sin, or sickness, 
or fear, or death. If faith will do such mighty 
works, should we not prefer that our faith be fixed 
in God our Eternal Good, .rather than in persons, in 
medicines, in incantations, or in pieces of sacred 

Fear is the enemy of faith and is a form of dis- 
obedience. It is written, ' ' The fear of man bringeth 
a snare; but whoso putteth his trust in the Lord 
shall be safe." 

Let us remember that "The Age of Faith is al- 
ways the Age of Miracles." 

"Because thou hast made the Lord thy habita- 


tion" ( " settled dwelling place. " — Webster.) " there 
shall no evil befall thee nor any plague come nigh 
thy dwelling. ' ' Is not the evidence for Divine Heal- 
ing overwhelming? 

We cannot have a divided trust. "Ye cannot 
serve two masters." 

Ignorance makes us turn to a power other than 
God for our good. This ignorance is "the sin of 
the world." Our thinking, ruled by ignorance of 
Divine will and way, seeks its own inventions and 
this is the reason for all the suffering we feel. 

This ignorance is called sin, and one says, ' ' The 
natural sequence is sin, sickness, death. If there 
were no sickness there would be no death, and if 
there were no sin there would be no sickness. ' ' This, 
we recognize as true, and, since true, what can heal 
sickness and death but that which destroys sin? 
Divine Healing is not sentimentality. It is the exer- 
cise of the perfect Law of God. 

Divine Healing forgives sin as it heals sickness. 
What, says one, do you claim that you can forgive 
sins? No, neither can I heal sickness! Jesus did 
nothing of himself ; certainly neither can you nor I. 
Yet Jesus said, "The son of man hath power on 
earth to forgive sins. Whose sins ye remit they are 
remitted." James says that in healing by the 
prayer of faith, sins are forgiven. The Power of 
love, that forgives all our iniquities, also heals all 


our diseases. For all who call upon it in faith, that 
Power destroys sin, sickness and death. 

This relation between sin and sickness is clearly 
taught in the Bible. 

We find it was said to the Israelites : "If thou 
wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord, the 
Lord will make the pestilence cleave unto thee ; the 
Lord will smite thee with consumption and with 
fever, and with inflammation and with tumors, " etc. 
Here we see that all the ills to which flesh is sup- 
posed to be heir are the result of disobedience to the 
directions of Truth. The Lord is the Law. 

God's law changes not. "He made known his 
way unto Moses," and his "way" is the same for- 

Isaiah foretold that the inhabitant of "Zion" 
"shall not say I am sick, they that dwell therein 
shall be forgiven their iniquities." No more sick- 
ness when ignorance is put away. 

Jesus, above all others, taught this lesson. In 
healing the sick of the palsy he said, "Thy sins be 
forgiven thee. ' ' To another whom he had healed, he 
said, "G-o, sin no more, lest a worse thing befall 
thee;" and of the woman bent double, he said, 
1 i Satan hath bound her. ' ' 

"Were these sinners above all others! Nay, but 
except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. ' ' 

Job said, " The thing I have greatly feared has 
come upon me." This explains his experiences. 


Our method of healing is wholly a matter of 
education. Our children accept Divine Healing 
without hesitation, and the little ones are indeed 
blessed by being taught such perfect reliance upon 
God. In the Infant class of a large Sunday School, 
when the teacher asked, ' ' Children, if you were taken 
sick, for whom would you. send?" with eagerness 
they shouted, "The doctor!" "Would you not 
want Christ to come to you?" asked the teacher; 
with far less enthusiasm, they answered, ' ' Oh yes, we 
would want Christ too." When we hear prayer of- 
fered in the Church for the sick one, do we not say, 
Who is so sick as that ? Prayer is often the last re- 
sort after we fear that all else has failed ! 

"If thou say, Wherefore coma, these things 
upon me! This is thy lot, saith the Lord, because 
thou hast forgotten me and trusted in falsehoods. 
These are all estranged from me through their 
idols" — through acknowledgment of a power and a 
good beside God. 

A minister was asked, "Should not ministers 
heal the sick as well as preach the gospel"! He re- 
plied, "Yes, they should, but they do not know 
how!" He was at least candid. 

Sickness healed, without its cause in sin being 
touched, or pain relieved, without any effort toward 
freeing the thought from the deeper root of ignor- 
ance of Life, — this is a poor substitute for Divine 


Such work may be described as making clean 
the outside of the cup and platter or as being "like 
whited sepulchers!" Jesus' healing went to the 
very source that destroys all ills. "Now is the axe 
laid at the root of the tree and every plant which 
my Father hath not planted shall be rooted up." 
"God hath not given us a spirit of fear," nor has 
God ever sent upon us any ill; to know this, is the 
beginning of power to root out and destroy such 

True and permanent healing will be that which 
purines our thought from ignorance, and then shall 
the body be seen as whole. 

In the History of Medicine we find: "We have 
reason to believe that, in Egypt, the art of medicine 
was first successfully practiced." 

It is significant, granting that our knowledge of 
the use of medicine came from Egypt, to read : 

"Woe to them that go down to Egypt for help, 
and stay on horses and trust in chariots. * * * 
Now the Egyptians are men and not God, and their 
horses flesh and not spirit." 

By its own light we may interpret this, "Woe 
shall be to them that go to men, instead of God, for 
help, and that trust in flesh, and not in spirit. ' ' 

Indeed, woe has been and is for this misplacing 
of our trust. But today many earnest Christians, 
asknowledging this mistake, are turning from man 
to God — from flesh to Spirit. 



We see that 

Forgetting our God is the cause of every ill. 

To believe in separation from God is to forget 

To believe in separation begets the belief of a 
power besides God. This belief is the "devil" which 
Jesus said "Is a liar from the beginning," for it is 
not true that there is any power besides God. 

To forget God is to forget our good. 

To forget our good is to feel a lack of good. 

Man has sought out "many inventions" for 
good. He has thought that there was some good be- 
sides God — but Jesus said, ' ' There is none good but 

This is man's mistake that is called sin. He has 
given his faith to something besides God. 

Without our mistakes, belief of sickness and 
sorrow could not exist. 

Jesus showed man the better way. He showed 
that the healing of sickness must come through the 
forgiveness of sin, the putting out of ignorance. So 
long as we make mistakes we shall suffer. 1 1 Go, sin 
no more, lest a worse thing befall thee." 

True knowledge saves us from making mis- 


Only the healing is permanent that destroys ig- 
norance by giving understanding. 

Medicines can not reach our thought to give it 
understanding of Truth. 

The alleviation of a pain, without annulling the 
mistake from which pain springs is not true healing. 

Only God's power can truly forgive and heal. 

Jesus healed as he preached, and he commanded 
every minister of his to do the same. 

True preaching is healing — and true healing is 

The Christ Church included healing in its work. 

The Apostles preached healing to all nations. 

The salvation of the soul includes the salvation 
of the body. 

We are to glorify God in both soul and body, 
" which are his." 

Man as the image and likeness of God must be 
' ' every whit whole. ' ' 

Feeling sick proves that man is not conscious 
of being the image and likeness of God. 

The Bible plainly teaches Divine Healing. 

Every Christian is under the command of his 
Lord, "Preach the Gospel, heal the sick." 

' ' Of myself I can do nothing. ' ' 

By the presence, power and knowledge of the 
God that dwelleth in me, can I do all things. 

" It is God that worketh through me to will and 
to do." 

A Beginner's Course 

Important to Students. 

Since "men are but children of a larger 
growth, ' ' all may find help in the simplest teachings 
of Truth. 

We must be as teachable as children if we would 
enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Old opinions and 
prejudices must not be allowed to bias our judg- 
ment. This is said to those well versed in the Sci- 
ence as well as to beginners. 

As each study prepares the way for the next, 
we advise that these lessons be read in their order; 
also that questions be laid aside, until the entire 
course has been earnestly perused. Do not hasten 
with the study. Often the re-reading of a chapter 
will make its meaning clearer. 

Above all, put into use whatever truth you see. 
"He that willeth to do the will shall know of the 
doctrine. ' ' Make frequent statements of the Truth 
you know. 

Obedience is the first demand of Truth. It is 
written, "Grod gives his spirit to them that obey;" 


a beginner's course. 29 

for obedience opens the thought to receive the ever- 
present Spirit of Truth. 

Before entering into further study meditate 
upon this thought, — 

I lean not upon mine own understanding. 

I yield to the leading of Truth. 

This does not mean yielding to anybody's opin- 
ion of Truth. It signifies the surrender of all human 
opinions, and the acceptance of Truth Eternal and 
Changeless as soon as you see it. ' ' Prove all things ; 
hold fast to that which is good. ' ' 


Answers to Some Objections 

"When that which is perfect has come, that which was in 
part shall be done away." 

The words of Jesus are growing in interest and 
significance because we are finding in them a mean- 
ing deeper than ever before realized. 

One minister has said : ' ' The Bible means more 
to us than it did to our forefathers, and it will be a 
fuller revelation to our children than it is to us." 
This is but another way of saying that the race is 
growing in its understanding of Truth. 

Jesus said to his disciples: "I have many 
things to say to you, but ye cannot bear them now." 
This shows that in speaking the Truth Jesus was 
limited by the dullness of his hearers. He some- 
times rebuked their lack of under standing, as in 
Matt. 15 :16, Mark 8 :21. 

Would we not like to hear the "many things" 
left unspoken by Jesus at that time? Is there any 
possibility of hearing them? "We are assured of this 
by Jesus who added to his words quoted above, 
"Howbeit, when the Spirit of Truth is come, he will 
guide you into all truth." This indwelling Spirit is 
always with us; it "comes" when we are able and 
willing to hear it. "Behold I stand at the door and 



knock.' ' Never does the Divine Spirit leave the 
soul, yet it is only when we consent to its presence 
that it is known by us. 

This indwelling Spirit is both teacher and 
guide. It was this teacher that guided Jesus and 
lifted him above human opinion into Divine Under- 
standing. Even his body had part in this renew- 
ing of his thought as ours, too, shall have. It is 
written, "If the Spirit that raised up Jesus from 
the dead dwell in you he shall also quicken your 
mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you." 
"It is the spirit" (dwelling in you) "that quicken- 
*eth — Christ in you the hope of glory. ' ' What won- 
derful words when read in the new light ! 

How these words contradict our past belief that 
revelation has ceased and that the "voice from 
heaven" is silent. 

"God is not dumb, that he should speak no more, 
If thou hast wanderings in the wilderness 

And find'st not Sinai, 'tis thy soul is poor! 

There, towers the Mountain of the Voice no less 

Which whoso seeks shall find. But he who bends, 
Intent on manna still and mortal ends, 

Sees it not, neither hears its thundered lore." 

"There is nothing covered that shall not be re- 
vealed." (Matt. 10:26.) We find in Jesus' own 
words that relevation is not limited to set times 
and places; that until every "mystery" of Truth is 
made plain, revelation shall continue; that wher- 
ever or whenever there is one that can "bear" it — 
or receive it — fuller Truth is becoming known. 


One objects and says: "We cannot have a new 
truth; revelation has ceased.' ' This dooms ns to 
receive all Truth second hand. Vain, then, are 
Jesus' assurances that the Spirit should continue to 
guide the followers and disciples of Truth into all 

Verily, we cannot have a new Truth, for all 
Truth is eternal and changeless ; but so long as we 
do not know all, there must come to us new light 
upon the eternal Truth. 

"Bevelation is unveiling, but the veil is on the 
face of man and not on the face of God." The veil 
is a fitting symbol of our ignorance ; with every new 
revelation of Truth the veil grows thinner. "Which 
veil is done away in Christ." In ^fehe full under- 
standing of Truth all ignorance is "done away." 
Bevelation is not the making of a new Truth, it is 
simply the uncovering of the ever-present Truth as 
we are able to see and hear. 

We speak of the discovery of a new star; we 
mean it is a new discovery of a star that belongs to 
the ages. It is something new to our understand- 
ing, but not new to Truth. 

In the "new truth" of today, there are many 
new discoveries — that is all. It was foretold by 
Jesus, and throughout the Bible we find numberless 
predictions of such a change carrying us out of the 
"old" into the "new." (Bead from Bible Selec- 
tions, "New Things," page 106.) 


1 ' Eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard, neither 
have entered into the heart of man the things that 
God hath prepared.'' But, "The eyes of the blind 
shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be 
unstopped," saith the Spirit. If revelation has 
ceased, then indeed must this promise remain un- 
fulfilled, since there are yet eyes that do not see 
and ears that do not hear. 

Every discovery is a revelation. 

Jesus discovered some Truth that Moses had 
not seen. i ' Clouds and darkness are round about 
him" is David's conception of God. With Jere- 
miah, we have been willing to say, "Thou hast cov- 
ered thyself with a cloud that our prayer should 
not pass through." In a better understanding of 
God, John declares, "God is light in whom is no 
darkness at all. That was the true light that light- 
eth every man that cometh into the world. Take 
heed that the light that is in thee be not darkness." 
Take care that thou art not in the dark concerning 
the things of Truth. 

David and Jeremiah saw the darkness in their 
own conceptions and thought the "cloud" was 
around God. "Thou thoughtest that I was alto- 
gether such an one as thyself, but I will reprove 
thee. ' ' As well might we say on a cloudy day, ' ' The 
sun has wrapped itself in clouds and darkness!" 

The clouds that hide the sun from us are around 
our earth and arise from the earth. Every sense of 


" cloud' ' — every fear, doubt, sorrow or pain comes 
from "self" and not from Grod; is around us and 
not near the Source of Light and Love. 

These are new discoveries that come as we open 
our eyes to see and our ears to hear that which for- 
ever was and is. 

Another objects that we are claiming too much 
of heaven on earth ; that here we are to expect trou- 
bles and suffering to prepare us for happiness be- 

We reply that Jesus' teachings point to the 
heaven ' ' within ' ' and ' ' at hand. ' ' He said, ' ' To this 
end was I born, and for this cause came I into the 
world, that I should bear witness unto the truth." 
All Truth is universal. He is a living witness of 
what the Truth will do for every one that receives 
it. Here, on earth, he overcame sin, sickness and 
death. He "brought life and immortality to light" 
— that is, he enlightened man's thought to the con- 
sciousness that sees life and immortality as present 

It is said of him that "he was manifested to de- 
stroy the works of the devil" here and now, "That 
he might deliver them from this present evil world 
according to the will of God. Now is the day of sal- 
vation. Peace on earth, good will to men." Indeed, 
it is hard to find a promise for the future. 

Of Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob it is writ- 
ten, ' ' These all died in the faith, not having received 


the promises, but having seen them afar off." (Heb. 
11:13.) "My people are destroyed for lack of 
.knowledge. ' ' 

Postponement has destroyed our peace, and it 
is we that make the postponement — not Truth. "Ye 
shall know the truth and the truth shall make you 
free." Where? When? Surely, not in place or time, 
but whenever it is received. ' ' The kingdom of God 
is within you — at hand." All these centuries have 
we been coming to an appreciation of these words : 
"Now is the day of salvation." 

We may have "heaven," which is perfect har- 
mony, whenever we will accept it. "Now is the ac- 
cepted time;" now, the time to accept all good. 

We recall the story of one who sought the tem- 
ple of Fame. Believing it to be upon the height 
of a distant mountain, he spent his life toiling to 
reach that summit, only to learn, too late, that the 
temple he sought was in the midst of the plain he 
had left ! 

It may be that those who have sought a distant 
heaven have reached the desired goal to find that 
the heaven they sought was always in their midst 
and must be found first within the soul. 

Some object to the Science teaching that it has 
not come through the Church. "Our Bishops and 
great religious teachers should be the first to re- 
ceive the light of a new truth, ' ' they say. 

Has it ever been so? Has not every reform 


been outside of the Church? Has not the Church 
feared to entertain the idea of progress in religious 
thought! When, occasionally, a minister does see, 
and express some new discovery, he is usually 
ejected from the Church. 

The Church of Jesus ' time was in a rut ; it said, 
"We have Moses, and the prophets; we know that 
God spoke to them. As for this fellow, we know not 
whence he is. ' ' 

One says: "If Jesus had taught no higher 
truth than the Jews had received from their fore- 
fathers, they would have heard him gladly ; but they 
could not accept his new doctrine. ' ' 

We read, "All the chief priests and elders took 
counsel against Jesus to put him to death. The 
chief priests and elders persuaded the multitude 
that they should destroy Jesus," hoping thus to de- 
stroy his teachings. 

The Church ever refuses to listen to a doctrine 
new to its thought. It is hard to give up the old 
conceptions for the new consciousness, though the 
new bring us fuller light. Truth bids us "Leave all 
and follow." 

The world has been crying for more light and 
then shrinks in alarm from the "new things" that 
more light reveals ! 

We pray for spiritual understanding, but we 
wish to dictate the channel by which it shall come 
to us. A simple story is told of a nest full of birds 


that were deserted by the mother bird. With wide- 
open mouths the little ones cried for food. An at- 
tempt was made to feed them, but as the strange 
hand approached, every mouth was quickly shut in 
a flutter of fear. Food was placed on the edge of 
the nest — in vain. The little birds were afraid to 
take the food from a "strange" source and were 
too blind to see it " at hand. ' ' In time, they all died, 
not from lack of food, but from lack of sense ! ' ' May 
we not," says the writer, "for the same reason, lose 
the good sent to us in answer to our cries!" We 
have the warning, "Be careful to entertain strang- 
ers, for, thereby, have some entertained angels un- 
awares. ' ' The strange thought we reject may be the 
very angel or message of Love for which we have 
been pleading. 

The cry of the hungry birds is heard all around 
us, "Give us our daily bread and our water of life, 
but give it from the familiar hand, or we will not 
accept it. " 

It is written, ' ' The path of the just is as a shin- 
ing light that shineth more and more unto the per- 
fect day." More and more revelation comes to the 
one who is obediently walking in the light he sees, 
and is ready to hear. 

"Not many mighty, not many noble are called" 
(hear the call) : "Grod hath chosen the weak things 
of this world to confound the wise. The common 
people heard him gladly. How hardly shall they 
that have riches enter into the kingdom of heaven ? ' ' 


The self-satisfied, those supposedly rich in ma- 
terial and spiritual good, have no room for fuller 
Truth. To come u as a little child" requires "un- 
loading" of all opinions both good and ill; the atti- 
tude, for this emptying must be "on the knees;" 
must be the complete surrender of personal opin- 
ions. - i Hardly ' ' can the 1 ' rich ' ' or self-satisfied con- 
sent to this unloading. 

The "common people" who "gladly hear" are 
the empty ones who have never been exalted in the 
eyes of the world, have had no pride of intellect nor 
any reputation of spiritual knowledge. These read- 
ily listen to a better way. 

Some hesitate to accept a new teaching of Truth 
on the plea that they do not wish to depart from the 
faith of their forefathers. They will say, "I am 
satisfied to live and die by the light my parents had 
— it was good enough for them, so should it be for 

We would ask this one, ' ' Do you use tallow can- 
dles? If not, why not? Since your parents were 
satisfied with the candle light why should you not 
be?" Are we not keeping pace with and enjoying 
the benefits of the modern discoveries unknown to 
our forefathers? They made use of the best light 
they had and must not we ? 

We may feel well assured that our ancestors 
have by now discovered a better "light," and that 


as we grow with the unfolding thought of the time 
we are no more than keeping with them. 

In the use of electricity to-day man has not 
made a new truth ; he has but discovered the use of 
an eternal Truth. 

Have you ever ascended a mountain? Did not 
your view change with every advance? As you as- 
cended new visions greeted the eye ; things not seen 
from below came into view. What was changing? 
Not things, but your view of things. 

We are promised a "new heaven' ' and a "new 
earth.' ' John saw the new heaven and the new 
earth from the mountain top. Uplifted in Conscious- 
ness (the mountain) shall we too see these "new 
things ' ' — not new creations, but the eternal creation 
of Grod seen in a new light, from a new standpoint. 

In our study that follows, we shall look upon all 
things in the new or increased light in which we 
must see in a new way, "speak with new tongues,' ' 
find a "new name" for man, and say, "Behold, all 
things have become new. ' ' 

It is true, indeed, that "The people who sat in 
darkness have seen a great light. ' ' 

(Please read from Bible Selections, The Need 
of Understanding, page 24. The Value of Knowl- 
edge, page 22.) 

"There is a work for each of us now to do." 


This Science makes Truth practical because it 
teaches us how to practice Truth. The method is 
simple and direct. 

Let us now put the little we have seen into state- 
ments of Truth and repeat them thoughtfully sev- 
eral times each day: — 

Truth is changeless. 
The Spirit is the only guide into Truth. 
The Spirit dwelling within me is leading me 
into the knowledge of Truth. 

The kingdom of God is within me. 
The Truth hath made me free. 



"Worlds grow up as well as infants." 

"That speaking the Truth in love, we may grow up into 
him in all things * * * even Christ." 

To-day the method of education differs vastly 
from that of a few years ago. To-day, as never be- 
fore, are we considering original meanings. Edu- 
cate, from educere, means "to lead out." 

In educating the young there is now a recogni- 
tion of innate powers and possibilities. As the seed 
contains the form and substance before growth be- 
gins, so Knowledge is the essence of man's Nature 
before his development in Knowledge is started. 
Education is a leading-out of these possibilities, and 
the essence of all that is gained in education is for- 
ever within man's consciousness. 

Teaching does not fill a child's thought from 
without, but draws from the child-mind an expres- 
sion of what is within. 

A tree is the result of the "education" of the 
seed. The tree was perfect within the seed prior to 
its development. Growth is a development, or un- 
foldment, from within outward. Self-expression is 
true education. 



Unfoldment, or extension, suggests the need of 
more room. A tree must have greater space and 
fuller environment than a seed. Even so does edu- 
cation broaden man's understanding and enlarge his 
knowledge of all things. 

We are not surprised to find in the seed-time of 
the world small conceptions and belittling views of 
God, hence of man and of the world. A limited be- 
lief of God, the Creator and Source of all, must re- 
sult in a contracted thought of creation, a thought 
that might have been large enough for the seed, or 
beginning, but one that will not satisfy the needs 
of fuller understanding. 

"When I was a child, I spake as a child, I un- 
derstood as a child, I thought as a child; but when 
I became a man, I put away childish things.' ' 

A child, in the process of its education, passes 
from grade to grade in the school. In the higher 
grades it should not think and speak as it did in the 
first. Even as a child grows, so has grown the race. 
It cannot always think and speak as at first. 

Throughout the ancient writings, we have mes- 
sages from students in first, second, third and fourth 
1 i grades ' ' — even unto the highest. We find in these 
writings the lispings of babes and the utterances of 
manhood. "The first man (infant or first view of 
man) is of the earth, earthy; the second man (larger 
understanding of man) is the Lord from heaven.' ' 

All this development is from the perfect seed 


of the beginning, the thonght unfolds from Knowl- 
edge into fuller and fuller Understanding of itself 
— of its own possibilities and powers. 

Now is the time of fulfillment, because man's 
understanding has expanded into the "ripe corn in 
the ear." It is in Consciousness, not in time, that 
perfection is realized ; it is in Mind, not in place. 

"How far from here to heaven? Not very far, my friend, 
A single hearty step will all thy journey end!" 

A child that has accomplished the work and ful- 
filled the duties of a grade is always promoted to 
the next. He does not hold the lower grades in con- 
tempt, but sees them as stepping stones to higher 
things. Divine Science reveals everything good in 
its place, hence has no prejudice against past teach- 
ings and beliefs. 

Our responsibility is two-fold; first, to obey by 
putting into practice the Truth we see ; second, ever 
to be alert for fuller revelation of Truth, ready to 
catch a hint of something beyond what we have yet 

"There is nothing new under the sun." The 
light of electricity that now brightens our homes 
might have illumined the "Garden of Eden" if man 
had then known its presence and its laws ! 

"Before Abraham was, I am." From the be- 
ginning Christ has been "rising from his sepulcher" 
as the Truth has been more fully perceived and re- 


We cannot see by the light that lights an- 
other ; we may get the spark that shall set our lamp 
to burning, that is all. "The spirit of man is the 
candle of the Lord ; ' ' there is in each soul an illumi- 
nation — a radiance from the Inmost Soul — the 
Source that is Infinite in Love and Wisdom. 

"Lo, I am with you always." Divine Intelli- 
gence never forsakes. Once in a while one hears 
and this is revelation. 

Ignorance is evidenced in blind faith that post- 
pones our day of salvation and limits its fullness. 
This culminates in suffering and death. Truth 
perceived destroys this ignorance and frees our 

Truth never destroys any Truth r but the fuller 
includes all the fragments that have preceded. 

"Our little systems have their day; 
They have their day and cease to be. 
They were but broken lights of Thee, 
And Thou, O Lord, art more than they." 

As long as man invents systems of Truth, they 
will prove to be "but broken lights." The Whole 
Truth is known only as we understand the infinitude 
of the Eternal and see it as being all there is. 

Truth has been compared to a cone having its 
base in a circle and its summit in a single point. The 
circle represents the Truth that encircles the Uni- 
verse and fills all time and space ; the point is but a 
circle brought together. So we shall find that as our 


thought is lifted up in Consciousness, it beholds all 
in one, fulfilling the words, "That in the fullness 
of times (full Consciousness) he might gather to- 
gether in one all things in Christ. ' ' Christ — the im- 
personal Truth — is the power that shall draw all 
unto itself by revealing itself as all. 

We have seen this well nigh verified in classes, 
where, among thirty or more pupils, many creeds 
are represented, besides those without creeds. After 
earnest attention to the Science teachings, Catho- 
lics, Protestants, Jews and Infidels alike, surrender 
to the power of the impersonal Truth in which all 
can unite. 

For centuries we have plead, "Thy kingdom 
come." Since the kingdom is "within us" and "at 
hand," whence is it to come? We must come to a 
knowledge of its presence with us and must learn 
that the Presence of the Kingdom means the Pres- 
ence of Peace. 

We need not feel surprised to-day at finding 
ourselves being "gathered into one," more con- 
scious than ever of the God-presence always with 
us. We need not wonder if John's vision from the 
"mountain top" be ours. It is the fulfillment of the 
pledges of the past. 

All along the way we hear the voice that prom- 
ises full redemption for the earth and for flesh. It 
spoke first in Eden, "The seed of the woman shall 
bruise the serpent's head." Through Job it de- 


clared, "I know that at the latter day" (in later 
Consciousness), "my redeemer shall stand upon the 
earth," and, "in my flesh shall I see God." 

The prophets echo the same Truth: "Accord- 
ing to his promise, we look for a new heaven and a 
new earth. Every knee shall bow and every tongue 
confess. The whole creation groaneth * * * 
waiting for the redemption of the body. The earth 
shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord. The wolf 
also shall dwell with the lamb and a child shall lead 
them. ' ' How does this redemption come 1 By reve- 
lation of what always is. Eevelation comes to all 
who can see. 

We have never doubted John's vision of heaven 
descending to earth (Eev. 21: 2), nor the voice that 
assured him of God's own presence with men and 
the cessation of death, pain and sorrow. We have 
doubted that now is this day of salvation, and that 
we should see it. 

We have decided just how that day is to come. 
The Bible says it "cometh not with observation," 
but "as a thief in the night" stealing so silently 
upon us that ere we are aware of it we find ourselves 
in its presence ! It comes ' ' as the lightning cometh 
out of the east and shineth even unto the west, ' ' for 
it is an illumination within the soul that takes pos- 
session without noise or commotion. It is a revela- 
tion of the Truth that has been with us always. 

To receive the first evidence of Truth's pres- 


ence, we must look, not without, but within. "To as 
many as look for him shall he appear." It is an in- 
dividual privilege, to see and receive the Christ — one 
that is the right of every living soul as soon as it 
consents to the inner guidance of Truth. This is the 
' ' second coming. ' ' 

Man's consent to Truth is fulfilling the prom- 
ises. ' ' Full consent is absolute rest. ' ' The prophets 
foretold these possibilities. To be able to prophesy 
has seemed wonderful, but greater than prophecy 
is the vision that sees and accepts now the possibili- 
ties of Truth. Prophecy sees, but postpones fulfill- 
ment. To see and receive the Truth as ever-present 
is a fuller revelation. 

Truth is an Eternal, Changeless "fullness that 
filleth all in all." In it "we live, move and have our 
being." It has always been within and around us, 
while we have passed our days searching for it, as 
the fishes seeking the sea. 

Jesus found men in this blind condition. He 
told them of Truth's presence "within" and "at 
hand," but while they could not "see," he kindly 
said, " Go on seeking and ye shall find. ' ' 

We search for a thing as long as we do not 
know where it is. Our search for heaven has proved 
that we knew not where to find it. So soon as we 
can understand his words and say, "Thy kingdom 
is come," we cease our search and live in the joy of 
knowing that Pure Presence. "Ye shall find" 


means that some day we shall know and possess 
what we sought and then seeking shall end. 

The promise is not that we shall be something 
we were not and so be freed, but that we shall learn 
the Truth of what is, the Truth that is changeless. 
As it was in the beginning, it is now and ever shall 
be. It is a matter, then, of seeing, and of knowing 
what we did not before see or know. 

One says, l l The light is here now ; let us realize 
this." The Truth is here, now; let us realize this. 
Perfect Life is here, now; Perfect Love, Perfect 
Health, Perfect Joy and Peace — all here, now. Let 
us see and accept this, if we would know freedom. 

"Let us not postpone the day of revelation" — 
yes, and let us not relegate revelation to the past. 
Whatever our forefathers saw or received we may 
see, and surely we should after these years of oppor- 
tunities be able to receive the deeper, broader, 
higher vision. 

When we understand that the Infinite goodness 
of Life is here, now, we in the midst of it ; it in the 
midst of us, we shall know how to let this great 
Truth possess us, bringing realization of harmony 
to ourselves and others. 

Our following studies will help us to see the 
reality of these facts, and will teach us how to take 
hold of these things. 



Science is "Knowledge; Truth ascertained; 
Knowledge duly arranged.'' A science must have 
a changeless basis and all conclusions must be in 
harmony with that premise. 

We find Life to be an exact Science and in Sci- 
ence have found an explanation of Life, satisfying 
because it is certain. To gain certain knowledge of 
Life is an attainment most earnestly to be desired. 

One says, let an hundred men guess at the size 
of a hall and there will probably be an hundred dif- 
ferent guesses. Let a measuring rod be used, and, 
though its measurements may disagree with every 
one of the hundred notions, all of these will be read- 
ily yielded to the exact standard. 

Our estimate of Life has been guess work. The 
hundreds of different creeds prove this — no fixed 
standard of measurement. Science is exact. It es- 
timates Truth from a changeless basis. Is it a won- 
der that so many are glad to give up uncertainty for 
certain Knowledge ? 

"This is life eternal to know God and Jesus 
Christ whom he has sent." "Ye shall know the 
truth and the truth shall make you free ' ' — two of the 



greatest boons that humanity craves, Life and Free- 
dom, are onrs for the knowing. 

The Changeless and Eternal we have called God 
and where else shall we look for that in which there 
"is no variableness neither shadow of turning V 
In what else shall we find a satisfying basis of Truth 
or Source of all things but in the Eternal Order ? 

"Order is heaven's first law" and the order in 
all building is to lay first the foundation. The 
strength and safety of the building depend upon the 
security of its foundation. 

We shall now study this First Cause of all 
things and shall ask you to give your attention and 
faith in the fullest way you have ever known. It is 
hard to begin to comprehend limitless Truth. Fear 
not to magnify the Creator of all. Let "Infinite" 
convey to your thought the most unbounded, unlim- 
ited idea conceivable. This is the foundation 
Truth in Science, Limitless Being, too great to be 
more in one time or one place than another, but is 
equally present everywhere, and is the all of every- 

This Truth of God is and has always been ex- 
pressed in the following terms : 

Omnipkesence, Omnipotence, Omniscience. 

Omni-presence ; All-Presence; One and Only 

Omni-potence ; All-Power ; One and Only Power. 

GOD 51 

Omni-science ; All-Science; One and Only 

There is no other Presence, no other Power, no 
other Knowledge but the One. 

Study this ; learn it, consider it deeply. ; receive 
it fully; state it often. 

Bemember, Truth is eternal and changeless. 
Another and opposing presence, or power or knowl- 
edge may seem true but, because it may change, it 
it not absolute Truth. It is said that the devil and 
all his works shall be destroyed. Jesus said of the 
devil, "He is a liar and there is no truth in him." 
Whatever may be destroyed is not of Truth but is 
of our conception of Truth and that conception shall 
come to an end. 

The "devil" is all of evil belief and exists so 
long as we believe it true. It is the belief of a pres- 
ence, a knowledge and a power besides the Infinite. 
The Truth comes to us and reveals that this belief 
is false and thus sets us free from it. There can be 
naught besides the Infinite. 

Evil is only a supposed power, for l ' There is no 
power but of God." As soon as we refuse to 
believe in its power and live up to that, we shall cease 
to serve evil. God Omni-potent, without doubt, 
means no power contrary to God. 

"Let the wicked perish at the presence of the 
Lord." As we know the Omni-presence truly, the 
thought of any other presence or power perishes. 


So it is written, "The Lord is in the midst of thee, 
thou shalt not see evil any more. ' ' 

(Eead Selected Headings, pages 10, 12, 14.) 

The devil stands for the darkness or ignorance 
of the world thought in which men "have sought out 
many inventions.' ' Bring light into darkness and 
we know that darkness disappears. Now you see 
why we ask you first of all to think deeply of that 
Presence that, as Paul describes it, "filleth all." 
Just in proportion to our realization of this, will ap- 
pearances of evil go. Thinking helps us to realize 

To think of God aright, we must admit Infinite 
Being — and this obliges us to " place to the 
devil. ' ' That which is Omni-presence fills all space. 
" If I ascend into heaven, thou art there ; if I fly to 
the uttermost parts of the earth, even there shall thy 
right hand guide me. If I make my bed in hell, be- 
hold, thou art there.' ' 

That which fills all space can not be limited to 
form, but contains all form within itself and is the 
Substance of all form. This is why we find Grod to 
be impersonal and not a personal Being. The Infin- 
ite is too great to be known as personal, but includes 
all persons and things within itself — is the "all in 

Air fills a room. Light, heat and sound are .vi- 
brations of air. Air includes these various manifes- 
tations of itself, but is more than any one of them. 

GOD 53 

So does the ever-present Spirit hold within itself and 
fill all that exists, yet is more than this. 

Opposites cannot be in the same place at the 
same time. Light and darkness, heat and cold, 
sonnd and silence, cannot fill the same place at the 
same time ; neither can good and evil exist together. 
Such a supposition banished our "first parents' ' 
from Eden. Such a belief exists only when man is 
asleep to Truth as shown in the parable of the wheat 
and the tares. The Master, Truth, planted only good 
seed. God is the Source of good only. An enemy 
sowing tares is seen only in sleep or in the ignorance 
of thought. Upon awakening, we see that the good 
only was planted, and the opposite has no right to 
be in our world. To see this is the beginning of the 
destruction of evil. When the tares are thrown into 
the everlasting fire, when belief and appearance of 
evil are consumed by our knowledge of the Truth 
that God is all in all. We cannot know this, and be- 
lieve in an opposite. 

The conception that supposes there are two 
powers contrary one to the other must believe in en- 
mity, must claim separation from God. Truth per- 
ceived destroys this error and frees our thoughts 
from the thraldom of ignorance — perhaps not all at 
once, but sooner or later as we are willing to sur- 
render all opinions to Truth. ' ' He that loveth father 
or mother (inherited opinions — former concep- 
tions) more than me (Truth) is not worthy of me." 


Until we can give up all past beliefs for Truth, we 
are not ready for (worthy of) Truth. 

Science leads us into Perfect Understanding, 
based not upon past or future, but upon the Eternal. 
This Understanding compels new thinking and new 
speaking. ' ' They shall speak with new tongues. ' ' 

New Understanding that brings new habits of 
thought must result in new realizations. "Because 
thou hast made the Lord thy habitation' ' (habit of 
thought) "there shall no evil befall thee, nor shall 
any plague come nigh thy dwelling." 

We are now learning how to make the Lord our 
' i habitation ; ' ' how to form the habit of continuously 
thinking of the Presence, the Knowledge and the 
Power of Infinite Good to the exclusion of every 
other opinion. This consciousness must eliminate 
our thinking of evil, and destroy every false belief 
about the body's being ill or out of harmony. 

A minister recently declared that Divine Sci- 
ence makes too much of this word " Infinite' ' in 
claiming it to be the whole to the exclusion of all 
else. He called attention to the fact that we speak 
of an infinite line, "Yet," he adds, "there may be 
many infinite lines." Does he intend to imply that 
there may be many infinite Gods? 

What is a line? "A line is length." Then 
truly it is "infinite" only as length. Can we com- 
pare that to God, the Omnipresence? Is not the 
"fullness that filleth all in all" infinite in length, 

GOD 55 

breadth, height and depth? "Unbounded on every 
side" trnly signifies the one only Presence existent. 

We find that the One Perfect Mind is Infinite. 
We can associate it with Omnipresence and know it 
as the One, Only Mind. Perfect Substance is Infi- 
nite, hence is the only Substance. Perfect Being is 
Infinite — all that is being real and true. 

These conclusions are inevitable since we ac- 
cept the Infinite Nature of Divinity. If there were 
another substance than Spirit, there would be an- 
other presence; if another presence, another knowl- 
edge and power, all of which suppositions are con- 
trary to our fundamental principle that the One Be- 
ing is Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience. 

Our first step in Science is to fill our souls with 
the Consciousness of the One Presence, One Knowl- 
edge and One Power. This will exclude the belief in 
any opposite. 

Make the statement frequently before reading 
further, "God is all powerful;" emphasize the all. 
When alone, speak it aloud over and over. What- 
ever you feel or see contrary to good, speak or think 
earnestly, "God is all powerful," and add this, 
1 1 There is no power contrary to the Good. ' ' ' 


By thinking and speaking Good, we become cog- 
nizant of it. Whatever Truth we see, we should at 
once begin to speak. Speak always of Good. 


We have seen the folly of postponement — that 
Trnth delays nothing of Good. 

Speaking in the name of Trnth, we should claim 
the Omnipresence or presence now of All-Good. 

We shonld likewise disclaim any lack — any post- 
ponement of Good. 

God Omnipresent means Good everywhere pres- 

Put these truths into words. Make statements 
of these things, for this constitutes the practice that 
makes real to us the Truth we see. 

Statements of Truth (to be thought and spoken 
as often as possible each day) : 

The Good is everywhere. The Good is all Power, 
for God is Good and God is Omnipresent. 

I do not believe in postponing any Good. 

In God I live, move and have my Being. 

If fear comes into your thought, put it out by say- 
ing, "I have nothing to fear, for God is all." If pain 
is felt anywhere in your body, put it out by saying, 
"God — the Good — is in that very place; all is Good." 
Be very persistent in this, repeating it until you feel 

NOTE — The unusual use of capitals in these lessons is for the 
purpose of dignifying the thought of these words; each is a term 
that signifies God. 


God and Man 

"There is much discussion of the question as to how the 
world can be brought to God. The only way to accomplish it is 
to bring God to the world." 

From our very first serious consideration of 
Truth's changelessness, we begin to see that our per- 
fect salvation is not afar off in some future time and 
place, but is now and here, and that now is the time 
to accept our complete redemption. For God is al- 
ways in the world. 

" Faith is the substance of things" — not hope 
for a future; and " whatever is not of faith is sin." 
It is sin to believe in lack of substance of Good for 
it is only lack of faith, or understanding, that causes 
us to feel so. (In its original meaning, sin is "a fall- 
ing short, " " a missing of the mark. ' ') 

It is easy to fall into ruts, and when we see how 
firmly and for how long men have believed in a real 
opposite to God, we shall understand why it is so 
hard to pull out of that rut of ages. 

A habit of thought is a rut. We all know what 
mighty effort it requires to break up old habits. 
Now we are to pull out of habits of thought that are 
centuries old; we are to "put off the old man," or 
that false sense of man that results from believing 



in opposites to the Infinite, and "put on the new man 
that after God (in the likeness of God) is created in 
righteousness and true holiness. ' ' 

We are, as it were, to go back to the beginning, 
and start all over with a new Consciousness of man 
— an idea eternal to Truth, but new to our thoughts. 
Jesus spoke of this as being "born again," and be- 
coming "as a little child." Paul called it becoming 
"a new creature." It is a new way of understand- 
ing. It is becoming conscious of that which is. 

Paul called the false sense of things "carnal 
mind, ' ' and said it was ' i at enmity with God. ' ' Since 
God is the only Mind there cannot be a carnal or 
mortal mind. Since we know this, we can no longer 
miscall mind mortal, or believe in enmity to Omnipo- 
tence. It is false sense that thinks and says these 
things, and after we see the Truth we must no longer 
speak according to a false sense. 

God is known to us as Infinite Being, Principle, 
Mind, Spirit, Substance. We see that to accept God 
as Infinite is to know this Being as "unbounded on 
any side. ' ' 

We have noted that an Infinite Idea of God is 
come to us that so enlarges our thought of this lim- 
itless Being that it cannot any longer be known as 
less than the Fullness that is all in all. Omnipres- 
ence, Omnipotence and Omniscience truly implies 
this, but the original meaning of these words has 
been dwarfed to suit man's comprehension. The 


new Consciousness has vivified the old terms by 
which Deity has been designated. As an illustration 
of this, let us consider the terms that are synony- 
mous with God as Creator, and probe their deep sig- 

The nature of this Infinite Being is known to 
us as Wisdom, Love, Knowledge, Understanding, 
Power, Life. Truth illumines these words. Before 
each, place the word Infinite and after each, add 
Omni-presence, these two almighty words belong to 
each attribute of Divinity. 

Infinite Wisdom, Omni-presence. 

Infinite Love, Omni-presence. 

Infinite Knowledge, Omni-presence. 

Infinite Understanding, Omni-presence. 

Infinite Power, Omni-presence. 

Infinite Life, Omni-presence. 

Think deeply of this. Perfect Wisdom, Love, 
Knowledge, Understanding, Power and Life filling 
all — the only true presence. 

The very thought expels the supposition of any 
evil presence. 

This Presence is Omni-potence — no contrary 
power to Love and Life! Do not fear to hold too 
broad a thought of God's infinitude for, try as you 
may, enlarge your thought of it all that you possibly 
can and you will no more than touch the Whole 
Truth. ( Read Bible Selections, " God, ' ' page 8. ) 

This Infinite has been called the Creator. The 


words "God" and " Creator" have been distorted in 
man's effort to conform the Infinite to his own con- 
ceptions. The new meaning suggests Source — not 
a Creator making things of nothing, but of Its own 
Life and Substance, bringing forth from Eternal, 
Invisible Being all the forms of Life. "For of him 
and through him and to him are all things." (Rom. 
11 : 36.) "For the invisible things of him are clearly 
seen, being understood by the things that are made. ' ' 
(Rom. 1:20.) 

God is the Source and Origin of all things, as a 
fount is the source of its stream. "I am the begin- 
ning and the end ' ' saith Spirit. The Universal Spir- 
it, the only Life and Substance, is the "beginning," 
the Source. That which emanates from this Infinite 
Life and Substance is the "end;" it is Spirit, too, 
for there is but One Presence, One Life and One Sub- 
stance. Creation is also Spirit. Everything begins 
and ends as Spirit. 

When we speak of God as Principle, we refer to 
the Infinite as the First and Only Cause. Principle 
is thus defined by Webster: "The source and ori- 
gin ; that from which anything proceeds ; the begin- 
ning, the first. " It is the First Cause, the beginning 
of all things wherein we find the true Nature of all 
things. The fount determines the nature of the 
stream. So God is our beginning and our nature is 
decided by his. 

We know that Principle may be demonstrated or 


worked out, as in mathematics or music. The prin- 
ciple of Perfect Life is Omnipresent. From this we 
learn that Perfect Life is being demonstrated every- 
where! "Work out your own salvation," from 
within, for your salvation from sin, sickness and 
death is in the fact that the Principle of your Life 
is Perfect ; that your Inmost Being, or Eternal State, 
is perfect. Perfect Mind is the Source of all. 

To reason aright, we must find Cause. To un- 
derstand creation, we must study its Source. To 
know what is possible to man, we must search into 
his Origin and find therein his Nature. 

One thing we may safely assert of this Divine 
Life ; that it is Omnipresent Principle, Good, and the 
Source of all good. Yes, the Source of good only. 
Since there is but One God, there is but One Good. 
It helps us to feel God in a new sense when we say 
"the Good." Changeless is this Eternal Goodness. 

There is only One Mind, One Substance, One 
Source, One Spirit, One Presence, One Power, One 
Life, all Good. State this fact many times. 

Now, we have a standard by which to judge of 
all things, a basis from which to reason of Truth. 
First understanding how to say, "Let God be true 
and every man a liar." Let the Good of Life, the 
Perfection of the Infinite One, be the Whole Truth 
and every opposite opinion be as nothing. Infinite 
Knowledge has no opinions; it is Changeless Wis- 
dom. Opinions change, hence are not to be consid- 
ered in estimating Truth. 


Understanding this, we are then to be willing to 
admit that the Whole of Truth must be found in the 
Infinite Mind and It manifest. We are now to turn 
from appearances and "judge righteous judg- 
ment. ' ' That is, we are to decide about what is true, 
not by past opinions, nor by present feelings ; not by 
how things seem to be, but from our knowledge of 
an omnipresent Principle of Truth. How can we 
insist that we see truly, when we declare that "now 
we see through a glass darkly ?" 

That "glass" is being cleared and we are begin- 
ning to see "face to face." 

Having Consciousness of the Infinite Truth, we 
shall now "measure" things by that standard. All 
that is true must be included within and be the na- 
ture of Infinite Truth. We find that Life Eternal 
and Changeless is Truth; that Wisdom and Knowl- 
edge belong to Truth; that Perfect Love is the Na- 
ture of Truth. All Truth is of Eternal Nature. 
True Love can never change; true Understanding 
can not fail ; true Life can never end. Hence all of 
this is true now. 

Everything may be estimated from this stand- 
point of Truth — that whatever God is, is Truth; 
what God is not, is not Truth, hence is not Eternal. 
Otherwise God would not be Infinite. 

It is plain from this what estimate we now place 
upon sin, evil, sickness and death. To be verities, 
these must be part of the Divine Nature, must orig- 


inate in the Perfect Source and must be eternal. 
This compels us, if we accept God's Omni-present, 
Infinite Being as Truth, to know the opposites of 
that Being as false. Truly has the prophet de- 
clared: "Ye have eaten the fruit of lies." 

As long as we believe a lie we are subject to it, 
for we act upon it and must have the fruit, or result, 
of that action. When the Truth becomes known, we 
give up the false, act upon the true and have the re- 
sult of that action. 

We see that our past estimate of Life has been 
false. We have said with our lips that God is Om- 
nipresent and Omnipotent, but have denied this in 
our hearts by admitting another presence and power 
opposed to Good. 

"For as much as this people draw near to me 
with their mouth and with their lips do honor me, 
but have removed their heart far from me and their 
fear toward me is taught by the precept of men, 
therefore the wisdom of their wise men shall perish 
and the understanding of their prudent men shall be 

This time seems upon us and the question is an- 
swered as to why our great religious teachers are 
not the first to herald the fuller Truth. "The Wis- 
dom of their wise men shall perish." Woman first 
saw the risen Lord and was sent to tell the disciples ! 
Jesus said, that he that was least in the kingdom 
of heaven was greater than the greatest prophet. It 


was the leaders of the church that would not accept 
Jesus and persuaded the people to crucify him. 

The first step toward strengthening our 
thoughts in a renewed consciousness is seeing and 
admitting our mistakes. " If we say we have no sin, 
we lie, ' ' for our present conceptions are full of mis- 
takes, but until we acknowledge this and are willing 
to be unloaded of our many opinions, we cannot be 
filled anew with Truth. 

Science does not cover error, but rather uncovers 
it, that it may be destroyed. He who would come to 
the Light must submit to having his deeds reproved. 
"My thoughts are not your thoughts nor my ways 
your ways," saith the Lord; but the call to every 
living soul is, "Make my thoughts^and ways your 
thoughts and ways." This is what we mean by giv- 
ing up opinions and letting God be true. Estimate 
the Truth of everything by Perfection. How this 
reverses our decision. How it changes our under- 
standing of man! 

Creation is the emanation of Perfect Life and 
Substance. The essence of all created things is eter- 
nal in Mind; was within the Creator, or Source, be 
fore it came forth in form. 

Creator is the Source; therefore is the Sub- 
stance of its creation as the fountain is the source 
and also substance of its streams; as the tree is 
source and substance of its branches and fruit. This 
is the close relation that we see between Creator and 


creation. In the Invisible is Eternal Form; in the 
visible is its expression or living form. 

Man is eternally one with the Infinite Source, 
and, as a living form, he is the "image and likeness" 
of the Eternal. Jesus knowing this said, "I and my 
Father" (Source) "are one." So may each, who 
understands his Source, say. To such Jesus said, 
"Call no man on earth your Father, for one is your 
Father. " As if to say, There is but one Source for 
all. Man is one with God before he is born of God — 
hence is like God. 

Jesus also said, "That which is born of Spirit, 
is Spirit. ' ' That which begins in Spirit is Spirit to 
the end. Since all that is has Source in Spirit, we 
can say under standingly, "All is Spirit." (Read 
Bible Selections on page 28, i l Spirit, ' ' and page 34, 

"Earth's crammed with heaven 
And every common bush's afire with God, 
But only he who sees takes off his shoes." 

"In the beginning, God created the heavens and 
the earth. And God saw everything that he had 
made, and, behold, it was very good. Without him 
was nothing made that was made. ' ' 

The Creation of Good is as perfect as its Cre- 
ator. We call this creation "nature" and find it to 
be of the very Substance and Life of its Source and 
that Perfection is its true state. As Omnipresence, 
Spirit is the all-pervading power in creation, the 
very Substance and Life of man. 


The true Nature in everything is Divine Na- 
ture and what we call "nature's laws" are often our 
perverted opinions of Divine Law. Drummond says 
that when Jesus came, he found men trying to keep, 
not only the ten commandments, but the hundred and 
ten they had manufactured out of them. There is 
One Perfect Law. 

The Law of God is perfect and man can not add 
anything thereunto. This he has endeavored to do 
and has the fruit of this mistake in a sense of dis- 

Jesus condensed the ten commandments into 
two, which are to love God with all the heart and to 
love our neighbor as ourselves. This is fulfilled by 
acknowledging the Perfect Nature in all. Its Pres- 
ence in man or in creation is all there is worthy of 
recognition and love. 

All our possibilities are in the truth that we are 
Divine. "Of myself I can do nothing." Christ is 
our Divinity, so we can say, "I can do all things 
through Christ which strengtheneth me." We are 
beginning to see our Being, our true State, our Eter- 
nal Nature, as perfect. As we see it, we claim it as 
our own, something that the Divine Hand has im- 
planted within us, not something that comes to us 
from outside of ourselves. 

"When Christ, which is our life, shall appear, 
then shall we also appear with him in glory." One 
in Life, with Divinity. Perfect unity between the 


Divine and ourselves. The Christ is my Life and 
my Being that now appears to me. In it, is revealed 
the perfection of my Life, for it is the Perfect Life, 
the Only Life, the Son in me is being revealed to 
my thought. 

As this vision enlarges, as we give the Divine 
Life its Infinite interpretation, we see it as All Life, 
the everlasting Nature of all things. This is "His 
Name," in knowledge of which we may claim all 
things. This Divine Nature can never be lost and, 
sooner or later, all shall awaken to its Presence 
within them. 

I am because God is. God is the Reason or 
Cause of my being at all, the Source of my existence. 
All that I am must be found in God, and most truly I 
can not be something that my Source is not. Our 
Source decides our Nature, and we have no opinions. 
The stream is like the fountain from which it flows. 

In the last Thanksgiving sermon that Phillips 
Brooks preached, he said, "The creation of the 
world is completed and God, the Creator, declares 
it all very good. God himself was brought forth 
in that world. It was a part of his own Being. He 
is looking upon himself when he looks upon the 
world ! ' ' 

The New Thought explains creation as God in 
Self -manifestation. It explains the Law and Order 
of Perfect Mind in this work of Self-revelation. It 
reveals the method by which the invisible Life and 


Substance is made visible. It recognizes bnt one 

Although Truth is omnipresent and changeless, 
though we live, move and are being in God, the All- 
Good, yea, though we dwell in the kingdom of heaven 
but have not consciousness of it, we may go on our 
way lacking all things, and losing the blessedness 
that is ours. 

"Heirs of God, joint heirs with Christ/ ' we may 
through ignorance of this truth be slaves of misery, 
doubt and poverty. It is knowing the Truth that 
makes us free. Truth must be recognized in order 
to be realized and made a power in our lives. Non- 
recognition of Good is the only presence, power and 
sense of "evil." 

Consciousness is our great need; not that more 
Good may come to us; not that we may have more 
Strength, or Wisdom, or Life, or Health sent to us, 
but that our eyes may be opened to see that the Full- 
ness is within our very Nature, or Being, since we 
"have our being" in God. 


There is but One Being. 

It is an eternal and changeless State of Perfec- 

It is the true State of all things. 

It is Everywhere Present at all times. 

It is the whole of Truth. 


It is Perfect Knowledge and all there is to be 

It is the Only Power in the universe. 

It fills heaven and earth and if we make a hell, 
this Presence is there ! 

"Where the Presence is known and loved, there 
is heaven. 

Where this Presence is ignored, there is tor- 

"I sent my soul through the invisible, 

Some secret of that after life to spell, 
And by and by my soul returned to me 
And answered, I myself am heaven or hell." 


God is all there is both invisible and visible. 

One Presence, Knowledge and Power is all. 

This One that is all is perfect Life, Intelligence 
and Substance. 

Man is the expression of God and is ever one 
with this perfect Life, Intelligence and Substance. 



The Work of Thought 

"Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, 
whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are 
just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things 
are lovely, whatsover things are of good report — 
think on these things.' ' — Phil. 4: 8. 

"Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy 
thoughts shall be established. ' ' — Prov. 16 : 3. 

Today we are learning the law of right think- 
ing. We have found that there is but one Thinker : 
this we know as the Perfect Mind. Since there is 
but one Mind, the Mind we have is this one. We 
can no longer claim to have separate minds. We 
can not have a mind apart from God, nor a mind 
apart from each other. We can not have a 
false, imperfect or mortal mind, for the one Per- 
fect Mind is all the Mind there is. Let us fix 
thought in this Consciousness before going fur- 
ther. Upon knowing this as Truth depends all other 
right knowledge. This one Perfect Mind is the only 
Thinker. It is the Mind in us that thinks right 
thoughts. If we had always known this and trust- 
fully listened for the inner voice which is this per- 
fect thought, we should have been saved many mis- 

We need not, however, stop for regrets, but 
rather rejoice that we have found the way in Truth; 



that we can now "Be still, and know that I am God" 
— that all is God. 

Out of Thought comes the word, and perfect 
thought gives perfect word. Perfect thought gives 
also perfect work. Read just here in "Selected 
Bible Eeadings ' ' these three : The Steadfast Mind, 
page 62. The Importance of Right Thinking, page 
64. The Power of the Word, page 60. 

When we acknowledge but one Mind, one 
Thought and one Word, all divine, we shall be in 
the Mind of Christ or Truth as Jesus was, and shall 
want to say as he did, "The words that I speak, I 
speak not of myself, but the Father that dwelleth in 
me, he doeth the works. ' ' 

Be still, now, for a few minutes, and think this 
Truth: I now see that the one Perfect Mind is my 
Mind. This is the Mind that was in Jesus — the same 
Mind is in all, is in me. This Mind thinks right 
thoughts and speaks right words. This Mind does 
the perfect work. I wait upon this Mind to guide 
by its Wisdom, Love, and Power every thought, 
word and deed in the right way. 

When this practice is repeated until it becomes 
a habit of thought, we shall, like Jesus, think as 
God thinks, speak as God speaks, work as God works. 
This means success. It is giving up our petty 
thoughts and ways, and seeing the Mind, Thought 
and Work of Truth expressed in the largeness of 
God's Nature. 


. In this Consciousness we shall say as Jesus did : 
"He that hath seen me hath seen the Father. I 
and my Father are one." 

The Father is the Universal. The Son is the 
individual. In and of the Universal Substance, 
Life, Intelligence and Power, the individual is 
formed. Hence, each individual is a Center of Life 's 
activity, of Mind's Intelligence and Power, of the 
purity of Infinite Substance. And while each indi- 
vidual must acknowledge "My Father' ' (the Uni- 
versal) "is greater than I," yet each individual 
must also say, I am just what the Universal is. 
There is naught else to be. Man is the expression 
of God. 


All is first contained within Perfect Mind — 
the Mind that we have called God. This Mind is 
perfect Intelligence. It is the Cause of all that is: 
It is the Source of all form. 

God has been known as a Trinity in Unity. 
Personal belief could never explain this, however. 
Three persons in one God has no reasonable ex- 
planation ! The Trinity of Mind that is perfect In- 
telligence, is a necessity, and is as follows : 



Mind, Idea, Consciousness. 

These three are one Perfect Intelligence. 


We can not think of intelligent Mind that lacked 
either Idea, or Consciousness. Such a Mind would 
be a blank. 

Without Idea, Mind would have naught of which 
to think; and without Consciousness it would not 
know that it had anything of which to think. Mind, 
Idea and Consciousness make one perfect Intelli- 
gence — ready for expression. The creator of any- 
thing must be this trinity. If you wish to accom- 
plish any work, you can not begin until you have 
found the idea of what you wish to do, and know 
that it can be done. 

The Creator is Infinite Mind, the Source, called 
"the Father.' ' That to be created or brought forth 
is the Perfect Idea inherent in Mind — the Son. 

That knowledge that enables Mind, the Source, 
to carry out its Idea is Perfect Consciousness, the 
Holy Ghost. Hence, we have the Spiritual Trinity: 

Mind — Idea — Consciousness. 

Father — Son — Holy Ghost. 

Mind is the Origin of all things. In Mind, Idea 
belongs and because of Consciousness, Mind can 
carry that Idea into the visible form. Every visible 
object had its beginning in Mind; the builder of a 
chair caught first the Idea of that chair, then 
wrought out the Idea by the indwelling Conscious- 

Every book that is written, every picture that is 
painted, began as Idea before it was expressed visi- 


bly. " First ideas, then objects." Not a visible 
thing is there but had its source in the invisible. Its 
form was first invisible Idea and its Substance, also, 
was first in the invisible. We call this Substance 
Spirit. Spirit is the Substance out of which Mind 

Idea and Consciousness arise in arid belong to 
the one Mind, Universal. 

Hence, though an individual seems to originate 
an Idea, he has in reality received it from the In- 
finite Intelligence. Eeceived or perceived it because 
he earnestly sought for it. "Seek and ye shall 

Having found the Source, by^what method 
does it express itself as form? The Natural Sci- 
entist has put this into practical words. He tells us 
that the universal substance is ether, and explains 
that action takes place at a point within this ether 
that forms the first solid particle. This he calls the 
unit of matter and names it ion. The force that 
acts is named electron. This ion is so much more 
minute than the atom that many millions unite to 
form an atom — and yet the atom, once considered 
the unit of matter, is far beyond our ken! Every 
form is made in the ether and of the ether, and 
every visible form is ether substance. 

We see from this how the invisible is always 
becoming visible, and how the visible form is of the 
same substance as the invisible. This may be illus- 


trated by ice — it is frozen vapor; both are of the 
same substance. Vapor is invisible until it forms 
into drops of water and still further into a lump 
of ice. Invisible and visible are one and the same 
substance, for there is but one substance. The Nat- 
ural Scientist calls this substance ether: the Spirit- 
ual Scientist calls it Spirit, and knows all visible 
form to be Spirit. This agrees perfectly with the 
omnipresence of God, the very foundation of our 

The Substance of the Infinite Source is not 
changed by being put into form. Like produces like 
is the Law of Expression. "A good tree bringeth 
forth good fruit." Pure Mind produces pure 
Thought and Word. From within, outward is the 
true method. How may we apply this to Mind and 
Mind expressed? Mind creates in its own image and 
likeness. By this is meant that Mind forms all 
things out of its own Substance, Spirit, hence its 
form is like unto Itself. 

This is the Law of Expression: 

Spirit, or Mind, 

Living Soul, Thought, 

Body. Word. 

Spirit and its Living Soul, Mind and its 
Thought, the Universal and its individual expres- 
sion, are one. Body and Word are visible forms of 
Spirit and Mind. Thought and Word are one. Liv- 


ing Soul and Body are one. I am the thought- 
form of Mind. I am the soul-body of Spirit. This 
is the same as saying that every visible form is 

Now, I can say understanding^, I am Spirit, 
knowing that this includes my body. 

What, then, is the work of individual thought? 
Not to create : God does that. Not to manifest sup- 
ply, or health, or joy: Love is doing that. Not to 
heal ; our bodies are always coming from the Source 
perfect. There is but one Substance invisible and 
visible. This Substance is perfect and changeless. 
"Who by taking thought can add one cubit unto his 
stature ? ' ' ( Matt. 6:27.) We can not and do not wish 
to change what we are. We do wish to see what we 
are; to believe in what we are; to trust what we 
are. We have discovered what we are by learning 
what our Source is : by knowing that each individual 
must be what the Universal is, just as the drop of 
water must be what the ocean is. 

What is our thought to do? 

Thought is the eye of the soul. Our thoughts 
have run riot, because uncontrolled. We have had 
no basis for true thinking. We are now accepting 
Omnipresence as our basis of thought. We first see 
through thought what that presence everywhere is. 
We are seeing it as the only Creator constantly mak- 
ing all things like Itself — good. We are learning to 
trust the work of Grod as perfect; hence, we are be- 


ing brought to the Consciousness that all in Truth is 
perfect. We say with David, "I meditate on all thy 
works. I muse on the works of thy hands. I stretch 
forth my hands unto thee.' ' (Ps. 143: 5, 6.) "I will 
triumph in the work of thy hands.' ' (Ps. 92:4.) 
' ' For the word of the Lord is right, and all his works 
are done in truth." We now admit and believe in 
one Creator and one creation, all perfect. 

When the people asked Jesus, "What shall we 
do that we might work the works of God?" he an- 
swered, "This is the work of God, that ye believe 
in him whom he hath sent." (John 6: 28, 29.) When 
we can believe fully in all that God has sent or made, 
we find our thought resting in the Eternal and 
Changeless Works of God. 

Is thought, then, to be idle? When we under- 
stand thought as above shown, we see it as God's 
or Mind's activity, forever active everywhere. The 
change will be that we cease trying to think after our 
own opinions; that we no longer try to get things 
by thinking ; that we no longer give credence to per- 
sonal beliefs, but turning to the Infinite, surrender- 
ing all to Truth, we see by a new light, we catch a 
new vision of all things, we enter into the Conscious- 
ness of the new heaven and the new truth — a world 
full of the perfection of Divine Love. Labor ended, 
we work as God works. 

One says, "We are as much in the presence of 
God now as we shall ever be." The only change 


possible is to become more and more conscious of 
God's presence; to practice seeing that presence and 
to know that it means the presence of the fullness 
of Good. This will keep our thoughts very busy ! 

The true living soul and body are an honor to 
Spirit. Spirit is reproduced in the living soul and 
body. Living soul and body are Spirit. ' • That which 
is born of Spirit is Spirit." Now, "in my flesh do 
I see God. ' ' I see God in everything. 

To say there is no matter, does not deny visible 
existence, does not exclude the body from Truth; it 
simply excludes the belief of another Substance than 
Spirit. There are not two opposing Substances any 
more than there are two Minds, two Laws, or two 
Powers of opposite nature. 

One Substance present in all assures us that this 
world and all in it are Divine or perfect in Life and 

Choose some half hour in the day, your most 
quiet time, and regularly practice these new 
thoughts. It is by thinking and speaking in the Con- 
sciousness of Truth that the Fullness of Life is real- 
ized, hence the importance of this practice. Fixed 
opinions are hard to expel. The false sense of self 
that we have entertained is not easy to dislodge. We 
must put aside the mortal claims. See the immortal 
Self, God's own expression, and affirm its Truth. 

Thus shall the new recognition of man become a 
habit of thought that will confirm its Truth in our 


consciousness so certainly that we shall see and feel 
in all our conditions its perfect harmony. 

We love to think of G-od as the Changeless Good 
filling all ; the Only Power controlling all ; the Prin- 
ciple, or Sonrce of Life, pressed ont into all; Per- 
fect Truth and Love pervading all; Eternal Mind 
and Substance sustaining all ; Ever-present Fullness 
supplying all ; the Only Intelligence enlightening all. 
Hence we make these statements : 

Divine Nature is everywhere and everything. 

The One Mind is all Power and Presence. 

The One Life is all Activity. 

The One Substance is all Reality. 

The One Intelligence is all Knowledge and 

Since Good is Omni-presence, there is no true 
presence of evil. 

Since Good is Omni-potence, there is no true 
power of evil. 

Since Good is Omni- science, there is no true 
knowledge of evil. 

There is no mind of error. The only Mind is 

There is no cause of Evil. The only Cause is 

The Infinite One and this One expressed is 
all there is* 


It is not our nature, but contrary to it, to sin, to 
sicken and to die* As children of God we cannot 
have these conditions. " Whosoever is born of God 
sinneth not/' 

If feeling ill, read the foregoing thoughtfully 
twice, then read and meditate upon the following 
until you realize health : 

God is my health this moment. 
My health never changes. 
My body is always in perfect health. 
The Substance of my body is perfect. 
The Life of my body is perfect. I am now in 
perfect order. 


Since God is Infinite, there is no place for any- 
thing contrary to God. ALL IS GOOD. 

God is Substance. This Substance of Life, 
Truth and Love fills all. 

Man is the expression of Life, Truth and Love, 
and is filled with the Spirit that fills all. 

Spirit and its creation are one and perfect. Im- 
perfection results from a false sense of Life. God 
never made anything imperfect. 

The Truth sets us free from every false sense. 

All is Spirit. 


Our Judgment Day 

"Likewise, reckon ye yourselves to be dead unto sin but 
alive unto God * * * and after death, the judgment. I die 

To die to sin is to die to self, and to die to self 
is to die to opinions and beliefs. The greatest reve- 
lation of this day is the nnveiling of Man to himself. 
Before this, man knew not his possibilities ; and not 
knowing what he was he misjudged himself. He has 
made three mistakes : that he was something of him- 
self apart from God; that he conld be away from 
God ; that he could be unlike God. 

Understanding the Omnipresence, we can cor- 
rect these mistakes from a scientific standpoint. 
When we have found a changeless basis from which 
to think, we can know with certainty. 

Man can not be something that God is not : "Be- 
sides me there is none else. ,, Man is part of God's 
own Being that is Life, Intelligence and Substance. 
We can not be other than that in which "we live, 
move and have our being." 

Man can not be away from God, for, go where he 
will, to heaven, earth or hell, he is always in God's 
presence. The Psalmist speaks of this (Ps. 139:7- 
10), and we know it is true from our basis, Omni- 



presence. Man could not b,e unlike God, for he is 
always being made in God's image and likeness, and 
there is no power to change Truth. Man can seem 
apart from God and unlike God : he can feel a long 
way from God ; but it is all because he has forgotten 
his Source, thought ignorantly about his Life and 
Substance, and failed to be steadfast and loyal to 
Truth. The limited thought of self gives place now 
to the unbounded Consciousness of Self. First it 

"All of self, and none of Thee." Later, 
' i Some of self and some of Thee. ' ' This grew to 
"Less of self and more of Thee." Finally it is 
' ' None of self and all of Thee. ' ' 
In this transformation Self is not lost but 
found. "He that loseth his life shall find it." "I 
no longer live, but Christ" — the true Self — ever 


After self-surrender by acknowledgment of Di- 
vine Self, we begin to discriminate (judge) between 
Truth and its opposite, error, that we have believed 

To discriminate, to discern, is judgment. We 
must die to error sense or beliefs before we can 
judge truly. Day stands for the light. It is the 


Consciousness that reveals Truth. When we are en- 
lightened to see Truth we can no longer believe er- 
ror. This is our "judgment day." In this light of 
understanding we can see what to keep in our 
thoughts and what to let go. We have to let go 
because we have had false conceptions or beliefs. 

There are several parables in the Bible about 
the judgment day. In all, error is represented as 
being separated from Truth, and evil from good. 
The wheat, the sheep, the good and true in each, are 
garnered, are eternal. The tares, the goats, are sent 
away into the everlasting fire : meaning that all error 
and evil shall perish; just as in the " Gehenna,' ' 
the fire that burned always outside of Jerusalem, 
hence called the everlasting fire, was consumed the 
dross of the city. The assurance in these parables 
is that when Truth is enthroned within us. every 
false sense, all dross of wrong thinking and doing 
shall be consumed. A beautiful promise. 

Hail to our judgment day! When we, by the 
light of Truth, shall know what is true and discern 
what is false ; shall be able to let go of the false be- 
lief, and cling to the Truth. In this we find the 
Truth of Self, and in true humility, without a 
thought of personal self — of limitation, doubt or 
fear, we stand conscious of what God made us. 

In this light we say, "I am" with a new mean- 
ing. The Infinite says, "I am and beside me is none 
else;" and we are enjoined to "Be still and know 


that I am God." (Ps. 46: 10.) To Moses this inner 
voice spoke, "I am that I am." (Ex. 3: 14.) What 
does it mean? Certainly, that there is hut one that 
can say, "I am" truly, and that is God. 

You and I say "I am" many times each day. 
We have said it without thinking what it signifies — 
nay, more: we have said of it what we could never 
say of God, because as has been said before, we have 
made the mistake of thinking man is something God 
is not. We may think something that God is not, 
therefore that Truth is not, and though it be error 
or false thinking, it will seem as true as Truth while 
we believe in it. 

Now, we must think in a new way because we 
are seeing things by a new light. Man can be only 
what God is. To "Be still and know that I am God" 
is to still all past opinions, to cease thinking our 
own thoughts or beliefs, and to know that all that 
can say "I am" is God. Therefore it is to kesolve 
that henceforth I will say, "I am what God is." 

I will say, "I am Wisdom, Love, Life, Whole- 
ness, Strength, Health, Peace. Never again will I 
intentionally say, 'I am in ignorance, hate, death, 
lack, weakness, sickness, fear.' I am none of these 
things. I am Spirit; Child, offspring, of the Most 
High ; Heir of Heaven ; likeness of God. I will never 
again 'take His Name in vain,' by saying that I 
am what the Only I am can not be. I will cease 
to affirm thoughts and feelings contrary to God. 


God is my Perfect Being or Nature: I Am is its 
Name. Hallowed be this Name : it is the family 
Name belonging to the Father and the children. I 
will honor it. I will speak always in His Name by 
speaking of what I am as holy, perfect, free. I will 
never again say, 'I am sick; I am afraid; I am 
tired. ' These are negative feelings that come from 
forgetting that there is but one Presence, one Power. 
I will remember the Truth : I will think of the one 
I am, and will change my words to ' I am well ; I am 
fearless ; I am strong. ' This will I do, God helping 

"Could but thy soul, O man, become a silent night, 
God would be born in thee and set all things aright." 

To be silent is to still opinions based on mortal 
beliefs of Life, and to let the thought of Being Di- 
vine, the thought that is born of pure Conscious- 
ness, fill mentality. Then will Infinite Intelligence — 
that is, Perfect Mind, Idea and Consciousness — 
be heard to speak through and in all. ' ' Not that we 
are sufficient of ourselves" (individually) "to think 
anything as of ourselves, but our sufficiency is of 
God. For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of 
your Father which speaketh in you." To go into 
the silence is to still our thought and listen while 
only God speaks in the soul. 

We, as individuals, are entirely dependent upon 
our Divinity, the Universal Mind, for our Conscious- 
ness, our Idea, our thoughts and our works. If we 


try to speak independent of this Infinite Cause, we 
express at random and soon feel a sense of disorder. 
True Consciousness is beginning to govern thought, 
feeling and action as we discern Cause and see that 
the outer is not a cause. Do not forget that Mind 
causes everything. See, too, that you have the Mind 
of Christ or Truth. 

One of the greatest works of Light is to reveal 
that there is no power in outer things to affect us 
one way or the other. Co-operate with the outer by 
receiving it in love, not fear. This truth is revealed 
in the Law of Creation or Expression, which, while 
it shows the true nature of the body and gives it 
place in the Perfect Creation, though it proves that 
the Life and Substance of the body is Spirit, yet 
plainly teaches that the body is not a cause of any- 
thing ; it is not Creator, or Source. The less we cen- 
ter our attention upon the body the better • it is ever 
in the care of Spirit, and is supplied from Spirit 
continuously. The outer is never to be sought as a 
Source of supply. 

This explains why we do not take medicines. It 
is because we do not need them. Drugs can not fur- 
nish anything, for the only Source and Power of 
Good is within Mind. Within my own Divine Being 
or Nature do I find my help. So it is written, "A 
good man shall be satisfied from himself." All 
Good is God. "There is none good but one." This 
Good has been put within us. 


If we look outside for help, it is because of 
ignorance. "Ye know not what manner of Spirit ye 
are of. ' ' (Luke 9 : 55.) If drugs or health laws have 
helped, it has been through our faith in them. 

If the branch of a tree should look upon its good 
fruit and say, "I will sustain myself upon this 
fruit," it would soon perish for lack of supply. 
The supply that the outer can give is soon exhausted. 
Eve thought to feed her soul upon the fruit. 

If the individual look upon form (fruit) and, 
believing it good to make one wiser and better, say, 
"I will take of this visible substance to support my 
strength and health," the individual will soon feel 
the lack of supply. 

In our day of judgment, we discern between the 
true Source of supply and that which it has pro- 
duced. Though perfect, the outer can not sustain us 
nor add anything to us. 

We have entered the judgment of Truth to 
which we are willing to surrender sense judgment. 
Are we to deny the senses and the evidence of the 
senses? No; but we are to educate the senses; to 
know that they are governed by Consciousness, and 
not to believe we are governed by them. Unillu- 
mined, the senses deceive us. 

Seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling 
are connecting links between invisible and visible 
things. They represent the perception through 
which Infinite Understanding sees its world of form. 


These senses are spiritual and, if kept open toward 
Spirit, will be Divinely illumined. 

It is really Mind with its Consciousness that 
sees, hears, tastes. Without Consciousness, we do 
not see or feel anything true. We may sense error 
and call it true. By knowing this Divine Intelli- 
gence as Source of our senses we shall be illumined 
by Consciousness and retain our faculties unim- 
paired. It is because we look to the visible organs 
as source of sense that the supply at last seems to 

We have called the eye, sight ; the ear, hearing ; 
while in reality, these are only the windows through 
which our sight and hearing look and listen. We 
have confined these faculties and placed limits about 
them until, if anything closes these little windows, 
sight and hearing are gone. 

We have called brain source of intelligence, and 
if brain, u a little handful of gray matter,' ' is over- 
worked, we say intelligence fails. We have claimed 
nerves as source of sensation, and if nerves collapse 
we feel wrecked. Welcome the day of discernment 
when the " wheat" is separated from the "tares," 
the true from the false; when barriers are broken 
down and limitations removed from our thoughts. 
This "day" will reverse our past opinions. Mind 
will then be known as all Cause. 

In the day of judgment, when the true Cause is 
discerned, we find Source to be limitless. We are 


all sight, all hearing, all intelligence because of be- 
ing Infinite Consciousness, or because Infinite Con- 
sciousness is all. 

Revelations along what is called physical lines 
are bearing testimony to this truth. A late French 
oculist declared that sight is not dependent upon 
the organ of seeing, but is a quality of brain. He 
has experimented upon one who lost his eyes, work- 
ing in the hope of restoring sight by making some 
connection between this ' ' brain sight ' ' and the outer 
world. To our understanding now this brain sight 
is Divine Intelligence. 

It has also been declared that the gray matter 
of the brain is to be found in the ends of the fingers, 
and that through these the deaf may be trained to 
hear. Development along these lines is significant. 
Who can say that from and through the soul-con- 
sciousness, the entire body may not be cultivated to 
hear, see, think and feel from Consciousness that 
illuminates the soul? With recognition of such a 
Source, these faculties would ever increase in power, 
rather than decrease, until the fulfillment of the 
prophecy is realized, "A child shall die an hundred 
years old." (Isa. 65:17-25.) 

To know that the outer is not a cause is to be 
free indeed. I find myself one with Perfect Mind, 
hence, know I am not governed by thought or body, 
am not bound by feelings or sensations, but am one 
with the Thinker who expresses thoughts and feel- 


This is overcoming or, as one suggests, coming 
up over. It is taking our place in Source over or 
before all created things. "To him that overcometh 
will I grant to sit with me in my throne. ' ' It begins, 
as we know, in man's unity with the Whole, and is 
realized as we cultivate our thoughts in this true 

The day is the Light that destroys darkness; 
the Truth that destroys error; the Knowledge that 
destroys ignorance. l ' Our God is a consuming fire. ' ' 
Divine Love is the devouring flame. Every belief of 
ill is to be consumed. 

This well represents the undying love of God 
that finally shall consume the dross from each men- 
tality. "I will turn my hand upon thee and purely 
purge away thy dross.'' Omnipresence is the con- 
suming fire. 

These all teach the final redemption of each 
from the suppositions of sin and error that shall be 
dissolved in the Consciousness of the One All. "For 
yet a little while and the wicked shall not be. Yea, 
thou shalt diligently consider his place and it shall 
not be." 

Our belief in evil is its only support. When we 
know that it has no true claim, we take from under 
it all foundation, and thus are "death and hell cast 
into the bottomless pit." 

"Neither give place to the devil." We shall 
not when we see every place filled with God. 


"As wax meltetli before the fire, so let the 
wicked perish at the presence of the Lord." (Read 
"The Everlasting Fire," in Bible Selections, page 
88, and "Universal Salvation," page 84.) 

When the time of judgment or discernment 
comes, the evil is represented as "trembling" in fear 
of its doom, as in Isa. 33 : 14, 15. In Rev. 12 : 12, we 
read : ' ' The devil is come to you in great wrath be- 
cause he knoweth that he hath but a short time." 

This shows evil to be of temporal duration, and 
that which is temporal is not, scientifically speaking, 

We have read of the monk who so lost thought 
of himself that he saw Love as a flood of Light fill- 
ing everything. In the midst of this bright vision, 
a dark figure arose. Contemplating it for a moment, 
he cried out, "Satan, thee, too, I love!" and im- 
mediately the "shadow" disappeared, absorbed in 
Light. "He shall swallow up death in victory." 

The judgment day, or light of Understanding, 
brings with it, or is itself, the purifying fire that 
cleanses our thinking of all false conceptions. Truth 
baptizes us "with the Holy Ghost and with fire." It 
is through complete immersion in Consciousness that 
beliefs contrary to Truth are "consumed." This is 
the Christ baptism. One sees not evil after this bap- 
tism. "The Lord is in the midst * * * thou 
shalt not see evil." 

We can not have the ' ' Light ' ' without the ' ' fire. ' ' 
Welcome both. The "fire" is not necessarily suf- 


f ering ; it is the way of peace when we give full sur- 
render to Truth. (Mai. 3 : 2, 3.) 

One disciple said, "Lord, suffer me first to go 
and bury my father ; ' ' but Jesus said, ' ' Follow me, 
let the dead bury their dead." "Whosoever forsak- 
eth not all that he hath cannot be my disciple." 

"If any man come to me and hate not his father, 
and mother, and wife and children * * * yea, and 
his own life also, he can not be my disciple." 

' ' The kingdom of heaven is like unto a treasure 
the which, when a man hath found, he selleth all that 
he hath and buyeth that field. ' ' 

"But one thing is needful, and Mary hath 
chosen that better part which shall not be taken 
away from her." 

Our present way of holding on to our father, 
mother, child and even our life is not very satisfac- 
tory; in time all seem to be taken from us. To 
"hate" and "give up" these would seem hard in- 
deed, but that we now perceive it to mean the sur- 
render of our own opinions or conceptions of these 
"ties," that we may find the truer and fuller that 
cannot be taken away. The. yielding must come 

Surrender all to Truth by saying thoughtfully, 

"Now know I no man after the flesh." 
There is naught to be but Spirit. 
All that is Being is eternal. 


All that is Being is immortal. 
All that is Being is changeless. 
All that is Being is satisfying. 
All that is Being is free and deathless. 
God is the only Being. 

All that is Being in Truth is Being what 
God is. 

Make these statements every day, looking with- 
in and not without, until realization of the Truth 
is yours. Making statements does not make Truth, 
but makes us realize in thinking and feeling, in word 
and deed, what Truth is. 

"For I, the Lord thy God, will hold thy right hand." — 
Isa. 41:13. 

When we look into faces about us, we find traces 
of anxiety and care in all. Anxious thought has 
written its mark over most faces. 

What are we anxious about ? Some fear haunts 
us. We -seem afraid of so many things ; afraid of 
falling into something that might be harmful. 

Suppose, now, we just let ourselves fall! It will 
be well for us to try falling for a while. We have 
been on such a strain trying to hold ourselves up. 
Let us now yield, give up the strain; fall. What 
then? Where is there to fall but into the Omnipres- 
ence f 


"Underneath are the everlasting arms." Ee- 
laxation is our need, and when we let go we shall 
feel all about us these strong arms. Spend a little 
while each day relaxing thought. Drop into Na- 
ture's care. 

All threats of what may happen to us will be 
proved powerless when we give up resistance. We 
can do this after we have recognized our true State 
of being ; we can then say, ' i Let come what will, for 
only God can come. ' ' 

Rest awhile by affirming: I have no concern 
about what happens. I am not anxious. God has 
not given me a spirit of fear. Perfect Love casts 
out all fear. I am Love, for God^my Being, is 
Love. I am Peace, for God is Peace. I am Under- 
standing, for God is Understanding. I am Health. 
So shall it be for it is. 



"To the pure all things are pure." 

"Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind." 

"Howbeit, this kind goeth not forth but by prayer and fasting." 

Truth does not deprive us of anything, but in 
order to perceive the perfect good, our conceptions 
of good, limited by our opinions, must be given up. 
It may lead us to what seems crucifixion and the 
tomb, but beyond comes resurrection. While we are 
yielding to the demand of Truth, before the way is 
clearly seen, it may seem that we have nothing left; 
but non-resistance is the way of Life. "When that 
which is perfect is come, that which was in part shall 
be done away.'' 

Right here is where the Science of Mind sup- 
ports us in that it presents a practical law of right 
thinking that will cultivate the "right spirit within 
us." Practice is everything after right Principle is 

To "put on Christ' ' is not to receive any new 
thing ; it is to become conscious of the eternal Truth. 
"Because ye are sons, God hath sent his Spirit into 
your hearts.' ' " Conversion' ' is the revelation of 
this indwelling Spirit in you. As Paul declared, "It 
pleased God to reveal his son in me," not "to me." 



It is then that you "awake with his likeness ;" yon 
awake to the Trnth that yon are what God is. It 
was trne bnt yon were asleep to it before that reve- 
lation came. 

To "put on Christ" is to be conscious of Truth 
and of nothing besides. It is to know oneness with 
the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Love, the Spirit 
of Peace, and to cease claiming any other Being. 

Thought has a work to do. To unfold, it must 
first be enlightened by Truth ; it must then be trained 
by daily exercise, by putting Truth into definite 
thinking. Truth does not have to force itself into 
any place, it is always filling all and is present every- 
where as Principle and its action. Thinking of 
Truth reveals it to us more and more clearly. Culti- 
vate the thoughts of good. 

Can we afford to think without a purpose; can 
we cultivate habits of careless thinking when "As a 
man thinketh in his heart, so is he" — so does he be- 
lieve himself to be whether true or not. 

"Let Love become a habit of the soul" is the 
most perfect admonition Drummond ever gave. We 
may add, Let Wisdom, Purity, Life and Health be- 
come "habits of the soul," or habits of thought. 

Thinking ill has become a habit with us, hence 
speaking ill is a daily custom. "All things were 
made by the word. Every man's word shall be his 
burden. By thy words shalt thou be condemned. 
Life and death are in the power of the tongue." 


(Bead "The Power of the Word" in Bible Selec- 
tions, page 60.) 

United with every word is thought, so that 
thought is really responsible for this wonderful 
power of the word. The power of true thought is 
in Perfect Consciousness. Our thinking has free 
will. From its very nature it must have freedom 
of action. It is free to turn within and without. If 
turned GTod-ward the judgment of thought is based 
upon Eternal Verities and in the visible will be seen 
the glory of God. 

Our thinking, in its freedom, has reversed this 
process, has turned without, has based its decisions 
upon appearances that it can not understand without 
inner illumination, and has formed its opinions re- 
gardless of Truth. "Clouds and darkness" have ob- 
scured its world. These are but beliefs that result 
from ignoring the One Source. Thought can be en- 
lightened in Truth only by turning to the inner Con- 

Sin, sickness and death are this ignorance of 
thinking. In its immaturity, our thought sought a 
Source of good in outer things where it is not to be 

Our work of thought is not with the outer world 
of forms. ' i Take no thought of the body. ' ' Thought 
is to be diligent in perceiving Knowledge of One 
Presence and Power; to hold to the Consciousness 
of ever present Fullness ; to form the habit of think- 


ing of and in Love, Life, Purity and Perfection. 
Thought is to recognize the unity of Spirit and body 
and to declare Fullness of Life and Perfection for 
all things. It will see Omni-present Fullness when 
illumined by the light of Truth. It will be so illu- 
mined when it turns to Truth. Our thought is be- 
ginning to accept its mission; it is being illumined by 
Understanding and is cultivating a habit of right 
thinking — thinking with God. God sees his creation 
as very good. (Gen. 1:31.) 

Jesus said that those that could "remove moun- 
tains ' ' must ' l fast and pray. ' ' These mountains are 
the difficulties of our conceptions; they are our ac- 
cumulated beliefs. Giving up human opinions about 
good or ill is our fast. 

"Ye shall speak with new tongues.' ' We are 
thinking and speaking in a new way about every- 
thing since the Light of discernment has been re- 
ceived. It is our thinking that needs purifying. To 
fast is spiritually interpreted as an exercise of 
thought in which "bands of wickedness" are loosed; 
"heavy burdens" are undone; the "oppressed" are 
set free and "every yoke" is broken. (Read "Fast- 
ing," Bible Selections, page 56.) 

The fast of thought is the putting away of every 
conception of evil. Whence came these conceptions 1 
Man's thought fell asleep to the Consciousness of 
the One Perfect Idea and has tried to form many 
ideas; these false images or false imaginations (for 


there can be no true Idea besides the Infinite One) 
are now to be cast down. 

"And God saw that the imaginations of man's 
heart were only evil continually." (Gen. 6:5.) Evil 
is but a false image, a misconception of life. The 
Bible calls it "imagination." (Rom. 1:21; 2 Cor. 
10: 5.) Belief in the reality of evil is unbelief that 
is to be cast out. 

Now "the axe is laid at the root of the tree," 
that everything that "the Father hath not planted," 
may be ' ' rooted up. ' ' Divine Love has never planted 
aught but the seed of its own Nature. Root out the 
belief of all else. 

We do not work with the outer in Science; we 
learn to reform from within. To remove weeds from 
a garden, we would accomplish little by cutting off 
the tops. We know if we dig out the roots all else 
will disappear. Using pills and plasters for the body 
is like cutting off the tops of weeds without getting 
at and removing the hidden belief of ill. 

The world believes in sin, sickness, death, fear 
and ignorance. All the world believes in the power 
of these, hence they are universal beliefs. These all 
represent beliefs in separation from God, and we 
see the fruit of these universal beliefs. "Behold I 
will bring evil upon these people, even the fruit of 
their thoughts." (Jer. 6: 19.) Our own beliefs are 
punishing us! As one expresses it, "We are not 
punished for sin but by sin. ' ' Sin is ignorance. 


We are to give up the sin. We are to give up 
all error, belief; so long as we hold to sin we have 
it. So long as we call ourselves "sinners" we shall 
act like sinners. What we believe in (let be), seems 
to us true. When we see we are Divine, we shall 
think and act divinely. Our true Being is sinless. 
"Whosoever is born of God cannot sin." We are all 
offspring of Diety. 

To accept sinless Being is atonement (at-one- 
ment), for it sees all things one with God as Source 
of all and eliminates every possibility of sinful ac- 

To cease to believe in sin is not license. We 
can not give up belief of sin without ceasing to sin. 
As we refuse to believe in sickness truly (i.e., from 
the Consciousness of God's allness) we cease to feel 
sick. Anger, and inclination to become angry, will 
grow less as we refuse to give place to evil. So with 
weariness or fear or pain. 

The conception of these things is to be de- 
stroyed; conception is the root of all such appear- 
ances. We can deny these a place in reality since 
we see they are not found in the one Perfect Source 
that contains all true Idea. 

It is wrong-thinking that is casting its shadow 
over the world, for it is through ihought that we look 
at the outer. 

There is a real outer world and we are now see- 
ing it as it is by Understanding. We have looked 


with unillumined eyes upon this world of form, and 
have heard its voices with untrained ears. If we 
had always looked at the world about us through a 
blue glass, would it be any wonder if we called the 
world "blue"? 

Man's thought, unenlightened by Wisdom, has 
been the interpreter of his world. Opinion is the 
medium through which he has viewed the manifest 
Life, and he has made his decision concerning Truth 
through the evidence of his distorted vision. It is 
his thinking, and not the world, that needs the 
change. Illumined thought sees the world perfect 
as God's creation. Ignorant belief, looking through 
its own shadow, sees all things imperfect. 

We must form new habits of thinking. To do 
this, we must put out old ways of thinking. This is 

Prayer is the filling. With what? With Con- 
sciousness of the Omni-presence ; with the realiza- 
tion of the good that was ours before we began to 
seek. "Before they call, I will answer." "Believe 
ye have received and ye shall have." (Rev. Ver.) 

When we know this, the purpose of our prayer 
changes ; it is not to induce Divine Love to grant us 
anything — everything has already been given. "Of 
his fullness have all we received." One says, "God 
has given all of himself to each one. He has nothing 
more to give." 

When our eyes are opened to Omnipresence, we 
see that we "have received" — that the All-Good is 


waiting our recognition, waiting only to be accepted. 
What more can we ask? One says, "Prayer is open- 
ing to." Prayer opens the eyes to see and the mouth 
to be filled, and the only limitation is the room we 
make to receive. 

"When the poor widow applied to Elisha for 
aid, he met her need by increasing the oil she had 
in the house and the limit of increase was set, not by 
the Giver of every good gift, not by Elisha through 
whom the blessing came, but by the widow, who 
measured for herself. The oil ran until it had filled 
every vessel she had set to contain it." 

There is no limit to Omnipresence. We have 
measured it to ourselves, or according to our faith. 
One says, "The Lord's remedies do not have fair 
play. Even Omnipotence waits for faith." 

The one who has not seen Omnipresence prays, 
"Thy kingdom come," and the answer is not the 
bringing of the kingdom — that is always with us — 
but the opening of the eye to see the kingdom. 

When Hagar wept and prayed for water to 
quench the thirst of her boy, ' l God opened her eyes 
and she saw a well of water." It was there when 
she saw it not. 

Gehazi, servant of Elisha, seeing the enemy 
around said, "Alas, my master, what shall we do!" 
"And Elisha prayed, Lord, open his eyes that he 
may see; and behold, the mountain was full of the 
horses and chariots of the Lord." We are told that 


"the chariots of the Lord are many thousands of 
angels ; the Lord is among them. The angel of the 
Lord encampeth round about them that fear" (ac- 
knowledge) "him and delivereth them." 

The angels are Divine Thoughts that reveal to 
the one who trusts in Omnipresence, the messages of 
Truth and Love by which his peace is restored. 

"I looked upon the man void of understanding 
and lo, his vineyard (earth life) was all grown over 
with thorns and thistles * * * and the stone- 
wall thereof was broken down." Omnipresence is 
the "stonewall." 

When Omnipresence is forgotten, our stonewall 
is broken down, then do we feel the prickings of the 
thorns that warn us of our mistake. "Behold, I will 
hedge up thy way with thorns." God's way has no 
thorns in it. 

Our thinking relinquished, we find our way 
back to God. In giving up its own way and follow- 
ing the Divine Way (Law), our thought receives 
the Consciousness of Peace. 

The prayer of Science is recognition and thanks- 
giving. We know that Divine Love always hears — 
no pleading more for that. "If we know he heareth 
us, we also know that we have the petitions that we 
desired of him. ' ' 

In Jesus' teachings of prayer we find instruc- 
tions suited to every mental development. If one has 
not found the kingdom, ' * Seek and ye shall find, ' ' he 


said; "Ask and ye shall receive." In the Lord's 
Prayer, we find not pleading, but demands, upon the 
Infinite. No "if" appears therein, and if we may 
accept the statement advanced by some that Jesus' 
language — the Aramaic? — had only present tense in 
it, this prayer is full of Omnipresent Consciousness. 
(See Bible Selections, page 113.) 

Jesus said to such as could understand, "Say to 
this mountain, Be thou removed." Speak as one 
having authority, for the soul knows the Omni- 
potence that dwells in every thought and word that 
express authority and certainty. It can say, "The 
word that I speak is not mine, but the Father's." 

The word "if" has been destructive of more 
peace and plenty than any other in the world. "If" 
implies doubt, and Paul says, "Be not foolish, but 
know what the will of the Lord is."' One came to 
Jesus with this "if" — "Lord if thou wilt thou canst 
make me clean," not doubting the power but the 
willingness of Good. Many to-day have the same 
uncertainty. Truth's answer then should answer 
all: "I will, be thou clean." This explains Love's 
will forever. 

"Let him ask, nothing wavering." Love is 
"more willing to give than we are to receive," for 
it has forever given all that it is. Our part is to see 
and affirm its Fullness. 

When Jesus stood before the tomb of Lazarus, 
his prayer was the expression of perfect con- 


fidence : — ' ' Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard 
me, and I know that thon hearest me always." "Be- 
lieve that ye have received. ' ' Accept Good as Omni- 
presence. This is the highest prayer. 

The "one thing needful" is recognition. "All 
things are yours." One says, It takes two to make 
a gift; one to give, the other to receive. Our lack 
was in not knowing how to receive. 

When Peter was in prison, "Prayer was made 
without ceasing of the church for him." On a night 
when "many were gathered together praying" for 
his delivery, a knock was heard at the door. The 
maid returning, "told them how Peter stood before 
the gate." They answered, "Thou art mad." She 
affirmed it again. Then said they, "It is his angel." 
We certainly need now, as was needed then, more 
faith and a new understanding of prayer. 

"Oh, Thou, All-seeing and All-knowing One — 
Whom we call 'Father,' 'God,' 'Creator,' to Thee 
We pray, not as of old, when ignorance of Thy laws 
And Thee did bid us supplicate, entreat, 
Implore for things we most desired; 
But in the higher understanding 
With which our great Teacher bade us pray; 
He who said: 'When thou prayest, believe 
That things desired by thee are thine.' 
For thy Father knoweth all thy heart, 
And gives thee all good blessings, e'er thy prayer 
Is uttered! God is perfection, law itself, 
And he no changing needs! But we, his children, 
Heirs by birth and inheritance, have lived 
So long in doubt of our estate, can not receive; 
Our spiritual ears, eyes and thoughts are silent, 
So we the changing need. 
Now when we pray, we will not say, 


'Dear Father, hear our prayer;' but know 

That Thou dost hear and answer! 

We will not plead, 'Be near us,' 

But know that space is filled by Thee alone; 

And surely Thou are here as everywhere. 

We will not plead that Spirit's power 

May us encompass and protect, 

We know that Spirit never leaves us day or night. 

We'll let each breath and thought and word 

A recognition be — our lives be hid in Thee. 

Content in Thee, we find our heaven now. 

And nothing have to fear, 

Since God is 'All in all' and God is good." 

"Let your communication be Yea, yea; Nay, 

To all that is of Truth, say Yes, I admit you. 
To all inharmonious, say No, I refuse to acknowl- 
edge you as real. 


One is AIL 

I have no self apart from the One. 

I have no Source but Spirit. 

I "call no man on earth, Father." 

Man is not born of flesh. 

Man does not inherit from flesh. 

Man is not heir to "ills of flesh." 

Man is not "conceived in sin." 

These are beliefs of separation from God that 
are to be discarded for Truth. 

One only is his Father, Life-giver, Substance- 
giver, Source. Like begets like. 


"That which is born of Spirit is Spirit." 

Man is "Son of God" therefore his inheritance 
is Perfect Life, Goodness, Health and Peace. 

"Be ye (ye be) therefore perfect, even as your 
Father in heaven is perfect." 

The truth hath made me free. 

"The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus" 
(in perfect man) "hath made me free from the 
(mortal) law of sin and death." 



"There is no new thing under the sun." — Solomon. 
"Behold, I make all things new." — Paul. 

All Truth is changeless, but the individual, 
illumined more and more by the light of the Eternal, 
perceives Truth with clearer eye; he is on his way 
to the "perfect day" of realization. 

Many students are disturbed about their lack 
of realization. They say, "I do not fully realize 
what I know. ' ' 

If we faithfully recognize or acknowledge 
Truth, we shall find ourselves realizing. Eealization 
can not be manufactured. It is the gif£ of God. By 
thought, word and deed, we are to acknowledge the 
Truth we see; to acknowledge Divine Presence and 
Power as absolute and realization of the Truth will 

"In all thy ways acknowledge me, and I will 
direct thy path." Recognize only me and I (Truth) 
will do all the rest. You shall enter into realization 
of your eternal Blessedness. 

Man gives recognition to God — God gives reali- 
zation to man. 

A room in which curtains are drawn close will, 
in bright daylight, be darkened. Sunlight may play 



about the windows and no ray enter to illumine the 
room if a shade intervenes. 

All of our worries, doubts and fears are 
' ' shades ' ' over the windows of our mentality. Throw 
these aside (giveup doubt, worry and fear), invite 
in the sunlight (affirm Love, Truth and Peace) ; 
this is recognition. 

Give the light this chance and see if you do not 
soon realize sunlight! It will pour in as soon as 
you open the way for its presence to enter the room. 

Eecognition of the Omnipresent Good, ac- 
knowledgment of the One Perfect Mind as your 
only Mind, opens your thought to its realization. 
"Open your mouth wide and I will fill it." Every 
one of us can acknowledge Truth. 

Growth is not the addition of anything to our 
true Nature, or to our real Self, it is the opening 
out of the true and eternal Self by recognition of 
its Fullness and Completeness. The Spirit-Man is 
not known to mortal sense that limits and binds ; he 
is comprehended only by Divine Sense that knows 
no limitations or bondage. 

"Truth lies within ourselves; it takes no rise 
From outward things, whate'er you may believe; 
There is an inmost centre in us all, 
Where truth abides in fullness; and to know 
Rather consists in opening out a way 
Whence the imprisoned splendor may escape 
Than in effecting entry for a light 
Supposed to be without." 

— Browning's Paracelsus. 


We can not make ourselves happy, good, strong 
or free, for the I am is always so. We can only 
make our thoughts conscious of the I am that is 
eternally whole, happy and free. God brought forth 
the I am of me out of his own Being. 

"No man can boast/ ' because each individual 
is an unfoldment of the eternal State of Being; a 
center of God-activity. 

All good belongs to the Universal; "There is 
none good but one." It is only by unity with the 
Infinite or Universal Life, that individual Life is 
anything. Eecognition sees this connection. The 
drop of water is of some importance while it blends 
with the ocean. 

The electric car is powerless to move itself. It 
is perfectly equipped to be moved and the power 
that can effect this is to be received from a source 
called the "Power-house." The car stands on the 
track ; wires pass above it that come direct from the 
Power-house and are fraught with its potency, yet, 
with all these possibilities, the car stands still until 
the point of contact is made between it and the power 
that can move it. 

Our houses are furnished with all that is needed 
to give us light — but we must touch the button that 
brings the illumination. Water supply is abundant 
and ready for use in each home, but we may famish 
of thirst unless we turn the faucet that lets it pour 
out for us. 


Our souls are fully equipped with all needed 
supply — whether it be Wisdom, Love, Power, Life 
or Health, and we must touch the spring of the hid- 
den Life, ere its refreshing streams of Conscious- 
ness gladden our lives. We must think of these 

Standing idle is stagnation. The body, fully 
equipped to move by Divine Power, is upon the 
right track of Life — nothing is ivrong ivith the body. 
It is of the Omnipresence, and God's creative 
Thoughts are wires of Omnipresent Power at work 
in the body; hence the body is always in perfect 
action, but this is not known to us until through 
recognition we realize Perfect Power and Life. 

Recognition of our Perfect Life and Pure Sub- 
stance makes us feel the conscious connection be- 
tween Spirit and Body. Recognition is our prayer 
— acknowledgment our safety. 

Efforts to be something apart from the Infinite 
have failed. Now, we know that brains do not fur- 
nish intelligence, nerves do not create sensations, 
muscles do not make strength, any more than the 
motor in the car supplies its power to move. 

The One Perfect Mind is our Intelligence and 
Strength of Thought and Body. This supplies 
brain, nerve and muscle. It can not be exhausted 
by use, nor overtaxed by action. This Supply is 

In Science, we learn the futility of trying to 
better conditions by exercise of outer helps. "Bodily 


exercise profiteth little," says Paul, "but godliness 
is profitable for all things. ' ' We must seek our good 
in Mind, not in body. "Seek ye first the kingdom 
of God and all these things shall be added." 

In Mind, the Universal, all Substance of good 
is held. In Thought, Mind's action, the Substance 
of good is put into exercise. In body, the Sub- 
stance of good is made visible. This is the Perfect 
Law that brings forth the "fruits of the Spirit" 
in joy and peace. This is the only "growth," un- 
foldment in God. 

When he begins with the outer and conceives 
of it as a cause, man's thought of Life is inverted. 
He lives backward. One points out that the word 
"lived" spelled backward gives us "devil!" This 
is suggestive. All our inharmony comes from 
thinking to reverse God's Law. As Emerson says, 
"Law obeyed or disobeyed must bring opposite re- 

We unfold in knowledge as we open our 
thoughts to Truth. As we think of being Love, 
Purity, Goodness and Peace, of being Eternal Life, 
we become more conscious. We cannot improve 
thought or deed by calling ourselves sinners ! The 
Self, as seen in Truth, is not a sinner. Sin is the 
sinner and it shall die. 

There is a French adage, "Noblesse oblige," 
that means, "My nobility obliges me to act nobly" 
— so, seeing our Divinity compels us to act divinely ; 


seeing our God-likeness constrains us to act God- 
like. To know myself Son of God banishes belief 
and desire of sin, and impels me to righteousness. 
Surely, then, the simplest may know if only they 

Eefuse to entertain a thought or speak a word 
of sinfulness, of sickness or of weakness. Think 
and speak always of good. Speak good of yourself, 
speak good of others. "Whatsoever things are pure, 
whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are 
of good report, think on these things." 

All growth in understanding is from within out- 
ward. "Consider the lilies how they grow." If 
we wish a beautiful lily, how may we obtain it? 
Shall we begin by trying to make the flower? We 
cannot reproduce the blossom in that way. We must 
plant a lily-bulb deep in the earth that in due time 
will unfold its stems, its buds and its full bloom. 
It is a natural process. All of us can plant a bulb 
and have a lily. 

It is equally true that each may find the Start- 
ing Point, Source and Eeason of his existence. In 
Eternal Being is the "right seed" that is man's 
true Nature. It is already "planted" by Divine 
Hand. Man is "to dress and to keep it." He is to 
keep in thought the Omnipresence that fills and sur- 
rounds this "right seed," and wait for its unfold- 
ment. Never think of an opposite condition — never 
speak it. 


God is the Perfect Life. Man in God, one with 
God, is the "bulb" of existence. "Your life is hid 
with Christ in God." Eecognition of this is the 
work of your thought that ensures to you the reali- 
zation of good. 

Know no nature but the Perfect Nature. Let 
this thought expand in your mentality. Be faithful 
in true thinking — good thinking — until the flower of 
right deed, word and body comes forth from and in 
its Source. 

When I look from visible to Invisible, from act 
to Actor, the Perfect Life that I am stirs up my 
thought to right seeing and believing about my body. 

With faith in the "bulb," and what it will do, 
we plant it and wait. With faith in our Good 
Nature and what it can do, we believe in it, declare 
it, and wait. "For we have need of patience, that 
after we have done the will, we may receive the 

The living soul and body is the blossoming of 
the Spirit Life and Substance. God alone plants 
this seed of his own Nature. Let us not try to sow ; 
God is the sower. We may reap what God has sown. 

We can not perform good acts without a basis, 
or foundation, of good. Holy deeds and perfect 
conditions must unfold from within Perfect Mind 
through the action of pure thought. We cannot 
make good Health. We can not make anything; we 


can only see that God expresses all good, and there 
is just one Law for expressing anything. We must 
acknowledge the One Source and Cause, and know 
that the good we find therein is brought forth by 
the activity of Divine Thought. Good Health — like 
all good things — belongs to our Being that, like a 
great fountain, pours out itself into the open way. 
The thought that is open to Truth sees it. 

Thinking of good opens our vision to see the 
expression of good as soul and body of man, as soul 
and body of all existence. The individual life sees 
all to which it opens itself — all that it acknowledges 
for itself. If it acknowledges, or recognizes evil, it 
will see evil ; if good, it will see good. 

The good is Omnipresent; it is our very Being 
or Nature. It is the Source and Substance of all 
things. It is our inheritance. Good is our birth- 
right. Good Mind, good Understanding, good Power, 
good Health and good Will are the heritage of each 
individual because good is Universal. Each soul and 
body is "heir of God." 

The individual is filled with this knowledge to 
the degree that it opens itself to the Consciousness 
of good, and thinks and speaks good. 

As we have seen, thinking, being the action of 
Mind, expresses Mind's Fullness. In thought each 
individual life begins. The individual is the expres- 
sion of Universal Spirit and we know it as living 
soul. It is the Thought of Perfect Life, Love and 


Truth. It is pure as the Thinker is pure. " Be ye " 
(or ye be) "holy for I am holy," saith the "Over 
Soul" to each living soul. 

This is man's possibility; let him recognize it 
faithfully, and systematically practice thinking of 
this Perfect State of his Being or Nature. 

There is a great difference between being and 
having. Being can never change, or be lost. Hav- 
ing may be lost and changed. I more than have 
good for if I only have it I may lose it. I am Being 
good ; this is changeless. I more than have health ; 
I am health. I more than have wisdom; I am wis- 

We have said, I have a cold. Well, I may lose 
it when I will! I can be only what God has made 
me. I can have what I choose. A lady, who under- 
stood these truths, was visiting in the home of a 
friend not in sympathy with her. One morning, the 
visitor appeared to have a severe cold; her friend 
said to her, "You have taken a cold." She replied, 
"No, I have not. A cold has been offered to me, 
but I have not accepted it and do not intend to." 

"Enter the closet * * * shut the door." 
Affirm your true Nature until you know it absolutely 
— shut out thought of all that is contrary to your 
peace. That which is not of God's Nature, is not of 
yours, for you are ' ' the image and likeness of God. ' ' 

To be aware of the manifest "image and like- 
ness," we must think and speak in the likeness of 


God. After understanding this Law, we notice 
as we did not before how ills and evils are literally 
invited into most persons ' lives ! A mother, all un- 
conscious of what she is doing for her family, 
thinks and talks disease, admits its power and 
dreads its attack. Thus does she open the very door 
that will let in these beliefs. "The fear of man 
bringeth a snare, but whoso putteth his trust in the 
Lord shall be safe." 

Listen to the conversation about you; is it not 
of ills, accidents, sickness and death? This proves 
of what man is thinking and what is his view of 
life. Paul tells us to "put off concerning the for- 
mer conversation, the old man." The old opinion 
of man is to be put out of thought and speech. 

It is wrong thinking that we feel as illness. How 
important it is to hold to the Perfect Idea in which 
is found no taint of sin, sickness or death, so that 
our thought and word may always be the expression 
of Perfection. 

In a class, one said, "I was riding on a load of 
hay; the hay slipped, throwing me to the ground 
and breaking my leg. I had never thought of such 
a thing, so surely it can not be said that I received 
the fruit of my belief." "Let me ask you," replied 
the teacher, ' ' do you believe in accidents 1 " " Yes. ' ' 
"Do you read and discuss accidents of others'?" 
"Yes." "Do you believe that if you should fall 
from a high place, you might break a bone!" "Yes." 


"Then I see that you received the fruit of your be- 
lief. " 

Mentality has a; still as well as an active phase. 
Still thought holds our settled convictions, inherited 
beliefs — the beliefs in which we have been trained — 
the received and accepted opinions about life. Con- 
clusions we have drawn from appearances and ex- 
periences are all settled and fixed in some part of 
our mentality that we may call the sub-conscious 
thought to distinguish it from the daily active 
thought that is still weighing, judging, deciding. We 
prefer to say conscious and sub-conscious thought, 
rather than Mind. 

Many of us have learned in Truth to govern 
the active daily thought, but have failed to examine 
closely the under-current of our thoughts. Until 
every opinion and belief is eradicated from the 
depths of our mentality, we are subject to any belief 
held there though it be not in active operation. It 
is our great work to uproot these inherited and ac- 
cepted opinions, based as they are, upon human 
experiences, instead of upon Eternal Principles. 
Say to the sub-conscious as well as to the conscious 
thought, There is nothing in you but the Light of 
the One Presence and Power. You know the Truth 
of Life — its perfection — and are not bound by any 
opposite opinion. You are perfect. 

Until you have freed your sub-conscious 
thought from the claim of accident, or ills, you are 


not safe from the belief of these. While you agree 
with the prevailing opinion about ills, you are sub- 
ject to these claims at any time without special 
thinking about them. "As a man thinketh in his 
heart, so is he" is deeper than the thinking of the 
moment. This refers to man's convictions, his fixed 
opinions. Let us begin new ways of thinking. 

Our work is to see within our souls the Perfect 
Idea of good by cultivating the thought of good 
only, "until Christ" (Perfect Idea) "be formed in 
you. ' ' 

"Their strength is to sit still," that is, to still 
old habits of thought and to be positive in acknowl- 
edgment of Truth. "They toil not, neither do they 
spin" for themselves — for "Nature" supplies the 
lily's needs. It simply conforms to the law of Na- 
ture, which is the law of God. 

Conform every thought to the Consciousness of 
Omnipresence. Declare it to the exclusion of all 
else. Accept the Whole Being — then will both think- 
ing and speaking change. You will always think and 
speak of being whole. This is the Law of God. 

Thinking is not a cause of growth but a means 
of expression. The impelling power is in Mind. 
Say, understandingly, I am Mind ; thought is not my 
master. Consciousness now rules my thought and 
word, my feeling and sensation. I do not judge of 
what I am by what I feel, but I direct my feelings 
by what I know I am. This is Science — "Knowl- 
edge duly arranged." 


A change of view, yielding onr many opinions 
to the One Changeless and Perfect Idea, must 
change our thoughts and feelings. The visible world 
has seemed to be mysteriously linked with man's 
thought; "The things that are seen are temporal," 
means that our way of seeing things is temporal. 

Emerson says, "The creation is on wheels, al- 
ways passing into something else, streaming into 
something higher" — in other words, the visible 
seems to ascend with man's ascending thought. To 
a pure consciousness all is pure, and the change is 
not in things, but in our thoughts. 

Eobertson says, "The soul spreads its own hue 
over everything;" and Victor Hugo declares that 
— "Nature is the immense shadow of man." Paul 
affirms the same truth by saying, "Be ye trans- 
formed by the renewing of your minds." Things 
are all right, just as Love made them. We have 
seen them wrong. 

If we would discover the "new heaven and the 
new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness,"- we 
must remove the shadows of past and present be- 

A child was asked, "What makes daylight!" 
She replied, "The earth turned towards the sun." 
"What makes night?" was then asked and she 
answered, naturally, "The earth turned toward 
darkness makes night." 

Growing in understanding, the same child will 
see that there is no center of darkness towards which 


the earth may turn. That the night is caused by the 
earth's own shadow. The opaqueness of the earth 
makes the shadow. So the density of our thinking 
throws the shadow over our world. As our thought 
clears our world seems to clear. 

To improve the world, to better conditions, 
Science teaches us to begin in Perfect Mind, see 
the work of thought, and know the outer as the un- 
folding of true Consciousness. "Not by might nor 
by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord. ' ' 

"Be still" does not mean to be slothful but the 
reverse. Cleanse thought of belief of evil. Let 
Divine Will that is "Good- Will to men" have its 
full action — affirmation will do this. By this method 
is thinking trained into new habits or channels. Let 
be the Truth — "God." Let go the error — "devil." 

As you pray (affirm), watch. Be expectant; 
look for good everywhere in everything. A mis- 
sionary once related his experiences in India in the 
presence of a hunter, who also had lately returned 
from India. The missionary rejoiced in the num- 
ber of converts he met. The hunter remarked, "I 
was in India two years and never saw a Christian." 

The hunter told his story and spoke of the num- 
ber of bears he had shot. The missionary remarked, 
"I was in India three years and never saw a bear." 

We all see what we are looking for. Those who 
look for trials and tribulations, sickness and suffer- 
ing, see much of these. "To as many as look for 
him shall he appear." 


"Come unto me and I will give you rest." 
Come into the Consciousness of your Divine Nature 
and realize rest. Turning to the outer may seem to 
supply for a time. It is, at best, but limited. Per- 
sonal effort obtains so little. Permanent, full and 
perfect blessings come from within and are showered 
alike upon all. 

The blessing from above is so much greater than 
anything self-accomplished. In the west, our lawns 
are kept beautiful only by ' ' eternal vigilance. ' ' One 
man spends hours each day in the work of irrigating 
a single plot of ground. Let a shower descend from 
heaven, and in an hour every lawn in the city is 
thoroughly drenched, and much of the surrounding 
country besides! 

No matter what man's inventions have seemed 
to do for us, we lose nothing in giving jfchem up and 
seeking the "showers of blessings" from on high. 
Within our Being is the fullness of all the good 
we crave. We cannot, consciously, be ourselves un- 
til we understand this Being and its perfect action 
and go forth in the strength of such understanding. 

"With all thy getting, get understanding." 


In my true Being I am Knowledge and Under- 

I know the Perfection of my Source. 
I know the Fullness of my Supply. 


I know the Purity of my Substance. 

I know the Light of my Intelligence. 

I know the Limitlessness of my Power. 

I know the Certainty of my Life. 

I know the Wholeness of my Health. 

I know the Beauty of my World. 

I know the Harmony of my Home. 

I know the Safety of my Family. 

I know the Abundance of my Time. 

I know the Success of my Business. 

I know the Source of every good. 

I know the good in Everything. 

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want." 

I will speak always of Plenty. 

Every day begun with these thoughts would 
soon make all days known as fullness and peace. 

Eesolve: I will speak always of Fullness for 
others and myself. 



"Then shall thy light break forth as the morn- 
ing, and thine health shall spring forth speedily." 
Isa. 58:8. 

As we earnestly ponder these words we are im- 
pressed with a new thought of health. Herein we 
find onr health associated with " light." This 
means that according to onr understanding shall 
be onr realization of health. We conld read this 
verse thus : Then shall thy understanding be clear, 
and thou shalt see thy perfect health. 

We have found light to be our only need. 
"Open thou mine eyes" has been our plea. Now 
we may rejoice in the Truth, "Mine eyes hast thou 
opened." It is our privilege to see. The light by 
which we can see is here. 

The Great Intelligence has said and is saying, 
"Let there be light ; and there was light." This In- 
telligence is the light ; its only speech is being. God 
speaks by being, and, as Omnipresence, is always 
being, or speaking. What a lesson for us in this !• 
Instead of talking good let us be good. The most 
forcible way to teach love is to be love. We may 
best bear witness to Truth by being true ; to Omni- 
potence by being steadfast and strong. We can best 



tell others how to live by living: how to get well 
by being — what in Trnth we are — health. 

A study of light is a study of health. We are 
to find our health ! it is being revealed to us as fast 
as we can see it. The clearer the light of under- 
standing, the greater our certainty of health. This 
vision reveals that which is of far greater import- 
ance than healing — established health surpasses the 
constant need of healing. 

"Better is the sight of the eyes than the wan- 
dering of the desires. " Eccl. 6 : 9. 

Better far is it to see steadily and be health 
because we are health, than to believe we can be 
healed by our thought in desire. The former is 
* i the sight of the eyes ; ' ' the latter is ' ' the wander- 
ing of the desires." 

May we arrive at such a state as changeless 
health! Divine Science stands for this very state, 
and is pointing the way to its attainment. 

All attainment, or realization, is gained, not 
through effort, but through seeing the Truth, and 
by thinking and living faithfully this recognized 

Bealization is defined thus: "To perceive as a 
reality; to feel and appreciate fully.' ' 

We have accepted that God is all reality — that 
what God is is all reality. (Kecall here that reality 
is the changeless.) Perfect Life is reality, it is 
eternal and changeless. Thus can we speak assur- 


edly of all that God is, and can know that we have 
received of God's fullness. We have received the 
Perfect Life, it is our Life. The Perfect Substance 
is our Substance, pure and changeless. Our Life can 
never be endangered; our Substance can never be 
injured. The reality of us never changes. We are 
to perceive, feel and appreciate this. 

Health must be a reality of us that never 
changes. Perfect Life must be health. Omnipres- 
ent Life means Omnipresence of health, hence we 
can never be "out of health," or health out of us. 
As we live in God, we live in health ; we are always 
in health. 

Our little prayer declares, "God is my health, 
I can't be sick." How beautiful for our children to 
learn that they can not be out of health. Eealiza- 
tion of changeless health will be easier for them 
than it has been for us. 

It is beautiful to know that health is as much a 
part of our religion as are goodness and truth. One 
says, as quoted in our first chapter, "Holiness is 
internal health, and health is external holiness." 
Health is Wholeness. 

How may we know ourselves whole! Not by 
looking at the external, for as yet outward condi- 
tions are seen through misconception. To see truly 
we must look at Spirit, think of being Spirit, love 
Spirit until our vision is clear. Looking at Spirit, 
thinking of what Spirit is, being steadfast in the 


understanding of Spirit as all, illumines' our 
thoughts, and this gives us clear vision. 

We see Spirit as wholeness, and in this clear 
light we see all things in the wholeness of Spirit, 
for Spirit is all. Our bodies truly are Spirit, whole. 
Made of the changeless living Substance: the body 
needs no healing. 

Since Life is omnipresence, Life's action is tak- 
ing place everywhere all the time. We once talked 
as though by our thought God's law was set in ac- 
tion. We spoke of our permitting God's action to 
take place in our bodies, or our hindering that ac- 
tivity. This seems very absurd now. God-action 
takes place always. Emerson says: " Spiritual laws 
act," and means by this just what we have been 
saying. God is law and law is ever active. 

As we think of Truth, we do not start its activ- 
ity; we see its activity and move with Truth. We 
do not create, by our thoughts, nor do we by think- 
ing attract to us anything. God, Infinite Mind, is the 
only Creator and all that this Mind creates or brings 
forth is filled with every good thing; so nothing can 
be attracted to us to add to our fullness. Infinite 
Intelligence brought forth every soul filled with the 
fullness of its Nature. 

As we think of this Truth we open our thoughts 
not to receive more, we have already received all, 
but to see more and more the Truth of what we are. 

All Truth is. Seeing and knowing it are neces- 


sary to our joy and satisfaction. The more we think 
of it the better we see and know it. 

God is our Health now. Let us think these true 


Divine Science teaches us that our natural state 
is health; that health is Truth, and to be conscious 
of Truth is to be conscious of health. 

We can not be conscious of sickness, or sorrow, 
or fear, or any negative condition, for to be con- 
scious is to know and feel that which is positive and 
true eternally. 

"We can believe in sickness and sorrow and fear, 
and do believe in these when our thoughts are nega- 
tive to Truth. Hence we say, ' l Healing is a change 
from belief in sickness to Consciousness of Health." 

Do not think that belief is of slight importance. 
"As a man thinketh in his heart so is he." This 
may be interpreted, As a man believeth in his heart 
so does he live. We live as we believe; Life is not 
changed by this, but until we find the Truth of Life, 
we live according to our beliefs about Life. Know- 
ing the Truth shall make you free from beliefs. Be- 
lief is as important as sickness or death, for belief 
is sickness. When we seem sick, do we not think it 
very important to get well? Let us see that the 
really essential thing is to be healed of ignorant 


Our medical physicians are asking their pa- 
tients, What have yon been doing f Onr metaphysi- 
cians ask, What have yon been thinking? Jesus 
said, not what goeth into the mouth hurteth a man, 
but what cometh out of the mouth ; for that proceed- 
eth out of the heart. 

You are not suffering pain because of what you 
ate, but because you ate not in faith. Jesus said of 
them that believe — have faith — "if they drink any 
deadly thing it shall not hurt them." 

What is this faith? Certainly such faith is not 
blind. Faith is Understanding. It is the certainty 
of knowledge that the light of Wisdom and joy of 
Love give to Life. In this faith, mountains are re- 
moved and the sick are healed; why? Because see- 
ing the Truth we see the Omnipresence, the Presence 
everywhere and in everything of the one Substance, 
the one Life, the one Power. Doubt and fear (moun- 
tains) are removed. Confidence through under- 
standing what everything is, replaces uncertainty. 
The sick are healed by this prayer of faith (Mark 
16 : 18 ; James 5 : 14) because faith sees that the Per- 
fect Life everywhere is health; that the one pure 
Substance that is all is forever whole. 

We do not attempt to change the body in heal- 
ing. Its pure Substance and Perfect Life need no 
changing — can not be changed. We look at Truth, 
think of Truth until we see its expression as whole- 


Man is not improving himself in any way by 
becoming something he was not. He is improving 
only in the thought of himself, by receiving the 
Conscionsness of his eternal Being — or the Truth of 
what he eternally is. He does not by thinking at- 
tract to himself something he lacked, for in his true 
Being, he lacks nothing. "Ye are complete in him," 
lacking nothing in the reality of your Life. He is 
not holding to a thought until his desire comes to 
him. He is holding his thought in Consciousness of 
Truth until all is revealed to him. 

Cease forming your own thought of good; it 
may fall far short of the Limitless good that is the 
heritage of each living soul. Think of the Infinite 
abundance that is here, now. "Seek first the king- 
dom of God," the light of Wisdom, Love, Under- 
standing and Power, "And all these things shall be 
added." In the revelation of light are found your 
perfect Life, Health and Peace. 


First and always state the Truth of what is. 
Then affirm that Truth for yourself or another. That 
which is Universal must belong to each individual. 

Life is changeless perfection, hence health is an 
eternal verity. I am ever in health, and it being a 
phase of God's Omni-presence, is ever in me. 

I cannot get out of health. 


Daily Thoughts for Practice 

The following arrangement of short lessons is 
planned for a month's daily studies. Following the 
verses from the Bible are spiritual statements for 
mental training. A second set of statements is 
given for those who prefer a more metaphysical 

It is certain that the use of these meditations 
and the putting of them into practice through each 
day for a month will be a great help in establishing a 
student in Consciousness. Eepeating the same exer- 
cises a second month, will give still further illumina- 
tion; and after that, continue the practice a third 
month. Each repetition of the daily meditation 
upon and the living of the declarations of Truth 
given herein will strengthen you in the realization 
of what you are seeing and saying in Truth, and will 
help you to live it. 

When you feel sure that you have extracted all 
the help to be gained from these exercises, repeat 
them again. 



First Day. 
One God. 

Bible : I am the Almighty God. There is none 

To us there is but one God. 

In acknowledging but one God, I see the Truth 
of one Substance, one Intelligence, one Life, one 
Law, one Will, one Source, and one Power. 

I admit but one Presence, even the changeless 
good that God is. In all I look upon, I confess the 
One to be all of Truth. I decide everything from 
this standpoint that God is all. 

One represents the basis of all Truth in the 
Universe. One Infinite, Limitless Law creates and 
governs all that is made visible. There is but one 
Law. I acknowledge one Source, one Substance, one 
Mind, one Life as all Intelligence and Power. 

I see that this great Intelligence and Power is 
the governing force in the universe. All things 
great and small are being continuously held and 
kept by this Infinite Mind. 

A statement to learn and ponder often : 

I acknowledge One Wisdom as my guide unto 
all Truth. 


Second Day. 

Bible: Do I not fill heaven and earth? 
If I make my bed in hell, thou art there. 
The fullness that filleth all in all. 

I accept the Omnipresence without any reserve. 
This means that I am resolved to see in every place, 
time, circumstance and condition only the one Pres- 

I know what this Presence is, and now decide 
to look for good only, to think of good only in every 
person, in every thing I see. 

God is the good and is Omnipresence. I am 
purposed to recognize faithfully this truth. 

The Law of the universe is good. All is Law. 
There is naught out of place for the Law of good 
governs all. 

I accept that a good Will prevails everywhere. 
That the Will of good is done in the visible as in the 

I acknowledge good in all and resolve to look 
for good in every person, in every thing, in every 

A statement to be learned : 

I believe in the presence of good only and look 
for good always. 



Third Day. 
One Spirit. 

Bible : The Lord is that spirit. 

He hath given of his spirit. 

He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit. 

Spirit is all reality. There is no matter because 
all is Spirit. Invisible and visible Spirit- Sub stance, 
is all. God is Spirit and I acknowledge this in 
Spirit and in Truth. 

Truth reveals that there is but one Spirit. I 
am led by the one Spirit. One is my master even 

Truth now guides and leads me by the one omni- 
present Spirit. 

The Spirit of Truth is one, invisible, unchang- 
ing. As God or Man this Spirit is ever free and 

I am led by the Spirit of Truth only. By its 
guidance I am this day directed into the paths of 
understanding and peace. 

A statement to be learned and lived : 

In every moment, place and circumstance of 
this day, I trust the Wisdom of the Perfect Spirit 
within me* 


Fourth Day. 

Bible: Ye shall receive power after that the 
Holy Ghost is come upon you. 

There is no power but of God. 

The Lord God omnipotent reigneth. 

Jesus said, ' ' Of myself I can do nothing. ' ' He 
also said, "All power in heaven and earth is given 
unto me." He meant that personally he had no 
power, but joined to Omnipotence, its power was his. 

I believe with all my heart in one Power, and 
that, good. By this Power I am made strong every 
moment, for it was and is my Maker. 

By inheritance, the Power of the Limitless is 
mine. My Spirit is strong. I am joined to the one 
Spirit omnipotent. "My yoke is easy and my bur- 
den is light. ' ' 

The Universal Spirit is Limitless Power. 

This Power has been given to all and is real- 
ized by all who live in conscious touch with the Lim- 

I accept my birthright of Power that makes me 
strong in thought, word and deed. 

A statement to be learned: 

I affirm my conscious unity with that Spirit 
that is All Power. 


Fifth Day. 
One Mind. 

Bible: Be ye (or ye be) all of one mind. 
Stand fast in one spirit, with one mind. 
To be spiritually minded is life and peace. 

Since God is the only Mind and one, there is but 
one Mind. There is therefore but one kind of Mind 
— all good, all perfect. 

Mind is Omniscience, all Intelligence; there is 
but one Intelligence, all good. I lean not to mine 
own understanding. I submit to the Universal 
Mind all rights to think, decide, plan and act intelli- 

I will never speak of mortal mind, -or false mind, 
or failing mind, since there is but one Perfect Mind. 

Mind is all. One Intelligence fills all. This is 
man's Intelligence; his birthright from his Infinite 

I recognize this day that I walk by the light of 
the one Perfect Mind. I admit that its Intelligence 
directs my paths. 

A statement to be learned: 

I live, move and am being in the one Mind, 
and am conscious in its Omniscience. 


Sixth Day. 
One Life. 

Bible : I am the way, the truth and the life. 
The life was manifested and we have seen it. 
Whoso flndeth me, findeth life. 

God is Life and God is Omnipresence. Life is 
God. Life is perfect. 

Everything in God's creation is God's Life 
manifest. I accept the creation of God as perfect. 

I love to contemplate creation as the perfect 
work of the perfect Creator. I find God in creation. 
I acknowledge perfect Life active everywhere. 

The universal Life is the God-Life in every 
place. I have found eternal Life by knowing Omni- 

Life is present everywhere. Nature is full of 
Life and of Life 's activity. 

Life is the force back of and through all things. 

I acknowledge the presence of perfect Life in 
man, in nature and in all action. 

I know this Life lives in me; it is my very 

A statement to be learned : 

I live now by the Life that is omnipresent and 
full of Power* 


Seventh Day. 
Man One With God. 

Bible : That they also may be one in us. 
I and my Father are one. 

Ye shall know that I am in the Father and ye 
in me. 

I now am seeing and feeling God's closeness to 
me and my nearness to God. 

So near am I to God that I know "It is God that 
girdeth me with strength and maketh my way per- 

It is God that lives me, thinks me, moves me, 
for God is my very breath, and Life. 

The universe is all of one. The same Source 
and Cause begets all and holds all within itself. We 
see unity. 

In the Consciousness of oneness, I realize that 
the Life of the whole, the Strength of the all, the 
Love, Understanding and Power of the Truth be- 
longs to each member of the Universal family — be- 
longs to you ; belongs to me. 

A statement to learn and to remember : 

I am one with all good* Through this day I 
see, think and speak with the good* 


Eighth Day. 

Man Like God. 

Bible : One is your Father. 
That which is born of Spirit is Spirit. 
God created man in his own image. In the 
image of God created he him. 

The Son has the nature of the Father. Spirit 
begets Spirit. 

I am Spirit, because my Father is Spirit. 

I am perfect Life, because my Father is perfect 

I am perfect Wisdom, because my Father is 
perfect Wisdom. 

I am perfect Love, because my Father is per- 
fect Love. 

I am perfect Substance, because my Father is 
perfect Substance. 

Ye be perfect as your Father in heaven is 


#,-•.# # # # # * # # # 

From one Source all things are proceeding. 
Like begets like. All that is brought forth is like 
unto its Source. 

I acknowledge the one perfect Source, hence 
that all things have one Source and are like it. All 
souls are equally endowed. 

A statement to be memorized: 

All that the Universal is belongs to each indi- 
vidual I am like my Source* 


Ninth Bay. 
God My Mind. 

Bible: I stir up your pure mind by way of 

Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ 
Jesus. That ye may with one mind and one mouth 
glorify God. 

It is my privilege to keep ever in the pure 
thought of Truth for God hath given me of his Mind. 

The Mind that was in Christ Jesus is in me. 
God is the only Mind. This is my Mind. There is 
none other. 

I glorify God by remembering that this Mind of 
me is perfect, giving me today thoughts and words 
of perfection. My mouth can not transgress. 

The Mind that is all is pure. As partakers of 
the one only Mind, our thoughts are pure. 

One Mind omnipresent is the Mind of all. I 
acknowledge this as my Mind, my all Intelligence. 
I could know nothing outside this one Mind, for it 
is all Knowledge and Understanding. 

A statement to be learned: 

I rely this day upon the one Mind for my Wis- 
dom and clear judgment* 


Tenth Day. 
God My Consciousness. 

Bible: In thy light shall we see light. 

Believe in the light that we may be the children 
of light. 

He that teacheth man knowledge, shall he not 

Consciousness is a phase, or a changeless Truth, 
of the perfect Mind and is always present with 

I can not lack Consciousness. As I live in the 
perfect Mind, I live in Consciousness. 

I know and understand through the ever pres- 
ent Consciousness, and do not stumble or make mis- 

There is a Light that lighteth every soul that 
is in the world. This Light is omnipresent. Let 
us open our eyes to this Light, and its guidance will 
be known and followed. 

The Mind of all is Wisdom. The law of Mind 
is Love. 

A statement to memorize: 

Through recognition of Consciousness, I am 
this day clear in vision, steadfast in thought, true 
in speech* 


Eleventh Day. 
God My Substance. 

Bible: That I may cause those that love me to 
inherit substance ; and I will fill their treasures. 

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the 
evidence of things not seen. 

By faith I see the invisible and know it to be 

Hope defers; Faith realizes. Those that love 
God are conscious that God's Substance is omni- 
present and is theirs. 

I am made of that eternal and changeless Sub- 

TT -A" TV* W * 9P T? ""w W W 

Universal Substance must be also individual 

I am seeing my Substance. I no longer hope 
and wait for that which is omnipresent. I see, 
accept and am now, consciously, being perfect Sub- 
stance in Mind, body and estate. 

A statement for practice: 

My Substance is now visible* I have seen it 
through faith, and know it to be real* 


Twelfth Day. 
God My Life. 

Bible : He is thy life and the length of thy days. 
Your life is hid with Christ in God. 
With thee is the fountain of life. 

Since I see God as omnipresent Life, I know 
that God is my Life. 

Since I have found my Life to be God, I am 
certain that my Life is perfect and secure. 

Since my Life is perfect, it is perfect in Intelli- 
gence, in Love and in Power. I can not think of 
lack in any Life. Each is complete in Truth. 

Universal Life must be also individual Life. 
I see one and the same Life invisible and visible. 
I see one Life for all. 

Each is a partaker of the one perfect Life; 
each has now the Substance, the fullness and rich- 
ness, of this Life. Each dwells in the Consciousness 
of this fullness. 

A statement to memorize : 

One Life is the Life of alL I recognize the per- 
fect Life of myself and others* Life lives me perfectly 
this day* 


Thirteenth Day. 

Bible: His truth endureth to all generations. 

Thy law is the truth. 

Lead me in thy truth and teach me. 

To love Truth with all the heart and soul and 
strength is my one purpose. 

In love of Truth I am now willing to leave all 
my opinions and beliefs that belong to time, and 
to follow the enduring and the changeless Conscious- 

I am willing that Truth shall destroy my most 
valued theories about every thing and show me the 
way of Life eternal. 

Truth is changeless. The great center within 
us all where Truth dwells in fullness is the light 
upon our way. 

In the light that I have perceived I have learned 
to value Truth above all else. 

The proof required of those who love Truth, is 
that they be true in all action ; in every thought and 
in every word. 

A statement to learn: 

Truth possesses me fully* This day Truth 
leads me as it wilL 


Fourteenth Day. 
Truth in Word and Deed. 

Bible : I have chosen the way of truth. 
That speaking the truth in love we may grow 
up into him in all things. 

Let us love in deed and in truth. 

The value of Truth is its practice. 

Seeing Perfection as the Truth of the universe, 
we are to practice perfect thought and perfect word. 

The practice of perfect thought, word and deed 
means to think no evil, speak no evil, do no evil. 

I will dedicate every thought and word to 
Truth — to love, to good, to wholeness, to peace, to 
all that God is and I am. 

I turn to Truth trusting it to show me the true 

thought, word and deed. 

*• # * . * * # # # * # 

In earnestness of purpose I seek to know Truth. 
I desire to learn the Law of Truth's action in right 

"Without reserve, I submit my every thought to 
Truth, and am finding how to keep in the Conscious- 
ness of harmony, kindness, unselfishness, health and 

I abide in Truth. 

A statement to memorize: 

By the power of Truth I purpose to speak only 
pure, loving, fearless and harmonious words* 


Fifteenth Day. 
Truth in the Home. 

Bible: And Jacob awaked out of bis dream 
and be said, Surely the Lord is in tbis place, and I 
knew it not. 

Tbis is none otber but the house of God, and 
this is the gate of heaven. 

My home is the Lord 's house. I have awakened 
to his Presence and know that I dwell in that Pres- 
ence forever. (Ps. 23:6.) 

The service of my home is the service of the 
Lord. I do all heartily, as unto the Lord. 

There is no holier place than my home. Every 
thought, word and deed therein shall be consecrated 
to Truth's service. 

From the greatest to the least Love is the per- 
fect law. 

In the Omnipresence of Life the Law of Love 
is active everywhere. 

I see the Presence in my home, and honor the 
sacredness of its perfect Love. 

I dedicate my every word and act in the home 
to this Universal Law of Perfection. 

A statement to memorize : 
I recognize only good in my home, and in its 
every service* 


Sixteenth Day. 
Truth in Belationships. 

Bible: Ye are all one in Christ. 

Whosoever shall do the will of my Father which 
is in heaven, the same is my brother and sister and 

There is but one family. One God is literally 
Father of all. All ye are brethren. We are his off- 
spring. In Truth we find the larger Love. 

I give up all inclination to selfishness and criti- 
cism in Love, and embrace the fuller Consciousness 
that Love is no respecter of persons. 

I love the lovely and the unlovely. 

I love all as God loves, seeing only the divine 
in each. 

Love measures not. It gives to all men lib- 

I will love by giving my best thought to all. I 
will recognize in every soul the strength, purity and 
goodness of the Omnipresence. 

I will love by speaking the kindest, most helpful 
words of every one. I will look beneath the surface 
of things and will attribute good will and good in- 
tention to all the acts of my fellow beings. 

A statement to memorize : 

I will love others as myself; think and speak of 
others as of myself* 


Seventeenth Day. 
Truth in Business. 

Bible: The Almighty shall be thy defense and 
thou shalt have plenty of silver. (Margin, silver of 

The gold is mine and the silver is mine saith the 
Lord of hosts. 

They that seek the Lord shall not want any 
good thing. 

The Lord of all rules my business. I acknowl- 
edge God, as the brain, the heart and the nerve of 
my work. I leave to Omnipresence the perfect 
accomplishment of all that I do. 

"Of myself I can do nothing. The Father in 
me doeth the works. I can do all things through 
Christ that strengtheneth me." 

The Christ-spirit of me succeeds in every per- 
fect way for the highest good of all. 

The Intelligence that is perfect Wisdom guides 
and directs my way. 

I live not unto myself ; I work not unto myself ; 
I succeed not unto myself. 

The Perfect Law of Life plans each day and I 
follow this Light of my Life, seeking above all to 
obey the Law of right. 

A statement to memorize : 

With unselfish purpose, seeking the good of all, 
I go forth this day trusting the one Power* 


Eighteenth Day. 

Truth in Social Life. 

Bible : Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. 
Love envieth not; love vaunteth not itself; is 
not puffed up. 

Love covereth all sins. 

In obedience to Divine Love, our social customs 
would need much changing. Let us speak Truth for 
this and abide by it. 

I will say nothing of any one that I would not 
say of myself. 

I will think nothing of any one that I would not 
be willing to have another think of me. 

I rejoice in another's success as in my own. 
Truth teaches me simplicity and sincerity. I will 
endeavor to be this to those whom I meet. 

I will be Divine Love in all my social relations. 

J;f gp gf "3r tF tp •«• ■ ■H* *8F * 

Perfect Love gives us a new view of all persons 
and things. 

Through the eyes of Love, I look upon all and 
see all in the Light of Divine Nature. 

I do not think or speak ill, or condemnation, 
since I look at all through Love. 

I meet all in sincerity and Truth. I do justice 
to all. 

A statement to memorize: 

I meet all in Love this day* I give forth to all 
and expect from all, justice and genuineness* 


Nineteenth Day. 

Bible : That thy way may be known upon earth, 
thy saving health among the nations. 

I will restore health unto thee. 

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou may- 
est prosper and be in health, even as thy soul pros- 

Soul is health. This is my saving knowledge 
that as is my soul so is my body in Truth. 

I now adjust every thought to this Truth of 
Wholeness, by thinking, believing and abiding in the 
Consciousness of health. 

Knowledge of Truth restores to me the Con- 
sciousness of my changeless health in God. 
# # # #~# # # # # * 

Omnipresence is Changeless Substance and 

Substance of Life is the same forever, unvary- 
ing in nature. 

The living Substance of my body is changelessly 

The eternal state of my body is health. The 
true state of everything is wholeness. 

A statement to be learned : 
Omnipresence is perfect health* There is noth- 
ing besides* 


Tiventieth Day. 
Health in Mentality. 

Bible: Bring into captivity every thought to 
the obedience of Christ. 

Whatsoever things are of good report, think on 
these things. 

The thoughts of the righteous are right. 

Truth governs my thoughts. My eyes are 
opened to see God's thoughts, and I obediently 
think as God thinks. 

God's thought is perfection, for God sees naught 
of which to think, but his own Being and expression. 

This must be, since God says, "besides me there 
is none else." 

I ' ' think God 's thoughts after him. ' ' 

Perfect Mind is one and is omnipresent. 

Mentality is the activity of this Presence and 
is as perfect as the Mind that acts. 

Since there is but one Mind there is but one kind 
of mentality. This Mind and this mentality are 

I adjust every thought to this Truth. 

A statement to learn: 

My mental attitude for this day shall be the 
Consciousness of the Presence and Power of good 
in every thing* 


Twenty-first Day. 
Health in Word and Deed. 

Bible : In the beginning was the Word and the 
Word was with God and the Word was Grod. 
The Word was made flesh. 
Be ye doers of the Word ; not hearers only. 

A Mind of health expressed in thoughts of 
health bears fruit in word and deed of health. 

The one Perfect Mind and this Mind expressed 
is all harmonious. Word and deed are expressed 
Mind ; are as perfect as Mind. 

I acknowledge the perfect word and perfect 
deed proceeding ont of the heart of the Infinite. 

W \\* W W W W T?" — *'W "A* *JP 

"The tongue of the wise is health.' ' I speak 
only of health, I show forth only health because the 
Source of all is health. 

Like begets like. Cause and effect are one. 
Mind and word are one. Mind and deed are one. 
Mind and body are one. 

A statement to learn: 

There is only God, only the one* Always in 
word and body does God manifest 


Twenty-second Bay. 
Health in Body. 

Bible: If thine eye be single thy whole body 
shall be full of light. 

Present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, ac- 
ceptable unto God. 

A whole body God accepts, and nothing less. 
The animal sacrificed of old must be without spot 
or blemish. 

I now know sacrifice in its true meaning, mak- 
ing sacred, and only the spotless and perfect can be 
offered as sacred. 

Seeing God as all, ray eye is single, sees but one, 
and my body appears to me in its true light. 

I accept the sacredness of my body, and present 
it, as it is, whole unto Truth. 

Perfect Spirit forms perfect body. One with 
the whole, my body is of the pure, perfect and 
Changeless Substance. 

My body is always health, for it is always what 
the Perfect Spirit, its Source, is. 

I judge not by appearances or feelings, but by 
Truth. By the light of understanding I see my body 
as health. 

A statement to learn: 

One Life is all. One Substance is all. My body 
is perfect in Life, pure in Substance. 


Twenty-third Bay. 
Health in Others. 

Bible: The Lord is in the midst of thee, thou 
shalt not see evil any more. 

One God and Father of all, who is above all, 
through all, and in yon all. 

The Presence of Grod is health. Above, through 
and in all is this perfect health. 

I can not be- wholly conscious of health while I 
see lack of it in others. 

I see that I am well because Grod omnipresent 
is health. I see the same for others. 

Truth is the same forever and everywhere. 

The Truth of one is the Truth of all. I see all 
in Truth. 

All in and of Truth is wholeness. I see all in 

If I meet appearances of sickness or lack, I will 
at once be obedient to Truth in thought and recog- 
nize the omnipresence of Perfect Life that is health. 

A statement to learn: 

I judge not by appearances. I settle everything 
by what I know of Truth— I see only health in 


Twenty -fourth Day. 

Health in Everything. 

Bible : The fullness of him that filleth all in all. 
To the pure all things are pure. 

For of him, and to him, and through him are 
all things. 

God fills full the universe. God fills the form- 
less and the form, for God is the formless and God 
is the form. 

This is the meaning of Omnipresence and the 
pure in Consciousness see God as all. 

Life is all. 

One Substance, Intelligence, Health and Har- 
mony are Truth. 

I see only wholeness, which is health. I see the 
whole as perfect. 

?p - . 3f* ^£ 3l* 3r 3r 3r 3f 3r 9 

The Formless is one. There is but one nature 
of form. 

All things are of one Substance. All things are 
animated by the same Life. 

That Life, that Substance, is perfect. Living 
Substance is all health, or wholeness. 

I see health in everything, in every clime; as 
much in one place as another. Good is in all. 

A statement to memorize: 

God lives, moves and is being in every place, 
and in everything. There is naught that can harm 


Twenty-fifth Day. 

Bible : Ye shall seek me and find me, when ye 
shall search for me with all yonr heart. 

Best in the Lord and wait patiently for him — 
translated by Lnther: Eest in the silence and the 
Lord will mold thee. 

Many desire realization. We shall try to give 
in this exercise what will help each to realize. 

To realize is to perceive as reality, and then to 
feel or appreciate fully the Truth we have perceived. 

Do not make effort to 'realize. Think of the 
Trnth earnestly "with all your heart/ ' until you 
find it growing clearer to your thought. This brings 
realization. Meditate upon the reality of Truth; 
this is recognition — resting in the silence : conscious 
that Truth is and is faithful to its word. 

"The Lord will mold thee" — Truth will shape 
every thought and feeling. 

Eealization comes from faithful recognition of 

I now relax every effort of my own and wait 
upon Truth. 

I positively and trustingly declare the Truth. I 
see that God is all. 

A statement to be learned : 
God is all of me — my Mind, my Consciousness, 
my Realization, my Thought, my Word, my Body. 


Twenty-sixth Day. 

Bealization of Fkeedom. 
(If you seem limited.) 

Bible : The Truth shall make you free. 
The Almighty shall be thy defense. 
The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has 
made me free from the law of sin and death. 

The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus is 
the perfect Law of the universe active everywhere. 
As soon as we truly recognize that this perfect Law 
is the only Law, we shall realize that there is no 
other law to govern thought or body. 

I now acknowledge the Truth that there is but 
one Life, one Law ; and knowing this, I realize free- 
dom from supposed bondage to any inharmony. 

■ati ^ae» «u. jf. jfa jt..jfr jfc .a, jfr 

•r* w ._ ^f* *zr 3p w ^r 4r , "fp w 

With sincerity of purpose I look into the per- 
fect law of liberty and see myself and others free. 

I use this freedom for the good of all, for it is 
the freedom of realizing the good in all and in every- 

A statement to learn: 

I see and feel within and without only the influ- 
ence of realized good. I am free in the Truth. 



Twenty -seventh Day. 

Bealization op Supply. 
(If you seem to lack.) 

Bible : Thy God will supply all thy needs. 
Thou shalt pay thy vows. 

With what measure ye mete, it shall be meas- 
ured to you again. 

I realize freedom. There is no law to limit 
God's full expression in and through me. 

I adjust every thought to the fullness of God 
that fills all. 

God's thought is now forming my perfect sup- 
ply, sufficient for every need, mental and bodily. I 
trust; I rest; I accept, and I give thanks. 

Does one say, "I have done all this and yet I 

That is impossible if you have realized and put 
into practice all that this implies. 

Eemember that to meditate is but the beginning 
of practice. How are you measuring to others ? Are 
you paying what you owe? If not, this may be 
blinding you to your full supply. 

A statement to be learned: 

I will not spend beyond necessities until all that 
I owe is paid* I am honest to God, myself and to 
my fellowman* 


Twenty -eighth Bay. 

Eealization of Companionship. 
(If you seem lonely.) 

Bible : Lo, I am with you always. 
Truly, our fellowship is with the Father and 
with his Son Jesus Christ. 

A good man shall be satisfied from himself. 

The soul conscious of unity with God knows 
that it is within itself all fullness. 

Wherever I go, in whatever circumstances I 
may be placed, I companion with God. 

In fellowship with the All, I can not feel separa- 
tion from any one. Love knows not place or time. 
Love is a conscious unity. 

I can not be alone. 

# # # # * #* # * # 

The Omnipresence is my full supply. 

In conscious unity with omnipresence, I feel the 
companionship of all I love, for Love never changes, 
never is absent. 

A statement to be learned : 

There is no time or place to feel lonely. All 
time and every place are filled full of Life and Joy. 
I will find these wherever I am. 


Twenty-ninth Day. 

Kealization of Kindness. 
(If you feel irritable or critical.) 

Bible : The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace 

* * * geutleuess, goodness. 

Put on, as the elect of God * * * mercy, kind- 
ness, meekness. Forbearing one another. 
Let the peace of God rule in your hearts. 
Blessed are the peacemakers. 

"Love is the fulfilling of the law." He who 
loves enough will have naught of irritation, criti- 
cism or kindred feelings to dissolve. 

The Spirit of Love fills all — fills my soul; fills 
my mentality ; fills every thought and feeling. 

The peace of Love rules my heart. I feel only 


# # * # # # # * # * 

Gentleness, mercy, kindness are the wings of 
Love. Upon these I go forth to meet everything and 
everybody in my world. 

One perfect Law creates all and makes all per- 
fect. I see perfection everywhere and love the 
Truth that is in everything. 

A statement to learn : 

I meet everything today in the Spirit of Love* I 
have no inclination to belief of criticism or of un- 
kindness, for I am Love. 


Thirtieth Day. 


(If you seem to be sick.) 

Bible: The prayer of faith shall save the sick. 
Behold, thou art made whole. 

Everybody is made whole. The Infinite Intelli- 
gence, Love and Power could not make anything 
other than whole. 

The All-Intelligence knows how, the All-Power 
is able, and the All-Love is willing to bring forth in 

I am part and parcel of this changeless Whole- 
ness and know myself now as whole. I can not be 
anything that the whole is not. 

Wholeness is the Truth of the universe. All is 
Law and Order. 

Wholeness is likewise the Truth of the individ- 
ual, the emanation of the Universal Wholeness. I 
am whole. 

A statement to learn : 

Wholeness is reality; lack is unreality. Health 
is the real; sickness is the unreal I am real, there- 
fore am Whole. 


Thirty -first Bay. 
Stillness and Omni-Action. 

Bible : Stand still and see the salvation of God. 
He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber 
nor sleep. 

It is only as we still our own activities guided 
by our own busy conceptions that we can see the 
activity (salvation) of Infinite Life and Law. 

The Mind that is all Intelligence never makes 
a mistake. It is Wisdom, Knowledge and Under- 

The Mind that is all Love never fails. It is sure 
and steadfast. 

The Mind that is all Power never flags (never 
slumbers or sleeps). It is ever alert and active. 

This Mind is my very own. When it acts, I act. 
When it decides, I decide. When it wills, I will. I 
am still, listening for Truth. 

I still my own opinions and judgments. I hear 
the Truth that ever speaks in my soul. As I hear, 
I obey. I find myself thinking as God, or Perfect 
Mind, thinks ; speaking as my Source speaks ; doing 
the work of the Father with the Father, "For it is 
God that worketh." 

A statement to memorize : 
In all I do this day Perfect Mind ever active 
thinks me, moves me, lives me as part of itself. 


"Let love become a habit of the soul." — Drummond. 
"Love thinketh no evil." 

The student of music begins practice at once, 
and in anything we undertake to learn, we expect 
to set aside time every day for its exercise. 

Just as surely must we put into practice what- 
ever of Truth we have comprehended if we wish to 
see more and more of Truth and to be able to take 
hold of the good we seem to need. 

It will not satify our hunger to know that in our 
Father's house is a larder filled with food. We can 
not be fed by having a reliable cook book with 
recipes for all kinds of dishes. Our thirst is not 
quenched by looking at a fountain of pure, clear 
water. No one else can eat or drink for us. Each 
one has his part to do, and all that Truth and Love 
asks of its children is to take and use its good gifts ! 
Jesus showed us in his own life how to do this and 
what Truth and Love will do for us, if we will accept. 
We must have understanding. 

Jesus showed that it was the thought of evil 
that must be put out, for he said, "Not that which 
goeth into the mouth defile th a man, but that which 
cometh out of the mouth. Those things, which pro- 
ceed out of the mouth, come forth from the heart.' ' 



We speak what we think; therefore, if the thought 
of evil be destroyed, no belief of evil remains. 

Our daily practice of declaring all the Truth we 
see will help us not to think or speak any evil, and 
to form a habit of thinking and speaking good. 
Thus far we have given the rules for general prac- 
tice, and it is only by the constant use of these that 
we know how to give help in special cases. We will 
now give a few forms for special work. 

To help by the word of Truth we affirm what 
God the Universal is, keeping always the Conscious- 
ness of the Omnipresence and Omnipotence of God, 
for this will give us confidence. In Truth all is 
whole ; our word declares this. 

Our own self is our most important patient. 
1 i Cast the beam out of thine own eye, then shalt thou 
see clearly to cast the mote out of thy brother's 
eye. ' y Our daily and hourly fasting and praying do 
this for us. You see how pure in thought a Divine 
Healer must be — "too pure to behold iniquity.' ' 
"The Lord is in the midst of thee, thou shalt not 
see evil any more." 

"The pure in heart shall see God." 

One is our basis. To see and accept this, our 


The life that is hid with Christ in God is our 
true Being, or what we are truly being. This is the 


seed that is " wholly right.' ' This Life was hidden 
by the ignorance of our conceptions; " being alien- 
ated from the Life of God through the ignorance 
that is in them." This hidden Life is now being- 
revealed; it is the "Christ in you your hope of 
glory." This Divine Self is called the "new man," 
because it is our new vision of man, "which after 
God is created in righteousness and true holiness." 
This, Paul says, we are to "put on," or to take into 
our thoughts as the true idea of man. By this 
understanding we "Put on Christ." 

We are also told to "Put off the old man," to 
"Beckon yourselves to be dead unto sin, but alive 
unto God ; " to be able to say, " I no longer live but 
Christ liveth." The first step in healing is to see 
the purity and perfection of all things. Seeing 
the Truth of all, we can not see evil or sickness as 

We may "put off the old man and his deeds" 
by putting off any imperfect thought of man, and 
we shall "put on the new man", by declaring or 
affirming man to be the image and likeness of God. 
This "old man" is our belief of being unlike our 
Creator. It is our old ignorant thought that some- 
thing in God's creation is imperfect, which is false. 
This we have called "mortal sense," and we know 
it is contrary to God ; it believes all kinds of things 
contrary to Truth, for what is contrary to God is 
contrary to Truth. It claims sin, sickness and death 



as realities, and evil and suffering as belonging to 
the real man. Such conditions are but the result of 
our false conception of man. 

You see it is a delusion. Nothing belongs to the 
real man, the expression of God, but what God is. In 
this self-treatment, then, we shall destroy all these 
delusions. We will drop from our thoughts all these 
false beliefs about man until we can say, "I and my 
Father are one." Nothing is but Christ — my Per- 
fect Nature, my true Life. 


I have no Self apart from God, therefore, I have 
no " lower self." Since God is all and-in all, I have 
no Self in ignorance, no Self in flesh. God is my 
Substance, Intelligence and Life. All is Spirit. 
There is no mortal sense. There is only one true 

"In God, I live, move and have my being." I 
have found my Self in Christ, and behold it is all 
Christ, Son of God forever. Born of God, I can not 
believe in sin, sickness or death as my portion. 
"Whosoever is born of God can not commit sin" 
and where there is no sin there is no sickness or 
death. I am the expression of God, hence, am pure 
in Mind, pure in thought and pure in body. God 
possesses me wholly, possesses my Mind, my 
thought and my body. I can not worry in Mind, 
err in thought, or suffer in body, for this Self that 


I have accepted as Truth is God's Mind, God's 
Thought and God's Body forever and forever. 

Fervently reject all sense of selfishness. 

While this treatment is written for ourselves, 
it may also be given to any other by saying "he" 
or "she" instead of "I." In Truth, all good is uni- 
versal and whatever may be said of one may be said 
of all — "God is no respecter of persons." 

Now we will suppose one in belief of sickness 
comes to us for help. It is sometimes asked by a 
young student: How shall I begin treatment? As a 
help, think for a moment of the patient's name, or 
simply say, My dear friend, or My dear sister, 
brother or child. 

We will give this treatment for a claim of rheu- 
matism and it will serve as a model for any treat- 
ment we may wish to give. 

We will first be very sure that we have been 
faithfully purifying our own thought of all belief 
of disease. We can not help another to realize his 
freedom from belief of sickness if we believe in its 
power — it would be the "blind leading the blind." 
Before we treat another, let us be certain of our- 
selves. Some scientists have had what they call a 
peculiar experience. They have become affected, 
they say, with the trouble for which they were treat- 
ing a patient. This could not be possible if the prac- 
titioner's own belief had been entirely put away. 
This teaches us another very important lesson, viz : 


That if there be no kindred belief in our own 
thoughts, the beliefs of others do not affect us. 

It will be well before giving the treatment to 
our patient to give the self treatment for realization 
of the true Self or Being of all. 


(Or for any other claim of illness.) 

My Dear Brother or Sister: You are the 
child of God, and I see now the Truth of you. It is 
as contrary to your Self as it is to your Maker, in 
whose image you are, that you should sin or suffer ; 
therefore, speaking in the name of Truth, I declare 
you free, for "The law of the Spirit of life in 
Christ Jesus hath made you free from the law of 
sin and death.' ' You are not subject to anything 
but the law of good. You can not be held in belief 
of suffering. It is only a claim of ignorance. There 
is no Truth in it. 

Disease can not be found in God nor in his 
image and likeness, and in God you "live, move and 
have your being. ' ' 

Your Life is in God ; your Strength, Health and 
Peace are gifts of God which are in you. Nothing 
can deprive you of these. "Stir up the gift that is 
in you. ' ' Knowing the Truth frees you from all 
beliefs that are contrary to good. 

Now you are free, for all Truth is now. Now 
is your day of salvation and you are conscious of 


this Truth. You are in the Mind of Christ and there- 
fore realize the Thought and the Body of the living 
Truth. As the creation of God, you are forever 
perfect and free in Mind, Thought and Body. (Re- 
peat until the Truth of these words is real to your 


God is with me every moment of this day — 

As Presence, Knowledge and Power. 

As Life, Truth arid Love. 

As Purity, Perfection and Harmony. 

As Stillness, Rest and Peace. 

As Judgment, Justice and Success. 

As Wisdom, Health and Strength. 

As Fullness, Freedom and Satisfaction. 

As Mind, Thought and Word. 

As Spirit, Living Soul and Body. 

As "All in all." 

By making thoughtfully all these statements 
for a few mornings, you will find yourself selecting 
first one, then another, as your special need appears. 
A busy man or woman will find any one of these 
brief statements a helpful companion for the day. 

(Whenever several terms that stand for the One 
are classed together, the singular verb is used — as, 
One Presence, Knowledge and Power is all. We do 
this to impress the idea of oneness.) 


The following is adapted from the words of an- 
other and will help in realizing freedom from the 
supposed limitations of the body: I do not look to 
the body as a source of Good or ill, Life or death, 
Health or sickness, Strength or weakness, Satisfac- 
tion or dissatisfaction. God alone is the Source of 
all things and God is Spirit. Spirit is my Life, my 
Strength, my Breath, my Atmosphere. There is no 
outer Source or Cause. 


All is Light. 

All is Knowledge. 

All is Strength. 

All is Love. 

All is Life. 

All is Joy. 

All is Health. 

All is Abundance. 

All is Freedom. 

All is Peace. 

All is Good. 

God is the only Presence. 

God is the only Power. 

"The Fullness that filleth all." 

Summary of Science Teaching 

"All nature is on the side of the man that tries to rise." 

Science and religion unite in wooing man from 
a sense of self as corruptible, ignorant, suffering, 
fearing and dying, to the knowledge of Self as the 
expression of God, incorruptible, intelligent, peace- 
ful and undying. 

This means the giving up of limited, petty and 
erroneous self-notions for realization of the Full- 
ness and Freedom of the Self that is Changeless 
Truth and Life. 

"The gift of God is Eternal Life." Eternal 
Life is more than everlasting Life, for the word 
eternal includes within its meaning quality as well 
as quantity. Eternal Life is Life perfect and com- 
plete as well as unending. 

Our thoughts of Life are not full enough. If 
we will, we may surrender limited beliefs and find 
ourselves to be the Life that is without limitation 
or lack — even the God-Life that Self forever is. 

Self is Soul that is limitless and complete. Soul 
is the Presence in all that is Purity, Peace and Per- 
fection. Self does not have to become perfect — it 
is. Soul does not have to be saved — it is. Only our 
thoughts need to be saved from false beliefs. 



What is the meaning of the term Divine Sci- 

The exact knowledge of Divinity. Understood, 
this signifies the sacredness of the Whole; Creator 
and creation perfect. God is without sin ; that which 
is "born of God" is without sin, and all that is of 
Truth emanatesi from God, without whom "was 
nothing made that was made." This is Truth to 
which all at last shall yield. 

"God and God manifest is all there is." Or, 
we can say, the Universal One and its perfect ema- 
nation is all. 

Why is it important to know God? 

Because God is the One Only Source of all 
things. Because in God we must find the reason for 
everything. This knowledge is most important for, 
without knowing what God is, we can not know the 
Truth of anything. 

What is the result of knowing God as Source ? 

Consciousness of our Eternal Life and Sub- 
stance. We must be like the Source from which 
we come. Knowledge of this Truth sets us free 
from ignorance. This understanding "Proclaims 
liberty to the captives and the opening of the prison 
to them that are bound." 

What does this Science teach of God? 

Its most important teaching is that God is 
Omnipresence, the Whole Being — that which is Be- 
ing everywhere and everything at all times ; and God 


is Good. That God is the "All in all," too great to 
be called personal, because of being Omnipresent 
Spirit — the all and only Presence. There is but one 

What is the Nature of this All-Presence! 

Perfect Wisdom, Love, Knowledge, Understand- 
ing, Power and Life. Eealization of this is peace. 

The fruit of this Understanding is Harmony, 
Joy, Health, Strength, Satisfaction and conscious 
possession of all good. 

What relation does man bear to this Presence? 

Since it is the "All in all" — the Fullness filling 
all, man is eternally one with it and in thought and 
word, in living soul and body, is expression of this 
Being, or Nature. While God is too unlimited to 
be known as a personal Being, this Infinite Being is 
manifest in every form that exists. "That which 
may be known of God is manifest in them." — Bom. 
1 : 19. The Perfect Principle of Life is expressed in 
everything that lives, moves and is being. 

How may we know there is but One Principle? 

Because there is but One God. Since this One 
is Omm-present, it is the only Presence; as Omni- 
potence, it is the only Power; as Omw-science, it is 
the only Knowledge and all there is to know. All 
of these statements agree with the idea of an Infi- 
nite Being, and compel acknowledgment of but One 
Truth, One Principle, and One Perfect Mind. There 
is no Principle of evil. There is no source of dark- 
ness. We must exclude light to have darkness. 


Why does this Science claim to be exact knowl- 

Because it is founded upon Changeless Prin- 
ciple, and its conclusions are made, not from per- 
sonal opinion or observation, but from the under- 
standing of the Infinite Being and its manifestation 
— of the unity of Cause and effect. 

Explain this Being and its manifestation. 

Being is the State of Perfection, the Omnipres- 
ent Eeality that we know as Creator — Cause. Its 
creation is the manifestation of itself and this man- 
ifestation must be as perfect as its Source. 

God is Being Infinite Mind and is manifest as 
Thought and Word. God is Being Infinite Spirit 
and is manifest as Living Soul and Body. 

Mind produces Thought and Word from within 
its own Fullness and Truth, just as a tree produces 
branch and fruit from within the very heart of itself. 

The Universal is Mind: the individual is 
Thought and Word. Thought and Word are the 
expression of Mind. Living Soul and Body are the 
" image and likeness" of Spirit. There is One Mind 
but many expressions; one tree, many branches; 
one Universal, many individuals. "I am (one) the 
vine; ye (many) are the branches." 

What is the relation between Creator and crea- 

Creation is offspring, or manifestation, of its 
Source: Creator is Source and Substance of crea- 


tion, hence, in all creation, we find the very Life- 
Substance of that from which it emanated. 

Spirit is the Creator; living sonl and body are 
its creation ; hence there is one and the same Source 
for the living soul and body; also, one and the same 
Life, one and the same Substance, one and the same 
Nature. Each individual is a soul-body of Infinite 
Spirit. This is true of every form of Life. 

Define Substance. 

Substance is the only Eeality. The word is de- 
rived from sub, under, and stare, to stand. Sub- 
stance is Spirit; basis of all things ; it is without im- 
perfection; is changeless and incorruptible. There 
is but One Spirit; therefore, but One Substance, 
and this Substance is Omnipresent — as Spirit is. 
Perfect Substance fills the universe. The Substance 
of all things is perfect and changeless. There is 
therefore no body of corruptible flesh. That was our 
own conception. ' ' This corruptible must put on in- 
corruption" when we awake to the Truth that one 
Substance is all. 

What is the visible that seems to decay and 
change ? 

Only man's conception of Substance while he 
sees "through a glass darkly.' ' Man has not under- 
stood the visible world because he has not under- 
stood its Source and Cause. As soon as we have 
found the sure Foundation within we can reason 
truly of external things. This exact Science teaches 


us that Like produces Like; that Spirit produces 
Spirit as truly as fig-trees produce figs; or as a 
fountain of water produces streams of water. 

A Good Creator produces a good creation and 
we acknowledge but One Creator. Hence, reasoning 
from Cause to effect, we see that "All's right with 
the world;" that its Substance is the One Substance 
that is perfect. Outer form has been produced from 
inner Source, and the Substance of inner and outer 
is one. Outer creation is the living form of the In- 
most Life. 

What then causes its apparent imperfection? 

Human conception, or belief, that has through 
misunderstanding perverted Truth to "suit its own 
opinions and has entertained many false images of 
Life. All the imperfections seen in the world are 
results of the belief in separation from God. While 
our thoughts are ignorant of Truth, they form false 
conceptions. Seeing Truth dissolves every false 

What causes such mistaken beliefs ? 

Immaturity, called ignorance. As our thinking 
is enlightened by Truth, our vision of all things 
grows clearer and our judgments are more true. In 
ignorance, we have believed in two substances, two 
minds, two powers, two wills ; in Truth, we find One 
and its varied expressions to be all. "When I was 
a child, I thought as a child, but when I became a 
man I put away childish things." 


Are we affected by these false beliefs after we 
know the Truth? 

Not if we yield belief and live by the Truth. 
Herein is the struggle ; to give up opinions of Truth ; 
to give up what we have called good or what we 
have called truth ; to give up a mixture of good and 
evil beliefs, the tree of the knowledge of good and 
evil and see One as all Truth. No more struggle 
after our thoughts have been illumined by the Truth 
that God is all, and our every decision is made from 
that standpoint. 

What is the Law of Expression? 

That Like produces like. As there is but One 
Mind, all true thoughts have Origin in the Perfect 
Mind and are like it. This Law shows us that Mind's 
action is thinking that expresses as spoken word. 
If we know the Universal as Spirit, then thought is 
the living soul and word is the body. Since like 
begets like, the living sou] and body, the individual 
man, are " image and likeness" of Spirit; are what 
Spirit is — even pure Substance. 

Is God Universal, and Man but individual? 

God and Man can not be separated. One eter- 
nally, God is the Spirit Universal that is expressed 
as living soul-body. Spirit contains within itself 
all souls and all bodies before they are expressed, 
just as the vine holds branches and fruits within it- 
self before they are expressed (pressed out). Man 
is one with God, in Universal Substance and Mind, 


before he is individual soul-body. We generally 
refer to the individual, the expression of God, when 
we speak of man. 

Paul calls man "Spirit, soul and body" and, 
indeed, he is all three! 

Are there many spirits'? 

There is but One Spirit. The Spirit of God and 
Man is one. This Spirit is also termed Soul. There 
is but one Soul. There are many living souls. 

What is the distinction between Spirit or Soul, 
and living soul? 

Spirit, or Soul, is Universal, Omnipresent. The 
living soul is individual; it is the offspring of Soul, 
the activity of Spirit and is ever united with Spirit. 

Soul is the Divine Essence; living soul-body, 
its form, its likeness, its expression, must also be 
Divine Essence. Soul can never be used in the plu- 
ral sense while living souls are often spoken of in 
the Bible, referring to individuals. Man becomes a 
living soul as the Universal unfolds individual activ- 
ity. Each individual, or living soul-body, is a center 
of Divine action — of Life's activity. 

What does this Science teach about thought? 

The Law of Expression shows the place and 
work of thought. We are learning that thought is 
not an originator of Idea, but is based upon the 
Idea that is within the Universal Mind. The Wis- 
dom and the Power of thought is received from 
Mind for thought is Mind's activity. We can no 
longer say I think, therefore I am ; but I am, there- 


fore I think. I am before I think or speak. My true 
thought, word and body are what I am in my Source, 
and according to my understanding of what I am 
will be my realization of what my body is. 

As Divine activity, thought comes from Mind 
and its work is to form the Idea in Mind into visibil- 
ity. Its work is the same as that of the branches of 
a tree. It does not create fruit but forms the Sub- 
stance of the Source into the visible. True thought 
is God's thought and manifests the perfection of 
Mind. Error thought is of ignorance. 

Is there aught to fear in " error thought"? 

Man is responsible for avoiding error thinking, 
and suffers only for his own wrong thinking. To 
believe in the power of "malicious thought,' ' to be 
constantly fighting and guarding against the false 
thinking of others, to be taught how to handle this 
supposed condition creates a temporary devil 
greater than the old personal devil once combated. 
Knowing the Mind of Love as All-Presence and All- 
Power, man can not believe in a "mortal mind" — 
he can not accept that there is the "claim" of a 
mortal mind; he can not even speak of "mortal 
mind, ' ' for what intelligence claims it, if the Infinite 
knows itself as the All in all ? Do not acknowledge a 
Mind apart from the Divine, then you can not imag- 
ine a thought apart from Truth and Love. 

How would you treat against the supposition of 
a mortal mind 1 

By putting out of your thought the whole sup- 


position. By declaring omnipresent Love. i i Mortal 
mind" and "mortal body" are not. Every spot 
and space is rilled with something and that some- 
thing is Divine Presence. Make this your affirma- 
tion. Be Love; affirm, "I am Love" with every 
breath and see that this Love is the nature of every 
man. There is no mortal nature. Do not throw 
Love around yourself and exclude your neighbor. 
Truth reveals the indwelling and surrounding Love 
for each soul in the universe. See all as Love and 
you can not fear or believe in malice. 

With such Understanding, you do not have to 
' ' close avenues of mortal thought ; ' ' you throw open 
every avenue, for you perceive that there is only 
Love thought to enter. When the Purity of all is 
acknowledged, you can not imagine evil. 

Does Divine Science deny the reality of the 

No. The body is more real to Spirit than the 
fruit is real to the tree ; the body is the fruit of the 
"Tree of Life." As the branches united with the 
vine produce the fruit, so does the living soul united 
with Spirit express form. The body is real, but 
its "ills" are unreal in the light, of Truth. God 
never makes any ill. 

Do not call the body "mortal error" for that is 
giving place to something that is not. Do not deny 
the body; though that may lull it to seeming rest 
and relieve you of the sense of pains and aches (for 


if you can make yourself believe you have no body, 
you will certainly believe you are rid of the ills of 
the body!) it is only temporary relief. Sooner or 
later, the body will assert itself and demand to be 
understood rather than dismissed. Divine Science 
solves the body and dissolves false sense by seeing 
all pure Spirit. "We know, if this tabernacle were 
dissolved * * * we have a building of God. Not 
that we would be unclothed (bodiless) but clothed 
upon, that mortality might be swallowed up of Life" 
— our mortal sense surrendered to the Consciousness 
of living-Substance as all in all. This is the redemp- 
tion of our thoughts of the earth and body. (Eead 
Bible Selections, p. 98.) 

What is the method of healing for beginners? 

Affirm the Truth of all — of the patient. The 
purpose of healing is not merely to relieve pain — 
but to bring our mentality into a Consciousness of 
its true relation to God, the Divine Spirit. So to 
live, or think, that healing will not be needed, is the 
ultimate purpose of understanding. 

Truth teaches the wholeness of Being, hence, the 
truth of Being Whole. "Behold, thou art made 
whole." That is the way every living soul is 
"made," after the likeness of its Creator. The body 
is manifestation of the living soul, hence, partakes 
of its nature and is naturally whole. "If thy soul 
be radiant, what can thy body do but shine!" 

Affirmations do not make anything, they declare 
that which is forever Truth. Turn your thinking 


from the beliefs that are not real. See the unreality 
of disease. That which is real is eternal. Put belief 
of disease out of mentality and the body is healed 
for there is only diseased belief. 

What do you mean when you say, There is no 

" There is no matter" does not mean that there 
is no visible universe, but that there is no Substance 
other than Spirit. In the Science of Life, the visible 
form has been the unknown quantity. In Algebra, 
we say, Let x represent the unknown quantity. That 
x is temporary ; it will remain as long as we do not 
know what the quantity is for which it stands. As 
soon as the problem is solved, x is eliminated and 
the true number substituted in its place. 

So has it been in the problem of Life. Matter 
is the "x" of the problem; it is a term applied to 
Substance not understood. As soon as true Sub- 
stance is found, talk of matter is eliminated, and 
the reality substituted in our speech. That One Sub- 
stance is Spirit. Now we may call everything Spirit. 

What then is wrong with the body f 

Nothing is wrong with the body. It is as per- 
fect and free as the Spirit whence it comes. If, then, 
nothing be amiss with the body itself, it is that 
something is amiss with our opinions of the body. 
We have held such firm beliefs of separation from 
Spirit that these inherited beliefs still haunt our 
memory. We slowly yield these to the Idea Divine, 


that realizes Spirit, living soul and body as Creator 
and creation, forever one. 

We are now to cease believing in anything other 
than Spirit, since even "that which is born of Spirit 
is Spirit.' ' Now we are to confess One Spirit, One 
Mind, One Substance, One Life, and One Truth. 
We are to declare this faith by putting it into defi- 
nite, positive words, and to cease speaking the con- 
trary. Man is Spiritual Being, whole and perfect. 
Our eyes must open to see this. 

What effect has this upon the body! 

It does not affect the body for that, in its Es- 
sence, is as changeless as Spirit. It affects our be- 
lief of the body and changes our view of all things. 
Nothing was ever wrong but our way of seeing 

There is no false Life, no false Substance, no 
false Intelligence. We should be able to say now, 
There is no false belief. To get rid of the belief of 
a false belief ! 

Does Divine Science advise the use of medicine 1 

It does not. Of what use can medicine be when 
one knows his relation to the Infinite? Within his 
own Being man has unlimited Power and possibility; 
he need resort to nothing else for help. This Truth 
is to know God as eternal Life. Because Divine 
Scientists do not fight doctors and medicines, be- 
lieving all to be living up to their light, it is some- 
times said that they advise these — but it is not so. 


Faith is a factor in all healing. Lasting Health 
is found only through faith in Truth and eternal 
Life as Perfect and Harmonious. Eternal Life is 
the gift of God to all. He realizes it who sees and 
believes. Never through medicines can man find 
his Immortal Selfhood, the only source of his whole- 
ness. To receive permanent healing, he must come 
to a realization of his unity with the Infinite and his 
consequent wholeness. Eesorting to lesser means 
than Divine Mind, in the end retards man's Con- 
sciousness of true and permanent health. Unfold- 
ment into Knowledge is unf oldment into health Con- 

The very yielding of all helps x>ther than the 
Divine causes man to feel nearer to God^ teaches 
him to rely, as never before, upon this Infinite Be- 
ing, compels faith and confidence in Perfect Love, 
and fulfills the oft-repeated desire of Christian 
hearts : Oh, for a closer walk with God ! 

Can any mesmerism be exercised in Divine Sci- 
ence 1 

Not one bit! Its teachings eliminate all in- 
dividual or thought power except as thought is 
stayed upon God, the Infinite Mind ; then thought is 
recognized as the action of the One Pure Mind and 
expresses its Truth. Divine Science healing is not 
done by thought. True thought (God's thought) 
creates everything perfect. Our thinking is exer- 
cised to see and believe in the Idea of Wholeness 


that is forever true of our Being. Health is not 
made by thinking, but is the eternal State of Being. 
By thinking we simply recognize this Wholeness. 

From this, we see that healing is not done by 
individual will-power, but by obedient recognition of 
the Eternal State of Man's Being wherein we see 
our health. 

We do not "emerge gently from matter to 
Spirit/ ' for we never were matter! That which 
was called matter is now known as Spirit, since all 
is Spirit. We "gently emerge' ' from belief of a 
separate life and substance, and know One as All. 

The same Truth that reveals "All is Spirit," 
also reveals the right relation of Cause and effect, 
and teaches us not to call the outer a cause of any- 
thing. The body, though perfect, is not a cause but 
a result of Life. The Invisible is all Cause. The 
visible is effect, or result, and has no power either 
to hurt or help us. 

Being is Perfection, Peace and Wholeness. Be- 
ing is our true and eternal State; hence, our true 
State is Perfection and, as soon as this is under- 
stood, man will enter consciously into the rest that 
belongs to the people of God. 

Consciousness takes us into this rest. When 
conscious of our Divinity, that Idea of perfection 
governs every thought and word, controls every feel- 
ing and sensation, directs every action and result. 
Divine Mind is known as ruling all things, and Wis- 


dom and Love are manifest to us in their benign 

How can this Science be explained to one who 
claims not to believe in God or the Bible. One who 
does not like the terms Father and Son as applied 
to God and ourselves f 

Much is already given that is purely metaphys- 
ical. We will condense it here. Terms are im- 
portant only in so far as they convey the idea. God 
as a term is more or less to us according to the 
meaning we attach to it. A so-called atheist or 
infidel does not repudiate God or the Bible; he re- 
fuses to accept man's interpretation of these. 

Ingersoll says truly, "It makes -no difference 
who wrote the gospels. They are worth the truth 
that is in them and no more." This is a fact about 
the entire Bible, and we could wish no higher 
thought about it. Let the Bible rest upon its own 
merits. Truth does not need the support of any 
living being. 

Ingersoll believed that Jesus lived, and says, 
"His life is worth its example, its moral force, its 
benevolence, its self-denial and heroism. All his 
miracles are simply dust and darkness compared 
with what he actually said and actually did. ' ' Could 
a finer encominum be spoken of the man Jesus? 

Again Ingersoll says, "Never in my life have 
I said one word against honesty, against liberty, 
against charity, against any institution that is good. 


I have said all I was able to say in favor of jus- 
tice and liberty, in favor of home, wife and chil- 
dren, in favor of progress and in favor of universal 
kindness." And again, "Why not be happy here, 
as well as in heaven — why not have joy here ? Why 
not go to heaven now — that is, today?" Whether 
he names this Omnipresence or not it means the 
same thing. It means the possibility of the realiza- 
tion now and here of the good Presence. "I do 
not believe that it is the chief end of man to glorify 
God. How can the Infinite be glorified? He has no 
equals, no superiors. How can he achieve what 
we call glory?" Is this lacking in reverence for 
Deity? I quote from this "arch heretic" of the 
age because we find in these words that he was not 
an unbeliever in an Infinite Being; that he accepted 
and respected the character of Jesus, and believed 
in the Presence that makes heaven possible here and 

To be sure, Ingersoll declares his unbelief in 
the law that would make the innocent suffer for the 
guilty. He speaks only negatively of a future state 
and immortality, saying: I do not deny these, be- 
cause I do not know. With the doctrine of eternal 
punishment he had no patience, saying tritely, "I 
despise it." A few years hence and Ingersoll might 
say all he has said and be classed with "believers." 

It is possible by studying Xatural Science to 
gain the knowledge of Creator and creation that is 


taught in Divine Science. They may call it Nature 
and we may call it God ; they may speak of Nature 's 
laws and we may speak of God's laws. What if 
they name universal substance ether, and we name 
it Spirit! Suppose they speak of electron and ion as 
energy and unit of matter, and we speak of creative 
action and creation. They may call it natural and 
we may call it Divine. In the essentials we mean the 
same thing. 

The foundation of Truth is one. We may differ 
in expressing it, and it seems to us that the Spirit- 
ual expression is more inspiring; that it stirs up 
the best in us to aspire after the truest and highest 

Here is a brief statement for one who prefers 
the purely metaphysical thought : 

Substance is eternal and changeless; universal, 
therefore everywhere. Out of this eternal Sub- 
stance invisible, form is made by the activity of the 
Life that is ever within Substance. 

Mind and Mind Manifest is all Intelligence 
known as Creator, creative action and creation. 

Underneath, above, within, without, and 
through all form is this Eternal Energy ever mak- 
ing and controlling all it makes. 

This Mind is the Intelligence of the universe. 
Its Law is Order. By this Law ever expressing, all 
are governed and kept in order. 

Man is formed in this Substance, by the activ- 



ity of its Life, through the Consciousness of its In- 
telligence, and in the eternal order of its Law. 
Hence man is perfectly formed, and understanding 
the Law of his Life, may express the harmony of its 
changeless perfection at any time and in any place. 

Man has developed in Consciousness from the 
babe to the fullness of manhood. Now is he able 
to lay aside childish notions and bondage to mis- 
taken beliefs, and to stand forth in his new-found 
Life, and to enter into conscious possession of his 
birthright, which is Wisdom, Love, Knowledge, Un- 
derstanding and Power: Having attained these in 
Consciousness, all else is assured. 

He may not all at once, after having believed 
himself so limited, clearly realize that he is a full 
expression of all Universal Good; but as he thinks 
faithfully of the Truth, rises to every occasion of 
expressing this Truth, it will become clearer and 
clearer to his realization. 

How can we briefly and in a simple way an- 
swer the question so often asked, What is Divine 
Science ? 

Divine Science teaches the value of having a 
basis of Truth from which to reason. It is a Sci- 
ence because it has a premise from which may be 
logically stated an exact knowledge of Life. The 
basis of reasoning in Divine Science is the Omni- 
presence of God. This is not a new thought. The 
Bible tells of it over and over and the church ac- 
knowledges the fact of Omnipresence. 



After admitting Truth what should we do with 
it? Not lay it by for future consideration. Not 
postpone accepting its logical conclusions. Not re- 
ject its lessons ; but begin at once to put into prac- 
tice thoughts harmonious with that Truth. We must 
live by the Truth we see. 

God is Omnipresence— one and only Presence, 
everywhere. This includes everything within what 
God is. It includes you and me in God. It includes 
everything in the perfect harmony of God-Sub- 
stance, God-Intelligence, God-Life and God-Power. 
It includes my thought and my body within God- 
Perfection. It includes all times and places, all cir- 
cumstances, events, plans and purposes within God. 

God the Creator. 

God the Creative Action, 

God the Creation, 

God "all and in all." 

There is no place for an opposite to what God 

The practice of Truth consists in a willing ac- 
knowledgment of whatever it has revealed, and a 
readiness to drop from thought whatever opinions 
we have been holding contrary to this. 

To this end, we set aside time each day for 
thought training ; not in order that by our thoughts 
we may get the thing we desire; nor to attract to us 
the thing we want, but to see the Truth of what 
God everywhere (Omnipresence) is; to know that 


as the Truth of me, for God is my Substance, my 
Intelligence, Life and Power. 

Divine Science reveals the Truth of Being, 
which means that all that is true is Being Divine, 
and this means is Being Perfect as God is Perfect. 

Prayer (treatment) in Divine Science is ac- 
knowledgment of the Truth that is, in the finding 
of which every soul is satisfied. 

What is essential to growth in this Truth f 

Man does not grow. "Who by taking thought 
can add one cubit unto his stature 1" Man is what 
he is, but his thought, immature at first, unfolds 
into the clear Consciousness of his Being. 

After understanding the teachings of Truth, 
live according to its Spirit. Faithfully put its rules 
into exercise. Choose a daily hour for its study and 
practice. Define clearly to yourself the Conscious- 
ness that you are accepting. Declare the One All 
until you are convinced of the Truth. Kefuse to 
entertain for one moment opposite claims that have 
no real cause or true existence. Keep this Con- 
sciousness with you all the day long. 

Systematically train thinking in Truth's Way. 
There is but one Way, one Truth and one Life ; let us 
find it and abide in it. Our daily, regular, system- 
atic practice prepares us to meet any emergency. 
We are not to wait until the emergency comes to 
do our "practicing." The lamps are lighted in a 
train before the tunnel is reached ; then in the dark- 
ness of the tunnel it is light within. 


Our old opinions will, at first, seem to oppose 
our new Consciousness, but we must hold firmly to 
the way of Life and just as firmly leave the thought 
of the way of death. 

Giving up our false conception leaves the way 
open in our mentality for the incoming of Light and 

We work not for reward. Loving Truth for its 
own sake we seek realization of Wholeness because 
it is our birthright. Be this our one desire that 
Perfect Being in Mind, shall express its perfect 
thought-body to our every sense. 

Know that God is the Life of our Mind, thought 
and body; that Spirit is the only Substance, and 
that Love is the Law that equalizes and " brings into 
one all things in Christ," the everlasting Truth of 
all. Be all Love. 

A fact in our past will be entirely forgotten if 
we have ceased to think of it. Let some one remind 
us of the occurrence and, for a time, memory will 
almost refuse to be summoned to our aid, but by 
determined thinking of it we shall gradually find our- 
selves recalling the fact more distinctly. 

God makes man in his image and likeness. He 
plants the living soul a perfect seed and says to it, 
"increase and multiply." Man is told to "dress 
and keep ' ' this seed ; he is to watch and cultivate this 
right thought. 

Thinking is the method of cultivation. By 
thinking, the mentality of man is kept alive to 


Truth. Thinking keeps him awake; but man fell 
asleep (Matt. 13:25). "While men slept" an enemy 
appeared. Asleep to Truth is he when he sees 
any enemy ! Man ceased to think of his true Being ; 
he forgot his Source and Substance. "My people 
have forgotten me, days without number. " 

Now does man hear a voice within that reminds 
him of Truth, but hardly can he, at first, consent, for 
so long has he dreamed of something else. 

This declaration of Truth sets him to thinking 
and, as he persistently meditates on these things, 
realization comes to him. More and more clearly 
does the true State of things appear to him and, 
lo, it is not new, but that which, though forgotten, 
has been forever Truth. 

"Stir up the gift that is in thee." The gift 
of knowing all good is within the soul of man. Stir 
it up. Set thinking to work. Give definite expres- 
sion to every bit of Truth seen and, by the law, you 
shall see more. 

Affirm over and over the eternal facts that 
Truth reveals. Eecognize that these are verities of 
your own very Being or Life. Accept the revela- 
tion ; think and speak by its light. Be positive, be firm 
and unwavering and Consciousness of Truth will 
be your reward. Every hour in the day — yes, every 
moment be on your guard not to admit anything 
opposite to perfect good, and affirm the Love-Pres- 
ence in everything. 


"Christian experiences are not the work of 
magic but come nnder the law of Cause and effect. 
Joy is as much a matter of Cause and effect as pain. 
There is no mystery about Happiness whatever. 
Put in the ingredients and it must come out. All 
fruits grow, whether in the soil or in the soul. 

Spend the time you have given to sighing for 
fruits in fulfilling the condition of their growth. 
We have hitherto paid immense attention to effects, 
henceforth, let us deal with Cause. 

Do not imagine that you have got these things 
because you know how to get them. As well try to 
feed on a cookery book.* 

What more need I add but this : test the meth- 
od by experiment." — Drummond. 

* A circumstance in the first printing of this statement will 
bear telling — although it exposes some careless chirography on 
the part of the author. The first proof of it read: All hell tries 
to feed on a cookery book. Ridiculous this, but after all it tells 
a fact. Trying to live on theory without practice makes the only 
hell there is. 



Contents to Part II 

CHAPTER I. page 
Being and Expression 199 

Man the Expression — Not Reflection of God 214 

Man Unveiled . 223 

Answers to Questions 230 

Concerning Some Important Doctrines 259 

Questions and Answers on Healing 284 

Comparisons With Other Teachings 304 

Spiritual Interpretations of the Bible 324 


The Breaking of Light 339 

(First Chapter of Genesis.) 


Eden Lost and Pound 345 

(Second, and third Chapters of Genesis.) 

Conclusion of the Whole Matter 357 


Spiritual Interpretation of Terms 364 

A Simple Statement of Divine Science ; . . 377 

The One J TT GoD AND ^ AX I Defined 378 

{ Universal and Individual ) 

An Impersonal Statement of Creator and Creation 379 

Index 380 




This last half of the book is where it belongs, 
as its lessons are intended for the advanced stu- 
dent only. It should be read after careful study of 
the first half. Not until the first teachings of Di- 
vine Science are assimilated ; not until its Principle 
is well understood and its methods proved by prac- 
tice will these latter lessons in the book be compre- 


God is the Universal One, All; Intelligence, 
Substance; Wisdom, Love, Knowledge, Understand- 
ing, Power and Life; Omnipresence, Omnipotence, 
Omniscence — One and Only Presence, Power and 

Here and Now is the All since it is Omnipres- 
ence. God is all. 

Man is the expression of God. 

Creator and creation are one and perfect. 

Like begets like. 

The One Perfect Mind begets perfect Thought 
and Word. 

The One Perfect Spirit begets perfect Living 
Soul and Body. 

Evil is a dream from which Truth awakens us. 



Being and Expression 

"I swear, the earth shall only be complete to him that shall 
be complete. The earth remains jagged and broken only to him 
who remains jagged and broken." 

After feeding the multitude with the loaves 
and fishes, Jesus said to his disciples, "Gather up 
the fragments that nothing be lost." 

Heeding this lesson, a pause will be well in this 
after part of the book to pick up the "crumbs" 
that may have fallen, before study of the Science 
is resumed in its bearings upon many important 
doctrines, and in the interpretations of Scripture 
that its spiritual teachings reveal. 

Eeiteration deepens impressions. It is said 
that when a statement is made it produces an actual 
impression upon the brain. Each repetition of the 
statement deepens that impression until a habit of 
memory is formed. In our present understanding, 
we would say that a new statement may impress 
mentality a little, but as the strange thought is en- 
tertained it becomes more familiar and the idea it 
brings more illumined. For the student's benefit 
there is much repetition in the first lessons of this 
book. This is almost a necessity since all decisions 
are referred to the one basis. 



There is no new Truth, but the Divine that is 
with us always may seem a strange voice when it is 
first given a hearing. It proclaims the reality of 
what man is, was and ever shall be. 

The Voice that assures man of his Perfect Be- 
ing and possibility is not new, but is the same that 
in the beginning proclaimed, "Let there be light." 

As the statements of true Consciousness are 
heeded and lived earnestly, ftie true Idea of Life 
is perceived and consciously possessed. 

It is plain that such a subject is inexhaustible 
in its application. The Science of Life is so com- 
prehensive that not an atom of existence is beyond 
its care. 

Truth includes and solves all things. Its teach- 
ings can not encourage selfishness, or self-seeking. 
It reveals Power unlimited as man's birthright, yet 
a Power that results from Understanding born of 
Love guided by Wisdom. Such was Jesus' Power; 
hence, he never sought personal glory. 

The true Understanding of Power obliterates 
the sense of personal greatness, or self-exaltation. 
The One Power, the One Good, are for all alike. 

If Jesus had done his work by personal power, 
we might doubt being able to do the same work. 
He repudiated any claim of personal power. 

The Eternal Cause is the quickening Presence 
and Power. Because it is Universal and Omni- 
present, it is to be realized by each individual that 
recognizes it. 


This quickening Power is Love. The outreach- 
ing of Love is the true Creation. 

This Love is far from being sentimental or 
emotional; it is Consciousness of Truth that judges 
not by appearances. It sends its sunshine upon 
that we call evil and that we call good, for it is no 
respecter of persons ; it is unseeking Love. It loves 
its neighbor as itself. 

"For Love is of God and can not rest but in 
God above all created things.' ' "Love envieth not; 
Love vaunteth not itself * * * seeketh not her 
own * * * thinketh no evil * * * covereth 
all sins * * * never faileth." 

The individual may believe whatever he 
chooses. If he lay claim to what he sees the One 
Eternal and only Being is, he shall become con- 
scious of that. He shall then find, not only that all 
good is possible to him, but also that lack of any 
good is impossible, since Infinite Good is his Whole 

If he choose human opinions of good or ill, 
that conception will seem true and he will experience 
all that such belief imposes upon him. 

To the one who accepts his Infinite possibilities 
there is nothing seen as impossible. Such an one 
can say, ' ' The Power is within me — 

To be well. 

To be peaceful. 

To manifest fullness. 


To express freedom. 

To be perfect. 

To live in loving relation to all and to all 
things. ' ' 

No indigestion in this consciousness. As one 
suggests, It is not the food that disagrees with us, 
but we that disagree with our food. To this may 
be added that if our thoughts disagree with any- 
thing, if there be a sense of disagreement toward 
people or things, this belief will be fe]t as inhar- 
mony. We call it dyspepsia and lay blame upon 
the innocent. 

Man has been taught to believe himself sub- 
ject to ills, to fear ills and to try to rid himself of 
these by use of external means. This is inversion of 
perfect Law. Within, is all Cause ; destroy fear of ill 
and most of the work is done; destroy belief of ills 
and the work is finished. Christian Science teaches 
how to accomplish the former; Divine Science, how 
to accomplish both. 

The world seems filled with the opposite of 
good. This is the belief of man's thinking and can 
be but a seeming. " Do I not fill heaven and earth 1 ' ' 
declares the Good. 

A habit of any kind is hard to break. Only 
persistent effort in thinking in another way will 
break the bondage of such firm but false convic- 
tions — false, because these convictions are the sin 
and suffering we feel, all that is contrary to true 
Being — our Nature. 


"The story is familiar of the man born blind, 
who, having obtained his sight, had to educate his 
organs and train his reason step by step." 

Disuse ignores perfect faculties. The fish in 
Mammoth Cave, though having perfect organs of 
sight, are unseeing because they have never come 
to the light — never used their sight. When first 
one begins to exercise these faculties, let him not 
wonder if reason need much training and sight 
much educating. "Understanding is the soul of 

Truth is not theory merely, but practice also. 
Truth may be applied in every direction and the 
attraction of "New Thought" for this practical age 
is that its theory is demonstrable. 

Man is ever seeking for something to better 
conditions. He has been disappointed in all the 
ways of human "inventions" for happiness. He 
now asks .a permanent, certain and satisfying idea 
of things. 

This very demand has elicited an answer and 
man's disappointment in all known methods makes 
him willing to listen, though the solving of the 
problem differs wholly from anything that his ex- 
pectation had conceived. "Neither have entered 
into the heart of man the things that God hath pre- 
pared for those that love him." 

Careful study of the foregoing lessons, that un- 
fold the new revelation to man, will assure the stu- 


dent that this is not a new way to Truth but the 
Only Way that was ever known to the Eternal Con- 

Satisfaction is in the Soul, and man's work is 
to cultivate recognition of the perfect Soul-qualities 
in order to realize the satisfaction of the body. 

The outer is the fruit, or result, of the inner; 
Jesus knew it when he said, ' ' Seek ye first the king- 
dom of God" (the Purity of Soul) "and his 
righteousness ' ' (Purity of Thought), "and all these 
things shall be added unto you. ' ' 

The Life and Substance of Good is within the 
Infinite Soul and is expressed, or brought forth, as 
living soul and body, by the action of God's perfect 

In this revelation, man learns that he must 
turn his attention first within, then without; that 
he must now know the inner, or Source, before he 
can understand the outer, or body. 

Health, Strength and Peace belong in the per- 
fect State of Mind, and we may realize the One 
Perfect Mind of Wisdom and Love. Being this 
Mind of Truth, faithfully exercising our thinking 
in the way of this Perfect Mind, besides which 
"there is none else," by the law of righteousness, 
every word, deed and body shall be realized as mani- 
festations of Perfection. 

One says, "All achievement is accomplished in 
the silent and solitary hours. It is the modeling in 


the realm of ideas, as the sculptor models in clay, 
and, as his image is afterward chiseled out of marble, 
or cast in bronze, though the real work is done in 
silent hours, so with all the events of life; molded 
in the ideal, they are cast in the visible." 

In a sense are the images or imaginations 
formed in thinking afterward "cast in the visible." 
These are but phantom forms, for there is but one 
true "Image" that is to be the Substance of thought 
and that is the Idea of Life that is conscious only 
of Perfection. This image was uever made ; it is 
Eternal Form that is expressed in the visible. Men- 
tality is not to form images of any description — 
not even of good. "Thou shalt not make unto thee 
any graven images." It is to accept the Infinite 
(Whole) Idea of Divinity, or Perfection, and let 
this Eternal Image, or Form, unfold thought until 
the manifestation of its likeness is seen in all the 
earth ; until its manifestation is known. 

Each individual is to see the Idea of Eternal 
Form in the Divine Mind, to acknowledge as his 
own its Power and Life — because so freely given 
and, through this recognition, to become more con- 
scious from day to day of his Changeless Being and 
Perfection, which includes expression, or thought 
and body. 

This true consciousness is the guarantee of the 
perfection of the body. This pure realization is the 
foreshadowing of harmony. 


Satisfaction has been eternally within the Soul 
of man. Long forgotten, while men sought to manu- 
facture their own satisfaction, it has lain dormant, 
but now is man's thinking awakened to its Pres- 
ence within him, and more and more will his realiza- 
tion of true Satisfaction revive. 

Not without, but within, is the Source of Satis- 
faction, and only does that seem to be lacking with- 
out that man has not yet realized within. 

Practice gives this realization. The Idea is 
first perceived, then cultivated by the habit of think- 
ing the Truth perceived: thus will true expression 
be realized. 

We can not only ask for realization, we must 
open to it! Fulfill the conditions^ — obey the Law, 
and realization will result. Eealization is conscious 

To think and speak at all times and under all 
circumstances of the Idea of Life that reveals good 
as infinite; to refuse absolutely to entertain con- 
trary opinions ; this is daily living and daily dying. 

Silence is more than being still, it is knowing. 
Have stated seasons for recognition. Insist then 
upon the good as the real and the true, therefore as 
the Eternal. Infinite Mind knows Man as its own 
Perfect Idea. 

Do not try to make any good, but see and ac- 
cept your eternal good. From this basis living soul 
and body will be known as being "in honor — wholly 


a right seed — a noble vine — upright — crowned with 
glory and honor — heir of God. ' ' 

Man's true Nature is not changed, but obscured 
while he acts upon imperfect conceptions, and he 
receives the result, or fruit, of his action. Suffer- 
ing, lack and fear have driven him to seek a better 
Knowledge in which the Truth of all things is re- 
vealed to him. 

He now begins to act by the new light upon 
Truth. He discards old habits of thinking and act- 
ing; he gives up former beliefs and opinions; he 
yields all conceptions of the past to the present 
Consciousness. He loses his life, or what he has 
believed life to be, to find Life. 


In the truest sense, to be good is to be happy ! 
Being Good is man's Eternal State since he is Be- 
ing in God. Let each dwell much upon this idea — 
it is Truth and will be seen thus, the more it is 
thought upon. 

Realization that man's true Being is God will 
reveal that all true expression is God also. 

It is man's birthright to express good in 
thought and body, because of his Being. God is al- 
ways Being the Good invisible and visible. Daily 
make this recognition : 


God is the Whole of Being, now and forever. 

Man is included within the Whole Being. 

Since God is Being Whole, I am Being Whole. 

Since God is Being Wisdom, I am Being Wisdom. 

Since God is Being Love, I am Being Love. 

Since God is Being Life, I am Being Life. 

Since God is Being Good, I am Being Good. 

Since God is Being Perfect, I am Being Perfect. 

Since God is Perfect Expression, I am Perfect 

"Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father 
in heaven is perfect." There is but One Being. 

Make these statements of Truth earnestly; it 
is a wonderful revelation. We shall .see it more 
clearly as we continue to state it. I can not be any- 
thing apart from the Infinite. If I am anything at 
all, I can be only what the Infinite is, for it is the All. 

False beliefs of God and man have held men- 
tality in bondage. The Truth shall make it free. 
Affirm the Truth. 

Befusal to believe in sin and disease does not 
mean that these have no existence in appearances, 
but that there is no real or permanent cause for 
such appearance. 

Many ask, after seeing the true State of things 
to be good, "What shall I think when I look upon 
ills and evils ? ' ' That is the time above all to main- 
tain the ground of absolute Truth. 

A field of corn is what it is because corn was 
planted. It is ever true that "What a man soweth, 


that shall he reap." When he is still in God, he 
knows the eternal "sowing" of Truth. His harvest 
shall be the reaping of Truth, and not the reaping 
of his own opinions, since, he no longer sows his own 

Evil appearances are the harvest of past opin- 
ions and beliefs that have been scattered broad- 
cast. Looking upon this harvest, let us "receive in- 
struction." "Plough" the field thoroughly, leav- 
ing neither branch nor root of the present harvest 
of sin, sickness and death, and there shall be no 
more appearance of these. By firm recognition that 
God hath planted good everywhere, a new harvest 
shall be realized. When each reaps what God sows 
he reaps perfection. 

Giving up belief in sin, disease and death is 
ploughing the "field" and uprooting all seeming 

Doing, this, we shall know exactly what to think 
in the face of appearances of evil. Through habit 
we shall continue the giving up. God did not 
"plant" anything unlike his own nature. You and 
I must cast out the belief that he did. We no longer 
try to plant or sow for we see no empty place. 

The work of demonstrating begins always at 
home. "A man's foes shall be they of his own 
household." The "-beam" is to be cast out of one's 
own "eye." When one has no belief of evil, he 
sees no belief of evil in others. He can then dem- 


onstrate for others; "To the pure all things are 
pure." Let not him who thinks, talks and believes in 
disease expect to help others to realize wholeness. 

Where I see a need, there let me realize the 
supply is. First, for my mentality, I need Under- 
standing; I claim it by saying, God is my Under- 
standing, hence, I am Understanding. I feel need 
of Strength ; I claim it by affirming, I am Strength, 
for all that I am is of God. I need to realize Love, 
Purity, Peace, Patience, Charity; I may lay claim 
to all because of my unity with the All. I may claim 
God's Being and God's Expression, all perfect. 

I claim firm Mind and unwavering Conscious- 

I claim pure and strong thought. I claim per- 
fect body for it is Truth. 

Some ask, Why am I not a stronger Scientist? 
— or as the disciples said to Jesus, "Why could we 
not cast him out?" Jesus replied, "Because of 
your unbelief." Belief in evil is unbelief in good. 
There is no difference in the world between one and 
another but in persistence, One never yields, an- 
other does. The strong Scientist is the one that en- 
dures "unto the end" of all conceptions. Un- 
swerving purpose makes the strong man or woman. 

He who works not for reward, but is faithful 
for love of Truth finds reward certain. Numerous 
cases of healing might be cited here, but that is not 
deemed the best method of proclaiming Truth. 


Jesus said to those he healed, "See thou tell no 
man. ' ' 

If it give any encouragement to beginners to 
hear that what are called marvelous works are con- 
stantly being accomplished by this method, we are 
glad to be able to make the assertion with full 
knowledge of what we are saying. 

Appearances of tumors have been removed, 
abnormal conditions righted, consumption healed, 
intemperance destroyed, and all sorts of so-styled 
acute diseases are relieved speedily. Several cases 
of membraneous croup and other so-called incurable 
diseases have been healed. 

Kemember that all of this has been done by 
realizing the nothingness of such conditions. Tell- 
ing too minutely of the healing seems to make some- 
thing of disease and to be inconsistent with Prin- 

The best result and one that is often forgotten 
is exemption from the numerous ills that flesh is 
called heir to. The untold demonstrations of this 
kind are legion. "Because thou hast made the Lord 
thy habitation, there shall no evil befall thee, nor 
any plague come nigh thee." The best healing is 
not to need healing ! 

Let all who seek the "gift" of healing know 
that it has been received by all, but only the one who 
makes right living his first desire, and who, with 
will and fixed purpose, practices daily the recog- 


nition of Truth shall attain to this great privilege. 
Read 1 Cor. 12:6, 7, 11. '"To every man severally 
as he will ' ' — as the man is willing. 

Not a moment's wavering can we permit who 
would go forth able to fulfill the Master's com- 
mission, "Heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out 
devils." Demonstration can be the result only of 
daily, earnest exercise in mental training. As we 
go upon our errand of Love, complete self-forget- 
fulness must be ours. Self -glory must not tempt; 
self -gain must not enter into our motive. 

Let us not try to "practice" on our patient. 
Our practice must be within ourselves, and our work 
for others will be the natural expression of true 

When one plays a piece of music beautifully, 
she demonstrates her past hours of practice. If 
she wait to do the practicing until asked to play, 
her playing will surely not be acceptable. 

Practice by the hour: demonstrate instantly! 
Gain truthful Knowledge and affirm it. Let un- 
truthful belief be exposed, and rejected. Obedience 
to these rules insures success. 

See what Truth has done by its Omnipresence, 
and approach every event with Jesus' Consciousness, 
"Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me and 
I know that thou hearest me always." 

"Believe that ye have received, and ye shall 
have." Recognize Omnipresent Wholeness. We 


can afford to practice faithfully since the goal is 
Eternal Life in perfect Consciousness. 

False sense has hidden the Truth from our 
mentality. Light is revealing what I am. Let us 
state the Truth we see. 

"This mortal must put on" (affirm) "immor- 
tality.' ' 

I am Immortal Spirit, Incorruptible, Changeless, 
Harmonious, Strong in Thought and Body, Loving, 
Living, Trusting, Resting in the Freedom and Full- 
ness of Perfect Life* 

By thoughtfully making this statement and 
using it each day for a time, habits of thinking will 
be formed that will gradually bring every thought 
into peaceful Consciousness. 

Eemember in speaking of the I am that it is 
God and is what God is. Thus can we make the 
above statement understandingly. 


Man the Expression and Not the 
Reflection of God 

"Thou hast crowned him with glory and honor." 

"Don't shrink from the honor he puts upon you." 

"There is no room for looking at self, and difficulties, and 

fears when there is a gush of prayer summed up in, 'Father, 

glorify thy son.' " 

Man can not know himself aright until he 
knows God, nor can he know God aright without 
understanding himself. When he begins to grasp 
the meaning of Divine Being and its method in 
creation, man's understanding of self begins. 

Man the expression of God refers to the in- 
dividual life that is an expression of. the Univer- 
sal. We have seen man in God, or in Universal 
Life, before creation, before individual action or 
expression as the stream was first within the 

Within the Universal, which is Mind, Man is 
identical with the Source of all things; hence it is 
written, "Let us make man" (the individual, the 
mental) "in our image.' ' The individual exists as 
Mind's activity, and it is this existence that is 
called the image, or expression of the Universal 



There is an un-made Idea, co-existent with the 
Eternal Mind. The name given this Idea is the 
Christ, the Only Son, the One Great Soul of the 
universe ; the One Divine Nature, of which each in- 
dividual soul is a partaker. This One Infinite Idea, 
Substance of all living forms, is the God-Man. 

The first perfect manifestation of this "Only 
Son" was Jesus. In each individual life as in 
Jesus, the Christ is sent into the world as a witness 
unto Truth. (Jno. 18:37.) 

The Universal Life and Substance is expressed 
as living soul and body. It is the "Bread" that 
cometh down from heaven — the living Substance 
that feeds all. It is the "Breath of Life" breathed 
in existence, the "Water of Life" that "Whosoever 
will ' ' may ' l take freely. ' ' 

"As the first coming of Christ is God manifest 
in one, the second coming shall be God manifest 
in the race." Christ is the impersonal Idea in and 
of the Infinite Mind, "before Abraham was," be- 
fore any individual existence, and the Substance of 
all individual existence. Jesus is an individual ex- 
pression of the Christ. 

We see that in creation, Infinite Mind is ex- 
pressing its own Divine Nature. The true in- 
dividual life is the expression of the Infinite Life. 

A student of Christian Science was asked, 
"What is man?" She replied, "He is the reflec- 
tion of God." "No," said her questioner, "He is 


the expression of God. " " What is the difference 1 ' ' 
she exclaimed. Since there is all the difference in 
the world, it may be worth onr while to consider 
the subject. 

In "Science and Health,'' the text book of 
Christian Science, man is occasionally designated as 
the expression of God, but more frequently as the 
reflection of God. He can not be both. Let us see. 

Express means "to press out of." The ex- 
pression of anything must first have been within and 
part of that from which it came ; must also be iden- 
tical with that whence it came. 

Not so with reflection. Beflect means * ' to bend 
back." A reflection had no part or- place in the 
original. It has no vital connection with, hence, 
contains no substance of its source. Expression 
has within it the Substance of its Source. 

The rays of the sun, the branch and fruit of the 
tree, the stream from the fountain represent ex- 
pression. These come from their source and are of 
the substance of their source. 

If a mirror be held before an object, there is 
a reflection. We see how unlike expression this is. 
A reflection of God would be an unsubstantial, life- 
less thing. If man, the Son of God, were but a re- 
flection of God, he would be without substance or 
life within himself — this Christian Science affirms; 
"No life in the body." How then is God or Life 
Omnipresent? It is written: "As the Father hath 


life in himself, even so hath he given to the Son to 
have life in himself.' ' 

One Snbstance eliminates all possibility of re- 
flection of God. Omnipresence means that one Sub- 
stance is All-Presence. 

Again, to have a reflection of anything, there 
must be separation of that which reflects from the 
thing reflected. For man to "reflect Life, Truth and 
Love,' 7 he must be something outside of God, which 
is impossible if Omnipresence is Truth. "In him 
we live, move and have our being." A drop of 
water is expression of, or pressed out of, the ocean. 
There is no process of reflection by which one can 
get a drop of water, for it consists of the original 
substance, called water. 

Neither can real man be found in reflection ! 
He is made of original Substance that is called 

In this book of Christian Science teachings, we 
have man presented thus: "Man's consciousness 
and mind are reflections of God. Man reflects In- 
finity. Man reflects Infinite Love, Truth and Life. 
Man is a reflection of Soul. God and man are not 
one. Man reflects Divine Substance." 

Man is here called the "reflection" and also it 
is said, he "reflects." Which is he, the reflection or 
that which reflects? The image in the mirror, or the 
mirror? He is called both! 

In contradiction of these statements of man, 


we find these words in the same book: "Man was 
and is God's idea, even the Infinite expression of 
Infinite Mind. Man has been forever in the Eternal 
Mind. Man is the expression of God, the offspring 
of Spirit. God is Substance and man is the off- 
spring of Substance." Reflection can not be off- 
spring. "That which is born of Spirit is Spirit," 
Jesus affirmed. "Offspring of Spirit' ' is Spirit and 
not a mere reflection of Spirit. 

This confusion of words must be where the per- 
fect Law is not comprehended. "Science and 
Health," also declares that "God is not in his re- 
flection. ' ' This is true ; therefore, if man and crea- 
tion are but reflections of God, the Spirit does not 
dwell in man, is not present in creation ; this denies 

Something is needed to straighten out this 
tangle. The perfect acceptance of Omnipresence 
sees the Divine Life and Substance as the All. ' i One 
Father— above, through and in all. ' ' 

Many other teachings of the Bible bear out this 
idea. (Selected Bible Eeadings, page 10, Omni- 
presence; page 38, Unity with God.) 

"There is a Spirit in man. * * * Now the 
Lord is that Spirit. He hath given us of his Spirit. 
He that dwelleth in Love, dwelleth in God and God 
in him. Know ye not that ye are the temple of 
God and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?" 

It can not be, says "Science and Health," be- 


cause the greater can not dwell in the less. But, 
surely, the greater can fill the less ! The ocean can 
fill all its drops yet not be confined to any one of 
them. The Infinite can fill all. "Do I not fill 
heaven and earth ?" (invisible and visible) "saith 
the Lord. ' ' More than this is now seen. 

The Universal Spirit not only fills but is the 
individual, and this Spirit is Life, Intelligence and 
Substance. There is no uncertain sound in this. 
These conclusions are in perfect accord with the 
premise of Truth that declares Omnipresence to be 
One Substance, Mind and Life. 

It is as inconsistent to say that Spirit is not 
in its creation, or offspring, as to say that the water 
of the fountain is not in its stream, because the 
fountain is the greater ; or that the substance of the 
tree is not in its fruit. The drop of water is made 
of the ocean substance. So is individual man made 
of the Universal Substance. There is none else. 

We can not, then, accept as Truth of man's re- 
lation to God the illustration, given in ' ' Science and 
Health," of man and his reflection in the mirror. 
Stand before that image in the glass and imagine 
yourself saying to it — as God says to man — "Come 
now, let us reason together." How could you ex- 
pect that Mindless, Lifeless reflection to "reason" 
with you ! 

Again, speak to that shadow and say, "Choose 
ye this day whom ye will serve," and can you ex- 


pect a response from that that has no volition! 
These words are spoken to man and prove that the 
Divine Mind recognizes man as a responsible Being, 
endowed with free will, with Life and Intelligence. 
Divine Mind expects a response from its expression 
that could never be thought of from a reflection. 

The "image of God" does not mean an empty 
shadow. The image spoken of in the beginning is 
Divine Thought born of Infinite Consciousness, that 
is bringing forth the ' i likeness ' ' of Divinity. It is a 
living presence that was told to "increase and mul- 
tiply." Can this be asked of a lifeless image? As 
one has suggested, as well might a photograph of 
wheat be planted and expected to grow. As well 
might perfume from wax flowers, or heat from the 
picture of glowing coals be anticipated. 

To know man's Spirit, living soul and body as 
living Substance, is not to make man God, but it is 
to see his unity with the Eternal and to know the 
Infinite as All. 

The individual can no more say, I am God than 
the drop of water can say, I am the ocean. The in- 
dividual is the expression of God and can say, I 
am Life of Infinite Life, and Substance of Infinite 
Substance. There is but One God, One Substance, 
One Life, One Universal Presence and Power ; there 
are many individuals, or expressions, but all are 
united in the One as the drops in the ocean. As 
the drop blends with the ocean, so man blends with 


God. For man to try to shape himself or his life 
would be as foolish as for a drop to say, I want to be 
something apart from the ocean. 

He who is conscious of the limitless I Am 
never claims anything. He knows the "All in all" 
as all. The true individual never claims anything 
apart from other individuals. 


The Truth teaches man's eternal oneness with 
the Universal Substance, Mind and Life. It shows 
by the perfect Law and Order of Infinite Mind 
and its manifestation, that like begets like ; that the 
individual life is the product of Universal Life as 
the apple is produced from the apple tree, hence, 
that individual man is the expression and in no 
wise a "reflection" of the Creator. 

By this, we see that expression is "an emana- 
tion of the indwelling Life and Substance." Ex- 
pression is that which is always in and of its Source. 
Reflection has no substantial relation to the orig- 
inal. Expression necessitates union. Reflection im- 
plies separation. Expression is of the original and 
enduring Life-Substance. Reflection has in it no 
Intelligence, Life or Substance. Since the fountain 
is water, so is the stream. We do not say the stream 
is watery. Neither should we say that the indi- 
vidual is spiritual. Since the Expressor is Spirit 



so is the expression. Since the vine is grape the 
fruit is grape too. All things invisible and visible 
are of the One Presence, and are one in Life and 

The water of the stream was originally the wa- 
ter of the fountain. The Substance of each individ- 
ual was originally the Substance of the Infinite, and 
its Nature is not changed when it comes forth into 
individual expression. Each individual must say to 
the Universal Source, - ' All my springs are in thee. ' ' 

Shall a" thirsty man be offered a cup of refresh- 
ing water, or shall he be satisfied with the reflection 
of water? To man hungering and thirsting after 
righteousness, shall Science offer a satisfying Sub- 
stance or only the reflection of Substance — an un- 
substantial shadow! 

The attempt to reach true satisfaction by ac- 
cepting the shadow, or dead image, for the real, is 
like the dog in the fable. Crossing a stream with a 
bone in his mouth, he caught sight of its reflection. 
Stooping to catch the reflection, he lost the real 
bone ! 

Let each be careful lest by taking reflection for 
reality he lose hold of the Substance that is his 
birthright, his present possession. Let the full 
meaning of Omni-presence be realized, and man 
be known, not as the shadow of reality, but as the 
very Substance of Truth — expression and manifes- 
tation of Spirit. 


Man Unveiled 

At the unveiling of the statue of one whose 
great and noble deeds have made him worthy of 
fame, multitudes gaze with awe and admiration upon 
the perfection displayed in marble. 

Today is witnessed the unveiling of the most 
perfect figure in the history of heaven and earth, 
the one that has made all others great. This figure 
is man as Son of God, the "measure of the fullness 
of the stature of Christ. ' ' 

The whole purpose of revelation is the unveil- 
ing of man. Man is ever one with God but, in his 
first conceptions of Life, sees himself as something 
less. His understanding unfolds from the feeble- 
ness of babyhood to the strength of the perfect man 
until he stands fully revealed to himself. 

Equal with the importance of knowing God is 
knowing man, for what can one do with the knowl- 
edge of God unless he understand himself? 

It is easy to believe great things of God so long- 
as one is not called upon to prove these things in 

Lack in the past has resulted, not from lack of 
faith in what God is, but from want of understand- 
ing as to what man is and what his relation to God. 



We have been taught of a God afar ofT and 
ontside of man, hence, of man outside of God. Man's 
relation to God is now becoming understood and his 
consequent possibilities recognized. 


"What is man that thou art mindful of him?" 
This was spoken in belief of separation. The 
Psalmist thought of man as being apart from God, 
not only in space but in kind. He saw not the rela- 
tion of Father and son, for who would say to a 
Father, "What is your son that you should concern 
your thought about him ! ' ' 

The ruling thought of the past has been sepa- 
ration; man apart from God; earth apart from 
heaven; body apart from Spirit and unlike Spirit. 

Today the ruling thought is unity. What has 
brought this about? Not a change in Truth, but a 
change in man's understanding of Truth. 


Man is eternally what he is. His thought of 
himself changes as he increases in Consciousness, 
and from change of thought come changes in his 
way of living. 

If man believes in a good God he shall have to 
believe in God's good creation, man. "Co-relative 


with the assertion, 'There is a foolish God' is the 
assertion, ' There is a brutish man. ' ' ' — Buskin. 

Seeing man aright is to believe in his greatness, 
not in his littleness ; in his strength, not in his weak- 
ness ; in his justice, not in his injustice. 

Understanding of man will establish faith in 
man. Faith in man will stimulate the best there is 
in him. Emphasis has been placed upon the neces- 
sity of understanding God. I wish now to empha- 
size the equal necessity of understanding man. 

Understanding of man gives knowledge of the 
Life he is and the power that manifests that Life. 

It is just as essential to believe in man as to 
believe in God. "Believe in God, believe also in 



There are three steps in the practical under- 
standing of anything. It must be seen; it must be 
accepted ; and it must be applied. 

Understanding of man and things has been 
based upon outsight. Now, insight is accepted as 
guide to Truth. Insight is a dormant faculty — 
asleep because it has not been exercised. Aroused, 
it reveals the Spirit that is to guide us into all 

The visible is not all there is of man; neither 
is the invisible all there is of God. 

Man sees and hears today to the extent that his 
faculties for seeing and hearing have been educated. 


Sight and hearing are limitless. Man is ' 'brain' ' 
all over — but has, through habit, cultivated only a 
small thought of this brain. 

How is it, when man's capacity is so great, he 
can seem so little, so limited, so bound? 

An illustration of this was given in a New 
Thought magazine : 

"When I was a boy," said a man, "I saw a 
large cucumber in a bottle, the mouth of which was 
much too small to admit the cucumber. I was 
puzzled to think how it got there. Later I went 
into the garden where I saw a bottle placed over a 
small cucumber that was still on the vine, and then 
I understood how the big cucumber had gotten into 
the little bottle; it had been slipped in when young 
and had grown up in the bottle ! ' ' 

Thus we see how a great big man can live in 
such little habits — he grows up in them! Only by 
breaking the bottle can the cucumber be released from 
its crampy house. Man can free himself from be- 
lief of littleness only by breaking the habits of 
thought into which he has grown. 


Man is invisible as well as visible, and the 
greater part of him is yet invisible to himself. 

Man is universal as well as individual — is uni- 
versal before he is individual. 


Man is one with God before he is born of God. 

When the Universal Substance, Intelligence and 
Life expresses a form, we say, A man is born. That 
man came forth of God. He is "born" with Per- 
fect Life, Perfect Mind and Perfect Substance. This 
is the secret of his greatness — because God is great. 
' l Of myself I can do nothing. ' ' Of myself I can be 

As is the stream of water to its fountain, so is 
man to God — in God and one with God before and 
after he comes into form ; Universal before he is in- 

Hence, man's nature is God-like. All that man 
can be, think or do, is Universal. The Universal be- 
longs to all equally. Man's capacities are limit- 
less ; his possibilities unbounded. To manifest this, 
he must break his old habits of thinking limitation 
and accept his eternal fullness. 

First, see Truth ; then accept. 


By this insight into the Truth of man's Being, 
he sees and accepts that it is not natural but un- 
natural for him to sin, sicken or die. It is unlike his 
nature to be selfish, grow angry or fear. 

Why do these come so easily if unnatural 1 
Universal man is the Christ, the true Self. Of 
this it can certainly be said, It is perfect. The 
Self of all is perfect. 


It is in the individual that imperfection appears. 

Yet, of him it is written, ' i In the image of God 
made he him. ' - Of him it is spoken, ! * I had planted 
thee wholly a right seed. ' ' 

The individual was started out all right. 


The living soul of each is like a garden that is 
planted full of good seed. Every soul from its 
Source is filled with the possibilities of all good. 

These seed in the soul wait upon cultivation. 
Man, the individual, is not to plant but to keep and 
dress this garden. Man's power to think is the 
means of cultivating these seed. He 4s to cultivate 
thought of the perfect and good. Whatever thought 
he cultivates seems to him to be true. By thinking 
he may recognize his God-given qualities and their 
expression. One says: We are the logical result 
of our views. This means that we live according 
to our view of Life. How important to see aright. 

That sin, sickness and death seem to come so 
easily is a proof, not that they are natural, but that 
human thought has been cultivating these beliefs — 
has neglected to cultivate the Consciousness of 
man's true nature. 


How much power has false thinking? It has 
power in belief, not in me. 


It is sometimes said, I am what my thoughts 
have made me. This is impossible as it would make 
me think before I am! Thought has power to ex- 
press the Self but not to make it. What I am can 
not change; it waits forever upon recognition. 
Change of thought will change one's estimate of all 

How then may good be appropriated? Culti- 
vate the thought of Universal Good because it is 

Good is. All souls are endowed with this good- 
ness. Eecognition of the Universal Source assures 
each of finding and possessing consciously the true 
and lasting good. 

Have faith in man. Acknowledge his Divinity ; 
so shall his perfection be recognized as manifest. 


Inherent in man is Wisdom, Knowledge and 
Understanding. In essence he is Love. Power is his 
birthright. Life eternal is his inheritance. Per- 
fection is his nature. 

One fills the universe. 

That One is the Divinity of all. 
. See It. 

Accept It. 

Live It. 



Answers to Questions 

1. What is meant by casting out devils as 
spoken of in the Bible? 

There is nothing in the Bible that so plainly in- 
dicates the impersonal nature of the "devil" as this. 
Take one example: a mother brings her child to 
Jesus beseeching him "that he would cast forth the 
devil out of her daughter." Later, Jesus said to 
her, ' ' The devil is gone out of thy daughter. ' ' 

This incident is introduced by the statement 
that the "young daughter had an unclean spirit" 
(Mark 7:25). The unclean spirit is later called 
the "devil;" a disposition to believe in false- 
hood, fear or ignorance; anything that is wrecking 
the harmony of thought and body is the "devil" to 
be cast out. 

Jesus taught that temptation comes not from 
things or from others. Not something outside 
tempts us but desires, self-formulated; heart-crav- 
ings for anything less than the Infinite Truth 
(James 1: 13). 

2. Upon what authority are the lives of indi- 
viduals and events given in the Bible interpreted in 
a spiritual sense? 

Every outer act is the carrying out of the in- 



dividual's convictions. A character is read by outer 
deeds. Thinking precedes action, and in the outer 
deed is registered whatever thinking is. 

What is true of individuals is true of nations. 
In the history of the race, we find the record of its 
growing realization. Deeds were allowed in the be- 
ginning that would not be tolerated in fuller under- 
standing. The Bible gives a record that deeply con- 
cerns us all in that it depicts the resultant deeds of 
different stages of unfoldment. 

There may or may not have been an actual flood 
but its lesson to us is actual. Whenever and wher- 
ever the eyes of the soul ("windows of heaven") 
are opened, there shall come into mentality such a 
flood of Light and Truth, that all born of false con- 
ceptions ("world of the ungodly") shall perish 
from men 's thought. 

"Let the wicked perish at the presence of the 
Lord." When Omnipresence is seen, the "flood" 
has poured into mentality, and all that has seemed 
ungodlike is surrendered to the Truth of the One. 

3. What is meant by the "lost" spoken of in 
the Bible? 

"Lost sheep" were found and brought back. 
So long as a single one strayed, it was sought. 
"There shall be one fold, one shepherd" teaches the 
final ingathering of all. 

"Lost coin" were sought and recovered. Noth- 
ing is to be eternally lost, for God creates all and 


pre-determines the destiny of all — to be eternally 
his own. Man may defer salvation but he can not 
annul it. 

If a child be met wandering in the street at 
night, it is called lost. Is it lost forever, or will 
some one show it the way home? It is only a loss 
of understanding Truth for which man is suffering 
and for this there is always salvation, or light. 

4. What do you understand by salvation ? 

A return to true Consciousness that destroys all 
false conceptions of Life. Being saved from erron- 
eous opinions and beliefs. Understanding is the 
only salvation and Jesus' whole life was spent in 
opening man's thought to understanding. He said, 
Knowing the Truth shall make you free. 

What Truth? The Truth of what I am and 
where I am — of my relation to the Whole. This 
that I truly am is not subject to ills or fears; this 
knowledge saves from the seeming power of sin and 

5. What is Mind Healing? 

It is not the exercise of Mind over "matter," 
nor of human will over conditions. One who thinks 
he has scientifically conquered ills by saying, "I 
just determined I would not have it and I did not" 
must learn that this is not true Mind Healing. 

This may give temporary relief, but it is based 
only upon the human will which is changeable and 
can not be reliable or permanent. The only will to 


be used is being "willing to do the will" of Intel- 
ligence and Love. . 

Mind Healing is realizing the Truth of Eternal 
Wholeness, or Harmony, for the mental and for the 
body. This Truth is recognized in thought and 
spoken forth in word. The body is included in this 

6. Do you believe in the mortality of the body I 

What is the body? To answer this, all that we 
have conceived the body to be must be yielded, and 
a ' l new birth, ' ' even ' ' from above, ' ' be accepted. 

Spirit is the Source and Substance of every- 
thing, hence, Spirit is Source and Substance of the 
body. All is Spirit. These scientific statements ex- 
plain the body and if opinions are silenced the body 
will be understood. 

"Ye know not what manner of Spirit ye are 
of." The Law of Expression reveals the body in- 
cluded within Spirit and the manifestation of Spirit. 
This is so fully explained in previous lessons (Part 
First) that it need not be dwelt upon here. 

There is but One Substance. "By one Spirit 
are we all baptized into one body." Spirit and 
body are the same Substance. 

"This body?" some one asks. "The body," we 
answer. There is but one body. The Omnipresence 
must include body in its Purity and Perfection, for 
it is the All. The Substance of the body is perfect. 

Eemember that it is only belief that is mortal. 


False thinking will "die daily" as Understanding 
destroys belief. . 

Truth is not destroying "mortal mind" or 
"mortal body" it is putting out the belief in a mind 
and body apart from God. Perfect unity is being 
seen everywhere. 

7. What is mortal belief? 

The conception that there is a Substance, In- 
telligence and Life, apart from the Infinite, which 
is impossible. Christian Science seeing a body 
apart from Spirit denies the Life, Intelligence and 
Substance of the body. Seeing Spirit as all and 
Omnipresence as Truth, we must, to be consistent 
with Truth, admit Life, Intelligence and Substance 
everywhere! From the conception of separateness 
grows the belief of being apart from good, of unlike- 
ness to good, and of something besides good. All 
these are false imaginings and result in the claim 
of limitation and lack. The knowledge of Truth 

8. What is the Truth that frees? 

The Truth of God's Allness. "I am the Lord, 
and besides me there is none else. ' ' 

The Truth that frees is the Knowledge of man 's 
oneness with God, his acceptance of this Knowl- 
edge and its daily exercise in thought and speech. 

The great sin is to believe in a presence, or 
power adverse to God. This belief is the only ad- 
versary that can disturb man's peace. 


Bow the head, man, and submit to this deci- 
sion of Divine Wisdom. Though it make thy per- 
sonality nothing, it makes the God of Life thy All 
in all. Presume not to call thyself something else 
besides God! Mistake not by believing thyself un- 
like God, or by supposing thyself outside of God. 
Thou couldst not exist for a moment if these con- 
ceptions were true. 

9. What is the world claim that must be over- 
come 1 

It is the generally accepted theory of evil, and 
that there is a power opposed to God — there is 
none, but the belief is the appearance called sin and 
death. This belief is to be given up as the redemp- 
tion of soul and body from sin and death is realized 
by seeing the baptism of the world in the Omni-pres- 
ent Love, Purity and Goodness. 

As soon as there is no thought of ill, no harm 
nor any fear of evil shall be felt. 

10. Is there future probation? 

The Divine Spirit measures not by time. Eter- 
nity is its only limit; therefore, it can not say to 
a living soul, "Repent within a certain time, or I 
will not allow you to repent. ' ' It is written : ' ' His 
mercy endureth forever. ' ' 

In sin or mistakes there is suffering. Love is 
the destruction of sin and the soul can never be sep- 
arated from the presence of Love. "If I make my 
bed in hell thou art there.' ' Man is either drawn 


or driven by Love to his final destiny of perfect sat- 
isfaction in God. Suffering is reformatory. 

12. What about the future life? 

As two and two make four so two billions and 
two billions make four billions. One statement is 
as certain as the other, yet the simpler is readily 
demonstrated, while the greater is known only by 
the law of progression. 

This much certainty we have of the future, that 
there is but One Law, One Life, and that no break 
can be made in either Law or Life. Past, present 
and future Life are one. All Life is Eternal Life. 

The future existence is a truer term to apply 
to this as existence is the form and result of Life. 
How existence in the future will be depends upon 
our enlightenment. All that concerns our future 
existence is Consciousness. 

"Future Life" is but the Life that is not yet 
comprehended. Increase in Divine Consciousness, 
or in the Consciousness of Divinity, reveals every 
thought and body immersed in Light, and Light is 
Life, perfect and harmonious here or hereafter. 

13. Since, as this Science avers, man is one 
with God, how comes it that he is such a ridiculous 
and sorrowful figure in the scheme of creation? 

' i I had planted thee wholly a right seed. Man 
that is in honor, and understandeth not, is like the 
beasts that perish." 

Man started out, so to speak, with unlimited 


possibilities of good. His true state is Perfection, 
for God is his Being, or Nature, which is Changeless. 

He is to realize this State of Perfection, and it 
is done, as we have said more than once, by recog- 
nition of his Being. 

Thought has already been explained as free in 
action, but a perfect Law governs results. Thought 
is to turn within to receive, and without to give. It 
must not be impressed from without, but is' to ex- 
press from within. The former is our thought; the 
latter is God's thought. 

If, then, man's opinions claim the outer as a 
source and cause of good or ill, he mis-takes and, 
when fuller understanding comes, must surrender 
what he has taken amiss and receive true Conscious- 

The "prodigal" was a "ridiculous and sorrow- 
ful figure ' ' while he separated himself from the full- 
ness of his father's house. We are "prodigals" 
while we claim only a portion of good as we do 
when we look to the outer as a source. We are in- 
vited to look to the Universal Good, in which we 
have boundless possessions. 

When this prodigal "comes to himself," he 
gives up all claim of separation from good and "goes 
to the Father" by returning to the Consciousness of 
his Limitless Source and Supply. 

Man goes to the Father as he knows his oneness 
with the Fullness of the universe. 


14. Has not man two natures ? 

Not unless he has two sources ! In Science, we 
are making the l i eye, ' ' or thought, single to the One 
that is Infinite and Omnipresent — present as all. 
That One is good. 

Man is by Nature good. There is no sin in his 
Origin, hence, no "original sin" in his Nature. By 
education, we claim evil,, and this is the only inherit- 
ance of evil. 

There is not a higher and a lower self — there 
is but one Self. We are finding it and are surrender- 
ing, not a lower self, but a lower conception of Self. 

"Call no man on earth your Father, for one is 
your Father." Your Source is the Perfect Mind- — 
the Spirit of Love and Life; claim none other — dis- 
claim the belief of any other and you will destroy 
all appearance of original sin or heredity. A fur- 
ther lesson on heredity is given in another chapter. 

15. Why are so many who are indifferent to 
spiritual things generally healthier than good Chris- 

The more light, the more responsibility. The 
best Christians claim that it is God's will for them 
to be sick. They fear God, which the indifferent 
do not. Christians have light enough to know bet- 
ter. The only "fear" of God permissible is rever- 
ence and obedience, with acknowledgment of all that 
God is and confession that what God is, the Truth 
of all is. 


One who had begun to see anew told this as her 
experience. For years she had to lie upon a couch 
of sickness. Young children needed her care, but 
she could do very little for them. She was an earn- 
est Christian and believed she was to accept sick- 
ness as God's will. She claimed faith and she re- 
ceived faith. Likewise, she claimed patience, peace 
and even contentment and received all that she 
claimed. In her own words, "I never thought to 
claim health else I might have had that too! God 
filled every vessel I set, but I set no vessel to catch 
health.' ' 

16. Wherein does this Science differ from fatal- 

Being Omnipotent, Truth, Life and Love must 
rule forever, though for a time man may ignore the 
fact and believe in opposing powers. 

Beliefs can only obscure, not alter, Truth. ' ' He 
whose right it is shall reign" is the only fatalism 
in Truth. This may be called the fatalism of good. 

Man may postpone, but never change his des- 
tiny. He is to come into realization of the fullness 
of good — a "fatalism" to which all willingly bow. 
"As. I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow 
and every tongue shall confess to God." "For 
whom he fore-knew" (the Creator of all fore-knew 
all) "he also fore-ordained to be conformed to the 
image of his Son. In Christ shall all be made alive. ' ' 

17. What is the power of thought? 


All power is in Consciousness. Thought ex- 
presses power and is powerful, to the extent only 
that it is open to the Consciousness of Power. 

1 'All things are possible" simply means that 
when we are conscious of Power, we are unlimited 
in doing as well as in Being. We are always limit- 
less in Being, but we are not conscious of our limit- 
lessness in doing until we recognize its basis in our 

We could not be trusted with this knowledge of 
Power until we were guided by Wisdom and Love 
that recognized the Power as Universal. If we at- 
tempt to use this Power for purely personal ends, it 
eludes us; we have not the true Consciousness of 
Power if we suppose it places one individual above 

Jesus knew he possessed this limitless Power 
and proved himself trustworthy of such understand- 
ing by his refusal of all personal exaltation. "Why 
called thou me good? The works that I do shall ye 

When we grant to all men equal rights, then 
may we safely know our limitless Power. 

This Power is Divine Consciousness that holds 
no condemnation and sees no inequality, for its nat- 
ture is Perfect Love. Thought is powerful when it 
' ' thinketh no evil. ' ' 

18. Many admit that mind has great power 
over the body; can you say that it is the sole cause 
of all conditions ? Can mind kill and cure ? 


Mind is Cause. State is Changeless for it is the 
' ' highest and stationary condition. ' ' Mind is always 
Perfect State. The One Mind that is the Only Mind 
is forever the State of Perfection. 

This Mind is Perfect Cause, and its effect, or 
creation, is perfect. This is Truth. Hence, the con- 
ditions that are not perfect are not true. 

Can this Mind cure? It "healeth all our dis- 
eases" by destroying the claim of ignorance and by 
giving us true Knowledge. 

Can it kill f Not the Perfect Mind. "lam come 
that they might have life. The gift of God is eternal 
life. ' ' The belief of a mind apart from God ' ' kills ; ' ' 
the conception that life originates in the body and 
is dependent upon the body kills for the time our 
realization of Truth. The convict died because he 
believed himself bleeding to death, though he had 
lost but a few drops of blood. This proves that be- 
lief is all there is of death. 

When we come into the Knowledge and Under- 
standing of the Perfect Mind we know that Health 
is the reality. The Perfect Mind knows only Health. 

When Knowledge destroys belief then there will 
be no more death — no more belief of death. 

19. Can we pursue the old methods of disci- 
pline with children? 

Until the new is understood and practiced, we 
do not altogether abandon the old. It is wise to en- 
force obedience, teach courtesy, industry and self- 
lessness, for this is the teaching of Truth. 


When mothers, teachers and all in authority 
over children, faithfully apply the Principle of Sci- 
ence, no other government will be needed. The 
mother who wishes to exercise the new rather than 
the old authority will find her hands fuller than ever 

Daily recognition must be given the children; 
time must be taken every day to claim the child's 
birthright of Wisdom, Love and Goodness. 

Let the child join with us in this daily practice. 
Speak the words aloud, just a few positive but sim- 
ple statements of Truth. When we give the child 
a special treatment for any claim, it will be well to 
let it repeat the words ; in fact, we should let it feel 
its own responsibility with our help in treating 

A child of four years old was treated in this 
way for a very large wart on the hand. She was 
gathered into the mother's arms each morning and 
the treatment spoken aloud was repeated by her. 
Through the day, as she played, she was often heard 
to say of her own accord, after looking a moment 
at the appearance, "I have no belief of an ugly 
wart. ' ' 

In a few days, the skin around the wart had 
broken away as if a knife had cut it. From day to 
day this grew deeper, until the wart dried up and 
fell from her hand. It was not touched with any- 
thing ; only Mind treatment was exercised. 


The keeping of the moral law precedes the keep- 
ing of spiritual law. Indeed, the spiritual law is 
the fulfilling of the moral. The best scientists are 
those who begin by obeying the latter. 

Show confidence in the child's good nature. 
Point out the right instead of condemning the wrong. 
Science does not teach us to neglect our children and 
when we say, Leave them more and more to the 
guidance of the Divine Nature within them, we do 
not expect any cessation of a mother's care and 
watchfulness, but a different method of care. 

Mothers have thought that anxious care was a 
proof of the love they bore their children. Now 
we know that if we love our children as the Great 
Father loves us — and surely no love can exceed that 
— there will be no anxious thought. 

Fear, anxiety and doubt certainly can not help 
the children. Tenderly care for the child's needs 
without any solicitude about its future; train its 
thought in pure, unselfish channels ; teach it, by pre- 
cept and above all by example, not to fear, not to 
speak evil, sickness or lack of any kind. 

See the child enfolded in the Presence that is 
all Power and you may safely trust its welfare to 
the Infinite Love. Children readily believe and 
trust. One little girl says to her mother, I forgot 
God — I forgot God, instead of saying, I am sick. 
She is soon feeling well again. 

20. How explain accidents? 


Like every "ill," accidents are the fruit of our 
beliefs. While we fail to give positive recognition 
to the Presence and Power that fills and rules all, 
we shall believe in accidents. But in God's king- 
dom are no accidents. Only where human opinions 
and beliefs have sway, is there disorder. 

Until now, unconscious opinion has believed in 
separation from God, and has claimed two powers, 
two wills and two laws. This opinion has accepted 
accident as it has sickness, believing it to be inev- 

As Light breaks, there is work to do. We must 
discard these erroneous opinions; we must put out 
all such beliefs and learn to know and dwell in the 
Consciousness of our true Life wherein is safety. 

This is making God our habitation or habit of 
thought and speech ; until we can say we have faith- 
fully applied these rules, we can not wonder if we 
still believe in accident. Let us ask ourselves, Do I 
believe in the possibility of accidents? Do I talk 
and read of accidents? Do I admit any power be- 
sides the good! 

The treatment given against accidents in our 
little healing book, "Words Suggesting How to 
Heal," is the best we can offer for help in this. 

21. Are we taught by experience ?' 

To try to learn from experience is inversion of 
the Law that bids us seek Knowledge first within: 
to recognize this Knowledge and to express it in 


thought and word and deed make up our true experi- 
ences. Experiences are results and not cause. 

When we have true Knowledge, we do not need 
to have experience prove to us what is right or what 
is wrong. We shall know before we think or act. 
This is the way of Understanding. 

If our thought turn from this way and seek in 
the outer for guidance, then it is, indeed, as a boat 
upon the water without any rudder. 

Experience that is not the perfect outcome of 
Divine Intelligence is gained only by experiment, 
and there must be many failures before satisfactory 
result is attained. 

Experiences may change from day to day. The 
changeable is not a guide to Truth. 

Medical practice is based upon experience that 
has been gained through experiment, hence, it can 
not claim to be an exact science, as its laws and 
methods may change to-morrow. 

If we have been looking to experience for our 
lessons, let us now seek a more certain Knowledge. 
Basing our experience upon the Truth of Eternal 
Being, we shall express the Tightness of that Per- 
fect State in every deed, word and condition. 

Mixed experiences of good and ill have been nec- 
essary only as the result of the course we have 
chosen, the claim of a divided or mixed mentality. 
Follow Divine Order and we shall have in experi- 
ences only the perfect conditions. 


22. Is healing a certain proof of infallible doc- 
trine ? 

What men usually call healing is not. Supersti- 
tion has cured many and medicine has helped thou- 
sands — in fact anything that we have faith in cures 
for a time, and if bodily pain is all we care to have 
removed the method would seem of little moment. 

Our Science teaches that Purity of Mind is the 
Source of Wholeness of body. It remits the sin or 
ignorance that lies at the root of all ill and thus 
destroys belief of sickness. One can see that this is 
the only permanent healing. 

To remove only bodily ailments is to "make 
clean the outside of the cup and platter/' Pills 
and plasters can do no more than this, hence, not 
reaching the root of ills, can give only temporary 
relief. Divine Healing is Health for eternity, for it 
heals by embracing the Health that is eternal. 

23. What does Science teach of prayer 1 
Much has been written in this book concerning 

Prayer. We will add, "Prayer is not overcoming 
Grod's reluctance, it is laying hold of his highest will- 
ingness.' ' 

After we see Omnipresence as the "Fullness fill- 
ing all, ' ' we can say, ' i I have received. ' ' Then must 
we "speak: with new tongues" — we pray in a new 

The Prayer of Science is recognition, accept- 
ance and thanksgiving. 


Our interpretation of the Lord's Prayer into 
the "new tongue' ' is very simple. Eeference has 
been made to Selected Bible Headings, page 113, for 
an explanation of our use of this Prayer in the pres- 
ent tense. Aside from the assertion that it must 
have been spoken thus by Jesus, we find its mean- 
ing intensified when it is translated into the lan- 
guage that expresses the realization of Omnipresent 
Truth — a realization promised by Jesus to his fol- 

If you have never repeated this Prayer in the 
present tense, do so now and you will appreciate the 
satisfaction that this form gives. 

Our Father which art in heaven. 

Hallowed is thy name. 

Thy kingdom is come ; thy will is done on earth 
as it is in heaven. 

Thou givest us each day our daily bread. 

Thou forgivest our debts as we forgive our 

Thou leadest us not into temptation, but dost 
deliver us from all evil, 

For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and 
the glory, forever and forever. 

24. Of what practical use is the Law of Expres- 

The Law of Expression explains the method of 
God in creation, hence, the only method of accom- 
plishing anything. In it is revealed the Creative 


Power and how it acts. It presents the Science 
teachings in a systematic form. 

This method is fully explained in Lesson IV, 
' ' The Work of Thought. ' * Also in the ' ' Summary ' ■' 
that follows : 

All of nature 's wonder working is by this Law ; 
indeed, all action manifests the One Law ; for wher- 
ever there is activity we shall find an actor on the 
one hand and a result of that activity on the other. 
Every tree and plant illustrates this Law. 

The Law of Expression reveals man to us as 
nothing else has ever done. It explains the Origin 
and Nature of his living soul and body. 

By the Law of Expression we findr where every- 
thing belongs. This Law helps us to see everything 
in its right place; enables us to see order instead 
of disorder ; teaches us where to look for Cause and 
where to find effect, and we are no longer tempted 
to take the outer for a source of good or ill. This 
understanding is the beginning of true freedom. 

25. If it is not natural to sin and be sick, why 
do we see decay and death in all the lower creation? 

The higher governs the lower, and when man 
fully understands himself he will understand all the 
forms of life. "Nature is a mask of man." 

"To the pure all things are pure," but to the 
imperfect conception all things seem imperfect. 
Man leads the way, and when his thought is up- 
lifted into pure Consciousness he will see all things 


as uplifted. "The trees of the field shall clap their 
hands ; the little hills shall skip like lambs : the moun- 
tains and the hills shall break before you into sing- 
ing ; instead of the thorn shall come up the fir-tree ; 
the lamb and the lion shall lie down together. " "In 
that day," or understanding, when man sees God's 
Omnipresence, he shall see that Divine Nature is the 
nature of all things. 

26. How may we help animals ? 
Eemember, not a sparrow falleth but Love 

knoweth it. The redemption of Truth is to be uni- 
versal. The help that comes from Truth is for all 
creation, "from the least unto the greatest.' ' 

One Life fills all, it is the Perfect Life and every- 
thing living manifests that Life. There is but One 
Source, One Life, One Power for every thing. 

Annul all fear. Discard from thought the uni- 
versal beliefs of disease and death. Affirm Life 
Omnipresent and Perfect; affirm Love, Harmony 
and Ease. Affirm Pure Substance. Declare One 
Presence and One Power. Continue this until you 
yourself are positive of it. 

27. May Science be applied to business? If so, 

Through understanding the Principle of Life 
and its manifestation, man sees the unity of each 
individual with the Universal. His thought is bound 
anew to the Infinite; he perceives that there can be 
no separation of the individual life from its Source 
and Supply. 


Belief in separation from God has caused the 
sense of limitation and lack that man is feeling. 
Knowledge of Truth reveals man's unity with the 
Infinite, and in this Knowledge (Science) he re- 
turns to the Consciousness of Fullness, from which, 
for a time, he has wandered in belief. 

There has been a sentimental thought of carry- 
ing God into a man's business by talking of God or 
placing the name before men's eyes. The purpose 
was good, but the method a failure because God was 
not understood. 

When Science is taken into the business life 
man will find himself and his business ' ' carried ' ' by 
the Great Infinite Power that is ■" above all, through 
all and in all." Recognition of this Presence and 
Power gives conscious success; non-recognition 
leaves man helpless. 

Eecognize God as the Universal Good — the 
Good that is for all alike. Know this Good as be- 
longing to all : seek the Good for all without respect 
of persons: seek another's Good as much as your 
own. Eemember the generous weight "pressed 
down and running over." Measure to others as 
you would measure to yourself, for, in Truth, you 
are measuring to yourself. The Omnipresence of 
Good supplies all with abundance. 

Place your business where it belongs — in the 
hands of Infinite Wisdom and Love. Put your Suc- 
cess where it belongs — in the Infinite Principle of 


Good. Put your Supply where it belongs — in the 
Omnipresent Fullness. Take your business out of 
your own hands (belief of personal power), and ac- 
knowledge it to be in the Power and Fullness of 
Truth and Justice. 

Hold your individuality as the agent of Perfect 
Success, and recognize that you are "about your 
Father's business." Recognize Eight Principle as 
the Power, Fullness, Success and Supply of all outer 

Put aside all claims of lack, fear and failure; 
all self-seeking and narrowness; all envy and 
rivalry. Know that your business concerns every 
one and may help all others if conducted upon Right 

Love your business. Not only are men in 
"business;" every man, woman and child conducts 
a business that belongs to the Right; whether it be 
at a desk in school, in the nursery at home, or in 
the public places of the world, there is one and the 
same Principle, one and the same rule, that recog- 
nized and obeved will make manifest the Success of 

Upon rising in the morning make this state- 
ment: I love my work for today. I am conscious 
of the Power and the Presence of Truth that is 
manifesting Rightness in every way. 

28. How does Science help drunkenness and 


In precisely the same way that it heals sick- 
ness. Not by condemning, bnt by seeing nothing to 
condemn. "Neither do I condemn thee. Go, and 
sin no more." It declares man's true Nature. It 
points out his true Satisfaction. It puts out claims 
of weakness, fear and dissatisfaction. It reveals 
to man his Source and Substance. It shows, or 
awakens, man to himself. 

Like " prodigals' ' in a far country is the one 
who seeks satisfaction in outer things. The Voice 
of Truth has long been drawing man from this mis- 
taken course and gaining his consent to the sur- 
render of the dead symbol to the living reality. 

Men have always been selling their birthright 
for a "mess of pottage." In the Ark Israel found 
a substitute for Divine Presence. In the presence 
of the Ark they felt that they had more of the 
Presence of God. 

The children of God have had their "ark" in 
another form. They, too, have sold their birthright 
of health and peace as heirs of God, and their "mess 
of pottage" is pills, and tonics, and plasters! In 
these, they have sought the Presence of Good and 
thus have missed the mark of their high calling, 
which is to know the Presence that is their own very 
Fullness and Goodness. 

Man can not add to himself. He can not re- 
ceive his good from any outward Source. The in- 
dwelling God is his only Supply and his only Source 
of Satisfaction. 


29. Can Science alleviate poverty? 

Science has nothing to offer a selfish person but 
to get rid of his selfishness, for self thought is too 
little to perceive or admit the Consciousness of the 
Infinite. If one wants riches for any personal end, 
Science can not help him. If one wants to realize 
the richness of Divine Nature that is his because 
it belongs to every living soul, Science reveals the 
Way and the Truth. 

As a "Conquest of poverty " relinquish belief 
of fear, selfishness, lack and ignorance. Affirm Love, 
Confidence, Fullness and Understanding. Live un- 
selfishly; "undo the heavy burden" by, as one sug- 
gests, ceasing to be a burden to anyone; do your 
part bravely in life's duties, love all that you have to 
do, and perform all duties heartily "as unto the 
Lord. ' ' " Owe no man anything. ' ' 

Until we are honest in paying our obligations — 
no matter what the sacrifice — we can not grasp the 
meaning of the Law of perfect Supply. 

To the degree that one is willing to be rid of 
fear, selfishness, lack and ignorance, and to be Love 
and Understanding, will he realize Fullness. The 
Supply that each needs is already his, but only the 
eye of faith and love can see it. 

30. Why is there a charge for this teaching and 
healing that Jesus did without price 1 

Both methods have been fully tested. For 
about ten years the writer taught, and spoke the 



word of health without a named charge. During 
these years of service in which only freewill offer- 
ings were received, scores heard the word and re- 
ceived the healing. Of these many, but few ad- 
hered to the teaching or made it practical in their 
own lives. It had come too easily to be valued. 

Upon the opening of the College where order 
in every way must prevail, and all expression be 
adjusted to that order, it was found more satisfac- 
tory to both teacher and student that there be a 
regulated scale of prices. Since this change, many 
have been instructed and many healed, and almost, 
without exception, these are being faithful to the 
Principle and practice. 

A teacher who changed from her custom of 
free-will offerings to a charge gave the following 
reason : In the classes where free-will offerings were 
received, there was much irregularity in attendance. 
Knowing this to be detrimental to a comprehension 
of the subject, she decided to name a sum for the 
classes. From that time regular attendance was 
the rule. 

A Christian Science teacher told of a working 
woman who saved for two years to have the hun- 
dred dollars required for lessons. One remarked, 
"You did not accept it, did you?" "Certainly," 
she replied, "I could not think of discouraging that 
woman's enthusiasm. Of all the students in that 
class none was so earnest, obedient and teachable as 


she and none received the understanding so 
clearly." In other words, the more one sacrifices 
to acquire a thing, the more value he places upon 
that thing. As a result, the more earnestly does 
he pursue it and the more carefully put it into prac- 
tice. There is no indifference where the student 
meets difficult requirements. Neither a set price nor 
free-will offerings are Jesus' method. Most of his 
teaching and healing was done out of doors. No 
expense attended upon his services. No collection 
was taken; no plate set for free-will offerings. We 
can not imagine such things of him — but times and 
conditions were so different. 

So long as it is imperative that a set sum be 
paid for all the necessities of living, it is more har- 
monious to name a certain reasonable sum for work 
in any line. 

The grocer does not say, "Give me what you 
can ; ' ' nor the merchant, ' ' Make me a free-will offer- 
ing." Men do not pay what they please for rent. 
Ministers do not refuse a salary, nor physicians 
a fee. 

He who could find money in the mouth of a 
fish, or could multiply a few loaves and fishes to 
feed thousands — he who, more than all this, had 
meat to eat that others knew not of, such a one had 
no need of remuneration. To those not conscious of 
the fullness of ever-present supply he said, "The 
laborer is worthy of his hire. ' ' 


An honest method is always a right method. 
As Paul says, Let each be fully persuaded in his 
own soul as to the most helpful way and follow that 
— but to separate from each other because of meth- 
ods is unwise as the Churches have been. 

In my own experience I have found the orderly 
way the most beneficial one to all concerned and 
have heard far less said of remuneration in centers 
and amongst workers where a certain compensa- 
tion is named, and the student or patient meet that 
as far as possible, than where free-will offering is 
the rule. 

In the Colorado College of Divine Science the 
two methods are in use. Both Bible and Health 
classes are conducted upon the free-will plan — and 
many a one is helped, when it seems necessary, 
"without money and without price." 

31. What does Divine Science teach of vibra- 

Think of Omnipresence, the basis of all true 
decisions, and ask, What does Omnipresence teach 
of vibrations ? 

One Presence and one Power being all, and 
this all being perfect Mind, perfect Life, perfect 
Love, what is there besides ? 

Let us adhere to Omnipresence and not form 
opposite opinions and everything will be under- 
stood — yes, understood as being good. 

Should you wish to place vibrations, remem- 
ber the One Perfect Mind, the only Thinker, the 


only Actor, the only Cause of action: remember 
that thought is the activity of this Mind, fraught 
with its Power. Only the thought of Perfect Mind 
has power. Dwell upon this and an opposite belief 
cannot be accepted. 

Instead of speaking of "vibrations" which are 
believed to be evil as well as good, think of Divine 
activity being the only action. 

32. Since God is all, why is there not potency in 
medicine to help us! 

Because God is all, Omnipresence, the same 
potency that may be claimed for the medicine may 
also be claimed for our bodies — hence they do not 
need outside help. 

Omnipresence fills mineral and herb with all 
goodness. The Substance of mineral and herb is 
also the Substance of every atom of our bodies and 
the same goodness that is everywhere is the good- 
ness of our bodies. How then can the taking of 
medicine add any good to our bodies, that are al- 
ready good with the goodness of the Whole? 

It is only our thoughts that need to be im- 
proved, and not our bodies. 

One has suggested, ' c If you declare that man is 
wholly dependent upon God you have gone back 
to orthodoxy" — meaning the Church. There is no 
reason to discard Truth because it is held by the 
Churches. Elsewhere we have said truly that in giv- 
ing up past opinions we are not giving up any Truth, 


but conceptions of Truth. It is not a new Truth we 
claim, but a new interpretation of Truth. 

The Omnipresence is taught by Churches, but 
Science has revealed a significance in this term not 
yet dreamed of by "orthodoxy." God the Creator 
and Source of man is a fundamental doctrine in the 
Churches — yet how little helpful, practical thought 
has been gained from it. 

The Divine Science teaching of the dependence 
of the individual upon the Universal is based upon 
the knowledge of what God is as Omnipresence. 
It declares the One is All, — Creator, creative ac- 
tion and creation, All God — this certainly would 
not be called "orthodoxy" by the Churches. 
The understanding that God is all there is of man 
would hardly be accepted as right teaching by the 
leaders of ' t orthodoxy. ' ' 


Concerning Some Important Doctrines 


"God is able of these stones to raise tip children unto 

"Evolution is not progress in matter; matter 
can not progress. It is progress in Spirit in that 
which is limitless. The aspiration in the human 
heart is but the evolutionary tendency of the uni- 
verse becoming conscious. ' ' 

Individual life, like the branching of the tree, 
has a beginning in Consciousness that is the bud of 
the coming branch and fruit. Its growth is fuller 
unfoldment from within. This is evolution "be- 
coming conscious" of what is. 

In this unfoldment form, or the visible, is more 
and more clearly understood from the first percep- 
tion of Life to the final Consciousness. Each stage 
of realization reveals form according to the light 
in mentality. 

"First the blade, then the ear, then the full 
corn in the ear." 

In the order of creation, or unfoldment, there 
is first, the Universal (Cause), then, the individual 
(effect). In the Universal, we discover "the I am 



that I am." This is faintly realized at first — "the 
blade ;" but, as revelation is received, thought ex- 
pands — ' i the ear, ' ' until we recognize the All — ' ' the 
full corn in the ear." Thus does the individual 
evolve. Babyhood of understanding first : more and 
more perception, and finally, realization. 

"And soul or clod, we share the God 
That comes — and the shadows part." 

' ' The God that comes ' ' is the God that is Omni- 
presence but "comes" as we see it. 

Each unfoldment of thought is a resurrection. 
Out of some dead conception our mentality rises to 
the realization of a living Truth. The more con- 
scious we are of the Truth of Life, "the fuller our 
understanding of the forms of Life. 

One has said "Life slumbers in the stone, 
dreams in the plant, stirs in the animal, wakes in 
man." As we know that Life never slumbers nor 
dreams, it is man's thought of Life that awakens 
in Consciousness to fuller comprehension of what is. 
The revelation of Truth by which he sees more and 
more clearly is evolution. 

Our "rise" is not in our Being; but in our 
thought of ourselves, we ascend to realize our Per- 
fect Being. 

The Bible presents the history of this gradual 
unfoldment of the race into more and more Con- 
sciousness, from the first awakening of its mental- 
ity in Adam to its last and full perception in Jesus. 


The first individual life that began as a babe 
and finished as a full-grown man, was a type of 
every individual life. So the greater individual 
life in the race, unfolding from Adam to Jesus, is 
an interpretation, if we can read it, of all individ- 
uals. We began as "Adam" in understanding; we 
shall end as Jesus in full Consciousness. Paul thus 
expresses it, "that we grow up into him in all 
things;" or into his understanding of all things. 
"As in Adam all die, so in Christ shall all be made 

"Evolution," says one, "is the gradual out- 
shining of Divinity as man." This "outshining" 
in its beginning is known as "Adam," in its finish 
is known as "Jesus." Jesus represents the final 
Consciousness that reveals Divine Man to every 


Christ is the Universal Man. Adam was the 
first, hence the feeblest recognition of the Christ. 
Jesus was the full recognition of the Christ. Christ 
is the Universal, Divine Nature of all; Jesus is the 
individual expression of the Christ, just as you and 
I and all are. 

In Jesus, we have proof of what the Divine Life 
will do for all men when they fully perceive it. 
Christ is the "Only Begotten Son" sent into the 
world as the Life and Being of all men. 



Jesus was the first conscious Son of God, the 
" elder brother' ' — -one Son among many. Jesus was 
the first to accept the Christ and to live as the 

Jesus never drew the least distinction between 
his power and possibility and that of others; the 
Christ was his power. He taught that there was 
but ' ' one good ; ' ' he spoke always of the one Power 
and declared that it was no more his than another's ; 
he revealed one Father, one Source; "My Father 
and your Father, ' ' he said. 

He called no man Father, and said to all, "Call 
no man Father.' ' He said that each was sent as 
he was sent; "to bear evidence unto the Truth" is 
our mission as well as his. "The works that I do 
shall ye do." 

"As he is, so are we in this world," says John; 
meaning that what he realized we may realize ; what 
he did we may do. "All things are possible to them 
that believe." The difference between Jesus and 
his followers is that he believed and they do not — 
else they would do the same works ! 

Because I live, ye shall live also. 

Because I rise, ye shall rise also. 

Because I ascend, ye shall ascend also. 

Jesus' works were not "miracles" except to 
the ignorant. He understood and exercised the 
perfect Law. It never changes; it is as much with 
us today as it was with him. "Awake thou" that 


still sleepest and the Christ, always with you, ' ' shall 
give you light. ' ' 

As we receive this light, we, too, know that we 
"are born, not of blood, nor of the will of flesh, nor 
of the will of man, but of God." (John 1:12, 13.) 
This is our "new birth.' ' We see our origin in a 
new way. Like Mary, we know that Spirit, and not 
flesh, is the Source of men and that all Life is per- 

Now we put on the Mind of Christ. We hear 
the assurances that Jesus heard; we see the Truth 
that he saw and believe in and receive the Power 
that he believed in. This is the "Christ in you, 
your hope of glory" as it was in Jesus. 

' ' They are not of the world even as I am not of 
the world. At that day ye shall know that I am in 
the Father, and ye in me and I in you. That they 
may be made perfect in one." (Bead thoughtfully 
Bible Selections — Our Eelation to Jesus, page 36; 
Unity with God, page 38.) 

Whether or not we recognize it, we are sons, 
but we never exercise the Power of the Son until 
we receive the knowledge. ' ' Now the heir so long as 
he is a child," (without understanding) "differeth 
nothing from a servant though he be lord of all." 
Each will receive the revelation of sonship as soon 
as he can recognize it. 

"The healing of the seamless dress 

Is by our beds of pain; 
We touch it in life's throng and press, 
And we are well again." 


Much could be added to this subject to make 
the point very plain, but it is touched upon through 
the previous chapters and it would be but repeti- 
tion. The teaching concerning Jesus is more man's 
conception of his mission than the actual account 
given of him in the Bible. 


Atonement — "To cause to be at one." Bec- 
onciliation, agreement, expiation." 

Many ask, "Do you believe in the Atonement?" 
Atonement, in its original meaning, is the all-im- 
portant Truth in these teachings. 

Atonement is not something that can be made; 
like all Truth, it is an eternal verity. Men, in their 
first feeble understanding, believed themselves to 
be something separate and apart from the Univer- 
sal. Action upon that conception has been the 
fruit of that belief. They have felt apart from 
Goodness and Peace. 

Though one act upon a falsehood, the effect is 
as sure as the result of the action of Truth. 

Belief in separation from God has given all the 
sense of lack and limitation that is felt. This be- 
lief has not changed man nor his relation to the In- 
finite, but it has blinded his eyes to the Truth, and 
his mentality has suffered and starved in these wan- 
derings from Consciousness of Truth. 


At last came one who understood man's unity 
with God, an eternal unity, no matter how apart 
from God man seems. He knew that error belief 
alone enslaved men, and that so soon as they could 
see the Truth, they should realize being free. 

This one devoted his lifetime to the teaching 
of Truth and the demonstration of its Power — not 
to the exhibition of his own power as something 
apart from others. 

Jesus did not make the atonement — he revealed 
it. He did not reconcile God to men, but men to 
God. He showed men their relation to the Father, 
and assured them that they too were of the Infinite 
and might claim all of its Fullness. 

He did not suffer to satisfy God, but men ! He 
was a martyr to the Truth he taught, but a willing 
martyr since this Truth was to free his brother men 
from the sin and suffering of ignorance. 

Jesus' mission was to teach the Truth that 
saves, to live the Truth that frees, and thus, by 
example as well as by word, to prove to men the 
Nature and Power of this Truth. 

He showed man the Way of Truth and Life. 
Each must walk in that Way, be that Truth if he 
would enter into realization of that Life. 

One has, by two simple illustrations, shown the 
difference between the past opinion of atonement 
and the present understanding. 

The old was like this : The children in a school 


had been disobedient to the rules. Only the son of 
the Principal had not transgressed. 

Just punishment must be meted to these of- 
fenders and the plan for this punishment had been 
laid. The son of the Principal, in pity for the chil- 
dren, pleads with his father to allow him — the in- 
nocent one — to receive the punishment due the 
others, and to allow his sufferings and death to 
expiate their crimes. 

The Father complies. Only suffering can sat- 
isfy his anger. The good son is handed over to the 
tormentors to be a sacrifice for the sins of the whole 
school ! 

Friends, we might love the son -with all our 
hearts, but no sane mind could love such a father. 
No wonder the world has always feared God. 

We turn from this revolting scene, glad to know 
that this is only man's interpretation of the plan 
of redemption. Our Father, Principle of Life and 
Love, "desires not sacrifice * * * delighteth 
not in burnt offerings." 

One has asked a very important question : "If 
sin and evil with the consequent suffering are only 
delusions of belief, why need Jesus have cornel" 
He had to come! The outreaching of the race for 
Truth ; the earnest cry of humanity for deliverance ; 
the firm conviction of its seers that help would come 
— all these culminated in the birth of a soul that 
knew and understood both the need and the answer 


to the need. Christ Jesus, divine, yet human; Son 
of God, yet Son of Man; offspring of the Infinite, 
as all are, yet born through the human channel, 
knew and exemplified the unity of God and man; the 
harmony of divinity and humanity. 

Jesus saw men suffering from their own delu- 
sions; he could tell them the Truth. Truth dispels 
illusions; Truth frees from beliefs. If one in a 
nightmare seem to suffer intensely, shall one who is 
awake arouse the dreamer from his delusions? By 
all means, we would say. 

The Christ Consciousness within is the Re- 
deemer of the world thought. The pure Life is "the 
Way and the Truth " that brings each into conscious 
at-one-ment, or agreement, with his Source, and this 
Way, Jesus revealed. The entire purpose of his 
life was to teach the Truth and do the Truth. 

The new view of Jesus' mission was illustrated 
as follows: A company of the King's subjects be- 
come separated from their own land and find 
themselves imprisoned within walls, with no knowl- 
edge of a way of escape. There is a way, and the 
King's Son longs to go to these people and show 
them this way of freedom. 

Permission is granted by the Father. He knows 
that many dangers will beset the Son on this mis- 
sion. He also knows that the message borne by the 
Son would be rejected; the imprisoned ones would 
think him an imposter and not believe in the way 


of which he tells — yet, some would listen, accept and 
follow and in time all would be freed. 

It is worth a great sacrifice and the Son is will- 
ing, for love of his fellow beings, to make the at- 
tempt. He goes on his way. 

Beaching the place after a difficult journey, he 
finds the people dull from their long bondage. They 
have accepted these conditions as natural and can 
not credit the good tidings of better things. Of the 
one who tells them their true State, they say, "He 
hath a devil — he blasphemeth — he maketh himself 
equal with the King! Crucify him, crucify him!" 

In tender compassion their deliverer cries, 
"Father forgive them, they know not ~wh.a,t they do. 
Thou lovest them as thou lovest me. ' ' 

Having undertaken to convey the good news to 
these ignorant and suffering people, this one is will- 
ing to endure anything to accomplish that purpose. 

1 1 To this end was I born and for this cause came 
I into the world, that I should hear witness unto the 
truth — Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall 
make you free." The Truth is the Way of escape. 
He must tell them the Truth though he die for it! 

Man is one with God. This knowledge is the 
way of escape from belief of separation. Man ac- 
cepts atonement by knowing this Truth. 

Men are but now beginning to understand this 
wonderful atonement. This Truth known shall re- 
deem the world. Men are not wanderers on the face 


of the earth, but sons of God, in the likeness of God, 
at one with God. 

Each must verify his atonement. Jesus re- 
vealed it to man but he must "work it out" as Jesus 
did. What Truth did for one, it will do for all, but 
each must, like Jesus, put away limited belief ; must 
know, live and demonstrate all good. 

"Take my yoke upon you." Jesus' yoke was 
unity with God. Let this Consciousness of unity be 
accepted by each. 

It is a state of perfect agreement or harmony 
that is the true at-one-ment. 

' ' Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ 
Jesus, who, being in the form" (image) "of God, 
thought it not robbery to be equal" (one) "with 
God." We are to accept as ours that same Mind. 
Meditate upon this Truth. 

"For he is our peace who hath made both one, 
and hath broken down the middle wall of partition. ' ' 
Truth, understood and lived, is realized as peace, 
for by its light, unity between all things is seen and 
the breaking down of every claim of separation be- 
tween God and man. (Bead Selected Bible Head- 
ings, Eesurrection, page 108.) 

While Jesus stood before Pilate, he was asked 
by Pilate, "What is Truth?" No answer is re- 
corded in the authorized version of the Bible, but in 
the Apocryphal New Testament, these interesting 
statements are found : 


"Pilate said unto him, What is Truth? Jesus 
said, Truth is from heaven. 

"Pilate said, Therefore, Truth is not on earth. 

"Jesus said to Pilate, Believe that Truth is on 
earth among those, who, when they have the power 
of judgment, are governed by Truth and form right 
judgment." (Nicodemus, 3:11-14.) 

Another interesting verse among many in the 
same book is this: "And when the most merciful 
Son of God, Christ Jesus, shall come down on earth, 
he will introduce our father Adam into Paradise, to 
the tree of mercy. ' ' 

Again it is asked, Do you not have the Commu- 
nion! Yes, in the truest sense. Terms synonymous 
with Communion are "Fellowship, unity, concord." 

Fellowship with Christ, the Truth — unity be- 
tween the Divine Spirit and Body — concord with all 
and with all things. 

When? As a special season, some daily hour: 
in practice, to be exercised continually as "a habit 
of the soul." 

Why are not the visible elements used? Be- 
cause the spiritual idea, of which the visible was but 
a sign and symbol, has been realized and is known 
and felt as the true Presence and real Substance. 
When not dependent upon the visible elements com- 
munion may be continuous. 

"Until I come," Jesus said. In a friend's ab- 
sence, one takes hold of the next best thing that 


will revive memory of this friend or will seem to 
bring him nearer. Often a photograph will be a 
comfort in separation from a dear one. 

Let the friend come and live in the house with 
us, be with us continually and his real presence be- 
comes all that is necessary to satisfy our love, and 
is far more to us than any ' ' symbol ' ' could be. We 
will no longer go to the picture or need any symbol 
when we have the original with us. Christ in the 
heart is the true bread and wine of our communion. 

The mistake has been in supposing that Jesus 
set aside a special portion as symbol of his body 
(or even as his real body). The whole visible uni- 
verse is Truth's Body, and, when understood as such 
and seen as united with its "Head," no conception 
can again blind our eyes to the perfection of the 
body. We should receive all that we eat or drink 
as the Divine Body! The Lord's Body is the only 
Body, and our (individual) bodies "are members of 
his body, of his flesh, and of his bones." (Eph. 5 : 30.) 

To recognize this is to know atonement; to ac- 
cept every visible thing as the sacred Body is to 
receive communion. It is to realize the unity of 
inner and outer, to know and love one Presence 
"always with us," and to obey the impulse of Love 
and Truth every moment. 

In kindness to a feeble realization, visible props 
are allowed as a child learning to walk holds to the 
"hand" it can feel. When it gives up the "hand," 
it does not give up the Mother. 


Visible aids are but the temporary supports, the 
scaffolding, to the workmen during the " building of 
the temple." "When that which is perfect is come, 
that which was in part shall be done away." 

' i The hour cometh * * # when neither in this 
mountain, nor in Jerusalem, shall men worship the 
Father. The true worshippers shall worship in 
spirit and in truth. ' ' 

We receive our communion in Spirit — but while 
the visible elements are an aid to one's thought, let 
him continue their use. Each will know when he is 
ready for the fuller communion. 

When we see the Universal Body, we realize 
the sacredness of all things; it broadens our love 
and enlarges our sympathies. We see the Perfect 
Life and Substance filling all times and places. This 
is the "Second Coming." 


As soon as the at-one-ment is seen and accepted, 
there is no longer a sense of separation, but the 
Presence is known as All. One can not tell another 
of it wholly as it must be felt, or realized. 

The Truth itself has appeared because we have 
learned to look for it. "To as many as look for him 
shall he appear the second time without sin unto sal- 
vation." He has appeared and we are now com- 
muning with him in the Father's Kingdom. (Matt. 

The second appearing or "coming" is to each 


spiritual thought that looks for and sees Omnipres- 
ent Life, Love, Intelligence and Substance. To this 
pure thought is revealed the sacred Body that is the 
Substance of Life everywhere in every visible form. 
Body is the pure Substance of Life everywhere. 
There is no other Spirit and no other Body. The 
twain that were thought to be separate are seen in 
unity (atonement, communion) "so making peace." 

The "Holy of Holies" is now known as the One 
Presence, Omnipresence, that includes all within it, 
making every moment, every atom, its very own! 
The "veil" is done away. Every place and every 
thing belongs in the Holy of Holies. There is no 
more belief of separation. 

We "drink his blood" as we receive the true 
Consciousness of Life, and we i ' eat his flesh ' ' when 
we know the whole Body to be the Divine "Word 
* * * made flesh." 


"Are ye able to be baptized with the baptism 
that I shall be baptized with V It is the Christ that 
asks this of each one. 

Truth's baptism is "with the Holy Ghost and 
with fire" — are we able to receive it? 

John said, "I must decrease and he must in- 
crease" — my way, my conception, must die out for 
his to take its place. So must each see. 


One Minister has said, " It is a shame for Chris- 
tians to go back of Jesus for any doctrine.' ' Jesus 
said, "I came not to destroy, but to fulfill." His 
teaching filled whatever lacked in that which pre- 
ceded him. He was baptized of John because, in 
his generosity, he saw that John's baptism met the 
views of the time ; but this view was nearing its end 
to be fulfilled in a larger vision. "Suffer it to be 
so now," he said — it shall not always be so. 

Paul says, "Christ sent me not to baptize but 
to preach the gospel." To Paul, more than to any 
other, did the spiritual idea appeal. It seems as if 
he could discard the outer more easily than those 
Apostles who had been associated personally with 
Jesus. They were more tempted to look to a Saviour 
outside of themselves, and to outer forms and cere- 

Paul could say, "Christ m you the hope of 
glory. It pleased God to reveal his Son in me. Now 
know I no man after the flesh — yea, though I have 
known Christ after the flesh, yet now know I him 
so no more." 

What is the Christ Baptism! — to which Chris- 
tians surely should adhere. "The Holy Ghost and 
fire." Immersion of every thought in Divine Con- 
sciousness (the Holy Ghost) in Love that "seeketh 
not its own," in purity of purpose, of thought and 
of deed. Destruction of every false sense (fire). 

To receive this "baptism," we must be willing 


to pass through the "fire," for this light that re- 
veals, this "Holy Ghost," is the fire that consumes. 

To receive the new and fuller idea of Life, petty 
self-notions must be erased. It is for our highest 
good — for our purification, but the surrender of our 
opinions and beliefs is very hard. 

One says, "The mortal dies hard." We must 
die daily to our mortal conceptions, or conceptions 
of sin, evil and death, if we have received the Light 
of true Consciousness. This is Christ's baptism of 
which the water baptism was but a symbol, and we 
have considered elsewhere the surrender of symbols 
to the greater reality. The Light that leads us is 
the Holy Spirit. The same Light destroying our 
false conceptions, is the "fire." (Read "Everlast- 
ing Fire," in Bible Selections, page 88.) 

Do you have Communion and Baptismal serv- 
ices? has been asked. 

We do. Our little booklet, "The Redeemed 
Body, ' ' gives a communion service. In the time for 
this special service, we come together to learn how 
to commune every moment and not to commune 
at that time only. 

We have a Baptismal service for children in 
which they are recognized as God's own. Their 
birthright of Purity, Goodness, Health and Strength 
is declared and they are acknowledged as members 
of the Divine family in heaven and in earth. 

Communion is realization of Omnipresence; 
Healing, of Omnipotence; Baptism, of Omniscience. 


The three are a beautiful Trinity ever united 
in one. True Communion and Baptism must give 
Power to heal. 


What do you teach of original sin? one asks. 

As we teach of all error — throw it into the con- 
suming "fire" of God's Omnipresence. Thus, "Let 
the wicked" (belief) "perish at the presence of the 

Men have but One Source; there is but One 
Source. God only is the Father of the race — so 
Jesus taught. Original sin originated with the be- 
lief of separation from God — hence, is the claim of 
another Life and another Power, all of which is 
erroneous. It is the false claim of a source and a 
self apart from God. 

Man has but one Nature and will manifest but 
the one when he ceases to claim duality. If he has 
been saying "I was shapen in iniquity," he needs 
to "be born again" — needs to know his birth from 
above. A new understanding of Source will destroy 
every false conception. 

Life is man's Origin and God is the only Life. 
So much has been said of this in what has already 
preceded that it need not be repeated. 

It is true that man is an heir to that of which 
he is born; that like produces like; that flesh pro- 


duces flesh and Spirit produces Spirit — nothing pro- 
duces nothing: reality produces reality. 

The thing to ask is : Of what is man born? If 
he conceive of his source as corruptible substance 
he will believe in this claim. If he i i Call no man on 
earth Father,' ' then shall be know his pure origin 
in Spirit. 

"One God and Father of all" teaches one pure 
Source, hence, one pure nature. When man knows 
how to claim being "heir of God," he will not claim 
any other inheritance nor believe in sinful origin. 


But, says one, does not the second command- 
ment say that God visits "the iniquities of the 
fathers upon the children?" for this is the half way 
manner in which this passage is usually quoted. 
Read it all and you will find that this "curse" is 
pronounced upon those that "hate God." Surely 
Christians are exempt! 

Love is Consciousness; hate, its opposite, must 
be unconsciousness, and truly the Christian that 
claims this unjust law must be unconscious of God ! 

The inherited ills that we see do not prove the 
unjust law of heredity, but prove that "As a man 
thinketh in his heart so is he," and that evil is vis- 
ited upon man, "even as the fruit of his thoughts." 

As the Light of Truth comes, we ask with Jesus, 


"Who is my mother!" and learn to keep his com- 
mandment, ' ' Call no man on earth Father. ' ' 

The only evil is the evil we claim. The only 
inheritance of evil, or " original sin," is that which 
we believe is ours. Even Christians claim for their 
children the inheritance of an evil habit, or a weak 
body from some ancestor — though for centuries they 
have been God-loving people ! 

Is it a wonder that such inheritance of ills ap- 
pears when such claims are made? Let this pass. 
What shall be done now 1 

Know man as child of God, claim his inheritance 
of Goodness and Wholeness. Disclaim inheritance 
of any ill. He has no sin in origin, since God is his 
origin. Often, when one is suffering in seeming 
mental or bodily ill from the claim of heredity, the 
resolute and persistent rejection of that claim will 
relieve the trouble. 

The only "sin of the world" under which man 
suffers is the sin he allows. In Ezekiel, eighteenth 
chapter, the inheritance of ill is wholly refuted. 
"When the son hath done that which is lawful and 
right * * * he shall surely live. The soul that 
sinneth it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniq- 
uity of the father." We all recognize true justice 
in this. 

May this comfort many who feel bowed under 
the supposed law of heredity. Let such declare 
Truth that they are offspring of the Infinite Good, 


and not of evil or of mortality, or of flesh, and know 
being free indeed. 


"Thy Maker is thy husband." 

Truth comes not to destroy but to fulfill. It fills 
fuller man's understanding of all things. 

The Lord does "give and take away," in this 
sense only, that man, in his first conceptions, has 
mis-taken what, in his growing perception, he must 
yield. The Law sees to it that this is done. 

Jesus said, "The words that I speak unto you, 
they are spirit and they are life. ' ' Until interpreta- 
tions of these words are guided by spiritual under- 
standing the "spirit" and "life" that is in them 
can not be known. 

Truth calls upon man to relinquish all that he 
has — father, mother, wife, child, sister, brother, 
houses, lands, even life itself. Yet Truth requiries 
but one sacrifice — the surrender of petty personal 
opinions, for Impersonal Idea that is limitless. These 
seemingly strange exactions of Truth demand the 
giving up of the lesser and unsatisfying for the 
greater and all-satisfying. It is the surrender of de- 
sire to realized Fullness; the yielding of ambition 
that springs from personal seeking to Divine energy 
that accomplishes all things with unselfish purpose. 
Medicines are replaced by the power of Divine Mind. 
Man's notions, "many inventions," are lost in the 


finding of the true laws of limitless Life. The call 
is not "hard" when we understand it. 

When conceptions of "fleshly" being yield to 
the knowledge of spiritual Being, Paul's words are 
illumined, "Now know I no man after the flesh." 
In man's conception flesh has stood for corruptible, 
changing substance. This belief of "flesh and blood 
can not enter the kingdom of heaven, ' ' for spiritual 
perfection can not conceive of any corruptible sub- 
stance. Knowledge of the One Substance as all re- 
veals the "Word" that "was God * * made flesh," 
(Jno. 1: 1, 14), and each can say, Now, in my flesh, 
do I see God — now do I see God in my flesh; or, 
now do I see Spirit as Substance of my body. 

Consciousness changes conceptions and gives a 
new perception of man's relation to God and of 
man's relation to man. All things are seen in one and 
that one is the Divine Presence. This is true unity, 
or marriage, that is "not made with hands" but is 
"eternal in the heavens" (spiritual unity). Hence, 
Jesus said, "In the resurrection they neither marry 
nor are given in marriage." The resurrection is 
that fuller realization in which man ceases his en- 
deavor to think and formulate after his own con- 
ceptions, and becomes willing to accept the Perfect 
Idea in the Perfect Mind as the only "pattern" or 
plan of Life and its expression. 

What then is the Divine Idea of marriage? 

That God made man "in the image of God 
* * * male and female" is evidence that the 


union of masculine and feminine is eternal in Divine 
Nature. This sanctifies marriage and reveals that 
true union is based upon the eternal unity of God 
with all his works. The external expression is but a 
ratification of the eternal Truth of unity. This, 
briefly, is the spiritual idea of marriage. Let us 
now find its practical application. 

The thought that marriage is the chief end of 
man — or woman — is fast waning. Until man and 
woman learn the true motive of marriage, that which 
they call love will continue to be, too often, but a 
passing sentiment or a selfish emotion. TJnseeking 
Love is the only Changeless Love. That is not Love 
that is always seeking its own ; it will never be sat- 
isfied for it is only a sham. Unselfish Love finds 
unselfish Love. 

Teach the child unselfishness. Teach the daugh- 
ter love for her work and she will not marry to 
escape it. Instruct her that the one marries well 
who has found the soul she loves unselfishly and 
that returns her pure love — and not the one who 
has sold herself for outward show. Let all " young" 
people be energetic (this is better than being ambi- 
tious) in manifesting day by day the best that is in 
them, and they may feel assured of true success in 
every direction, for their own shall be realized. 
Nothing will so surely unfold thought into quiet and 
confidence as faithful service in daily living and 
peaceful serenity in regard to the future. 


For those who have married in haste to repent 
at leisure, there is a bright hope. We are never 
"too old" to learn. When hnsband and wife have 
both seen the new light they may be "married" all 
over again, if they will. Let them study together 
the true idea of marriage and accept the revelation 
by putting it into practice. The marriage vow can 
not be more lightly esteemed but the reverse after 
one knows Science. Science, comprehended, makes 
the union more sacred than ever before and must 
increase rather than diminish love. 

The first essential to happy married life is ac- 
knowledgment of equality. Love driven fast 
dwindles; Love drawn by Love grows fuller and 
fuller. Compulsion is death to love. 'Freedom gives 
it wings. Be generous ; be just, one to the other. 

Marriage has been contracted without due con- 
sideration of its meaning. Science will right this if 
both husband and wife will begin to live by its rules. 

What can be accomplished where but one is 
recognizing this higher law? is asked. 

This is a hard place for both, yet all things must 
"work together for good." The one who sees the 
Truth is the more responsible, hence, must not re- 
sist but l t as much as lieth in you, live peaceably. ' ' 
Let not this one think that association with a men- 
tality untrained in the same Consciousness of Truth 
is a sacrifice on his part only. It may be that the 
untrained mentality has as much to endure in asso- 
ciation with the one that is trained ! 


Never hold that you are in Truth and your com- 
panion is not. Keep in thought the real Self and 
acknowledge it always. Maintain the understand- 
ing of innate goodness, and if necessary, forgive 
" until seventy times seven," or forever. Truth 
does not teach the breaking of any moral law, but 
holds the marriage vow to be inviolable. To think 
that the freedom of Truth loosens that bond is a 
mistake. If you can not demonstrate Truth right 
where it finds you, you can not manifest it elsewhere. 
Environment can not make you. Joy may be real- 
ized in any environment, for Omnipresence is joy. 
It is in your power to Be and to manifest your Being 
every moment. 

One gave this experience : I was reading a fine 
story. The hero was all that could be desirable in 
man. By comparison, my husband would have 
seemed to fall far short of such a character — but I 
at once called him "my hero." I continued to think 
of him in this ideal way and more and more have 
found in him all that could be desirable in man. Let 
every wife assume this attitude toward her husband, 
and every husband begin to see in his wife his ideal. 

Adjust your thought to Perfect Mind — this is 
the Inmost Union, that makes you a guest at the 
"wedding supper." With this beginning, go forth 
into daily living knowing that realization of unity 
is the basis of all harmonious conditions. 

""What God hath joined together let no man 
put asunder. ' ' 


Questions and Answers Upon Healing 

"There's not the smallest orb which thou beholdest but, 
in his motion, like an angel sings. Such harmony is in immor- 
tal souls." 

"This invisible realm of right will finally conquer this 
visible realm of wrong. The invisible realm of spiritual life will 
finally conquer the visible realm of physical death." 

Man seems held in bondage by his belief in a 
power adverse to good. Science reveals to man that 
in his true state, he is limitless in possibilities, and 
that he is responsible for the recognition of his en- 
dowments. Science is awakening man, not to a new 
Truth, but to a new realization of his nature. 

A thirsty man sees a fountain of pure water; 
if he say, ' ' I believe that this water will quench my 
thirst,' ' he receives no benefit. The water satisfies 
him only as he drinks it. We may rejoice to hear that 
perfect Life is ours here and now, we may even be- 
lieve that it will satisfy our every need, but until we 
appropriate it as our own by living it, the Truth can 
not benefit us. 

In Divine Science, healing is understood as the 
exercise of thought in the Consciousness of health 
as soon as it is perceived. I am Eternal Life, there- 
fore I am health, is a statement of Science. In this 
perception, must the health of living soul and body 



be found and established in each mentality. As 
often as one thinks of being health (not gaining or. 
making health) he is laying hold of the understand- 
ing that will be realized as health of body. From 
no less Source than the understanding that I am 
health can bodily health be realized. I am, means 
me as Spirit, living soul and body. As often as I 
declare* I am health, this Mind Power of health be- 
gins to take full possession of my thought. 

But one asks, What shall I do if I feel sick? 
Feeling sick is not an evidence of Truth, and if one 
will refuse to acknowledge such a witness against 
his true Being, it will disappear. Where is feeling? 
What feels ? Feeling results from our way of think- 
ing — then, if we feel pain, or sorrow, or any suffer- 
ing, it indicates our way of thinking, and warns us 
to change our thoughts; to cease dwelling upon a 
sense of ill, and to think as God thinks, for God 
(the Perfect Mind, if you prefer) thinks only of 

We are saved from false conceptions when we 
accept our inmost Purity of soul and body, thinking 
and speaking always from that standpoint, and not 
from "feelings." Being, not becoming whole, must 
be our realization. We are not to acquire health, 
but to unfold from Health Eternal. All I am is 
health. Our effort, in understanding, is not to attain 
something we have not, but to realize that which we 
are. I am health before I begin to manifest it. 



Never shall we have to thank ourselves for what 
we are since the Eternal has established our true 
State. The individual as expression of the Univer- 
sal Life can be only what that Life is. This Infinite 
created us out of its own health ; healing is the real- 
ization of this health. Consciousness of Being 
Health must precede feeling well permanently. 
Appearances must not be allowed to govern our 

As the Principle of Mathematics is not respon- 
sible for a child's mistake in working out his prob- 
lem, neither is Truth answerable for man's mistaken 
conception of Life and the results of that mistake. 
His inharmonious beliefs are the mistakes of child- 
hood. He must erase these from memory as a child 
would clear the blackboard, and begin again. Un- 
derstanding Principle better, man will gain a truer 
answer to his problem — an answer always known to 
Principle as true no matter what mistakes have been 

The Order of the One Perfect Mind teaches us to 
begin with the Mind of health, think the thoughts of 
health, speak the words of health, not spasmodi- 
cally, but always; then there can be no failure in the 
realization of health. When the Law is understood 
and obeyed, failure is no more possible than is a 
mistake in mathematical work possible if one under- 
stand and follow its law. Think and speak only 
health, if you wish to realize it. 

A practitioner certainly should never think or 


speak contrary to perfect harmony. The fact that one 
is a teacher or practitioner does not make the need of 
practice less. Such a one should have even more 
than others, set seasons for recognition of and insist- 
ence upon the Truth of Being. Paul plead that 
while he saved others he himself might not be a 
cast-away. There is a lesson in this that all shall 
do well to heed. An advanced pupil in music prac- 
tices many more hours than a beginner. So long 
as every thing is not seen as perfect, the practi- 
tioner and teacher as well as the student need the 
constant reminder. 

The necessity of daily practice for a beginner 
can not be over-emphasized. Success in helping 
others will be in proportion to one's daily living in 
pure Consciousness, and this living is the result of 
the realization of Truth that comes through recogni- 
tion in daily silent communion. Pure Conscious- 
ness sees no evil ; ' ' The pure in heart shall see God, ' ' 
the good only." Eealization for a " patient" begins 
and ends with seeing his perfect Being ; then fear of 
failure can not be imagined. 

Thinking or speaking does not make anything; 
it simply recognizes health, or perfection, as the true 
nature of all, therefore of the patient. His health is. 
There is no uncertainty about it. In this healing, 
there can not be thought transference, hypnotism or 
mesmerism. We do not give the patient our thought ; 
we recognize that he is one with the eternal Whole- 


It is Truth that "heals," for it is light within 
the patient that reveals his Wholeness to him. Bec- 
ognize the patient as above all thought, united with 
Mind and Consciousness, in its Substance, Life and 
Power, and that this Wholeness expresses itself in 
him and in all as health. Arouse thought from its 
sleep and the light within, shining as the living soul, 
will reveal all good. 

We do not give to another of our fullness; we 
have no more than others have. We see ' ' the fullness 
that filleth all," and awaken his thought to this 
Truth. We help another by knowing him one with 
Wholeness as all are. We can not help another until 
we ourselves have awakened to the Truth and are liv- 
ing true to its teachings. 

Jesus was the first to awaken — "The first-born 
among many brethren. ' ' Others, and indeed all, are 
to come to this Light. 

Is healing power a special gift? 

To be a practitioner means a life of renunciation 
and but few are willing to practice the self-sacrifice 
that it demands. 

The power of healing is unlimited since it is the 
changeless Divine Presence that is health to all. 
"God is no respecter of persons." Even Jesus had 
no special power, as his own words show. Peter 
said of Jesus, "He went about doing good — for God 
was with him. ' ' Jesus ' power was the Omnipresence ; 
the power is universal because the Presence is. If 


one seem to have more power for doing good than 
others, it is not that he has any greater gift from the 
perfect Love that is universal, but that he exercises 
that gift. 

"The heights by great men reached and kept 

Were not attained by sudden flight, 
But they, while their companions slept, 
Were toiling upward in the night." 

We must not expect to finish a course in the 
study and application of an eternal Principle in a 
few short months or even years. Always the most 
valuable attainment is that which demands the best 
effort of thought and the most sacrifice of time. 
We are learning of limitless possibility that, through- 
out eternity, we shall go on expressing. Certainly, 
such a Truth is worthy of our whole attention. 

Meditation and practice are the two phases of 
strong living. In stillness (Consciousness), strength 
is gathered for activity: in action, the energy real- 
ized in stillness is exercised. Stillness is the " night" 
wherein the soul reposes and is refreshed for the 
activity of the "day." "Day unto day uttereth 
speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge." 
(Ps. 19:2). 

Let us claim an hour for meditation each day 
and let what Consciousness reveals in that hour be 
the arbiter of our day. 

Is it ever permissible to use medicines? 

Outward means or applications have no place in 


Divine Science methods. A true Science practitioner 
can never advise remedies, or outward appliances — 
not even the laying on of the hands. If a condition 
does not readily yield, the practitioner knows that 
he must patiently persist; not blaming any one or 
any thing, but continuing faithfully to efface self- 
opinions and to see the Truth more clearly. 

It is always well to put aside the claim of time. 
It may be that unconsciously one is deciding when 
the demonstration shall be ; but if the work is begun 
with the realization of eternal, changeless health, 
the only basis for healing, it will not be measured 
by time. Health is, now. ' i He that believeth will not 
make haste" because he sees all Truth now fulfilled 
in Omnipresence. Since the one Power is all, there 
is nothing to fear. 

May we always be sure that healing is God's 

We may be sure that the Divine Mind is health, 
hence health is its will. By giving itself in its world 
Divine Mind has given perfect health to all. "No 
good thing will he withhold from them that walk 
uprightly.' ' What is it to walk uprightly? It is 
to live and move, think and speak, in recognition 
of what the Creator has made. "God hath made 
man upright ;" then to "walk" as God made us is to 
decide everything from the understanding of being 
like God. 

Know that Divine will is ever in accordance with 
its nature, or God would not be Omnipotence. Since 


God is Life, his will is Life; since God is good, his 
will is good. This never changes. 

Why is it that a Scientist sometimes fails to 
manifest health or true living? 

Self examination is good for even a Divine Sci- 
entist ! Let him candidly, unsparingly, question his 
habit of thinking : "I know what I am. Am I con- 
stantly recognizing this! Are my daily decisions 
true to what I say I know? Do I ever admit a self 
apart from God and unlike God? or do I faithfully 
and regularly meditate upon and admit only the 
good as true? Do T refuse to hear, read, think, or 
talk of ills? Do I refuse to judge by appearances, 
or feeling? Do I hold to a will, a way, or an opinion 
contrary to Love?" Thus let him give control of 
his thought to Infinite Truth, and unwavering, right 
thinking and doing will result. Often we think we 
are living true lives because our daily thought is 
controlled and yet some deep-set opinion of the past 
has never been fully uprooted and is holding us to 

To the questioner I would make this suggestion : 
They said of Jesus, "He saved others; himself he 
can not save." From this learn not to judge or 
criticise. The practitioner of Truth, even as others, 
has claims of past ignorance to lay aside. If he is 
trying to do this, be charitable. 

Is it right to treat without being asked? 

In true healing it is right. Since Divine Science 
does not treat from thought, it does not enter an- 


other's mentality at all. It sees each as he is in 
Truth. In fact, one in the New Thought can not 
look upon an appearance of ill without giving the 
recognition of health, because he is constantly prac- 
ticing (thinking, recognizing) the Presence of God, 
and must be actively acknowledging the peace and 
perfection of that Presence every where — especially, 
when the opposite appears. 

Some of our dear friends are taught that they 
must not give help, unless it is sought, and that if 
they come into contact with suffering, all they can 
do is to defend themselves against the error belief 
by saying, This mortal claim of evil can not affect 

This is not the teaching of Love and Truth. 
Instead of making a seeming reality of the claim and 
leaving it to hurt somebody else, we can in Truth 
say, There is no mortal claim anywhere, for there is 
no mortal mind to make a mortal claim. If we think 
there is a claim, let us wipe out the thought of it 
that is in our own mentality, by so doing we shall 
help others the sooner to see Truth. 

Jesus, without being asked, touched and healed 
the ear of the High Priest's servant, his enemy. He 
also healed the men ' i exceeding fierce ' ' who besought 
him to let them alone. 

How do you explain failures 1 

There is a better way than to explain " fail- 
ures." It does little good to analyze error "cause 


and effect,' ' since error has no cause. Failure is 
certainly not found in the Infinite Cause, therefore, 
has no place in Truth. Seeming failure can be no 
more than postponement of good that our lack of 
faith occasions. The disciples could not heal the 
boy at the foot of the mountain. When Jesus 
healed him the disciples asked, Why could not we do 
this? and he replied, "Because of your unbelief. ,, 
Divine Science does not attribute " failure" to the 
"malicious thoughts," or to the error beliefs that 
surround us. Jesus never did this. The only "fail- 
ure" is when our thought fails to grasp the deep sig- 
nificance of Truth. Let us press on with deeper love 
and fervor to a better understanding and more per- 
fect practice. 

Belief in separation from God creates all our 
conceptions of evil; it gives rise to the words 
1 i mine ' ' and ' ' thine. ' ' In this false imagining of sep- 
aration, we claim "my mind, my will, my way, my- 
self (with a little s), my life;" we speak also of 
' - my ills ' ' and ' ' my troubles. ' ' 

Pains and aches are not mine. My Spirit and 
my body are the Lord's. I know no separation from 
the Perfect Being that is Wholeness. When we are 
conscious, as was Jesus, that "I and my Father 
(Source) are one," like him we may say, "All mine 
are thine and all thine are mine." 

To come to God is to come to knowledge of one- 
ness with Perfection, which brings realization of 



Must we not all die! 

"We shall not all sleep but we shall all be 
changed. The last enemy that shall be destroyed 
is death. If a man keep my word he shall never see 
death. The Jews said unto him, Now we know that 
thou hast a devil. Abraham is dead and the prophets, 
and thou sayest, If a man keep my word, he shall 
never taste of death. ' ' 

How like this is to many today who are ready 
to contend for death. That it always has come 
argues that it must continue forever. 

Many words in the Bible declare contrary to this 
and point out the final abolishment of death. When 
John had his vision of heaven descending to earth 
and of God's very presence with men, he saw that 
there was then no more death. * ' And he will destroy 
in this mountain" (the same " mountain' ' in which 
John had his vision) "the veil that is spread over 
all nations. He will swallow up death in victory" — - 
as light "swallows up" darkness and there is no 
more darkness. "And death and hell were cast into 
the lake of fire" — were consumed. No more death 
and no more hell when the Omnipresence of Life and 
Divine Love (the consuming fire to error) is per- 

Jesus pronounced death to be but the uncon- 
sciousness of Life, when he said, "Lazarus has fal- 
len asleep," or when he declared of the little maid, 
"She is not dead, but sleepeth — and they laughed 
him to scorn. ' ' 


Did not Jesus himself die? another asks. This 
question requires a chapter in itself. We can make 
but a few suggestions for you to think out. Man is 
slow to believe a new teaching. Jesus found dull 
ears and himself declared that his words and life 
should be gradually interpreted to men. 

Jesus taught by word and by deed. He demon- 
strated his doctrines. After declaring death but a 
i ' sleep" and that Truth's followers should not taste 
of it; after annulling that "sleep" in otlters and 
showing that man need not be holden of death, he 
had yet to give his greatest object lesson. In order 
to prove the powerlessness of death, he went through 
all that it claims to be and came forth the same 

One has said, It was as a mother saying to her 
child who feels afraid of a dark room, I will go 
through the room first and then you will know there 
is nothing there to hurt anyone. Here is a verse 
that presents this same idea: "Since, then, the 
children are sharers in flesh and blood, he also par- 
took of the same that, through death, he might bring 
to naught him that had the power of death, that is, 
the devil, and might deliver them who, through fear 
of death, were all their lifetime subject to bondage." 
Here it is shown that the "devil" — the lie only has 
death in its power. Jesus proved to men the noth- 
ingness of death by passing through the tomb, dem- 
onstrating that death has no power over life, and 


that the body always responds to the Consciousness 
of Life Eternal. "Who hath abolished death and 
brought life and incorruption to light. 77 (Rev. Ver.) 

To suppose that man is immortalized by passing 
through death is ignorance and is inexcusable since 
Jesus has proven the true way. Ascension is the 
final step that proves the body immortal. Death 
is not the gateway to Life. Immortality is man's 
eternal Nature and is now and here perceived by 
him through Consciousness. Jesus revealed this 
Truth, or brought it "to light,' ' but man postpones 
its realization because his preconceived opinions 
blind his eyes. 

To "die daily' ' is now known to be the only 
death, and this glorious death is followed by daily 
resurrection, or "coming to life," of the living soul 
and body until immortality is brought to light in 
ascension to full realization. Keep this possibility 
in view ; let conceptions die ; ' l rise to higher things ' ' 
in thought and remember, you are to take the body 
up with you, or see the body by the light of this 
true Consciousness, even as Jesus did. In all ways 
is he our example. 

Work not with the body — the less thought about 
it the better while you are drawing away from old 
conceptions that have tempted you to center your 
attention chiefly upon the outer. Recognizing Spirit 
as all, living to the Spirit, you shall see that the body 
is being cared for by Spirit. 


If we have to look upon death we may always 
say, "Lord if thou hadst been" (known) "here, my 
brother had not died. ' ' 

Must we treat the ' ' minds ' ' around our patient ! 

Divine Science has led us beyond this. To talk 
about "minds around' ' is ignorance and is inconsist- 
ent with the basis of our understanding. Its funda- 
mental principle is that there is but One Mind and 
its manifestation. When we know and accept this, 
we can not recognize minds many, nor even a claim 
of a mortal mind to be treated. Affirm steadfastly 
Immortal Mind as all. 

When a child is treated against a so-called dis- 
ease, and it is believed that she must be protected 
against the error belief of this disease in each "mor- 
tal mind" that may in any way impress her, the 
treatment is given something like this : The mother's 
mortal mind belief can not affect her. The father's 
mortal mind belief in this disease can not affect her, 
and so on through every sister, brother, or com- 
panion of any kind. This is called closing every ave- 
nue of "mortal mind" — and if one avenue be for- 
gotten, the child becomes a victim to this careless- 

One child who manifested the disease in spite 
of all this care was, we were told, subject to it 
through the "avenue" of her father's mortal mind 
belief that the healer forgot to close. It is plain 
that herein, as many say who are coming out of 


such teachings, are seven ' ' devils ' ' instead of the one 
old orthodox devil. 

Clearer seeing of Truth has purified thought of 
this conception and shows that, since there is but 
one true Mind, Omnipresent, all Power, if only we do 
not claim a supposed opposite; and if only we hold 
our thought firmly to the Consciousness of the One 
All, there will not even seem to be any opposition. 
Every thing and every place is held sacred to the 
Infinite Love, and every " avenue' ' left open, for only 
good is anywhere. 

Give the quickest treatment for an emergency 
that you have found beneficial. 

Spirit is all. Spirit is all. There is no hurt — 
nothing to hurt — nothing to be hurt. 

The mere words have no power unless they are 
spoken in understanding. This can be the result 
only of faithful practice and living. There are no 
magic words in Science. Healing statements are the 
natural results of realizing Truth at all times. 
Truth is realized by daily practice. 

Mind is all Power and Spirit is the Substance 
of the One Mind. That Substance can not be 
wounded, bruised, burned or hurt in any way. Hav- 
ing recognized this in daily practice, we may, in an 
emergency, find quick relief in the statement given 
above, said over and over. Speaking a statement 
again and again does not give power to the words ; 
since the statement is Truth it is clothed with Power. 


The repetition keeps the opposite belief out of our 
own thinking and feeling until the Truth is realized. 

When you are called to one in seeming intense 
suffering, if you are young in this work, you may 
be tempted to feel a little helpless, or dismayed. In 
such case and for the reason just given, it will be 
well to deny fear. This exercise will steady your 
thought and enable you to proceed with the higher 

Sever touch your patient. Give him no reason 
to suppose that you, personally, have any healing 
power. Healing is teaching and preaching the 
gospel. Your greatest privilege in healing is to 
teach the soul its true abiding place and lead it into 
recognition of perfect Consciousness. 

To lay hands on the patient is apt to mislead 
him and is little better than laying on a plaster. 
You will not want to do this if you understand Di- 
vine healing. "They shall lay hands on the sick," 
is evidently a spiritual direction, the same as later 
is said of the apostles "And the hand of the Lord 
was with them." Know the one you are helping to 
be in the ' ' hands ' ' of Love and Life, enfolded within 
the power of Perfect Mind. 

God's "hands," "feet," "eyes," "mouth" have 
no more literal significance than his "feathers." 
God is Spirit and "hands" are spiritual power, 
"feet" are spiritual understanding, "feathers" are 
spiritual protection and comfort. 


When you know God with yon, all power in 
heaven and earth will be realized. Acknowledge 
the gift of Love and give your consent to its ex- 
pression in you. "With God, all things are possi- 
ble," to you. 

" Faith without works is dead." 


Begin all treatment with the Universal since 
everything originates therein. Declare the patient's 
pure Mind and Consciousness, seeing the one Mind 
as all Mind, and what has been called his imperfec- 
tions, as merely opinions, that have not foundation 
in Truth. 

There is a difference between what exists and 
what existence is. Evil exists because we have 
claimed its existence, but existence is the expression 
(creation) of perfect Being and can have no evil 
in it. Therefore we can say, Evil has no existence; 
fear, sin and disease have no existence and I will 
not hereafter claim that they exist. 

After giving the patient affirmations of perfect 
Mind and Consciousness, proceed to recognize that 
he is conscious of perfect thought and body in this 
Source. Because All Mind is pure its offspring is 
pure. Like begets like. 

Some ask, Shall I listen to the recital of his ills 
by a patient! Listen with the outer ear, but let it not 
sink into your mentality. Emerson says, "Sympa- 


thize with my strength, not with my weakness.' ' 
Habit, or practice, will soon accustom you to hear 
the "ills of life" and inwardly rejoice in the Truth 
of Being wherein no "ill" is found. Listen to the 
patient — then kindly advise him not to dwell on these 
conditions and not to speak of them further even 
to you, but to acknowledge all the good that he can. 
To be conscious of the allness of Spirit, speak 
the following words of power with earnestness un- 
til you realize what you say — "Let him ask in faith, 
nothing wavering : ' ' 

It is not I at all, but Spirit — I know no self apart 
from Spirit. It is Spirit that is Mind; Spirit that 
is Consciousness; Spirit that is thought and body. 
Spirit is flesh, bones, blood, nerves, and muscles — 
All is Spirit There is no "flesh" body. 

Once it was Christ with me; then it was Christ 
within me; now it is just Christ, for "I no longer 
live. ' ' Once we sought a heaven afar off, now it is 
the heaven within and at hand. Formerly we ex- 
pected peace after awhile in heaven — now we un- 
derstand it is "peace on earth." 

It has been asked, How can belief bring so much 
ill upon us since belief can not change any Truth? 

Belief has its effect because we act upon what 
we believe as if it were Truth. For instance, I wish 
to go to a certain place; believing this place to be 
in one direction, I go there only to find that the 
place I seek is in another direction. I believed I 


was right and acted upon that belief. This did not 
change the Truth but neither did it bring me to my 
desired destination. 

Law is inexorable. Disobeyed ignorantly, sense 
of suffering, or confusion, follows. The pupil who 
fails in mathematics may work as hard as the one 
who succeeds. Work without understanding can not 
bring the same results as work with understanding, 
hence the force of the wise one's admonition, "With 
all thy getting, get understanding. ' ' 


Be patient. Do not feel discouraged if the heal- 
ing does not accomplish for you in seven days what 
the doctor has not been able to do in seven years! 

Do not begrudge any sacrifice you must make 
for the treatments. Give your time cheerfully and 
your obedience to all the rules of the Science. Re- 
munerate gladly. 

Take no medicine, use no applications, not even 
the simplest outer helps. Divine Power does not 
need such aid. Do not divide your faith. 

Do not think that the one doing the work for 
you is healing you. The only healing power is the 
perfect Mind and your practitioner helps by awaken- 
ing you to a realization of your health. You are of 
this Mind. 

Talk little — never of ill; and even of the good, 
to your healer in preference to others until you are 
perfectly whole. 


Practice for yourself Love, or agreement, with 
all persons and things. Love your friends and your 
enemies. Love the weather, your food, your condi- 
tions. Never speak disagreeably of anything. Say, 
"I do not find fault, I love all and everything. ' ' 

Be willing to be cleansed of sins, mistaken 
thoughts, as well as of sickness. If you find you 
have been holding thoughts of revenge, dislike, fear, 
or injustice of any kind say, "I am willing to give 
up that belief,' ' and then add, "Since God is my 
Source and God is Love, I know how to be love to 

These are a few general directions. A patient 
must rely upon his practitioner for special direc- 

Be obedient. Be faithful. Be just. 


Comparison With Other Teachings 

There has no conception come to man that is not 
born of Truth. As man increases in knowledge, 
Truth appears clearer and conceptions dwindle. 
Every religious conception has a foundation in 
Truth. The various creeds are man's interpretation 
of Truth. Differences of opinion must decrease as 
understanding of Truth increases. 

Divine Science is here because it is needed. It 
is a fuller perception of the same Truth for which 
man has sought since the days of "Adam" — there 
is no new Truth. Every advance must preserve the 
essential Truth of all teachings, not destroying but 
filling fuller every spiritual perception. 

Jesus said, "I came not to bring peace but a 
sword," and "flaming swords" guard the way to 
the "Tree of Life." In order to partake of the 
Consciousness of eternal Life, every limited and 
imperfect conception of Life must be destroyed. 
Only Purity can partake of that perfect Conscious- 
ness. Only that which survives the "fire" and the 
"sword" has part in the real and eternal. 

Among the number who investigate the teach- 
ings of this Science all creeds are represented. Each 
finds his own beloved doctrine retained and -exalted, 



and the spiritual interpretations of all creeds help 
each to see the beauty of every other. In this fuller 
realization ("fullness of times") all things are be- 
ing brought into one, for it is seen that the Truth 
of all is one. 

The Unitarian is satisfied in hearing of the 
greatness of the impersonal Christ of which each 
living soul "is a partaker." Christ is now known 
as the divinity of Jesus as of the race, "the light 
that lighteth every man" in which "all shall be 
made alive." 

This does not lessen the divinity of Jesus but 
reveals the divinity of all and presents Jesus as 
the type of true Manhood. Christ, the ' ' Only Son, ' ' 
is universal, and formed in all makes each a son. 

This teaching of Truth is satisfying to the Jew. 
Many of this race are accepting this larger Christ- 
Idea and are acknowledging Jesus as a son of God. 

The Presbyterian's doctrine of election is 
strengthened and broadened by this revelation of 
the indwelling Christ. This divine in man is forever 
pre-destined to lead every thought to find its own 
place in God. This is the eternal decree. All good 
is eternal and there is good in all, somewhat in all 
that must be "saved." 

The Presbyterian finds his "calling and elec- 
tion" surer than he before knew. "God hath from 
the beginning chosen you to salvation" because 
Truth has decreed that all good is eternal. The 
good (divine) in each is always safe. 


Men are saved because it is fore-ordained, or a 
law of Truth that they shall be saved. As "God 
is no respecter of persons," "Whom he did fore- 
know he did pre-destinate ' ' includes all, for he fore- 
knew all. Impartial Love has given as much that 
is worthy of salvation to one as to another. -Our 
conceptions are to be lost. The Divine (Christ Na- 
ture) in each is saved eternally. 

"He is the Saviour of all men, specially of them 
that believe" for they that believe have a "special" 
realization of salvation — that is all. Although 
"saved" eternally through the Christ within, each 
is to "work out" his salvation before he consciously 
possesses it. Jesus first demonstrated man's sal- 
vation from limited beliefs, and showed to us our 
possibility of doing the same. 

Universal salvation in New Thought teachings 
appeals to the Universalist. He now sees a stronger 
reason for trusting to God's limitless mercy and love 
in the final, full redemption of the race from sin 
(ignorance) and its consequences and learns, in ad- 
dition, the possibility of this redemption here and 
now, for body as well as for soul. 

Strange to find that the Unitarian doctrine of 
the Divine in all necessitates the Presbyterian doc- 
trine of predestination and that both, in turn, corrob- 
orate the universalist 's faith in universal salva- 
tion! The three blend in one perfectly consistent 


In the study of this Science, Unitarian becomes 
also Trinitarian and Trinitarian sees unity as never 
before. It is hard, at first, to turn from the wor- 
ship of a God "afar off" and outside of man, to 
the indwelling Presence and impersonal Being that 
is acknowledged as perfect Mind with its three-fold 
Nature. But as man feels himself in and one with 
the Mind that is pure in Idea and Consciousness, the 
satisfaction is so great and the spiritual uplifting 
so strengthening that he is convinced of its Truth. 
"By their fruits'' shall he know the true Idea. 

The Methodist, who, most of any, leans to the 
doctrine of perfection to be attained here, rejoices 
in the broader declaration of the eternally perfect 
Being omnipresent, hence, as much here as else- 
where, manifesting now as at all times. He 
broadens his outlook by seeing man included in this 
All-Presence, and having part in its perfect Nature. 
Being perfect is the reality. Dropping thought of 
imperfection is the attaining. 

The Baptist finds a fuller satisfaction in the 
spiritual baptism that recognizes the need of com- 
plete immersion in "Spirit and fire" — and all creeds 
can agree with the spiritual idea of baptism else- 
where explained. 

The Catholic finds the fulfilling of his cherished 
doctrine, for the Real Presence was never so hal- 
lowed. He is willing to see the conception broadened 
as Truth reveals the sacred Body omnipresent, "in 


all and through all ; ' ' not in one time or place more 
than another, not as a "miracle' ' wrought by special 
prayer, but as an ever-present fact. 

The whole universe is to be hallowed as the body 
or manifestation of Divine Life and Substance. 
Jew, Catholic and Protestant are uniting to-day in 
this " Communion, ' ' and are rejoicing together in 
the revelation of the Real Presence of our Lord as 
the perfection in everything. (Fuller explanation 
of these various doctrines is given in other lessons 
and chapters of this book.) 

The sweet influence of " silence' ' that character- 
izes the Quaker religion is known and exercised in 
Science. Its starting point is stillness, and all ac- 
tivity is the fruit of the Wisdom received in silence. 

The Episcopal doctrine of Apostolic Succession 
is retained and enlarged in these teachings. Direct 
successors of the Apostles are to know themselves 
commissioned to "observe all things whatsoever" 
that Jesus commanded the twelve to do. (Matt. 28: 
19, 20.) Successors of the apostles are enjoined to 
"Preach the gospel, heal the sick." 

Apostolic succession necessitates the healing of 
the sick in connection with the preaching of the 

Nor does Science find aught to combat outside 
of Churches. The Pantheist says, "There is no God 
but the combined forces and laws that are manifest 
in the existing universe ; the universe taken or con- 


ceived of as a whole is God:" The New Thought 
sees a larger interpretation of this. In "combined 
forces and laws" is expressed, but in a smaller way, 
the Idea of the One Perfect Mind that is changeless 
Order. This Order is "manifest in the existing uni- 
verse" as perfect law. The One "All in all" is lim- 
itless, dwelling in all comprehensible, yet greater 
than anything conceivable. God is all of man, but 
the man that we yet conceive is not all of God ; In- 
finite Mind is all inclusive. 

One asks, Does this Science teach Re-incarna- 

Re-incarnation is akin to the old conception of 
attaining through suffering. Truth reveals that as 
soon as man accepts his eternal Being, he sees his 
possibility of expressing that perfect nature in all 
his world. After he accepts the divine Self he be- 
gins to understand the expression of that Self. 

He begins now to see that to "work out" his sal- 
vation means not to go from lower to higher, but to 
receive from the inmost Life the peace and harmony 
that is perfect. Karma is the way of experience. 
Knowing and living from within gives the Con- 
sciousness of Perfection and in this is no need of 
Karma, or process in time. 

Do you recognize the claims of modern Spirit- 

Science recognizes good in everything, yet dis- 
criminates partial understanding of Truth from the 
fuller light. 


Communication with "spirits," if possible, is 
unnecessary to a student of Science. Exact knowl- 
edge reveals perfect law in Order and directs man to 
seek his satisfaction and wisdom in an absolute 
Source. One can not find more than this and in this 
he finds all Truth. To find our loved ones truly, we 
must first find God as All. 

Our endeavor should be to bring our soul into 
closest touch with the Infinite One. To interpose 
anything, or any existence, is a hindrance and not a 
help to our realization of pure Being. Let us find 
God, and this Infinite Love will soon bring the un- 
derstanding of all "else" unto us. Commune with 
the One Spirit only. 

Do you agree with Mental Science 1 

To find the basis of action, we must reach deeper 
than the mental. Mentality varies and our founda- 
tion must be changeless. The mental is individual; 
Mind is Universal. 

To demonstrate from Consciousness of Being, 
we do not work to master by thought, but to see the 
unity, or the equality of Mind, thought and body. 
Healing is done through recognition of what is, and 
not through change of thought. Change of thought 
is a result of recognition. 

Christian Science has been called our l i twin sis- 
ter. ' ' In how far is this correct ? 

The presentation of this subject shall be very 
fully made, as there is much questioning about it and 


a fair answer is justifiable. To declare facts is not 
intended as unfriendly criticism, but a just examina- 
tion of things. 


Christian Science preceded Divine Science in 
order of "birth," but it is a fact that the first-born 
is not always the most advanced. Adam appeared 
before Jesus ; the Churches preceded Christian Sci- 
ence and Christian Science preceded Divine Science. 
Each is a step onward. Each has its place. All have 
the same foundation. 

The first discovery in electricity was not to be 
the only or the highest revelation. The first inven- 
tor seldom completes his discovery; another gen- 
erally perfects it. The first leader of Israel, Moses, 
did no more than give these people a good start out 
of bondage. His mistake was in claiming co-partner- 
ship with God in bringing forth water to the thirsty 
people. "Shall we bring water out of this rock?" 
he cried. For this mistake the leadership passed 
out of his hands. This means that no one individ- 
ual more than another can claim a closer touch with 
the source of Truth. The thought of being a special 
messenger of Truth is obliterated and another takes 
its place. In Truth no one individual is in partner- 
ship with God. 

The individual does not originate anything; he 
is but the recipient of Truth and this privilege be- 


longs equally to all. No discovery belongs exclu- 
sively to one individual. "One sows and another 
reaps.' ' Why may not both "rejoice together ?" 
"In Dante/ ' Carlyle says, "had ten silent centuries 
found a voice. The 'Divina Commedia' is of Dante's 
writing, yet, in truth, only the finishing of it was 
Dante's. So always." 

As with all religious thought, Divine Science 
stands at one with Christian Science in its basis of 
Truth. This basis is that the Infinite One and its 
manifestation is all; that there is but One Source, 
Substance, Mind and Life, Omnipresent, Omnipo- 
tent and Omniscient ; that there is but One true Pres- 
ence and One Power ; that man, the image and like- 
ness of God, is spiritual in nature, incapable of sin, 
sickness and death ; only mortal sense claims ills and 
evils and this sense is destroyed as the light of 
Truth is perceived. These essential doctrines are 
the same in Christian and Divine Science. 

It is in the interpretation and application of the 
Truth that there is a most important distinction be- 
tween the two teachings. 

Divine Science maintains with unswerving in- 
tegrity the Principle revealed in its basic statements 
of the Omnipresence of One Substance, One Mind, 
One Power and One Life. Never does it deviate from 
this position in its interpretation of Truth. 

One of the first distinctions between Christian 
and Divine Science is in the acknowledgment of per- 


sonal leadership. Divine Science has protested 
against individual authority, seeing that no one has 
a monopoly of Truth ; it recognizes equal rights, pos- 
sibilities and privileges for all individuals and all 
books. This harmonizes with Bible teaching: 
"Neither be ye called Masters. While one saith I 
am of Paul, and another, I am of Apollos, are ye 
not yet carnal." No personal name ivill be attached 
to the true leader: he will simply point the way, and 
stepping aside himself bid each take of the "water 
of life ' ' freely. This is evidently what Jesus meant 
when he said, "It is best for you that I go away." 

Science reveals that the Infinite can not choose 
"channels" for its expression. That which is Omni- 
presence can not flow in channels nor be contained 
within limits. The "chosen" of God is he (every 
one) who chooses to acknowledge the good and its 
manifestation as the "fullness that filleth all." 

Poor human opinion has ever tried to exalt one 
individual above others, that it might have some- 
thing to lean upon. Carlyle affirms that there needs 
to be a world almost vacant of scientific ideas if men 
in their loving wonder are to fancy their fellow men 
either a god or one speaking with the voice of a god. 

The Mormons had Brigham Young and their sa- 
cred book, divinely revealed, they claimed. The 
Shakers saw in Ann Lee their "Mother," who re- 
ceived "gifts" and "revelations." In her, they as- 
serted, was the second appearing of the Christ Spirit. 


As Jer. 23 : 5, 6, was believed to refer to the first-ap- 
pearing of Christ in Jesus, Jer. 33 : 16 was believed 
to refer to the second appearing of Christ in her. 

In ancient times, Mahomet was held as God's 
special prophet and the Koran was called ' ' The mes- 
sage direct from heaven" that earth must obey. 
Christians have regarded Jesus and the Bible in the 
same unnatural way, and only now is true examina- 
tion rescuing this divinely natural man and book 
from such superstition. 

One says, "It is a remnant of ancient supersti- 
tion, devoid of scientific truth, that regards any in- 
dividual or any written book as infallible. ' ' 

' ' Unhappy is the country, ' ' says'another, ' ' that 
depends on the feeble light of one individual. ' ' 

A distinction between the two teachings is the 
estimate placed upon the founder and the book of 
Christian Science. The former is regarded by lib- 
eral Scientists as one of the great reformers of the 
age — but only one among many; the latter as one 
good book among many. Truth compels us to give 
to each due recognition and to none undue exalta- 

Divine Science admits good wherever it is done 
or spoken, but to teach complete reliance upon any 
one person or book is to dwarf individuality and its 
unfoldment from within its Being into Perfect Un- 
derstanding. One cited as evidence of great strength 
the fact that a student of "Science and Health" had 


averred that if he omitted his daily hour's reading 
of this text-book, the day went all wrong. To be- 
come so dependent npon any book is far from real- 
ization of strength. 

Several important distinctions between these 
two teachings have been fully treated in other parts 
of this book. We call your attention especially to 
the chapter upon "Man the Expression of God and 
Xot the Beflection." 

In Divine Science, the indwelling Presence is 
emphasized. The Omnipresence, the One all Pres- 
ence, must be the Presence filling all. This agrees 
fully with Bible teachings. Divine Science declares 
Omnipresence to be divine Presence everywhere as 
the all. Christian Science teaches Omnipresence, 
but says it is only reflected in all. It clings some- 
what to the old conception of God "above all," but 
not "in and through all." It declares Principle to 
be above that which it governs, but not within its 
creation. This is fully discussed in the lesson re- 
ferred to. 

Jesus never said, I reflect Life and Power; he 
said, I am Life. ' ' I and my Father are one. ' ' 

Both Christian and Divine Science acknowledge 
Omnipresence as a fundamental Truth. Christian 
Science denies God's Presence as Life, Intelligence 
and Substance in creation. Divine Science affirms 
that Presence everywhere, which affirmation agrees 
with Omnipresence. 


Christian Science teaches that the body is the 
"substratum of mortal mind." The Bible declares 
the body to be "the temple of the Holy Ghost.' ' 
Divine Science claims the body as the manifestation 
of Life and that God is glorified in our bodies. 

The body is to be redeemed from the false con- 
ception that it lacks Life, Intelligence and Substance. 
Life, Intelligence and Substance are Omnipresent. 
Everything that exists is more than filled with — yes, 
is formed out of that Life, Intelligence and Sub- 
stance. "In my flesh shall I see God." I see now 
that there is no corruption in the Truth of the body. 
It is not "matter" but Spirit and as we insist upon 
this, the seeming mortality will disappear. Then 
will this tabernacle be "dissolved" and our "eter- 
nal house" — or our body as it eternally is will be re- 
vealed to us. 

We can never, here or hereafter, perceive our 
true bodies while we believe them to be without any 
presence of Spirit in them. On the contrary, Truth 
reveals the indwelling Spirit and the immortal na- 
ture of all existence, just as the Bible declares : "If 
the Spirit that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell 
in you, it shall quicken your mortal bodies" (the 
body of flesh that you have conceived of as mortal) 
"by the Spirit that dwelleth in you." 

Divine Science teaches the sacredness of the 
body. By the Law of Expression, the method of its 
"creation" and its place in the perfect Whole are 


proved. The universe of form is the "Lord's Body," 
but "Not discerning the Lord's body, many are 
weak and sickly among you." Not knowing the 
Truth of the body, not perceiving its unity with the 
omnipresent Life and Substance is the sense of all 
seeming weakness and sickness. 

The body is the fruit of the Tree of Life, of 
which Divine thoughts are the branches and Divine 
Mind the root and stem. We can not imagine the 
fruit of the grape vine saying, I am a thistle! No 
more should the fruit of the Tree of Life say, I am 
mortal. The body is not mortal ; it is what Life is. 
It is Life. Hence there is no question as to whether 
Life is in the body. Neither is there any question as 
to whether there is Life, Substance or Intelligence 
in matter after we declare, There is no matter! 

My Spirit is Divine Life and Substance; my 
living soul is Divine Life and Substance expressed ; 
my body is Divine Life and Substance manifest. 
"I beseech you, that ye present your bodies a living 
sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God." Sacrifice 
means making sacred. Let us present our bodies 
as they are, sacred to Life — all Life and Substance. 

Since the body is the "fruit," it is a result and 
not a cause. This needs to be well borne in thought 
lest we make the mistake of basing our satisfaction 
and good upon the body. The Law of Expression 
reveals Mind, or Spirit, as the only Source and 
Cause and that to realize the perfection of the body, 



we are to look within and not without. The body has 
been one of our heaviest "crosses." Men have been 
afraid of the body; ignorance is the reason of this. 
We do need to understand the body and the better 
we understand it, the less we shall think about it. 

The law of Expression reveals the everlasting 
unity of Spirit, living soul and body, and when we 
comprehend this, all anxiety for the body will cease 
and pains and aches be unheard of. "Unto thee" 
(unto Spirit) "shall all flesh come, and all flesh shall 
see the salvation of God." 

1 ' If any man will come after me let him 

Deny himself, 

Take up his cross and 

Follow me." Here are three directions. What 
do they mean? Eepudiate selfishness, personal will 
and opinions; "Take up his cross," any cross — the 
body since it has been a "cross" to us. Take it up, 
we have dragged it in the dust. We have miscon- 
ceived of the body and have placed too low an esti- 
mate upon it. Now we are to lift it up by looking 
upon it as Spirit. "Follow me." Listen only to the 
Truth of our own Being as revealed in understand- 
ing of Wholeness and Perfection. Listen no longer 
to human opinions about Life. 

Earth is the re-presentation of heaven. What 
is Truth in heaven is Truth in earth and for earth. 
"Thy will is done in earth as it is done in heaven." 
Body is the re-presentation of Spirit. What is 


Truth of Spirit is Truth of body and is for the body. 
Thy will (good will) is done in the body as it is 
done in Spirit. 

It is taking his name in vain to say, All is Spirit, 
and then to say, The body is not Spirit; or to de- 
clare that "All is Infinite Mind and its manifesta- 
tion/' but the body is the claim of something else. 
We must not any longer affirm: There is but one 
Substance omnipresent — but the body is not that 
Substance. These are inconsistencies that are to 
be cleared away. 

Christian Science crucifies the body and for a 
time this is magical in its effect of stilling pains and 
aches. But it is the first conception of Truth. In 
"time" (fuller understanding), resurrection comes; 
the body must be solved, not annihilated. 

Many have come to this resurrection of thought. 
Having faithfully obeyed the dictations of Chris- 
tian Science, they experienced perfect relief by deny- 
ing the body; but later, the old "claims" returned 
and would not be again silenced by "crucifixion." 
Those who would be wholly redeemed from every 
conception must know the body, not as "delusion," 
but as living Substance. Redemption is the illumin- 
ing of thought to see the true body. (Eead book- 
let, < ' The Redeemed Body. ' ' ) 


Consistent with the Principle of both Christian 
and Divine Science, we admit but One Mind, One 


Power and One Intelligence. In Divine Science we 
will not then allow even the claim of any other. 

Christian Science has named all error sense 
"Animal Magnetism" when it springs from ig- 
norance, and "Malicious Animal Magnetism" when 
it is wilful. 

Animal Magnetism is the force that one body 
seems to exercise over another. In 1774 Mesmer ap- 
plied this power to heal diseases. Since there is no 
"force" but Mind and no influence but Mind's ac- 
tion, we can now analyze Mesmer 's discovery and 
place it where it belongs — as one of the steps that 
have been leading to the fuller revelation of Truth. 

Mesmer 's efforts were a precedent to the later 
developments in the knowledge of Mind healing in 
which the same facts are observed, but the fuller un- 
derstanding knows better how to interpret and ap- 
ply them. 

In the first teachings of Science, it was hard to 
accept absolute Truth and, declaring the One as the 
All, to maintain that ground despite all appearances 
to the contrary. Man was not at once freed from 
old superstitions and fears ; some opinions were still 
held. He did not wholly relinquish his belief of a 
possible presence and power apart from the Infinite, 
and hence called the false belief a ' ' claim. ' ' 

In this stage of thought unf oldment, the student 
of the new presentation of Truth was forced to give 
up the old orthodox "devil," since there was no 


place to be found for it, but lie could not entirely 
yield the belief of an outside influence that affected 
his peace, or doomed him to failure. The Israelites, 
upon entering Canaan, did not, as commanded, de- 
stroy utterly all other inhabitants of that land, but 
allowed some to remain, demanding tribute of them. 

To admit a claim of error after Truth has been 
realized is the same mistake. In time, these Canaan- 
ites that were permitted to remain, though subservi- 
ent to Israel, grew stronger and became as thorns 
in their flesh. So shall the "claims" we continue 
to acknowledge seem to increase in strength. Our 
only safety is to refuse positively to believe in even 
a claim of error (only ignorance holds such a belief) 
and to declare persistently the One All as undivided. 

Christian Science teaches that we can not ignore 
the claims of evil, but can put them under us, and by 
constant vigilance, keep them in abeyance. This 
conception is pictured in Revelation as putting the 
devil "in chains." After a time, we find the devil 
loosed again. (Rev. 20:3.) Evil is not conquered 
by binding it, but by knowing it not — for all is good. 
As long as we admit a claim of evil over which we 
claim we have dominion, we have chained up the 
devil but for a time — that is all. This conception 
belongs to the early stages of our mental unfold- 
ment, but as we are capable of clearer discernment, 
we see there is no powerful claim of evil to resist. 

Divine Science follows with its fuller perception 


that teaches an Omnipresence, above, beneath, 
around and in every place and thing, hence, no place 
for even a claim of shadow. Be assured, as long as 
we see a shadow to handle, we do not see the full 
meaning of Omnipresence. We must have fuller 

Those are free from fear of shadow who have 
destroyed their own beliefs in the claim of any 
power opposed to good. " Touch not, taste not, 
handle not" any claim of error. Belief is the only 
shadow — the only claim. 

One said, "I never go into an assembly besides 
our own without contracting a headache. This 
proves animal magnetism in the congregation." It 
proved her own belief in animal magnetism. Go to 
any assembly filled with love for all and you will go 
out feeling better than when you entered. Eecognize 
Love as the Omnipresence, therefore the All in all. 
Instead of saying, Love surrounds and protects me, 
say Love surrounds and fills all. Claim the Suprem- 
acy of Divine Love. See one Mind as all Presence 
and Power, and it will be impossible to claim or feel 

"A man's foes shall be they of his own house- 
hold." Bespeak the Consciousness of peace and 
purity for your own thoughts and you will see all 
other thoughts pure. 

Divine Science has a wonderful mission. It con- 
tinues where Christian Science and Mental Science 


have not yet trod — into the realm of the One All — 
and none besides. 

We feel grateful to the Churches for having led 
us so gently while we were "babes" — to Christian 
Science that, like a "battling reformer, " led the way 
in fuller Christ Consciousness — and to the later 
light that is settling our tossed bark upon a surer 
foundation — the impersonal Truth. 

Let us faithfully live this Truth and be ready 
for the word of advance whenever it comes — for be 
sure it must come to the one who is watchful and 


Spiritual Interpretation of the Bible 

"Credulity and superstition have but lately 
given away to an honest desire to know the truth in 
Bible matters. The newer criticism (examination) 
does not take away the Bible ; it only rescues it from 
the superstitions and errors which have so long en- 
shrouded it. No greater service can be rendered to 
the Christian world than to show it what the Bible 
is, and what its writers intended it should be. The 
Bible does not claim infallibility for itself. 

"The one important question for each of us is 
with regard to the spirit in which we read the book. 
If we read it to find support for a doctrinal system, 
it will do us but little good. If we read it to find 
Love, Truth and Life, it will be a fountain that 
faiMli not."— =-T. F. Seward in "Spiritual Know- 
ing. ' ' 

' i The Bible spreads before us the most impres- 
sive picture of man's religious growth." 

' ' The value of the Bible consists, not in the sup- 
posed fact that there are no errors in it, but in this : 
that its books have been written by men who, with 
various degrees of clearness of vision, saw God in 
his world of nature and of man — men who saw the 



Truth as we see it through a glass darkly ; who 
knew of it as we know of it, in part only." 

"The Bible is a record of a clearer and ever 
clearer perception of the Infinite. The latter books 
present clearer and nobler conceptions of God. The 
revelation of God grows in clearness and grandeur 
as man grows in capacity to receive it. Moses' con- 
ception of God was superior to Abraham's, David's 
was superior to Moses', Isaiah's to David's and 
Paul's to Isaiah's." 

* ' The Bible is the . history of the growth of 
man's consciousness of God." 

"The Bible is not the only word that God has 
spoken or yet speaks, but it is the record of a pro- 
gressive revelation of God to man." 

"All times are Bible times. All events are 
Bible events. All individuals are Bible individuals. 
All said in the Bible is a constant process." 

"Men are coming to see through the forms of 
things and to discover the things themselves." 

"The words that I speak unto you they are 
spirit and they are life. ' ' 

To possess the kernel of the nut, we must 
break through the shell that encloses it. The let- 
ter of the Bible is the ' ' shell" beneath which we must 
go to find the spiritual Substance that feeds. "The 
letter killeth, spirit giveth life." 

Parable, allegory and symbol are the "shells" 
that contain the great lessons of the Soul. We find 



these in Old and New Testaments. The Garden of 
Eden signifies little to ns as a literal occurrence- of 
years ago! It teems with vital interest when we 
see in it a presentation of the condition of all at all 

It is asked, By what right do you call the Gar- 
den of Eden story an allegory? By the same right 
that Paul speaks of the story of Abraham, his two 
wives and sons as an allegory (Gal. 4:22-31). He 
who can say "Now know I no man after the flesh" 
can glean from the narrative of events the spiritual 
lesson that applies to each life. 

Frequently does the Bible refer to the "veil" 
that is "over the face of all people' r and promises 
the removal of that veil. Understanding lifts the 
veil of ignorance. 

" ' Which is the great secret!' asks one. 'The 
open secret' — open to all, seen by almost none. This 
Divine mystery is in all times and in all places. In 
most times and places it is overlooked. The unseen 
Heaven — the 'open secret of the Universe' — which 
so few have an eye for!" — Carlyle. 

Understanding unveils the secret. All things 
are "spiritually discerned" by the light of the spir- 
itual Idea. In this light "All things have become 
new." It has given man a new perception of God, 
of Christ, and of Man; a new vision of heaven and 
earth; a new comprehension of the Bible. We are 
finding the "spirit and the life" that is in all 


things and the result is not a larger God, a larger 
Man, a larger Heaven, a larger Bible, but a larger 
vision of these. 

Questions have been asked concerning Bible 
verses and teachings and these questions have been 
reserved for this chapter, as the answers will throw 
light upon the spiritual interpretation of the Bible. 

Will you explain the verse, " These are they 
that have come out of great tribulation? " Eev. 7 : 14. 

These are spoken of as being clothed "in white 
robes," not because they had great tribulation but 
because they came out of tribulation. Christians 
have accepted tribulations as the pathway to heaven, 
whereas, tribulation results from our deviation from 
that pathway and, to "come out of" these, is to re- 
turn to the true path, or way of Truth. 

Pain grows out of the "ground" that is "cursed 
for our sakes." (Gen. 3 : 17.) It results from man's 
choice of seeking to learn from experience, rather 
than from inward illumination. It is nature 's kindly 
voice that warns us of our mistakes. Every pain or 
tribulation is a signal that we are not walking in 
the true path ; that we have turned aside from right 
understanding, and are making human opinion the 
i i ground ' ' of our faith. Such ' ' ground ' ' or founda- 
tion must be shaken from under us that we may be 
forced to find the enduring Truth. 

What is the sin against the Holy Ghost that can 
never be forgiven ? (Matt. 12 : 31, 32.) 


The Holy Ghost is Consciousness, the light and 
only guide into all Truth. To sin against light is to 
refuse to follow the light after we have seen it. This 
can never be forgiven, for while the means is re- 
jected the end can not be reached. While we persist 
in this refusal there is naught else to guide us into 
Consciousness of Life and Wholeness. 

One has illustrated this by the unripe fruit that 
remains unripe if it come not to the light. While 
we cling to darkness, there is no coming to the light. 
This is the unforgiveness. We can not realize com- 
pleteness or perfection while we refuse to receive 
the Idea of Perfection that Consciousness reveals to 
us as our inmost Being, and birthright. "Ye will 
not come unto me that ye might have life. ' ' Banish- 
ment from conscious peace must exist while we re- 
fuse the Consciousness that would lead us into all 

Did not Jesus commend the publican's prayer, 
' i God be merciful to me a sinner 1 ' ' (Luke 18 : 9-14.) 

Jesus compared the prayers of two classes of 
men; one the self-satisfied, the other the self dis- 
satisfied — neither had found the true Self. He did 
not commend either, but said that the publican "was 
justified rather than the other. ' ' The humble spirit 
that is dissatisfied with its condition will more read- 
ily listen to a better way. A prayer of humility is 
better than a prayer of pride, but still better is the 
prayer that contemplates the Infinite so wholly that 
no thought of self apart from God can enter. 


"I no longer live, but Christ," leaves no room 
at all for either self-abasement or self-exaltation. 

Does not the parable of the rich man and Laz- 
arus show that there is a literal place of torment? 
(Luke 16:19.) 

Since it is a parable, the place can not be in- 
terpretated more literally than the men. The spir- 
itual lesson is that two ways of thinking may be 
found within any of us. The one is self-satisfied, 
like the Pharisee; the other believes himself a sin- 
ner "full of sores." This parable may be said to 
finish the one just considered. 

The rich man is the belief of satisfaction in 
self. Lazarus is the belief of dissatisfaction with 
self; the latter sooner reaches true satisfaction, for 
there is less of self to give up. We willingly sur- 
render our beliefs of ill; we slowly yield our opin- 
ions of outer good. 

The "great gulf fixed" shows that pride and 
vainglory can never enter into eternal Conscious- 
ness. Also is this "great gulf" our consolation, for 
having once entered into realization of Life, we can 
not believe in being separated from it again. There 
can be no mingling of light and darkness. 

Interpret, "Let him that thinketh he standeth, 
take heed lest he fall." (1 Cor. 10: 12.) 

First, thinking he stands is not permanent 
Knowledge. Man must know he stands and why he 


Second, if he thinks he stands, he is mistaken. 
No individual can stand alone or apart from God. 
Each individual is entirely dependent upon the Uni- 
versal. The strength of individual knowledge and 
power is in the Universal Knowledge and Power 
from which the individual emanates. 

No one can think he stands more than another. 
The Universal belongs to all alike. If we exalt our 
personality, we make a mistake and shall "fall." 
We make just as fatal a mistake if we exalt another. 
All individuals are equals. 

A final lesson is that we do not stand upon 
thought. Our basis must be the one, eternal, change- 
less Mind. From this foundation we- can never fall. 

Explain Eevelation twelfth. Who is the woman 
clothed with the sun? 

The "woman" is the bride of Spirit; it is the 
illumined soul, or individual consciousness, that is 
filled with light. 

Conception of Truth belongs in mentality that 
believes in an enemy against which to do battle. 
During the time of conflicting conceptions in the 
world belief, the woman, Spirit's bride — the soul 
steadfast to its understanding, and the child, true 
offspring of Spirit, are safely sheltered and cared 
for by the all protecting power of Love. After see- 
ing by the light of Truth, we need not enter into the 
struggle of the outer, but resting confidently in our 
Source, see the outer contributing to the joy of 
life. In full Consciousness, no enemy appears. 


Can you interpret the coming of the wise men 
to find Jesus into our present day's experiences! 

In the Law of Expression, we find the "three 
wise men. ' ' The three, Mind, thought and word, in 
concerted action, meet as one Consciousness to ac- 
knowledge the Christ manifest in the flesh. 

Vaguely have we heard "by the hearing of 
the ear," but now do we know that since Truth is 
omnipresent and universal it is present in all men 
and in all of each man. Spirit, living soul and body 
are the "three wise men" when the three bear wit- 
ness to the unity that includes all and everything in 
oneness of perfect Life and Substance. Thus, with 
one Mind, these join in finding the Christ or perfect 
Substance of Life in perfect form. 

Do you accept the Immaculate Conception? 

The conception of the Immaculate dawned upon 
man's vision when first the "Voice" was heard, 
"Let there be light." From then until now, the 
Christ was being conceived in each mentality. 

As soon as in one man's conceptions were over- 
shadowed by Divine Understanding (the Holy 
Ghost) the Christ was brought to "birth." Mary 
received this pure Consciousness, hence the concep- 
tion was fulfilled in her and its fruit was fulfilled 
in Jesus — "That it might be fulfilled that was 
spoken of by the prophets." 

The Truth of all birth is revealed in Jesus, but 
the fulfillment of such a conception comes slowly to 


man because he is slow to give up his beliefs and 
opinions. "To as many as received him'' (the Di- 
vine Idea), "to them gave he power to become sons 
of God who are born, not of blood, nor of flesh, nor 
of the will of man, but of God. ' ' This is the Immac- 
ulate conception that belongs to all who can receive 
that perfect Idea of Life. This Idea reveals all 
birth from the one Father, even God. Immaculate 
conception is the realization that man's Source is 
in the Perfect. This destroys (overshadows) the 
belief that he is born of flesh or of sin. Man's only 
Source is God. 

Interpret the wedding supper. (Matt. 22 : 2.) 
It is the universal invitation to each individual 
to acknowledge its unity with the Infinite. Divine 
Love holds all in conscious unity. It asks all to 
realize that unity; it is realization of Wholeness and 
Perfection: yet through ignorance of the value of 
this union there are many excuses made. There is 
no satisfaction to be found elsewhere but many must 
prove this before they acknowledge the one. Event- 
ually, all shall be drawn into this sweet communion 
with the Divine Spirit — the One Perfect Mind of all. 
Explain, "And it shall come to pass in the last 
days, that the mountain of the Lord's house shall be 
established in the top of the mountains * * * and 
all nations shall flow into it. And many people shall 
say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of 
the Lord." (Isa. 2:2.) 


Mountain is the symbol of spiritual realization. 
As we ascend a mountain, our vision enlarges; we 
seem to rise above ' ' earth ' ' — nearer ' ' heaven. ' ' So 
does realization of consciousness lift us above 
1 i earthiness, ' ' and give us clearer views of all things. 

The verse quoted indicates plainly that the 
Consciousness of Divine Presence shall tower above 
all other so-called knowledge, until "The knowl- 
edge of the Lord shall cover the earth." This Con- 
sciousness of Divinity, or Perfection, is now begin- 
ning to be our refuge and strength. 

"Beautiful for situation is Mount Zion, God is 
known in her palaces for a refuge. And the inhabi- 
tants shall not say, I am sick : they that dwell there- 
in shall be forgiven their iniquity. There shall be 
no hurt in all my holy mountain. Flee as a bird to 
your mountain, thou who art weary of sin. ' ' 

Jesus often resorted to the mountain for prayer 
and it was in "an exceeding high mountain" (Con- 
sciousness) that he met and subdued the claims that 
personal thought made upon him. 

John was led into ' ' a great and high mountain ' ' 
when he saw the City of God "descend" upon earth, 
and saw therein no more sin, sorrow, pain, or death. 


Each stands somewhere on this "Mount." One 
may be lingering at the foot where his vision is nar- 
rowed. Here his seeing is limited ; ' ' clouds and dark- 


ness ' ' gather over his head and mists enshroud him. 
Into this low spot, the sunlight seldom reaches, the 
shadows -fall long and deep. It is in the "valley" 
that there is a "shadow of death." 

This one prays for deliverance from these 
dread shadows and blinding mists and the answer 
comes, "If you are in clouds and shadows, it is be- 
cause you stand so low. Deep shadows belong to 
the valley, but I have told you that there is no hurt 
in all my holy mountain. Your only deliverance is 
to ascend above the plane of mists and darkness. 
Come unto me and soon you will be lifted to where 
shadows are not. ' ' 

Now the willing one, obedient io the guiding 
voice, begins to turn from the valley and to seek the 
mountain path. This "path" has been opened and 
made smooth by the One who first ascended and now 
calls from the heights to all below, "Follow me." 
The way is straight and narrow; the least turning 
aside besets the traveler with thorns and thistles. 
He must keep in the way prepared and be guided 
wholly by the voice from the heights; "Come, and 
be with me where I am. ' ' 

This voice is heard by many in the depths of the 
valley, and the heedful one begins at once the ascent. 
At first, he moves cautiously, but soon exclamations 
of joy and surprise are heard: How my view is 
broadening! How free I feel; how pure the atmos- 
phere I breathe! How much clearer is the sun- 


light; how less dense the shadows! Now I see 
things not conceived of in the valley. 

From above a sweet voice cries, "And I, if I 
be lifted up, will draw all men nnto me : ' ' and hear- 
ing this the ascending one begins to understand the 
drawing power that is giving him the will and 
strength to rise in the realization of Consciousness. 

All along, from the base to the summit of the 
mountain, are those who have left the valley in 
obedience to the voice and are traveling upward. 
Each tells of the view from his standpoint, for the 
view changes with every advancing step, and along 
the way are heard many views differing according 
to the height reached in realization. 

Some of these travelers move slowly, others 
rapidly. One halts and hesitates fearing to go too 
fast. He is not always sure of the right direction 
and is so occupied with his own opinions that he 
hears not clearly the guiding voice. In his con- 
fusion, he sometimes fears to rise higher and then 
he halts for a time. He does not yet realize that he 
is to ascend until he reaches the voice that calls from 
the very summit of the mountain. 

Another, torn and bleading, is heard to say, 
"Whom the Lord loveth, he chasteneth. I will not 
murmur though the way be hard. In the world ye 
shall have tribulation. ' ' This one has turned aside 
and tried to make a way around the mountain in- 
stead of straight up. He calls his path, Humility, 
and he finds it ' ' hedged with thorns. ' ' He makes his 


own "world" of tribulation. This one is so full of 
his own good opinions that he can not clearly dis- 
tinguish the voice that says, "In my way is peace. 
Be of good cheer; I have come up over — so may 
you. ' ' 

This one does not yet know that the "chasten- 
ing" means the purifying of every self thought 
from the way into which it has wandered. He does 
not know that the "scourging" comes from leaving 
the true path, and trying to walk in a way after his 
own opinions. 

Another progresses slowly as if burdened. This 
one is carrying with him in his ascent a remem- 
brance of the valley's "clouds and' shadows. " So 
engrossed is he with clinging to these burdens that 
he can not hear the voice above saying, "Thy sins 
and thy iniquities will I remember no more." He 
spends much time sighing over past mistakes, and 
thinking to atone for them by suffering, ignorant 
that every step upward takes him further from 
those mistakes. This one does not "forget the 
things ' ' that are being left behind though it is writ- 
ten, - l ' Eemember not the former things, neither con- 
sider the things of old." Forget what you once 
seemed to be and press on to the heights of Pure 
Consciousness where all is seen as Perfection, says 
the voice above; but this one hears not and his reali- 
zation is labored and hindered. 

Another presses steadily upward and he is 


heard joyfully singing, "I will look unto the hills 
whence cometh my help. Who shall dwell in this holy 
hill? He that walketh uprightly. I have set the 
Lord always before me. I shall not be moved. Thou 
hast shown me the path of life. In thy presence is 
fullness of joy." As these words are uttered, the 
upward progress of this one is rapid and easy, for 
it is written "The joy of the Lord shall be your 
strength." All who catch the echo of this rejoicing 
soul are strengthened to push on. 

As ascent of the mountain continues, the up- 
lifted one is exalted above all other hills and moun- 
tains. All the hills of "difficulty," that once seemed 
to rise so threateningly above him, now appear lev- 
eled when viewed from the heights of Pure Con- 
sciousness. Also, as he looks from this standpoint, 
he no longer sees a "valley," but every spot and 
space seems "lifted up." Then he remembers the 
words of the prophet, "every valley shall be ex- 
alted and every mountain and hill shall be made 

"To the pure all things are pure." This is the 
summit of the Mount, the Christ Consciousness into 
which each soul, ever pressing upward, enters. This 
is ' ' the mountain of the Lord in the top of the moun- 

■?P tP ' 9P tP ^P 9P ^P 9P ^P vP 

"To get above the -clouds you must ascend the 
mountain ; so with the soul ; it must rise to where it 


is lighted by Supreme Truth, before the mists of 
error and ignorance vanish. ' ' 

' ' Behold the day cometh and it shall not be 
clear in some places and dark in other places of the 
world, but it shall be one day which shall be known 
to the Lord." (Zech. 14: 6, 7, margin.) 

" There shall be one fold, one shepherd." 


The Breaking of Light 

A Lesson upon the first chapter of Genesis : 

The Absolute has no unexpressed possibilities. 
Truth of Being is Completeness and Liniitlessness. 

"In the beginning God created the heaven and 
the earth." The Limitless admits neither begin- 
ning nor ending. "In the beginning" has been an 
ambiguous expression implying something beyond 
man's conception — and truly it is so. Man can not 
conceive of the Eternal; it is out of the realm 
of conception. 

Eternally God creates the heaven and the 
earth — unceasingly are the realities of Truth be- 
ing expressed. The first individual thought reach- 
ing to its utmost capacity, calls the limit of its 
vision "the beginning," associating with this "the 
end." Eternity that the infant thought can not 
grasp is the Truth of beginning and ending. 

Why in God's kingdom are there "infants"! 
What would our little world be without its chil- 
dren? What if all were born men and women? 
Much of the joy of living would be eliminated. 
We love the children. Their little mistakes are 
sweet to our ears. We do not have to take them 
seriously; their very innocence is our delight. 


In the first chapter of Genesis we read of God's 
family. "Let there be light' ' is the birth of the 
first-born. Man made in the image and likeness 
of God is the full-grown Son. In all that lies be- 
tween is recorded the development of every individ- 
ual soul from its "birth" to its full manhood: from 
its inception to its full perception. 

The first chapter of Genesis relates the history 
of every individual soul, and also of the race devel- 
opment in realization of Truth. 

Truth stands firm and changeless ever; a child 
comes gradually to know and appreciate Truth, un- 
til finally he stands secure in the full consciousness 
of its changeless realities. 

It is not surprising that the steps from child- 
hood to manhood, either in the individual or in the 
race are marked by uncertainties and struggles — 
such as we find recorded throughout the Bible, and 
see in experiences about us. This is the taking up and 
laying down of conceptions — believing one thing 
true today, and finding it untrue tomorrow. This 
is all there is of "process" — Truth not affected, only 
the soul's vision changing. This is what we find 
related in symbolic language as the creative story. 

The first verse states the eternal Truth in the 
best terms that the writer could understand. To- 
day it is better comprehended. The second verse 
no longer leads our thoughts astray since we know 
where to place the assertions of chaos. In the Un- 


changing is no "darkness' ' or "void." The Spirit 
of God always moving upon its "waters" (its lim- 
itless possibilities), is ever expressing its own Be- 
ing or nature as light and order. Everywhere is 
order ; light of Truth illumines every spot and space. 
Keep this in thought for then it is easy to perceive 
that only the unseeing eye declares darkness! But 
the eye of the child "shall be opened." Light shall 
break upon the "darkness" of every thought that 
does not fully discern (verse 3). 

The mistakes of childhood are to be "out- 
grown." Truth always • complete is seen at first 
through untrained vision. The training of the child -s 
mentality is most interesting — each step in advance 
is hailed with satisfaction. Each grade made in 
school is the child's delight, and the parent enters 
into the joy of it. 

Unfoldment is a great privilege. To see today 
what I saw not yesterday; to know that I shall un- 
derstand tomorrow what was not clear today, is a 
grand incentive to perseverance and faithfulness. 

Each clearer vision expands our thoughts into 
fuller realization of Truth. In recognition of this 
the "second day" is called expansion (verse 6, 
margin). The light grows clearer; the vision more 
and more illumined sees form in a new way. This 
is called the ' ' third day. ' ' 

These first three steps are exemplified in a 
babe's unfoldment. The first object of attraction 



to the baby eye is light. He can not formulate to his 
own thought what that light is — but it holds his 
eye*. As his sense expands the babe begins to notice 
things and form attracts his eye. Here, too, he could 
not name the thing aright, but he sees it. Training 
will teach him comprehension — not from without, 
but through training he learns to fix his attention 
upon the essential nature of things and learns their 

The time in unfoldment arrives when the in- 
dividual's own perception asserts itself. More light 
it is called in the story (verse 14), and this is known 
as the "fourth day" — the realization of the individ- 
ual's possibilities, that bring forth -fruit "after its 
kind" — this is the picture of the "fifth day" (verse 

"After its kind;" how full of meaning this is. 
Not after God's kind. The individual has yet to 
learn the lesson Jesus so plainly taught. Not I, but 
the Father. This is the point to which the develop- 
ing mentality is reaching. Mistaken thoughts are 
natural along the way. Truth is being learned — 
being conceived of. Conception will be dropped as 
Truth is fully known. 

In each day of the creative story there are 
two facts to be considered. First : Truth is. Truth 
is being individually perceived. Not all at once can 
it burst upon the "eye" of the infant soul. Step 
by step, from "day" to "day," it is seen more 


clearly — the light eternal is breaking gradually 
upon the willing eye. Second: Until the vision 
of Truth is perfect, conceptions of Truth will be 
formulated. In full Consciousness these concep- 
tions are yielded to Truth. 

Each "day" as described in the story reveals 
these two facts : Truth, and conceptions of Truth. 
It is all "good" for it is natural. At the finish, 
or when the Eternal is realized, man's mentality is 
cleared of all conceptions both good and ill, and 
Truth pure and changeless remains as it always was, 
but now understood. 

This is pictured to us in the book of Revelation, 
wherein every creation related in the first chapter 
of Genesis is presented as disappearing. There was 
no more sea — no more earth — the heavens fled away, 
and there were no sun or moon, "For the lamb is 
the light thereof." 

What is left? The "light"— and the highest 
form of Life — or the revelation of Life and its 
form, through the Light that has given the Con- 
sciousness to man's realization. 

In the "sixth day" is represented the realiza- 
tion that leads into Consciousness of unity. # Man 
understood as being God's image and likeness indi- 
cates the revelation of one Life, invisible and visible. 

Man in this realization knows the true relation 
of each living soul and body to its Infinite Source — 
he sees the unity of form with the Formless ; of the 


individual with the Universal, and that he is just 
what his Source is — perfect in Substance, Intelli- 
gence and Life. 

As man sees this, no Truth is changed. It sig- 
nifies that the child has come to maturity in under- 
standing, or the first thought has grown into Con- 
sciousness, wherein is no more wavering. Concep- 
tions have no place here, for Truth fully perceived 
and accepted shapes every thought aright. 

Let the soul that has this vision be glad; and 
let the Truth seen be so steadfastly followed that the 
still greater revelation awaiting the faithful one may 
the sooner be realized. 

The first chapter of Genesis gives a sweeping 
glance of the unfoldment of the race into the per- 
fect realization of the Truth of Life. 

The narrative that follows recounts this Life 
history in its details. 


Eden Lost and Found 

The Son of Man is come to save that which was lost. Matt. 
18: 11. 

And this is the Father's will * * * that of all which 
he hath given me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up 
again at the last day. Jno. 6: 39. 

Read the fifteenth chapter of Luke, where in 
three parables is told how the lost are found. 

Love will never rest until all are consciously 
within the fold of Truth. ' ' There shall be one fold, 
one Shepherd." Jno. 10: 16. Truth the fold; Con- 
sciousness the shepherd that shall lead all into the 
one Truth. "When he, the Spirit of truth is come" 
(is recognized and received), "he will guide you 
into all truth." Jno. 16: 13. "That in the dispen- 
sation of the fullness of times" (in full realization) 
"he might gather together in one all things in 
Christ, both which are in heaven and which are on 
earth." Eph. 1:10. These words plainly indicate 
the ingathering of all and all things into the king- 
dom, or Consciousness of harmony. (Read in Se- 
lected Bible Readings, page 86 — "Universal Salva- 

One may ask here, "What of those who have 
died in ignorance of Truth, and disobedient to its 
call — how can they now be saved. ' ' 



This question is asked because of the past 
teaching about time and place. Since it is known 
that Now includes all time, and Here all space, we 
cease to limit Infinite Love to any time or place. 
' ' His mercy endure th forever. ' ' 

In I. Peter 3 : 19, 20, is given a very positive 
assurance of salvation after what is called death. 
If the Spirit of Jesus went to those who were dis- 
obedient in the time of Noah and preached to them, 
of what could he preach if not of the way of salva- 
tion? What other purpose could the Love-Spirit 
have toward those in the prison of doubt and fear 
than to show the way into peace ? What, but to lead 
them to see again the paths of righteousness. 

"The Lord will not cast off forever.' ' How 
emphatically does this deny the teaching of ever- 
lasting punishment! The Lord never "casts off" 
his children; when they forget their Source and 
turning vainly search for good elsewhere, they seem 
and feel apart from God ; but they have only to re- 
turn to find themselves in the changeless Presence 
that has never left them. 

A Persian wrote these words: "Two angels 
flying out from the blissful city of God — the angel 
of love and the angel of pity — hovered over the 
eternal pit where suffered the captives of hell. One 
smile of love illumined the darkness and one tear of 
pity extinguished all the fires. ' ' 

This is the prayer of the Brahmans: "Never 
will I seek or receive private individual salvation. 


Never will I enter into final bliss alone. But for- 
ever and everywhere will I labor and strive for the 
final redemption of every creature throughout all 
worlds, and until all are redeemed." Is not this 
Love divine! 

Milton gave us Paradise Lost. A few years 
later another message came from his pen of Para- 
dise Regained. The former was more in accord 
with religious thought, for which reason possibly it 
has been kept before us, while the latter has scarcely 
been noticed. 

Eeligion has taught us to expect in this world 
only the sad and gloomy things. A friend quoted: 
"In the world ye shall have tribulation' ' as a proof 
of this. Her attention was called to the entire verse 
( Jno. 16 : 33), "that in me ye might have peace. In 
the world ye shall have tribulation ; but be of good 
cheer; I have overcome the world." Here are three 
joyful statements and one otherwise. The three 
were neglected for the one that foreboded evil ! The 
call in these is really to come out of the world 
thought of things into the peace and joy of Truth. 
"I have overcome the world" — if I have come out 
of it, says Jesus, so may you. "Because I live, ye 
shall live also." Whatever I do, ye can do. 

Now man is looking for and into Paradise Re- 
gained, and is learning that all ever lost was simply 
lost to view, while we 

"Intent on manna still and mortal ends" 

saw it not. 


Let us consider the salient features of the Gar- 
den of Eden story. From these may be found in- 
terpretation of the individual experiences, and de- 
velopment in Consciousness, that correspond to the 
race unfoldment. 


(Find the chapter and read the verses as given 
in the following) : 

Notice first that everything was formed out of 
the ground — plants (verse 9), animals (verse 19), 
man (verse 7). It is plain that the ground signifies 
the Source, the Substance that is Universal. From 
this we learn that all forms are of one Source and 
one Substance. 

Again, notice that only "man became a living 
soul. ' ' In the creative story, ' ' the moving creature 
that hath life" (margin, soul) is brought forth in 
the fifth day. (Gen. 1 : 20.) It is called a new thought 
that animals have souls, but it is mentioned in the 
first chapter of the Bible ! 

Wherein, then, differs man from animal, plant 
or clod? Only in development. "A living sour' is 
a conscious soul; man conscious of being, not hav- 
ing a soul. God did not give to man a soul, but 
made him a living soul. It is the discovery of being 
rather than getting and having that is to-day our 
joy and strength. 


"The Lord God planted a garden eastward in 
Eden; and there he pnt the man whom he had 
formed" (verse 8). The Law of Good provides 
everything needful and pleasant for the comfort of 
the living sonl it has brought forth. 

Eden represents the delight of the soul's life in 
God. Here the world's struggle for shelter, food 
and clothes is unknown ; all is prepared from the 
"ground," or Source. The soul that sees is satis- 
fied from this Source (verse 16). He who sees not 
seeks to provide for himself (I. Cor. 2:9). 

As a living soul, man sees the right ; his thought 
must have the choice of abiding by it or not abiding 
by it. As Truth reveals what is right, there arises 
naturally the possibility of conceiving the opposite 
(verses 9 and 17). 

Not to be an automaton the mentality must live 
true to the Truth from choice (Deut. 30:19). It 
may conceive of something opposite to Truth and 
follow that, even calling it Truth. 

. To eat of the tree of life is to give to Life as 
revealed in Truth, undivided allegiance. In Life we 
have the fullness of Wisdom, Love and Power. Life 
gives us complete satisfaction. There can be no 
loneliness in Consciousness of Life. Verse eight- 
eenth represents the call of mentality for compan- 
ionship and help. This call is answered from the 
Within ; but if this is not yet known, thought asleep 
(verse 21) sees its help brought to it from without 
(verse 22). 


Be assured that the creation of woman was not 
an after-thought with Deity. Man and woman were 
always one, and were brought forth together. (Gen. 
1 : 26, 27 ; Gen. 5 : 1, 2.) "In the day" (in the same 
"day") "that God created man — male and female 
created he them, and blessed them, and called their 
name Adam. ' ' 

The living soul is both male and female, and for 
this reason Jesus said there is no marriage in 
heaven (Matt. 22:30). In spiritual Consciousness 
there was never any division, hence no need of mak- 
ing unity. In Truth the living soul does not need 
anything brought to it from without itself. 

All of this is conception. Adam's loneliness 
and need of help indicate that he sought in the outer 
for what lies only in the Source. It is the sleep of 
ignorance wherein is brought to Adam's sense ex- 
ternal help. 

The result of this is given in the third chapter 
of Genesis. Uniting thought with externals pro- 
duces a conception of mixed mentality unknown to 
Truth (Matt. 7: 23), but binding until knowledge of 
Truth frees from this false conception. 

In this conception the mental seeks not only 
companionship and help, but even its wisdom in the 
outer (verse 6). It looks to the external for good. 

This leads to a feeling of lack for which thought 
attempts to make its own supply (verse 7). Out of 
this arises a sense of separation from God, the only 


Source, resulting in a belief of fear, for now mental- 
ity is acknowledging two powers, two masters 
(verse 10). 

There is no sense of nakedness, or lack, in Con- 
sciousness (chap. 2:25; chap. 3:11). Because he 
did not choose to learn the lessons of Life through 
the light of Consciousness, man entered into the way 
of experience, a hard master (verses 16-19. Jer. 

Now he must learn through experience what he 
might have learned through Consciousness of his 
true Being (verse 23). 

When can "man" re-enter Eden? God's Law 
never changes. When man's mentality obeys that 
Law which says ever, From Within, not from with- 
out, come peace, harmony, abundance and power, 
he shall turn his thought again to Truth as the 
Source, and find the kingdom, Eden. I, says Truth, 
shall raise it up again at the last day. In the latest or 
full Consciousness, the mentality shall find itself in 
its original purity and goodness. (Isa. 1 : 26.) 

It shall have to pass through the "flaming 
sword" (verse 24) to test its sincerity in Truth, but 
the flame and the sword are only the consuming 
power of Infinite Love that purges away all dross of 
belief. (Heb. 12 : 29 ; Isa. 1 :25.) 

Let us strip this allegory of Eden of its sym- 
bolic terms and state its lessons in plain words. 

Man, made in the image and likeness of his 


Creator, endowed with the nature of Deity because 
like begets like, is a living soul ever in unity with 
the Source of every blessing. Abundance is his and 
all needs supplied. Man is to keep this Conscious- 
ness of fullness, to live in its delights, to guard its 
sacredness with his undivided trust (Gen. 2:15). 
The great loving Spirit is to be the soul's compan- 
ion, its helper, its satisfaction, for it is all-sufficient 
for every need. From the inner invisible Source 
comes the supply that answers every demand of the 
soul (Phil. 4:19). 

Man must indeed be in a deep sleep when he 
turns without for his help. 

How could man, made perfect and wholly right 
(Jer. 2:21), thus turn? Because thought has free 
will to turn as it pleases. It is only our thoughts 
that turn and in this turning conceive of separation, 
and entertain the belief of two powers, good and 

It is only in the infancy of thought that it makes 
these mistakes. Can that which is perfect make a 

"Perfect — yet it floweth fuller every day; 
Perfect — yet it groweth deeper all the way." 

Thought, turned to the outer for help, blinds 
man to the fullness and freedom of his nature, draws 
him into the struggle of getting by strenuous effort 
the very supply that is already his by birthright! 
(Gen. 3:23.) 


God plants the Garden and man reaps this 
planting — therefore if man tries to do his own plant- 
ing he shall reap what he plants. Man is not di- 
rected to do any sowing in this Garden of eternity, 
but to watch and to keep what Love is bringing 
forth. He is to acknowledge but the One: in self- 
assertiveness "Adam gave names to all cattle * * * 
and fowl * * * and beast.' ' Adam even gave 
name to the woman (Gen. 3:20). Man passes his 
own opinion upon the works of God. 

The tree of life is his, and its fruits are yielded 
continuously. It leaves, or expressions, are his un- 
changing health and under its sheltering branches 
does he find all blessings (Rev. 22: 2, 3). 

What have experiences taught man! Only what 
to avoid. What to be is learned only in the within. 
When experiences become too hard, he turns home- 
ward (Luke 15: 11), and finds what he might have 
enjoyed all the time. 

"From an Infinite Source, midst realms of light, 
An offspring from God my soul took its flight, 
To find in experience with its trials and pain, 
The knowledge to carry it homeward again." 

How shall the Home of the soul be found again 1 
By a relinquishing of every conception of aught be- 
sides God. The outward tendency of thought led 
us to believe in something else than the One. Even 
man's own personality became of great importance 
to his thought. 


Now man is to know God and none besides. 
This means to know no reality but good : no Source, 
or Cause, but one : no Life but the perfect : no Sup- 
ply but the inner: no time but Now: no place but 
Here : no Self but Christ : no Mind but the Divine : 
no Soul but God. 

"A Persian saint ascended to heaven's gate and 
knocked; a voice said, 'Who is there V 'Thy serv- 
ant, God.' But the gates would not open. For 
seven years he did every act of kindness ; again he 
came, and the voice said, 'Who is there V And he 
replied, ' Thy slave, God. ' Yet the gates were 
shut. Yet seven other years of kindness, and the 
man again knocked; and the voice-cried and said: 
'Who is there V 'Thyself, O God.' And the gates 
wide open flew. ' ' 

From belief of being but a servant man rose to 
know God as his friend (Jno. 15: 15). 

So are fulfilled other words of Jesus: "The 
servant abideth not in the house forever' ' (Jno. 

Beyond the childish sense, man receives the 
Consciousness of Sonship, and can say with Paul, 
"It pleased God to reveal his Son in me (Gal. 1: 
15, 16), or "Beloved, now are we the sons of God." 
It is a revelation of eternal Truth. 

What shall be the next step in realization? It 
is told in I. Cor. 15:24-28. 

God all in all is becoming now the highest reali- 


zation when even the son " shall have put down all 
rule and all authority and all power' ' — that God may 
be known as ' ' all in all. ' ' 

Always "Lord of all," man in his own childish 
conceptions, natural in the beginning of his under- 
standing, believes himself a servant (Gal. 4:1). 
Unfoldment in Consciousness brings to man's men- 
tality the knowledge of God as his best friend. 
More lies beyond this : because man proved himself 
a faithful friend (and each step in revealment must 
be faithfully followed, ere another step can be seen), 
he awakes to the Truth of being the Son: for "Be- 
cause ye are sons God hath sent forth the Spirit of 
his Son into your hearts" (Gal. 4:6). 

Sonship seems wonderful; and to have been a 
Son all the time while man thought and called him- 
self a servant is the mystery of ignorance ! 

But the Son, mighty as he is, must take another 
step to know only God. "For unto us a child is 
born (man's first realization of the Christ is child- 
ish), unto us a son is given (the child conception 
unfolds into a larger vision, the son) ; and the gov- 
ernment shall be upon his shoulder (the conception 
of sonship is dominion), and his name shall be called 
Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the ever- 
lasting Father, the Prince of Peace." (Isa. 9:6.) 
Every step of the way in revelation and realization 
is here set forth. 

When we believed ourselves servants we acted 


as servants. When we accepted ourselves as 
friends of God, we took our place appointed to 
friends in the Lord's House (Consciousness). As 
the light of Truth revealed in us the Son, we knew 
we had a nearer place in the Father's presence than 
a friend. 

And, now, we no longer wish to rule in our 
Father's house. We no longer wish to be praised 
as the Son, or to be acknowledged as the Heir. We 
wish to know that "I and my Father are one" — 
not two. That the only name is "the mighty God, 
the Everlasting Father" that God may be known 
as ALL. 


Conclusion of the Whole Matter 

"When a man's knowledge is not in order, the more of it 
he has the greater will be his confusion of thought." — Spencer. 

According to your faithfulness shall it be unto 

There is not one so sick that he can not be 
healed ; not one so sinful that he can not be redeemed. 
Both redemption and healing require re-formation, 
and all reform must begin within. We are to be 
transformed by the renewing of our thought. 

Our view of things, which means our opinion, is 
to change. This change in our way of thinking that 
is to reform our way of speaking is a necessity, since 
we wish our outspeaking, as word, deed and body, 
to express the pure effect of the pure Consciousness 
in Mind. 

We are having just such experiences as we our- 
selves believe in. The whole world believes sin to 
be a great reality, sickness to be a great evil and 
death to be a necessity. In this belief Christians 
heartily join, adding the conviction that God has 
willed these things. So long as man thus thinks, will 
he suffer. "I will visit evil upon this people, even 
the fruit of their thoughts." This signifies that the 
law of right thinking through right knowledge can 
not be broken without consequent inharmony. 



Ke-forming requires patience. It is the form- 
ing of new habits of thought. Seeing Principle 
clearly, we are able to persist without discourage- 
ment, even though conditions do not at once seem 
transformed. Forming new habits of thought and 
word is not easy, but it is important. "By thy 
words shalt thou be judged and by thy words shalt 
thou be condemned. A man's word shall be his 
burden. ' ' 

Science reveals that we can no longer throw the 
responsibility of our seeming ills upon any other 
than ourselves — not even upon God. It teaches that 
our understanding of divine Law and obedience 
thereto will preserve us from all sense of evil. That 
ignorance of that Perfect Law and disobedience 
thereto will plunge our thoughts into confusion of 
belief, for to disobey that Law is to ignore the na- 
ture of our oivn Life and to live contrary to its gov- 
erning rules. (Selected Headings, "Life," p. 26.) 

To find the kingdom of God within is to know 
that Infinite Possibility of good is the nature of 
man's soul. To know these possibilities is to be 
' ' awake ' ' and to begin the cultivation of right think- 
ing — for the good is first Mind, then (expressed) it 
is thought and word. The Mind of Good manifests 
only good. 

Asleep, man knew not this, but supposed an op- 
posite to be Truth. In sleep, man conceives of him- 
self as mortal, sinful, dying: he suffers all the con- 


sequences of this dream. "Mortal man" is but a 
dreamer, and "mortal conditions" are the dream — 
neither are real. Talking in this "sleep" man has 
said, "Man born of woman is of few days and full 
of trouble. God be merciful to me a sinner. As for 
man his days are as grass. Behold, he was shapen in 
iniquity." (Bible Selections, "Spirit," p. 28; 
"Man," p. 34.) 

Awake, man knows himself one with God, Son 
of God, Heir of God, Likeness of God, hence, one 
with Truth unchangeable, Substance incorruptible, 
Power limitless, Life eternal, and Nature perfect. He 
knows himself because he has found his Source and 
Substance. Looking now upon appearances of sin and 
distress, he sees in these but a false claim that be- 
cause he bows to it man serves. To all such appear 7 
ances he can say, ' ' There is no Truth in that. ' ' The 
Principle of good is everywhere, waiting to be recog- 
nized, thought and spoken. To see the unreality of 
so-called evil conditions is the beginning of the up- 
rooting; to think and speak of reality finishes the 
work, anoT good, being omnipresent, at once is re- 
vealed. Only opposite beliefs hid it from our sight. 

Now we go to the sinning and the sick, not to see 
through their eyes, not to enter into their dream, but, 
like one wide awake, to arouse the sleepers from 
their dreams. We go, not sympathizing with their 
weaknesses, thereby falling into the ditch with them, 
but with open eye, seeing their true State, to declare 
this joyfully to them. 


In such understanding we see the powerlessness 
of beliefs of sin and discord and intelligently declare 
the presence everywhere of Bightness, Health and 
Life. (Bible Selections, "Assurances," p. 80.) 

Do not accept this on anybody's word; prove it 
for yourself. Two men stood looking at a rough 
stone. One, a sculptor, said, "There's an angel in 
that stone. ' ' With patience and skill the sculptor be- 
gan the work of bringing out the angel. Chip by chip 
he removed all that obscured until the perfect form 
stood revealed. False opinion and belief have ob- 
scured the angel that is in every soul, but the eye of 
faith, or understanding, sees beneath the appear- 
ance. He who has the angel in his own conscious- 
ness sees it in others and is able to call it forth. 

This angel is the divinity of man that is likened 
by Jesus to the "lost coin." When the woman 
brought a light into the room and began searching 
for her coin, she found such a collection of dust that 
the room must be swept before the coin could be re- 

How true this is of our understanding of self- 
hood — lost in the settled dust of ages. The first 
requisite in our search is light, then is revealed the 
need of sweeping our mentality. Before we can see 
our true* selfhood we must clear our seeing of all 
' ' dust ; " all conception of materiality ; all belief of a 
substance besides Spirit. 

The purpose of development in Life is to unfold 


the individual thought into more and more realiza- 
tion. For this reason none can do another's part. 
Each must become conscious of Truth for himself. 

Affirm daily, Only God is Truth; there is no 
Truth in that which appears to be opposite to God. 
Make no compromise with the sense of error or evil. 
"Agree with thine adversary quickly whiles thou art 
in the way with him, lest the adversary deliver thee 
to the judge, and the judge to the officer and thou be 
cast into prison. Verily, thou shalt not come out 
thence till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing." 
(Matt. 5:25, 26.) If you permit any authority on 
the part of that which is adverse to your peace, if you 
give any consent to its power, you will become more 
and more deeply involved in belief until, to get free, 
will cost you the extremest sacrifice. 

At the first sign of sickness or ill, settle with it. 
Is it Truth (like God) or is it not! This is most im- 
portant to decide. Do not admit the little sins and 
sicknesses and there will never be any "big ones." 
Take control of an appearance or feeling of ill at its 
start, and cease not until it is put entirely out of 
thought. Say no to the first feeling of sickness. 

Follow the directions of daily practice in the 
thought of good so reiterated in this book. "When 
need appears, you will not have to fight to conquer, 
but your victory over sin and disease will be the easy 
demonstration of your faithful practice. The time 
to heal yourself is before you feel sick. 


Speak no more words of sin and disease. 
"Every idle word that men shall speak, they shall 
give an account thereof in the day of judgment." 
Our "day of judgment" is our day, or light, of dis- 
cernment. All suffering is the result of ' ' idle words. ' ' 
Words of fear, anger, malice, revenge, hate, sin, sick- 
ness and death are ' ' idle words ; ' ' they are not words 
of Truth. Speak them no more. Think them no 

Never give up. Until beliefs disappear, con- 
tinue to speak the words of Truth. Two frogs fell 
into a bowl of milk. After a futile struggle to jump 
out, one gave up and soon sank to the bottom. The 
other reasoned thus : I can not get out but I can kick, 
so I will do ivhat I can. Vigorously he swam round 
and round, kicking hard; directly he felt a solid 
something under him. This grew more and more 
substantial until the frog sat high and safe upon a 
lump of butter made by his own kicking. He did not 
know what he was accomplishing, but he kept on do- 
ing all he could. 

Never claim a time for sickness any more than 
you would claim a time for sinning. You have no 
more right to the one than to the other, and should 
no more yield to the one than to the other. Do not 
believe any longer that man or woman is under a 
"curse." Belief is the only "curse" and when man 
knows he is not under belief he knows also that he is 
free from any curse. 

The Perfect Creator (Source) has put its own 


Spirit in man; this is the Wisdom, Love and Life 
that he is to recognize and cultivate in thought. The 
"old Adam" controls man only when he neglects 
this "gift" and yields to the belief of a self apart 
from God. To be governed by the "Adam" is to act 
as a child in understanding. Men are now responsi- 
ble to ' ' quit ' ' them ' ' like men ; " to "be not children 
in understanding" — knowing themselves not slaves, 
but heirs. 

Man has not understood the creation of God 
and hence has misjudged. An untrained mentality 
finds little that pleases in a work of art; though the 
artist ranks among the first. Shall he claim that the 
work is imperfect, or shall he admit that his own 
judgment is poor ? 

Let us no longer criticize anything or anybody, 
but with faith in the Creator, look for the good in all, 
and more and more will the good be seen. 

Man is literally entering into, and taking pos- 
session of the universe, through knowledge of Truth. 
That this can be done unselfishly is a proof that Love, 
guided by Wisdom, is the Source of man's knowl- 
edge; that Love is impartial, "seeketh not its own," 
but grants to each the same fullness of good. 
Knowledge applied leads into Understanding, and 
through the Power of Understanding all are able to 
see the manifested perfection of Life. 

This is the Truth that makes us free. 

This is the Truth and Health that we seek. 


Spiritual Interpretation of Terms 


God is Omnipresence, the Presence including all 
from the least to the greatest, hence, we can not 
truthfully claim "error" or "mortality" in any- 

In each and every thing is God-Consciousness 
awaiting man's full realization. From this under- 
standing the following interpretations are offered: 

Adam. — The "earthy" belief, representative 
not of "error," but of mentality, unfolding as it first 
awakens into the ' ' living soul. " It is a glorious step 
in that it reveals the rising of man's thought out of 
his past conception of "dust," and though a small 
"beginning," it is the surety of complete resurrec- 
tion. "Being confident of this very thing, that he 
which hath begun a good work in you will perform 
it unto the day -of Jesus Christ." (Phil. 1:6.) 

(That we may see the finish of this in Jesus, I 
will place the interpretation here, though out of 

Jesus. — The fully awakened mentality. Full con- 
sciousness of Being Divine. Complete resurrection 
of thought. Man, knowing himself "lord of all." 



Ascension of thought above all human conceptions of 
Mind and body. The realization of unity. The eter- 
nal State which man realizes through Consciousness. 
The Destiny of every living soul and body. "As he 
is, so are we in this world. ' ' 

1 i The first man is of the earth, earthy ; the sec- 
ond man is the Lord from heaven. As we have borne 
the image of the earthy" (first conception of man — 
" Adam"), "we shall also bear the image of the heav- 
enly" (last and true Idea of Man — "Jesus"). 

Angels. — Divine Thoughts. Every expression 
of Truth is an angel. Messages of Creator into its 
creation — of the Infinite Mind into its manifestation. 
Every impulse of Love, every action of right, is an 
* ' angel ' ' visitant. Man 's pure soul is his angelic Na- 

"Anointing With Oil." — Consecrating to the 
Truth of Perfect Life, through seeing man's true Be- 
ing, or Nature. 

Arm. — Strength in expressing the Truth. 

Baptism. — Complete immersion in Divine Con- 
sciousness. Omniscience. Illumination. Purifica- 
tion of thought. 

Believe. — To let be that which is and is known. 

Blood. — Circulating Life. Expression of Divine 

Blood of Christ. — Consciousness and Expres- 
sion of Perfection. 

Body. — Temple of Spirit. — "Likeness" of God. 
Manifestation of perfect Life and Substance. 



Bones. — Hidden support of the body; the frame- 
work of the " temple.' ' 

Canaan. — Land, or Consciousness, of Spirit and 
freedom as it first appears to thought. Israel (see 
definition) enters Canaan and takes possession 
through the ' ' shedding of blood, ' ' because Israel con- 
ceives that error has a claim of power even in Ca- 
naan, and that Truth must be fought for and bled for. 
Christians still believe that they can be saved only by 
the "shedding of blood" taken in its literal sense. 
True "shedding of blood" is expressing the Con- 
sciousness of Love and Life. It is living the perfect 
Life. "All they that take the sword shall perish by 
the sword, ' ' said Jesus at the last. All conceptions 
of struggle and fight shall perish. 

Christ. — Son of God. Universal Man. Divine 
Idea. The Truth that reveals and expresses the Life, 
Purity, Perfection and Power of the Perfect Mind. 

Conception. — Man's attempt while limited in be- 
lief to form ideas. Conception is yielded when man 
sees one Idea as the Truth of all things, to be not 
conceived, but perceived. 

Conditions. — The many and varying experiences 
of man while he has not found his State of perfect 

Day. — Light. Understanding. 

Death. — Destruction of conceptions and miscon- 
ceptions. "I die daily." This is the death that 
takes us into "heaven" — or spiritual. Consciousness, 
which is perfect harmony. 


Divine. — Perfect. Harmonious. 

Dust. — Omnipresent Life and Substance individ- 
ualized. Conception has called dust materiality, but 
it is now known that there is no matter. 

Ear, eye, mouth, nostrils and nerves. — Avenues 
of soul expression. Faculties that must be enlight- 
ened by Consciousness before we can truly judge of 
the world around us. Unillumined, these senses 
judge from externals and claim separation of inner 
and outer. Illumined, they see from within and 
know the perfect unity. 

Earth. — The manifestation of God now " veiled" 
by our conceptions. A member of the Universal 

Earthquake. — Upheaval of false conceptions — a 
lifting of the "veil." Material belief shaken to its 
foundations, to be destroyed. 

Eden. — The mentality wherein God is known. 
Harmony. The soul's delight in God. 

Egypt. — The external. Sightly revealed, Egypt 
is known as "holy ground." Misunderstood and 
sought as a Source of supply, it becomes to thought 
a condition of bondage. 

Our "Israel," spiritual sense, is in captivity in 
Egypt when our senses are captivated by the outer. 
"Woe to them that go down to Egypt for help." 
Only woe can result from looking to the external as 
a source of help or supply. 

Enemies. — False conception. Beliefs in being 
apart from God. Sin, fear, sickness and death. 


Eternity. — The Now. All of past, present and 
future in this present moment. 

Eve. — The first conception of woman. Belief of 
the separation of male and female. (See Mary.) 

Fasting. — Abstaining from beliefs of evil. 
Keeping the i i thought from evil and the mouth from 
speaking guile.' ' A hard lesson, but one that Sci- 
ence helps us to obey by revealing the realities of 

Father. — Source. Life-Giver. All men have 
one Source. 

Feet. — Foundation. Understanding. 

Fire. — Purifier. Light, or Consciousness, is the 
purifying fire. 

Flesh. — In Truth, Spirit-Substance. ' ' The Word 
was made flesh.' ' Manifestation of Life, but ob- 
scured by our ignorance. 

Flood. — Omnipresent Consciousness that re- 
veals light filling all. The Baptism of Spirit. De- 
struction of beliefs. 

Gentiles. — Unreconciled opinions and beliefs. 

God. — Impersonal, Omnipresent, Perfect, One. 
The Only Being. All Truth, All Substance, Intelli- 
gence and Power. Beyond expression, hence, few 
words can be used in defining God. We can speak of 
the Nature of this One All as Wisdom, Love, Knowl- 
edge, Understanding, Power and Life. This Nature 
is the Christ of God — the Man of God — that is ex- 
pressed everywhere at all times. 

Grace. — Inward illumination. Light in the soul. 


Glory. — Out-shining outward manifestation. 
When the " Grace of God" fills my thought I shall 
realize that my body and all my world glorify God. 

The Great Dragon (see Serpent). — Desire en- 
larged. Its condition just before its destruction. 
(Rev. 12 : 9, 12.) Although desire is lack of spiritual 
discernment, it serves a purpose in that it impels 
man to continue searching until he finds. If, in this 
search, he mistake the source of satisfaction, he will 
learn better after many disappointments. Desire 
still impelling him and even more insistent than ever, 
man hears, at last, the true Voice, accepts the Full- 
ness that is and always has been omnipresent. The 
work of the " serpent " is ended, when desire is sat- 
isfied in conscious possession. 

The Great Dragon represents the great, or in- 
tensified, desire of the world for its freedom. Sat- 
isfaction is to be found only in Consciousness. 

Habitation. — " Settled dwelling place" of 
thought. A habit of thought. (Psl. 91 : 9, 12.) 

Hand. — Power in manifesting Truth. 

Heaven. — Spiritual realization, not above us but 
within us and at hand. The living soul. Eden. 

Hell. — A condition of the mentality that is being 
purified from self's own thoughts "as by fire." 

Holy Ghost. — The Consciousness of the whole 

I Am. — The Only One in the Universe. The All- 
inclusive Mind, Soul, Substance and Life. I am 


Spirit, living soul and body, for the " three' ' are the 
One I am and its manifestation. 

Idea. — Eternal Form in Source of all things in- 
visible and visible. Idea is inherent in Mind and is 
expressed and made manifest in the unfoldment of 
Mind called creation. Idea is always perfect and 
complete. Idea gives form to creation. Thought 
and body are expression of Idea. 

" Image.' ' — The mental expression of the Idea 
that is inherent in Mind. The Idea of the expression 
is in Mind. Image is in the mental; it is the first 
imaging of Divine Idea. 

Israel. — Spiritual sense not yet conscious of per- 

Jerusalem. — Consciousness, veiled by concep- 

New Jerusalem. — Consciousness ' ' unveiled. ' ' 

"Kingdom of God." — State of Harmony "with- 
in you." State of all harmonious expression. 

"Kingdom of Heaven." — Harmonious condi- 
tions. The Divine Principle made manifest or visi- 
ble in earth and body. 

"Laying on hands." — Eealizing Divine Power. 

Life. — Conscious Being and activity. 

Life Eternal. — Life perfect and complete, as 
well as unending. 

"Likeness." — The living, or visible, manifesta- 
tion of the eternal Form, or Idea, that is inherent in 
Infinite Mind. Perfect Body. 


Living Soul. — The image of God. Divine ex- 
pression. Consciousness expressed as individuality. 

Mary. — " Exalted.' ' The truer idea of woman- 
hood. Conscious unity of male and female. (Gen. 

Man (Universal). — Mind, Conscious Being, Life, 
Intelligence and Substance. Son of God. The Christ. 

Man (Individual.) — Conscious existence. Ex- 
pression of Divinity. Image and likeness of God. 
Son of Man. Jesus. 

Mind. — The Supreme Intelligence. The Change- 
less State containing Perfect Idea and Conscious- 
ness. Omnipresence. Its continuous expression is 
thought and word — all perfect. 

Mountain. — Clear vision in realization. 

Name. — Nature. God's changeless Being, ex- 
pression and manifestation. "In his Name" means 
because of man's divinity as expression of God. 

New Birth. — Eeveiation. New realization. 

Night. — Silence. Stillness. The season of rev- 
elation ; the ingathering time for the living soul pre- 
paratory to its activity of the day. 

"Prayer of faith." — Acknowledging through 
understanding. Knowing "you have received." 
Claiming your birthright of Wisdom, Love, Power 
and Perfection. Confidence in Truth. 

Praying. — Affirming Truth, and living the 
Truth affirmed. 

Eesurrection. — Evolving mentality. Unfold- 
ment in Consciousness of Truth. 


Righteousness. — -Right thinking, accompanied 
by right acting. 

Rivers. — Expression of Spirit's power and pos- 
sibility. Circulating Consciousness of Life (as blood 
or the sap of trees.) Divine thoughts. (See Waters.) 

Satan. — Usurped power. The supposition of a 
life, substance and intelligence besides Spirit. A lie. 

Sea. — Waters on earth set in bounds. The be- 
lief that man is separate from God; that earth is 
divided from heaven, hence, that Spirit's power is 
limited in the earth and in the body. There shall be 
"no more sea" when there are no more beliefs of 
lack and limitation — no more conception of separa- 
tion from the Infinite. 

Seed. — The Divine Nature. The first perception 
of Truth in man's thought. The beginning of the 
realization of Wisdom, Love and Life in individual 

Serpent. — Wisdom obscured by ignorance. De- 
sire that urges man to seek until he finds true Wis- 

Sin. — False imaginations. (Gen. 6:5.) Igno- 

Six Days of Creation. — Unfolding mentality. 
Fuller and fuller perception of Truth. Self-revela- 
tion. Dawning and increasing realization of Light. 

Seventh Day. — Being. End of belief in "be- 
coming." The rest consequent upon knowing the 
eternal and changeless. 


Son of God. — Perfect Being. Full expression of 

Son of Man. — Perfect Existence. Full manifes- 
tation of Truth. 

Soul. — The eternal Spirit, Substance, Essence. 
The Truth of all creation. Soul gives Substance to 

Spirit. — Substance of the One Mind, omnipres- 

State. — Eternal and changeless Nature. Abso- 
lute Being. 

Stone. — Truth. Foundation. 

Thought. — The Divine Expression. The action 
of Infinite Mind. The eternal "image" of God. The 
living soul. 

Throne. — Dominion. Kuling power. 

• 1 Tree of Life. ' ' — Man, universal and individ- 
ual; complete as Spirit, living soul and body — vine, 
branch and fruit — all perfect in nature. 

"Tree of the knowledge of good and evil." — 
The claim that man is a dual nature, subject to two 
powers, two minds, two wills and two lives. The be- 
lief that he must learn by experience and experiment. 
Man's many opinions that he calls knowledge, blind- 
ing his thought for the time to true knowledge. 

The Ungodly. — Belief of a self apart from God. 
Any ungodlike conception. A conception destroyed 
by the flood light of Truth and Love. 

Veil. — False conceptions that blind. 


Waters. — Source of the "Rivers" (see Rivers). 
Spirit's Power and Possibility. Idea of creation 
that is manifest in all existence. The beginning of 
expression as it is in Source. (Gen. 1:2.) 

White Robes. — Perfect bodies. 

"Windows of Heaven. ' '—Eyes of the soul. 

Word. — The Idea that was in the beginning 
"with God, and was God and * * * was made 
flesh." (John 1:1, 14.) The Soul of the universe, 
manifest in the spoken word, deed or body. 

Yoke. — Union. That which unites. 

Zion. — "Raised up." Clear Consciousness. 

(It will be very helpful if a student learn the most import- 
ant of these definitions.) 


One. — Unity. "'Constituting a whole." 

Three. — Recognition of unity. Truth expressed 
by the One, or by the perception of the One as all. 
"The third day I shall be perfected." One repre- 
sents Spirit, all inclusive; two represents activity 
of the one, expansion in thought; three represents 
the body known in unity with Spirit. The "third 
day" is therefore the resurrected thought of the 

Six. — Double three. Three begins the resurrec- 
tion of thought ; six finishes the seeming unf oldment. 

Seven. — Rest realized after the supposition of 
a long process is ended. Ignorance forgiven by 


knowledge gained. The thought of man enters into 
its eternal resting place. Its going forth and coming 
back have but brought it to the realization of Source 
in Spirit. ' ' In returning and rest shall ye be saved. ' ' 
(Isa. 30 : 15.) The result of all work (six days) is to 
bring mentality to the realization of the eternal in 
which there never was a ' ' process. ' ' 

Twelve. — Perfect foundation of any system. As 
twelve sons of Jacob ; twelve disciples ; twelve foun- 
dations to the "Holy City." 

Forty. — A process begun and completed. The 
Israelites wandered forty years. Moses was forty 
days on the Mount. The "flood" lasted forty days. 
In "forty days" the "resurrection" was finished in 
' ' ascension. ' ' 

Combinations of these numbers intensify their 
meanings, as, "seventy times seven," entire forgive- 


Truth, Goodness and Health are a State of 
man's Being. There is but one Truth, whether found 
in heaven or earth; but one Good, whether existing 
in invisible or visible ; but one Health for either Mind 
or body. The Health to be desired is not what the 
world calls health, but an eternal State of Whole- 
ness that is realized only in Infinite Consciousness. 
This Health is as divine as any Truth. 

Good can never be less than Complete. Health 
can never be less than Perfect. Man's conception 


of these have been imperfect, but the State of Good 
never varies. The body is never imperfect; it is the 
manifestation of the perfect Substance of Life. Im- 
perfection that appears to be part of the body is not 
God's expression; hence is not reality. 

Eternal Perfection is an omnipresent State that 
waits upon recognition to be realized. Health, good- 
ness and peace are the changeless State, or Being, of 
God, hence of man, the expression of God. This is 
the true State of both soul and body. God and God's 
expression, man, are one in Spirit, living soul and 


(From One Not Claiming To Be a Divine Scientist.) 

• " Divine Science is that science which teaches 
us to understand as well as recognize Divine laws 
and power, which when comprehended enable us to 
use them for the attainment of wisdom, perfection 
of health and a betterment of all conditions. ' ' 


"God is everywhere " is a most familiar decla- 

Divine Science sees in this statement, simple 
as it is, a truth that if understood and applied will 
transform our lives, for it will reveal to us light 
where we saw only darkness, good where we saw 
evil, joy where we saw sorrow, health where we saw 

God everywhere means there is no spot or space 
that God does not fill. This is true whether we see 
God's presence or not. When we see this presence, 
we begin to see good everywhere and in everything. 

Divine Science shows the meaning of God's all- 
presence and teaches us how to practice thinking of 
that presence and of what it is until we believe 
fully in it, and then we know there is everywhere 
only what God is — Life, Love, Truth, Peace, Health, 
Strength, Joy, and every thing good. This makes 
heaven, and we begin to feel the happiness of 
heaven, for all that God is belongs here, right now. 
We are children of God, made in his image and like- 
ness: we think of this as a daily practice and we 
soon feel the joy and satisfaction of knowing our- 
selves to be what God is ; there is nothing else to be. 

Prayer is saying what God is and knowing we 
are the same. Healing is also stating what God is 
and seeing that we are just the same. So we say, 
God is all in all — and man is the expression of 
God — or is whatever God is. 

"I am the Lord and besides me is none else." 




"Every redeemed soul is one (identical) with the Lord from 
heaven." — Spurgeon. 

One : Totality. Basis. 

Being : All that is, both invisible and visible. 

Truth : Reality. Integrity. ' ' Simply that which 
is." — Hindu. 

Eternal : Perfect and unending. 

Order: "Established or lasting State of things." 

Substance : Divine Essence. 

Spirit : Substance perfect and changeless. 

Soul : Vital Principle. 

Comprehension : That which is grasped by un- 

Intelligence: Wisdom, Knowledge and Under- 

Mind : Power of intelligent expression. 

Idea : Power of Mind. Unexpressed Form. 

Consciousness : That which perceives Idea. 

Wisdom : Light of Life. Illumination. 

Knowledge : Certainty of Life. Confidence. 

Understanding: Faith of Life. Positiveness. 

Love : Joy of Life. Satisfaction. 

Power : Strength of Life. Ability. 

Life : Being and Conscious activity. 

Realization : Conscious possession. Peace. 

Thought : Divine expression. Activity of Mind. 

Word : Form. Expressed Idea. 

Living Soul : Expression of Soul. 

Body : Visible Form of Substance and Life. 



The Universal and formless Substance, Intelli- 
gence, Life, Power and Love are omnipresent. 

In this Universal Life is ceaseless activity. Of 
its Substance it forms ; by its Intelligence it knows 
and understands how to form; because of its Love 
it rejoices in forming; through its Power it has all 
ability to form. The activity of Universal, Omni- 
present Life produces continuously forms of Life 
made out of its Substance, by its Intelligence, 
because of its Love, through its Power. 

Formless and Form are of one and the same 
Substance, Intelligence, Love, Power and Life. 

The nature of Formless and Form, the invisible 
and the visible, is one. 

The activity of the Formless and Form is one 
and the same. Form is the expression of the Form- 
less, and is wholly dependent upon its Source for its 
being and for its existence. 

The Formless is Universal. Form is individual. 





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One (God and Man) Defined 378 

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